General Feats

Deal with the Devil
Double Weapon Finesse
Astral Combat
Censure Outsider
Double-Weapon Finesse
Planar Magic Prodigy
Spell Recovery
Street Survival
Faction Fanaticism
Scribe Magical Tattoo
Breadth of Knowledge
Accurate Jaunt
Bladeproof Skin
Controlled Immolation
Eyes to the Sky
False Pretenses
Ineluctable Echo
Life Leech
Live My Nightmare
Momentary Alteration
Naturalized Denizen
Omniscient Whispers
Photosynthetic Skin
Polar Chill
Residual Rebound
Stench of the Dead
Blistering Spell (Metamagic)
Divine Spell Power (Divine)

Prime Feats

Planar Feats

  • Feat 1
  • Feat 2

Athar SymbolAthar FeatsAthar Symbol

  • Feat 1
  • Feat 2

Godsmen SymbolGodsmen FeatsGodsmen Symbol

Bleak Cabal SymbolBleak Cabal FeatsBleak Cabal Symbol

  • Feat 1
  • Feat 2

Doomguard SymbolDoomguard FeatsDoomguard Symbol

Dustmen SymbolDustmen FeatsDustmen Symbol

Fated SymbolFated FeatsFated Symbol

Guvner SymbolGuvner FeatsGuvner Symbol

Free League SymbolFree League FeatsFree League Symbol

Harmonium SymbolHarmonium FeatsHarmonium Symbol

Mercykillers SymbolMercykillers FeatsMercykillers Symbol

Revolutionary League SymbolRevolutionary League FeatsRevolutionary League Symbol

Signer SymbolSigner FeatsSigner Symbol

  • Feat 1
  • Feat 2

Sensates SymbolSensates FeatsSensates Symbol

  • Feat 1
  • Feat 2

Cipher SymbolCipher FeatsCipher Symbol

Xaositects SymbolXaositects FeatsXaositects Symbol

  • Feat 1
  • Feat 2

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