First Campaign Logs

Session One — In this Session, we are introduced to the Alusair and Shenvallei D’ansille, Hanseath, Zero, Tim Tim – The Man so large they named him twice, The Harmonium, The unusual Xaos, a Rose, and the Bar that Started it all.

Session Two — In which something else happens.

Session Three — In which still more things happened.

Session Four — In which our intrepid heroes plan their assault on a Doomguard transaction, make off with a scandalously small amount of the gold they set off to capture, are introduced to a Sinker of no reknown, and worries turn to the future.

Session Five - Which hasn’t been done yet. (A Party?)

Session Six -
Some sort of Dungeon Crawl.

Session Seven — A continuation of the Dungeon Crawl.

Session Eight — In which the party encounters and defeats a Babau, and visit The Vortex (Store)

Session Nine — Help me please.

Session FifteenThe Gods play Chess – In which the Gods play chess, and the party investigates the inverted pyramid. They had vanquished a Hellcat, and proceeded to open an ancient tomb filled with untold evil.

Session Sixteen?? – In which the party vanquished some sort of obsidian sand humanoid, and discovered a map of the first floor of the pyramid

Session Seventeen?? – In which the party explores the pyramid, and faces down a Helldragon.

Session EighteenThe Center of the Multiverse – During which our intrepid heroes Alusair and Shenvallei enter the Multiverse, discover fragments of it’s origins, and daringly escape the Pyramid.

Session TwentySigilian Plant-a-Tree-Club – In which Shenvallei decides to start the First Sigilian Plant a Tree Club, discover Zero has gone off his rocker, and hole up in the local bar, hiding from Harmonium thugs.

Session Twenty OneRevenge is a Bitch – Where our intrepid heroes are interrogated, manage to upset some Athar hunting Harmonium and get embroiled in a fierce brawl, during which Zero escapes, Jesebel loses the rest of her hair and most of her sanity, and Azuras makes a noble sacrafice. Jesebel became seemingly posessed by the Spirit of Revenge, desiring a Knife which actively seeks out blood.

Session Twenty TwoThe Spirit of Vengeance – Jesebel is taken hostage, then freed, at the sacrafice of the wife of a Priest of Tyr, setting free the spirit of Vengeance and anguish, the God-slayer. It was slain, through the collective actions of Alusair and Shenvallei, during an epic moral struggle. Jesebel was released from slavery, and the evil spirit.

Session Twenty FourImprisonment! – In which Shenvallei addresses the deserving public, bringing one old priest into Zero’s hideout, to have private words with him. They navigate their way to the Great Bazaar, and set about looking for Almach, the man known as Shenvallei’s apprentice. Shenvallei attempts to fish for information, but he manages to run into some old friends, and gets arrested, then shipped off to a prison in Curst. At the advice of a fellow prisoner, Shenvallei breaks his thumbs to escape from his cuffs. They befriend a prison guard, one Riley De Beul, and slay a rapist. A long discussion on the current events ensues. The prisoner they had been accompanied by turns out to be Almach Carr-ai, the man they were seeking. They eventually escape the dungeon, ending up in Curst.

Session Twenty FiveThe Soulless – The party attempts to find a portal back to Sigil, and takes the now unemployed Riley de Beul on their search. They make their way through the tenements of Curst, looking for a User named Riley. They find him, and Shenvallei slays him with one mighty blast. They then proceed to awaken the Devil, and Shenvallei unwittingly sells his soul. They leave Curst, in seek of anywhere else. Coming to an archway of trees in the middle of the Outlands, they encounter the Devil again. In a tense deal, Alusair sacrificed her faith in Bast, and her corruption, to save Shenvallei’s Soul. They return to Sigil, where Shenvallei proves to have trouble understanding the subtleties of a harem, and enters into mortal combat with the fake Almach, who in fact is the impersonating Shenvallei, a crippled old sorcerer, who made a deal with the devil. They fight off a horde of Harem girls, and Shenvallei sacrifices Luna in the fight. Alusair, singlehandedly, dispatches the false Shenvallei.

Session Thirty TwoThe Switch – Kellisandra is rescued, and Van goes home. Shenvallei and Jhaelyn set off for a safe-house in the Hive, between Stump Street and Slaadi Walk. On the way, they are passed by several trading caravans. After they investigate the safe-house, they catch up with a broken down caravan, and rescue Riley, and bring her to the Temple of Hanseath, where she is healed, and the party stays.

Session Thirty Three — Shenvallei and Jhaelyn chase after the next caravan, only to arrive at a strange portal.

Session Thirty Four — Stepping through the portal, they encounter a Mercykiller and a member of the Fraternity of Order (Malla). They approach, and finally reach the camp where Jesebel and Alusair are both being held, with Shenvallei learning a lot about Sigilian factions. They free a man with a broken leg, and Jesebel. The defeat a priest of Oengam, and barely escape the camp with their lives. They meet Vhailor, who defends their escape, and return to a big reunion near where it all started. Shenvallei run’s Riley off with harsh words, and Jhaelyn leaves as well. Alusair, Shenvallei and Jesebel go to the Celestial Peaks to talk. The adventures are recapped, and Alusair tells the story of her captivity.

Session Thirty FiveThe Betrayal of Jesebel – They discuss with Jesebel her involvement with Alusair’s torture, and she confesses to the whole thing. Shenvallei kisses her, losing charisma in the process, and instigating a fight with an undercover Harmonium agent. They find an inn next to the courthouse, to rest for the big Trial tomorrow.

Session Thirty SixThe Trial of Shenvallei – Before the court procedings even begin, they meet the prosecution, and Shenvallei is held in contempt of court for not showing respect to the Judge. Shenvallei retracts his statement of pleading not guilty, instead opting to directly address each of the charges brought against him. He attempts to implicate the Athar in the whole ordeal, which gains outrage from an Athar factor. Alusair sticks her neck out for Shenvallei, and ends up at the defendant’s bench. Gregor Challach gives his testimony, and Shenvallei ends up in contempt of court again. Sergeant Iakken testifies, and Shenvallei admits to breaking parole. Finally, the trial turns to the murder of Taiya Valquette. Alusair provides a moving summation of the tragic tale of unreturned love, at which point Philip gets extremely emotional and begins shouting at Shenvallei. Shenvallei unleashes several outbursts, aimed at the Jury, the Judge, and Sergeant Iakken. Xii’lee entreats the courts to have Shenvallei put down, and Shenvallei makes one last defiant speech. He then leaves the courtroom and overpowers the bailiff, attempting to escape. He makes his way back to the Alley into which he had arrived from Sasal. He scavenges for food, and then runs into Alusair and Van at the Celestial Peaks, who quietly herd him into a private room. Van goes and gets the key to the Slave camp, and the party goes to seek Alusair’s equipment.

Session Thirty SevenThe Acquittal of Shenvallei – Alusair and Shenvallei make their way back to the Harem, in search of Almach. They stumble in upon him making a weapons deal with a group of Sinkers, who seem to be purchasing an alarming amount of weapons as of late. Shenvallei runs Van off with harsh words, and follows Alusair to the portal from whence Alusair was saved. Vhailor confronts them, stepping through the portal that they sought to flee through. Shenvallei tries to make a deal with the devil, desperately, but fails. When Shenvallei is taken to prison, he awaits his death the next morning, whereupon he is approached by a Kobold named Fangore, who tells him his sentence has been lifted, and the charges against him have been dropped. Fangore is subsequently to become his Handler, and will direct Shenvallei in ways that most favor the Fated. Shenvallei is released, and they head to The Fallen Angel, in the Hive Ward, where they discover that the staff, named Iar’an, can speak.

Session Thirty EightGalen’s Island – Part I – Alusair and Shenvallei are charged with the retrieval of the dragon familiar of Archmagus Galen. They head to Galen’s island, but before they leave, Iar’an demonstrates that he can identify magic items, when goaded. They make their way to the island, into the middle of a skirmish between a Feudal Prime Army and a group of Sinkers. A comment of Alusair’s draws the attention of the remnants of the FPA, and combat ensues, initiated by Shenvallei. The rear guard stays behind, while a messenger runs to seal the city. He is intercepted by Alusair, and Shenvallei routs the main force. It is discovered that the army is that of the Merchant Collective, rather than serving a particular lord. The captain is murdered, and Alusair and Shenvallei dissapear into the forest.

Session Thirty NineGalen’s Island – Part II – Alusair and Shenvallei approach the Doomguard fortress, and are greeted by a medic, of sorts, Jor’un. Alusair heals their wounded, and sets in motion the curing of all the ills in the fortress. Shenvallei uncovers a map of the island. They befirend the medic, and Shenvallei sets off to deliver a list of demands to the Doomguard to the Merchant Coalition. He upsets some lizardfolk, and is ambushed by them, barely escaping. He holes up in the Doomguard fortress, which is then laid siege to. Alusair destroys a catapult, and then rallys the troops to combat the humans. The group retreats to the fortress, and the Doomguard sends for off-plane reinforcements.

Session FortyGalen’s Island – Part III – The Prime Feudal Army rallies with support from the other towns and assaults the Doomguard Fortress, utterly destroying the gatehouse in one blow, directly after Shenvallei was showing off. The fortress falls apart around their ears, while they’re still inside. The party sallies forth to negotiate with the attackers. They then negotiate the release of the remaining 1,500 Doomguard. They are marched to the portal leaving the island. They launch an assault when they reach the portal, and Alusair drives her sword through Jesebel’s heart. They are then rescued and taken off-plane, only to return the next day.

Session Forty OneGalen’s Island – Part IV – Galen’s Tower. Before returning to Galen’s Island, the party erects a pyre, and sets Jesebel on it to burn, causing the entire doomguard camp to get torched in the process. Back on Galen’s Island, Jor’un leads the Doomguard back to their old fortress to rebuild. Alusair and Shenvallei head west, to a small swamp town. They run across a bounty huntress named Milyssa. They procede to follow her by boat, and confront her when she apprehends Almach. Alusair strikes a deal with the woman, and she accompanies them after setting Almach free. They procede to take a shortcut across the water to Galen’s tower. They enter, and successfully negotiate for Galen’s familiar, and promptly beat a retreat to the south, towards ruins with a strange tooth and claw marking worn into the stone infront of the ruins.

Session Forty TwoGalen’s Island – Part V – The Temple of Meryt – The party explores a forgotten temple of Meryt.

Session Forty ThreeThe Death of Shenvallei – Our intrepid heroes enter the temple of the Blood Cult, following a small sacrafice from Alusair. They join the congregation of the blood cult during the end of their worship. They both undertake the Quickening, a process by which their blood speeds up. Shenvallei unsuccesfully tries to barter with a lich to become his heir, and discloses the specific location of his hometown, Sasal. The Lich teleports away, and Shenvallei gets himself killed by two wraiths.

Session Fourty FourThe coming of Arkail Jorgen – We rejoin our newfound heroes in what is commonly known as the Bar of Belief. Arkail is regaling the bar with stories of his adventures, and is joined by Alusair, when he is interrupted by a brash, bold man of many scars, who tells a tale of a forgotten artifact which lets those who possess it control the fabric of the planes themselves. The pair extract the location of the forgotten artifact – in the posession of the Cranium rat queen in the sewers under the hive. They travel to the entrance of the sewers in the Hive.

Session Fourty FiveThe coming of Jürgen Dagramar – The party arrives in the hive, at the entrance of the sewers. They encounter a small group of undead, which they dispatch swiftly, but not without Arkail going temporarily deaf. They make their way into the Dead Nations, where Arkail activates a Guardian by touching it. Arkail smashes it’s skull with his fist, and they run, frantically, to escape the Dead Nations. They encounter their first swarm of Cranium rats, devouring a beautiful woman. They retreat, only to find themselves in a den of spiders. Arkail deals out death to them, only to find a larger spider, which he slays. He moves on past the carcass, only to find a hive of more spiders. He turns back, finding that Alusair has left. He smells the odd odor of tabac down the hallway, and investigates, periodically forgetting how to breathe. He encounters a drainage pipe, within which is an adventuresome dwarf. They agree to help each other get un-lost in the tunnels, and the dwarf introduces himself as “Jürgen Dagramar”.

Session Fourty SixThe Return to Vietgnome – Our intrepid heroes traverse the sewers, only to come across a river of sewage. Arkail nearly slips and falls into the muck, when he manages to rescue himself. He spits defiantly into the sewage, which spits right back at him. They continue on until they are forced to progress through the river. They get swept downstream until they are forcibly ejected into a tropical paradise. They set up camp in a cave beneath the waterfall. They are awoken to the sound of a squad of gnomes sneaking through the woods, heading east. Jürgen begins to barricade the cave, and subsequently draws their attention. The battle is bloody but short, with heavy gnomish casualties. The melee warriors are dispatched, but the archers hiding in the brush still have not been dealt with, and have dealt the heroes some severe wounds. The heroes dig in, but they leave the cave to find that the woods are quiet and deserted. They scale the cliff, and begin to make their way south after making camp.

Session Fourty SevenThe Coming of Llwyd – We first meet Llwyd, a young battlecleric, wandering into the Great Bazaar after a long and weary journey, intending to use it as a stopping over point. He encounters a rather irate merchant being confronted by a rather irate Jhaelyn, who is convinced that the merchant is a Harmonium plant. They uncover that the Harmonium is running undercover sting operations in the Bazaar to imprison more Indeps, under orders of Iakken Nefud. The pair make their escape, while foiling that stage of the operation by getting the operatives killed. They escape to the Bar of Belief, where they witness the staff setting up, after they had been closed due to the Athar investigation.

Session Fourty EightThe Introduction of Karesh – Session 48, in which we retcon half of what happened in Session 47 – the session begins with Llwyd waking up in the inn and heading downstairs, to find the flame Draconian, Karesh. They exchange pleasantires and observe various passers by in the inn, including a rather adventurous looking scholar, and a very sickly looking, very still woman. Llwyd is passed a ‘missive’ from a fiesty redhead, which denounces Tempus as being nothing more than a faceless namer, and he promptly goes about trying to calm her down, and instead gives up and goes to sit down. Karesh gives it a shot, and makes a bit more headway. A heated theological debate ensues, only to be marginally defused by Karesh. They exit the bar to explore Sigil, encountering a group of young thugs attempting to deter a Dabus from cleaning the razorvine off of a building. Karesh and Llwyd attempt to intervene, only to end up in a shoving contest with the thugs, causing one of them to get entangled in the Razorvine. They dispatch the others, and rescue the entangled, and Karesh investigates the Doomguard’s philosophy. They take the young man, Jer, back to the Bar of Belief for further questioning.

Session Fourty NineHoratio’s Philosophy – Karesh and Llwyd retreat to the Bar of Belief with Jer, a Doomguard petitioner, in tow. Karesh manages to disavow Jer of his beliefs, causing him to latch onto any new philosophy he is offered. When confronted with three Doomguard agents, their words become violent, and the conversation is taken outside. Karesh slays the leader of the Doomguard, and spooks the others into running.

Session FiftyDescent into Undersigil – Our intrepid heroes, Karesh and Llwyd, find themselves, once again, in the Bar of Belief, after Karesh brought low the leader of the Doomguard namers. Karesh procedes to insult the entire Bar and wound their Pride, causing a physical manifestation of it to attack him. Karesh single-handedly rends it limb from limb, breaking the spirit of everyone in the Bar. The party attempts to regroup, when they are interrupted by another Doomguard who watched the preceedings. Jer, thoroughly broken, wanders off, while the party gets trashed on Kungaloosh. They wake up the next morning with Llwyd and Karesh running on a Kungaloosh buzz, while their companion Kara has a soul-crushing headache. The Barkeep arrives with a Missive from Tempus, addressed to Llwyd. Kara, Llwyd and Karesh decide to descend into the Undersigil to exterminate a gathering of Undead. They come across an alleyway that is under construction, guarded by two flame imps. They descend into a Pit Fiend digsite. They eventually make it into Undersigil.

Session Fifty OneThe Union

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First Campaign Logs

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