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Session 5 - Islas - Dinner and Conversation

A little wine, a little mead, a small dagger in the back...

The Stormtamer sits down to drink with the Hammerhead, Arithel, Safana and Varic. Varic hands it to Bartholomew, who tucks it away. Arithel discusses the circumstances under which the Stormtamer’s cousin was found murdered. At the height of their conversation, a strange humanoid tries to assassinate the Stormtamer. The group excuses themselves and goes to ruminate on their own. Safana discusses who the Stormtamer is, and why. The group agrees to track down the Stormtamer’s would-be assassins.

Arithel eyes the package warily, “Forgive me but the deliveries we have seen of late have not been the most pleasant of kind.”
The Stormtamer tucks the package away onto his belt, saving it to open for a later time. “I trust that all is in order… you haven’t been getting into too much trouble, have you, Safana? Oh, where are my manners! My name, you may have heard, is Bartholomew Stormtamer. Who might you all be?”
The Stormtamer laughs.
Safana glances at the Mate and coughs quietly, “No, no trouble at all.”

Stormtamer: “Do not worry… this is completely harmless… I’ll show you later if you care to feast your eyes on it.”
The Hammerhead grins.
Safana seems to cheer up suddenly and fiddles briefly her sash, but stays silent.
Arithel: “Arithel, new in town. This is Varic. I have to say that this place deffinately has its share of characters.”
Arithel: “Why are you considered such a wanted man, Bartholomew? What have you done to earn the ire of the government here?”

Safana: “They’re jealous of his good looks. And me, of course.”
The Stormtamer chuckles. “Not far from the truth, my dear. Much of what is told of me is true… I’m a corsair, a raider, and I hate to play by the rules.”
Hammerhead: “Not a bad sort, but true enough. We’ve run afoul of the law more often than not.”
Arithel: “Normally I would not agree with such, but it seems that parts of the government are or were corrupt. Such as the night harbormaster.”
Arithel: “The day harbormaster seems quite nice, though that doesnt prove his motiviations.”
The Stormtamer: “Oh? He seemed to be an alright sort.. a bit touched, but not many aren’t in this day…”

Hammerhead: “That I wish we could find richer seas than these to sail… unfortunately, here’s the easiest place for us to sail and keep Leehome safe.”
Arithel: “How close were you to your cousin, Lori?”
The Stormtamer: “Fairly close… she’s been on leave for the past month or thereabouts… do you have news of her?”
Nick (Arithel): didnt we tell him already? or am I reading the recap wrong?
Kiergath (Safana): Y’all told me and the mate.. Bart just got here.
Arithel takes a deep breath, “She is dead. This was the somber news I was to bring you. I am… very sorry.”
The Stormtamer: “…what? …why? …HOW?”
gets very red, and you’d swear you hear a crack of thunder from outside.
The Stormtamer gets very red, and you’d swear you hear a crack of thunder from outside.
Arithel: “I will tell you in full all that I know, I only ask that you hear all of it before reacting.”

Safana: “Bit late for that, maybe ‘before reacting violently’ would be better.”
You note that the Hammerhead has politely excused himself and scarpered off to the bar.
Arithel: “A group of associates that I was traveling with took on a job from a man in the beastlands to deliver a crate to the night harbormaster. We took the job and delivered the crate as promised to a bar on one of the islands.”
Arithel: “When the crate was opened, unbeknown to us inside lay the body of your cousin. We demanded to know what this was all about and the night harbormaster told us that she was a criminal that sailed with you.. that her body was going to be made exaample of in a gibbet.”

Arithel: “We were paid for our delivery but the act of what we had done – delivering a body for such a grotesque display, did not sit well with us. We planned to track town the night harbormaster and question him further. Then the attack began on the island causing us to flee temporarily.”
Arithel: “The next day our group went to the night harbormasters office. We found him there, killed him, recovered your cousin’s body and vowed to find you so that she could recieve a proper funeral rite as per your custom.”
Arithel: “I also want to give you my share of the money received as ‘payment’ for the delivery that we received. As you are her only family member I know, I am giving it to you to do with as you see fit.”
Arithel places the bag of 700 gold on the table.

The Stormtamer is drained of most of the color is had just a short while ago. You’re fairly sure you can hear rain pattering against the roof.
Safana sits, leaning back in her chair and studying Arithel, apparently deep in thought.
The Stormtamer: “You… recovered her… and killed the man who would… have her… put on display….”
The Stormtamer: “For this, I owe you a great debt.”

Safana: “Possibly greater than you realize.. this city doesn’t employ simple gibbets. I wouldn’t want to venture a guess as to the harbor master’s actual intent.”
Arithel: “My comrade has your cousin in magical stasis. I do not feel you owe me. I am very sorry for your loss.”
The bar quakes as a series of thunderclaps sound very closely outside.
GM: Can i get a listen check from both of you?
Safana glances nervously upward, “I’m not used to those not being my doing, anymore.”
Arithel: Skill [Listen] [1d20+5 = 22]
Safana: Skill [Listen] [1d20+8 = 11]
Kiergath (Safana): …Steve Jobs is dead.
Nick (Arithel): ya saw that :(

Kiergath (Safana): sorry, random.
Alex: I thought you were cursing him for your dice.
The Stormtamer: “… do not discard my gratitude too lightly. I must see her when your comrade is able… was she harmed terribly when she died?”
Arithel turns his head toward the door to the bar.
Arithel stands up.
Arithel: Spell [See Invisibility] → Reveals invisible creatures or objects.
Arithel stands up, making himself taller, peering about the bar.

Safana glances towards the short blue humanoid nobody seems to have noticed, who promptly disappears.
Arithel turns back toward Bartholomew and Safana, “I apologize, sometimes my instincts can be fooled it seems.” He then shakes his head, “We recovered your cousin before anything occurred.”
Safana: “But something was about to?”
Arithel: “Yes. But, we arrived in time.”
Safana sighs, “What is it you don’t want to tell us?”

Arithel: “The night harbormaster was some kind of sick necrophile, I do not want to think about what his plans were for your cousin’s body but it seemed as if… he was about to…”
Arithel shakes his head, “We got there in time.”
Safana goes from half-limp resignation to a rather intensely indignant bout of what is most probably profanity in an unknown language.

Safana: “And all you did was to kill him!? For such a thing, a man should have been left broken in the streets for the rest of his miserable existance!”
The Stormtamer: “…There is no justice great enough. Safana, when you get back, task the Underskips to find his body and do just that…”
Arithel: “I doubt it will be found. The body was dropped into the ocean, it is likely gone by now. The head was also destroyed.”
Safana: “If there is enough bone left to hang a plaque, a lack of a head is no obstacle.”
The Stormtamer seems to be getting more and more agitated, with the storm growing in intensity. He rises up from his seat, shouting in a a tongue that sounds much like the seas themselves. As he draws himself further up, you both notice a smaller figure slinking up behind him.

Arithel eyes the smaller figure.
The smaller figure seems to be coated in scales, and has something resembling a wicked fang clutched it in it’s claws.
Arithel shouts a warning, “Bartholomew, behind you!”

Bartholomew doesn’t seem to hear you, being consumed with anger.
Kiergath (Safana): Do I have a clear shot?
Alex: Yes.
Safana: Ranged attack [1d20+10 = 15]
Kiergath (Safana): ..but hitting Bart will work too
Kiergath (Safana): My wine glass :P
GM: [1d20 = 3]
Safana’s wine glass hurtles at Bartholomew, dousing his head with wine. He shoots her a glare, and suddenly there is a huge rumble in the sky and you begin to smell smoke coming from somewhere nearby.
Alex: What do you do, Arithel?
Nick (Arithel): going to interpose myself between the figure and Bartholomew and cast a spell.
Arithel: Spell [Orb of Electricity] → 1d6 damage/level save vs. fort or be entagled 1 round
Nick (Arithel): but Im not going to throw it at the figure unless he makes an attack on anyone.

Crackling energy arcs between Arithel’s hands. When seeing it, the small lizard creature scurries off into the crowd.
Arithel cancels the spell.
Safana gulps, glancing between Bart and the direction the lizard went.

The Stormtamer: glares at Safana. “…I’m assuming you have a very good reason for doing that…”
The Stormtamer glares at Safana. “…I’m assuming you have a very good reason for doing that…”
Safana: “There.. lizard.. thing.. claw.. sneaking up… you.. on.. but.. missed.. what?”
Safana sinks lower and lower in her chair as she stammers.
Arithel looks at Bartholomew and offers him a napkin then chuckles slightly, “You know wine really isnt your color.”
Arithel: Skill [Diplomacy] [1d20+4 = 16]
The Stormtamer gladly accepts the napkin and cleans his face off. “Thank you… both… Those creatures have been after me for some time…”
Safana: “Look on the bright side, I didn’t have room to use the sling..”
The Stormtamer laughs slightly. “So what did this one look like?”

Arithel: “Small lizard like creature, two legs, carrying a wicked looking fang dagger.”
The Stormtamer: “That needs to stop… That was the closest that they have gotten so far…”
Arithel: “I wonder if… we spotted some lizard like creatures on the docks a few nights ago. I wonder if they are the same kind. Why are they after you anyway?”

Safana: “It’s a long standing thing and I’m just finding out about it now?”
The Stormtamer: “I do not know much about them… they have long been after me, and I don’t know why.”
The Stormtamer: “They’re tenacious, that’s all I know… the threats have been minimal at best… I didn’t want to trouble you at the time, Safana. Even the Hammerhead doesn’t know.”
Arithel: “Perhaps it would be wise to capture and interrogate one of them.”

Safana: “If they’re all as quick to bolt as that one, that may not be easy to do..”
The Stormtamer: “Indeed… if you could find out why exactly, that would be very useful to find out what they want.”

Arithel: “That is true enough. Well, I probably should be going. The inn that I am staying at where my comrade is is located on the main island. When you have made preparations send word and we will bring Lori to you.”
Safana frowns, “With your permission, captain, I’d like to go with him to make sure nothing happens to the.. to Lori.”

The Stormtamer: “Indeed, go, Safana. We’re in port for a while yet. I’ll be making… arrangements…”
He seems… wistful.

Arithel: “Then I bid you good day Bartholomew, be well.”
Arithel turns to Safana, “Shall we?” And motions toward the door.
Safana nods, standing and heading out. “Where are you and your companions staying?”
As you step outside, you notice several screws of bucket carriers attempting to quench the blaze that has engulfed the roof of the bar you just left.
Safana: “Err… how did we not notice that?”
Arithel: “I smelled smoke but thought nothing of it, there have been quite a few fires lately…
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: "

Arithel: If it looks as if they have the fire under control keep heading to the main island inn.
Alex: They have it under control indeed.
Safana: indeed, walk on.
Safana: “You said you were.. where, when you were contracted for this business?”
You head over to the main island, finding the bar where the group had bee staying.
‘Jay’ connected

Alex: Hoy Jay!
Alex: Just to give you a heads up, the stuff from before that your character would be privy too is all going to be posted on the wiki later (possibly tomorrow)
Varic Thorn: sorry, gf left my ex-gf left my caps lock on
Varic Thorn: ooc Very good.
Alex: …that’s a very confusing sentence.
Alex: :P
Kiergath (Safana): and frightening in its potential meanings.
Varic Thorn :(
Kiergath (Safana): I think Nick died, or he fell in the toilet, or he went to get more ice cream.
Alex: So, to recap for you, Varic – There was a conversation with the Stormtamer, which you were privy to, and a foiled assasination – Safana and Arithel headed out to the original bar. Did you join them in leaving, or stay to talk to the Stormtamer?
Varic Thorn would have probably joined them.

Okay – you find your way back to the original bar, the package delivered but unopened. Safana had just asked Arithel where they had been contacted to deliver the first box.

Arithel: “It was in the beastlands. We were traveling to a destination when we came across the man offering the commission. He didnt look like he stayed in any particular place for long. Would be hard to track him down but I could give you a description.”
Safana: “The Beastlands..? I wonder what she was doing there..”
Arithel: “I truly do not know. The man didnt even seem like the delivery was of major importance. Just promised us the payment and gave us the crate.”
Safana: “Very interesting.. I take it that the body is in posession of a.. third.. member of your little band?”
Arithel: “Yes, she was upstairs in her room when last we left her….”
Arithel opens the door for Safana and Varic.
Varic Thorn enters.
Safana follows Varic, smiling slightly at Arithel. “I’m sure she’ll join us eventually, then.”

Arithel follows behind, “Ill see if she is up to being disturbed, a moment please.”
Arithel heads up the Eachra’s room and knocks.
Safana finds a table, preferably near a fire if possible, and makes herself comfortable while waiting.
Safana, you’re able to sneak into a cosy table near the fire.
Arithel – no response.
Safana produces the peculiar stringed instrument from earlier and busies herself tuning it, studying Varic as she does.
Arithel heads back down, “Looks like she is still a bit occupied. Im sure theres nothing wrong, from what I heard from another traveling companion she sometimes does this.”

Varic Thorn apporachs the bar and orders a drink.
Safana: “So your friend is in her room, with a corpse… and has been all day.”
Safana: “Is this normal behavior, or has the water gotten to her? I’ve seen it cause strange behavior in other people..”
Varic Thorn chuckles from across the room at Safana’s comment.
Arithel: “No uh, the deceased is preserved in extra-dimensional space in a stasis. She is up there with her bird. Shes a druid you see and…
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;">A drink arrives and is placed in your hand, Varic.

Safana frowns, “I see… one of those.”
Safana: “My people were animists, long ago.. but we gave that up along with our tents.”
Arithel: “Yes well uh, yes! One of those! So doing what she is doing up there it might not uh, be best to disturb her at the moment.”
Arithel: “Why dont you tell me a bit about you Safana? Where are you from and how did you meet Bartholomew Stormtamer?”
Varic Thorn takes a gulp and toasts to the bar….to love! Then wanders back to the group.
Safana: “What is there to tell? I am Safana. My parents were great and noble people, but I fear I would be doing them a great insult were I to presume to claim their names since I took my leave of home.”
Patron: “TO LOVE!”

Safana: “It was not a happy parting. Now I am simply Safana, the Windsinger. A blessing or an oath, depending on who speaks the word.”
Arithel: “Do you find that your freedom brings you greater happiness?”
Safana: “Freedom? What is freedom? I am free only in appearance; I could leave and wander the planes again any time I wished, were I but willing to leave Stormtamer – and that, as they say, is the rub. I am free and still chained – you see?”
Arithel: “Bartholomew seems to have a purpose, what is it?”

Safana: “A purpose… what purpose can there be on the waves? He is a pirate, as are all who sail with him. But he is not a butcher, whatever they may say. The law of the sea is survival; the merchant, the corsair, all want that one same thing. Neither has more or less right to it. Stormtamer, though… he is.. different, I suppose you might say.”
Arithel: “What I mean is to what end does he raid and pirate? Is he simply out to aquire wealth and power and reputation? Or does he have a plan or goal?”

Safana: “Why did you carry the body of his cousin? Did you do it simply for the sake of wealth? Or did you do it because gold is the only key to survival in society?”
Varic Thorn: “Come now, its not the ONLY key.”
Safana: “Perhaps not, but its the only universally recognized tender that I can think of.”
Varic Thorn points to his great sword slung across his back and says
Varic Thorn: “Steel is also recognized”
Safana nods slightly, “A fair point.”
Varic Thorn: “now only if i could figure out how to use this damned thing……”
Arithel: “I only ask because I am curious of him. It is not my place to judge.”
Alex: Wait, varic doesn’t know how to use his greatsword?
Varic Thorn: “But it is, every being must judge others…other wise you have no basis to form your reality upon.”
Alex: Or is that a comment about the lack of combat as of yet? :P
Varic Thorn: Varic is bluffing, badly
Alex: Ahhh…gotcha
Varic Thorn: he doesnt want to seem “capable” of much
Alex: DM Failed roll. gotcha.

Safana: “Bartholomew – the Stormtamer – wants what we all do, but on a rather more grand scale than most would consider. We all want to survive, and fate has made us what we are. Bartholomew seeks to rule the waves, to curb the rampant lawlessness and injustice that abounds in most corners of the oceans.”
Varic Thorn: “Ill be quite now and let you two talk.”
Safana: “We are pirates in the eyes only of the rulers of this place – and perhaps a small handful of insignificant places like this – but the people, the common people, do not think of us as such.”
Arithel: “That I had noticed, amongst the common people he is thought of quite highly.”
Arithel: “This is what made me curious.”
Safana: “It is said that the line between terrorist and freedom fighter is as thin as the edge of a knife. It all depends on which is convenient for the man in power.”
Safana: “We are not, as it so happens, the ones in power. So we are the former. You see?”
Safana: “And yet I don’t know of a tavern in Islas where I am unwelcome.”

Arithel: “Cheers to that.”
Arithel heads to the bar and orders a few beverages.
GM: Drinks are served quickly
Arithel brings them back to the table taking a cup of tea for himself.
Safana: “So I suppose the question is, now that you’re here and you’ve seen what’s going on, what are you going to do?”

Arithel: “I admit my future course of action has been on my mind lately. Once I met with the Stormtamer I knew I would want to have a plan.”
Arithel: “Like many other ports from what I have heard there are quite a few criminals in Islas. I would check the commission’s board and look into law enforcement if I trusted the leaders here. Perhaps a mercenary company would be open to my skills, one that takes jobs based on their merit over their coin rewares.”
Arithel: rewards*

Safana: “If you seek good work and care little for coin, why not help us? If these assassins succeed against Bart we’ll all be poorer for it, and so will anyone who cherishes the freedom of the seas.”
Arithel: “I will consider your offer. I am thankful that you find me worthy. I am not sure if I could bring myself to pillage and steal however. It would take me time to contemplate that.”

Safana: “What pillaging is involved in tracking assassins?”
Arithel: “In that regard I can and will deffinately help you.”
Arithel: “Since we have seen what they look like, we could probably find out by asking about.”
Safana: “Probable, not that we’ve seen what we’re looking for.. I suspect they’d stand out, and we know at least one is in Islas.”
Kiergath (Safana): now*
Arithel: “It is a deal then. Varic, I would not ask you to aid us in this for free but perhaps something could be worked out?”

Varic Thorn: “well my courier work is done so im free to go where I please. And all of this peaks my intrest, so ill go with you Arithel. Do not worry about compensation as of yet.”
Arithel: “Well then Safana, we are at your service.”
Varic Thorn: “But what of the druid?”
Arithel: “We cannot speak for her, and she obviously doesnt want to be disturbed. It may be inevitable however. And to be honest I am a bit concerned.”
Arithel: “Would it be wrong of me to intrude into her room… just to make sure she is ok?”
Varic Thorn: “depends on whom is in the room.”
Safana: “By most cultures’ customs, yes, it would, unless you are more close than I thought?”
Arithel: “We have known each other almost a month and have spoken little, she is a bit quiet around others.”

Safana: “I would say barging into her room would be ackward at best, then.”
Arithel: “It has been 2 days… I will wait one more and if she does not come out I will have to investigate.”
Safana: “As you wish.”
Varic Thorn: ooc sorry all i need to cut this one short. But thank you for letting me hop in for a hour or so. I look forward to next week.
Nick (Arithel): np I think its getting close anyway.
Alex: Sure thing – I was getting ready to rap up
Varic Thorn: take care all:D
‘Jay’ disconnected
Nick (Arithel): stopping point here then?
Kiergath (Safana): I dig it.

Alex: indeed
Alex: Any questions before I wrap up and go?
Kiergath (Safana): Is this gonna be a stand up fight, or another bug hunt?
Alex: Good question!
Alex: Next?
Kiergath (Safana): “All we know.. is that a ‘xeno-morph’ may be involved.”
Nick (Arithel): none here.
Kiergath (Safana): “Excuse me sir.. a .. a xeno-what?”
Kiergath (Safana): “A xeno-morph.”
Kiergath (Safana): “Its a bug hunt.”
GM: Indeed.
Nick (Arithel): “Are you crazy, is that your problem?”
Kiergath (Safana): … >.>
Kiergath (Safana): <.<

The Stormtamer sits down to drink with the Hammerhead, Arithel, Safana and Varic. Varic hands it to Bartholomew, who tucks it away. Arithel discusses the circumstances under which the Stormtamer’s cousin was found murdered. At the height of their conversation, a strange humanoid tries to assassinate the Stormtamer. The group excuses themselves and goes to ruminate on their own. Safana discusses who the Stormtamer is, and why. The group agrees to track down the Stormtamer’s would-be assassins.

GM: Alright boys

GM: Time to call it a night
Nick (Arithel): night yall
Kiergath (Safana): night chief.
GM: Night

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