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So it was written, and so it came to pass, that within the text lay a table, and within the table three rows of three cells each. With styles the lot were bound, that they might appear as he desired, and it was thus: First, the corners were filled with images, as corners aught. Then, the edges were given backgrounds, that they might stand apart, yet together. And finally, within the center-most cell, a background was set, and this text was justly put down for posterity.

And the author said, “This is good, this thing I have done.” And he went for lunch and a drink. And it was good!

- Teachings of the Web, Chapter 14
There are many types of achievements. Some great, some small, and most with better fluff than what is presented here.

Their architecture is stark and simple. Extra fluff is needed, you see, or the achievements cannot be clicked.

Achievement Type


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