Planescape Campaign

Session 3 - Islas - Ambush

Lurkers in the dark can be either friend or foe...

In which the adventuring party manages to make their way out of the Night Harbormaster’s office with a large sum of monies, to find the majority of the ships fleeing the port, and one lone ship coming into the harbor. The ship is swarmed with people carting ledgers. Seconds after it is boarded, a lone figure disembarks. They manage to track the figure down, learning he knows how to get in touch with the Stormtamer. They discover he is a courier names Varic, who has done some work for the Stormtamer in the past. They set out to all meet with Bartholomew that night. A ship approaches nearby – faintly recognizable as the Windwalker. They ambush some ambushing creatures, and Arithel manages to set the dock on fire. They retreat to the nearby bar, where Varic spends the night drinking with a soft-eared man, drinking to love and to long roads traveled.

You find yourselves standing in the middle of the Night Harbormaster’s office, with Eachra busy stuffing her pouches full of cash and gems.

Nick (Arithel): forgive my vocabulary, but what is a bill of lading?
Nick (Arithel): is it like an invoice?
Doug (Eachra): list of supplies provided
Doug (Eachra): So yes like an invoice
Alex: Indeed.
Arithel: Alex, do we know if the Wind Break is the same ship captained by Bartholomew Stormtamer?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): How would be know that?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): we*
Alex: What Morgan said.
Nick (Arithel): True.
Eachra: "So do we leave the headless body here too or we taking it as well?

Relaeryn: “What would I want with a headless body?”
Relaeryn tips the body through one of the holes in the floor.
Eachra: “lack of evidence?”
The body tumbles into the endless ocean.
Eachra: “The poor fish, you should not pollute.”
Relaeryn blinks.
Arithel: “What of the elf woman’s remains. What is the custom of your people?”

Relaeryn: “Something will have eaten it within a few hours, I’m sure.”
Eachra: “I have her secured in my bag for now. We will take her to her boss and return her to him.”
Eachra: "Yes and it will get sick after it eats him too. Poor fish.:

Arithel: Alex I will take the bill of lading.
Arithel: “Shall we depart then, I see little reason else for us to be here.”
Eachra: “I wish fish could read, they we could have left them a note to not eat off of this body.”
Relaeryn: “…”
Relaeryn: “Lets go.”
Arithel: Dimension door us out.
Arithel: Spell [Dimension Door] → Teleports you short distance.
You appear outside, just in time to hear a disturbance from within. You notice as well that the harbor is emptying of ships, most of them pulling hard with oars – they seem to be headed towards the “island” you had vacated earlier.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): that’d be the one with the former pub?

Alex: Indeed.
Alex: The one that the ship had been firing on.
Arithel: “I am unsure what to do now. We know we need to contact Stormtamer to deliver the elf’s body. But we know not how to contact him. Any suggestions?”
GM: Can I get a spot check?
Arithel: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 19]
Eachra: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 26]
Relaeryn: Skill [Spot] [1d20+13 = 19]

Doug (Eachra): I need better coffee cups, my coffee gets cold to fast :/
Eachra, Arithel, you see a ship off in the distance, approaching the port rapidly.
Nick (Arithel): microwave
Alex: It’s better, because it’s bigger.
Doug (Eachra): hehe
Arithel points at the ship, “Look there, a ship.”
Arithel: Does it look like the same one that came in the storm cloud earlier that opened fire on the island?
Eachra: “Yeah, A ship coming in to the port, fast.”
Nothing alike – this seems like a ship built for speed.
Arithel: “All I can think of is asking around discreetly to see if any know how to contact Stormtamer. Shall we head to the docks and try?”
Doug (Eachra): A fast ship.. that would make it a Pie Rat ship then!
Relaeryn: “I would tend to say we should wait and see what this ship coming in is..”

Eachra: “I agree, they are coming in with purpose it seems.”
Arithel nods, “Wise, let us wait a bit then.”
The ship looms before you, approaching much too fast than it is safe to do so. It somehow stops at a pier, and people carting ledgers swarm aboard. In the commotion, you see a lone figure sneak off the ship and make his way towards the center of the harbor, towards the central island.
Doug (Eachra): Can we see the name of the ship?
The ship bears the emblem “Toy Boat”.

Relaeryn: “…so much for that.”
Relaeryn: “Wonder what that’s all about?”
Eachra: “Yeah no idea but they seemed eager to get on board.”
Arithel: “They seem to be accepted here, not that that means anything. Let us head over and ask.”
Eachra: “we should probably find us a place to setup a base of operations and some rooms for sleeping.”

Arithel: “That may be prudent as well.”
Kiergath (Relaeryn): …head that way.

Arithel: “We have no current employment however so once we see to this task I suggest we leave this place.”
Relaeryn heads off towards the ship!
Eachra follows Eryn
Arithel does the same.
You find yourselves at the foot of the gangplank where the swarm of bookbearers seem to have boarded. There are two at the foot of the gangplank, holding their books tight to their chests. It’s quite easy to see a wicked dagger tucked into each of their belts.
GM: Bookbearer One: “Damn… he’s not here!”
Relaeryn: “Who’s not here?”
GM: Bookbearer Two: “How could he have slipped pas—-”
They turn and stare at you.
Relaeryn: “Yes, I spoke.”
Kiergath (Relaeryn): It should be noted that since I forgot all about it and therefore didn’t do anything with it, I have a head on a stick
Kiergath (Relaeryn): :P

Bookbearer One: “…Look, there was a passenger on this ship, and he’s not here anymo—-”
Bookbearer Two: “…what the…”
Relaeryn: “Oh, don’t mind him. He’s just quiet this morning. Who was this passenger you were after?”
Bookbearer Two: “We heard… he was…”
They’re staring at the head oddly, until you note that recognition crosses both of their faces.
Relaeryn: “Yes? He was…?”
Bookbearer One: “…a messenger… he was delivering something to the Stormtamer…”
Relaeryn: “Oh, yes? And you were going to do what with him?”
Bookbearer Two: “Er… we were going to discuss with him the ethics of smuggling and crime… ferrying letters to a known outlaw is… frowned upon…”
Relaeryn: “Ah. You wouldn’t happen to know where we could find Stormtamer himself, then? We could go have a chat with him about ethics on your behalf.”
Relaeryn: “You know, go straight to the source.”
Bookbearer One: “Speaking of frowning… er… where did you get that… head…?”
Relaeryn: “That’s a silly question, where do you normally get heads?”

The second begins staring at the head in confusion, then stares at you. “Look, I don’t know why you killed him, but I’d say our conversation is done here. We don’t truck with those who murder public officials.”
Relaeryn: “Oh, you’re fine then. I didn’t kill him.”
Relaeryn: “He was already dead when I borrowed this.”
Bookbearer One: “And that makes it better?”
Relaeryn: “Yes.”
Bookbearer Two: “…I…”
Relaeryn: “Look, it’s clear this isn’t going to end well, which really makes me kind’ve sad. So how about we answer my question, then you can – snort – take me in for questioning or whatever it is you official types do around here.”
Bookbearer One: “….look, if we knew where the Stormtamer was, we’d be killing him already.”
Relaeryn: “Ah, good. So, who would know?”
Bookbearer One: ’I would assume the messenger that we were trying to capture."

Bookbearer Two: “Kind of rubbish to deliver a message if you don’t know how, right?”
Relaeryn: “Excellent! I’d like to offer you our assistance. I think we saw him running when the ship pulled up.”

Bookbearer Two: “…really? Where to?”
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Would I have surprise, hypothetically?
Alex: Yes.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): good to hear.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Is he near the edge of the pier? Either one?
Alex: Not the edge, but the side.
Alex: So yes
Relaeryn: Whatever. Aim for the head.
Relaeryn: With.. er.. the head.
Relaeryn: On a stick.
Relaeryn: Melee attack [1d20+11 = 26]
The head shatters on impact, sending shards of bone into the other’s skull, throwing him backwards off the pier into the water. Shortly after, you see some fins break the surface.
Bookbearer Two: “Oh… oh…”
Relaeryn: “Whoops.”
The second one takes off at a run towards the central island, towards where the messenger had gone.

Alex: …is anyone else there/
Alex: At all?
Doug (Eachra): I am here
Nick (Arithel): yes sorry.
Varic Thorn: here.
Doug (Eachra): Listening to Morgan try and get us killed :P
Nick (Arithel): yes forgive our ooc paranoia :P
Alex: …Morgan was trying to solicit a response from you guys
Kiergath (Relaeryn): morgan is trying to get us killed because y’all stopped talking.
Alex: Cos you haven’t been talking
Doug (Eachra): Still being a bit stunned by the whole head thing
Doug (Eachra): I don’t talk.. that’s not her strong point.. well ok I don’t talk to non animals or non elves very well :P
Arithel: “Lets go. Perhaps we can find this messenger before he does.”
Relaeryn: “Good call.”
Arithel heads towards the central island looking around along the way.
Doug (Eachra): Sorry I was still a bit stunned about the head on the stick…
Eachra follows along
You head “inland” – along the way, you see few people, including one corpse clutching at a book, tucked up against one of the buildings.
Relaeryn: “Oh, well.”
Relaeryn: “Guess he found him first.”
A few “alleys” later, you see a man ducking into a bar with a curious looking satchel bound to his belt.
Eachra: “Yeah, that makes finding him a little harder. Was hoping to follow this guy to him.”
Relaeryn: “Yeah. Horribly difficult.”
Relaeryn heads into the bar.
Eachra follows Eryn
Arithel heads inside.
You step inside to find an Aasimar taking a seat at the bar. There’s a rather muscular looking female Bariaur manning the bar. She nods at each of you in turn.
Arithel approaches the bar.
Relaeryn: trail after Arithel.

The remainder of the bar is your standard fare… a few humans, a few elves, a rotting corpse or two, even a few creatures that look like gorillas.
Arithel addresses the bariaur, “A mug of your strongest ale please.”
She slides a mug over to you. “Drink up quick. The mug’ll melt if you let it sit.”
Arithel turns to the aasimar, “Hello stranger.”
Varic Thorn: “Hi friend!”
Eachra finds a seat near the bar
Varic Thorn: ’Is there something you needed?"

Relaeryn grabs a seat at the bar, “Wine for me, none of that.. whatever-it-is that he’s got, I care about my stomach.”
The bariaur slides over a glass of salt-wine. The salt actually makes the drink much more savory.

Arithel: “Yes, though I do not want to seem too pressing, but I noticed your… situation coming off of that ship. My friends and I have a few non-incriminating questions to ask of you if you are willing.”
Varic Thorn: “Well, I wont know if I’m willing until you ask. So ask away.”
Relaeryn: “Could it be? Sanity on the planes?”
Relaeryn: “You’re not a fiend in disguise, are you?”
Varic Thorn: “Not the last I checked. But I’ve never been a thorough individual, sadly”
Relaeryn: “Good enough for me.”
Arithel turns to Relaeryn and Eachra before turning back to the stranger, “That’s a question all right.”
Varic Thorn: “Regardless, I suspect your after my pouch, correct?”
Relaeryn: “If I come off as a common thief, I’m doing something wrong.”
Varic Thorn: “Hehe, well what is it you need of a humble old courier then.”
Relaeryn looks at Arithel.
Arithel: “To be direct, we would like to know the location of Bartholomew Stormtamer.”
Arithel: “We wish to make contact with him.”

Varic Thorn: “Are you friends of his?”
Varic Thorn: “Because he’s not paying me nearly enough, the bastard.”
Arithel: “No. But we have somber news for him, as well as something he may want.”
Varic Thorn: “Oh, well then. I guess it would be pointless to lie to ones such as yourselves so I won’t.”
Eachra: "How about we tag along when you make your delivery to him?

Varic Thorn: " I’m meeting him at the docks when his ship comes to port tonight."

Varic Thorn: “You are of course, welcome to follow me. Seeing is I couldn’t stop you from doing so anyway.”
Arithel: “Would you like a mug of strong ale then whilst we wait?”
Arithel slides the mug to the stranger.
Relaeryn: “You haven’t drunk it yet? I’d check the bottom.”

Varic Thorn: “No thanks friend, I can’t afford to be feeling merry until I’ve delivered my pouch. I guess I’ll save it for later then.”
Indeed, the alcohol seems to have melted through the cup, and the bar as well. All that’s left is the handle.
Varic Thorn: “Well I guess I’ll be dry tonight”
The bariaur barista sighs. “I told you to drink it fast.”
Arithel: “I am Arithel, well met by the way.”
Varic Thorn puts his hand out in greeting torwards Arithel.
Varic Thorn: “I’m known as Varic to those that care, which wouldn’t be many I assure you.”
Arithel accepts the greeting and nods.

Varic Thorn: “And these two charming ladies are your friends I presume? Seems you are far luckier than I have been sir Arithel.”
Relaeryn: “Not that lucky.”
The bartender laughs.
Relaeryn: “Relaeryn. The one with wings is Eachra.”
Varic Thorn: “Ha”
Varic Thorn: “Well met, well met.”
Eachra: “greetings”
Doug (Eachra): I suppose descriptions would be in order, eh?
Nick (Arithel): was just thinking that.
Alex: Indeed!
Alex: I’ve been describing enough tonight :P
Doug (Eachra): Eachra stands a striking 5’1" tall and looks to weigh around 70 pounds. She has long hair of Raven black that glints blue in the light of the sun and wings of the same color. She wears her hair in a braided ponytail and her only other air adornment is the feather of a red hawk. She can be found wearing intricately made chainmail draped in a sky blue tabard with an image of a storm cloud and lightning bolts. She arms herself with a spear adorned with feathers and beads. She has a quiver that hangs at her waist stocked with javelins and sometimes she can be seen armed with a long sword. When not adventuring or when attending to her clerical rites she can be found in a sky blue robe with her unbound hair flowing freely.

Jay (Varic Thorn): Varic is an middle aged man (assimar) with fine features that betray his heritage. His hair is long and silver and pulled back into a ponytail. His eyes are odd colors however. One being silver and the other red. His face is stubled as if he hasnt shaven for a da
Jay (Varic Thorn): He is dressed in shabby scale armor and sports a great sword lashed across his back.
Varic Thorn: He stands 6’4" tall but does not look heavily built.
Jay (Varic Thorn): Done:D
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Nick get you the link, chief?
Nick (Arithel): Arithel stands at just over 6 feet, he has a weathered, but calm visage. He wears simple robes and speaks softly and thoughtully. At times he appears a bit shy.
Nick (Arithel): yes
Nick (Arithel): he knows the wiki.
Alex: Good good.
Alex: …apparently so do a lot of people, which is neat.
Doug (Eachra): It is a well done Wiki

Alex: It’s going to get better, I swear.
Do you kip up in the bar until nightfall?
Doug (Eachra): Well Alex I think it is pretty kick ass now so I am looking forward to whatever else you do to it :)
Arithel: Yes.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): yes, yes, kip in the bar.
Doug (Eachra): Sure they server food?
Doug (Eachra): Serve*
Alex: Indeed
Arithel: “What is in that package you carry anyway? A delivery for Stormtamer?”
Varic Thorn: “Well honestly I couldnt answer that, seeing as I havent checked. I wasnt paid to check it.”
Eachra orders the common meal and a wine

Doug (Eachra): I watched Wierd Science the other night, man the clothes we wore in the 80’s were pretty wierd, lol.
Alex: Yes.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): yes, y’all were a bunch of strange people.
The meal is good, if a bit tough.
Doug (Eachra): Awesome
GM: Barista: “So, what are the lot of you up to that you’re looking for the Stormtamer?”
Barista: “So, what are the lot of you up to that you’re looking for the Stormtamer?”
Relaeryn: “Long story.”
Relaeryn: “Actually, I started this story by walking up to a couple of local officials with the night harbor-master’s head on a stick.”
Relaeryn: “So, actually, long and funny story.”
Eachra coughs

Relaeryn: “But I’m not the one who killed him.”
The bartender swallows heavily. “…that’s…a relief…”
Eachra: “Was he well liked, this night harbor master? Well thought of?”
She shrugs. “He handled a lot of the commerce. A lot of ships came in during the night. People didn’t talk about him much, but the city prospered because of him.”
Arithel: “What about the Stormtamer, what is generally thought of him?”
Eachra nods. “How about the Day Harbor master? How is he thought of?”

She thinks for a minute. “The Daymaster is a bit of a loner… eccentric, but the man shits gold.”
Eachra: “That’s a unique attribute”
“As for the Stormtamer, he’s a rebel. The bad girls love him, the good men fear him. They say he can sink a ship with a word, and that no woman is safe from being plundered.”
Relaeryn: “Charming, I’m sure. I can tell we’re well on the way to being adored in this fair little town.”
Barista: “I personally don’t think he’s all that bad… He actually constructed a small town a few days out… a nice place to visit, I hear.”
Relaeryn: “Oh, that’s useful to know.”
She nods sagely.

Arithel: “Constructed a town? That is interesting.”
Barista: “How would you go about building on this fine ocean?”
Arithel: “I do not know, the science of engineering has always eluded me.”

The barista shrugs and goes to deliver a drink to one of the zombies.
Relaeryn: “I suppose that just leaves us with waiting for nightfall and your meeting, then.”
Varic Thorn: “Well we COULD go now, not sure if thats to your fancy however.”

Alex: What do you decide on?
Arithel: No sense in going now if we are just going to be standing around at the dock waiting there.
Arithel: Does this bar have rooms also?
Varic Thorn: "Well, if I were you…which unfortunatly I am not. I would go to the pier earlier than later. That way you could scan for others interested in doing you harm and or foiling your plan, if a plan is to be had.’

Alex: indeed

Varic Thorn: “Of course im but a courier and certainly far less capable of making this judgement than you three.”

Relaeryn: “….”
Arithel: I will reserve us rooms before we depart and then if its ok with everyone we will go to the docks a bit early to look around first.
Relaeryn: “Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent plan.”
Eachra: “Sounds like a plan”
Varic Thorn: “Well if that is indeed the plan, then i beg your permission to go catch a nap in the corner.”
Varic Thorn stands up and lets out a long yawn and stretchs his back
Arithel: “Of course. We will leave an hour and a half prior to your scheduled meeting.”
Varic Thorn: “ladies, good sir. I belive youll know where to find me when you are ready.”
Varic Thorn moves off with a chair and plants it in a corner and proceeds to lean back and nod off.
You nap and rest for a few hours, when you find yourselves prepared for the pre-meeting meeting.
Arithel: We depart!

You sneak off down to the appointed docks, but stop well short to get the lay of the land. You see few dockworkers out at this hour – you see a great number of ships off in the distance, trailing what seems to be a great plume of fire.
You hear a nearby dockworker mumble: “Damn shame, losing that island…”
There don’t seem to be any lurkers about outside of yourselves.
Nick (Arithel): Alex, what was the name of this city we are in?
Nick (Arithel): what part of the multiverse is Islas in?
Alex: Elemental Plane of Water.
Nick (Arithel): got it ty.
Arithel: Approach the docks, looking around for anything else out of the ordinary, approach one of the dockworkers.

Arithel: “What happened to the island?”
Dockworker: “Some bastards set it on fire… the entire thing was ablaze, so they had to cut the moorings and scuttle it far out at sea.”
Dockworker: “They say a thousand people died earlier.”
Arithel: “The entire island??? How big was it?”
Dockworker: “That was one of the smaller islands in Islas… Couple of bars, but a lot of residences.”
Nick (Arithel): was this the same one that was bombarded that we were on?
Alex: Yep.
Alex: You’d assume
Alex: Unless there was another massive fire
Alex: Spot checks all around?
Arithel: “Thats.. terrible… why did…”
Arithel: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 17]
Varic Thorn: Skill [Spot] [1d20+1 = 4]
Relaeryn: Skill [Spot] [1d20+13 = 33]
Eachra: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 11]

Dockworker: “No Idea why they did it… those bastards.”
Relaeryn nudges Arithel and mutters, “On the pier.”
Arithel looks to the pier.
You see down at the end of the pier, a humanoid figure with scales and wings, lurking behind some boxes. In the distance, you see a ship approaching – it looks like it’s coming towards you. It has no sail nor oar up that you can see.

Arithel: “Good evening gentlemen.”
Arithel leaves the dockworkers and turns to Relaeryn, “That does not look friendly.”
Arithel: “Lets approach and find out what its intentions are.”
Relaeryn nods in agreement.
Arithel: Target Relaeryn.
Arithel: Spell [Haste] → One creature/level moves faster, +1 on attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves.
Arithel: Target Eachra.
Arithel: Spell [Haste] → One creature/level moves faster, +1 on attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves.
Arithel: Spell [Displacement] → Attacks miss subject 50%.
Arithel: Approach.
Eachra nods at Arithel
You head downpier – the creature doesn’t seem to notice your approach – you can make out that it has three long blades about it’s person. It seems to be watching the approaching ship intently.
Arithel: distance to creature?

Alex: 30 feet.
Arithel: “You there! Come out and reveal yourself skulker. We would know your intentions be they friendly or not.”
You hear a hissing of suprise from the shadows.
Do you take any actions?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Uh, define hissing.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): As in, from the one we SEE..
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Or as in, “Hey, I have friends.”
Arithel: Yes I am going to cast a spell.
Doug (Eachra): Hehehe
Alex: It’s too dark to determine whether that is the one hissing or if there are buddies.
GM: What spell?

Arithel: True strike.
Arithel: Do I get it off or are we initiativing?
Alex: On self?
Arithel: yes
GM: You do get the spell off.
Arithel: Spell [True Strike] → 20 on your next attack roll.
Arithel: k
GM: [3d20 = 26]
You hear a hissing, then the three soft “tfffptttt” noises. Three barbs whistle through the air. Two pass harmlessly by while one strikes Arithel straight in the chest.
GM: [1d4 = 4]
GM: Initiative please!
Arithel: Initiative [1d203 = 15]
GM: [1d20 = 15]
Relaeryn: Initiative [1d20+4 = 17]
Alex: Doug?
Alex: Uth?
Varic Thorn: Initiative [1d20+7 = 9]
Jay (Varic Thorn): sorry still learning the program
Doug (Eachra): Sorry
Doug (Eachra): sneezing my head off
Alex: Sure thing. You’re doing fine
Eachra: Initiative [1d20+4 = 22]
Doug (Eachra): Can I see the creature?

Alex: You can see one creature behind the barrels.
Eachra looks to the sky and mouths a prayer. CAST Prayer
Alex: You pray!
Kiergath (Relaeryn): ffs. Okay, so, one target visible?
Alex: Yes.
Alex: Unless you count the sharklike things nearby. Then probably seven.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Grand. Thirty feet away?
Alex: Appx.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Close to ten feet and attack.
Alex: Sure thing.
Alex: Roll it
Relaeryn: Naginata (Reach) (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 33]
Relaeryn: Naginata (Reach) (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Relaeryn: Naginata (Reach) (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+13 = 25]
Alex: Damage for the crit?
Relaeryn: uhm
Doug (Eachra): Dontfor get the 1 to attack from Prayer
Relaeryn: [3d1021 = 45]

Relaeryn’s Naginata snakes out through the darkness and punches through one of the barrels, coming clean through the other side and burying it’s head straight into the heart of the creature on the other side.
There is a slight gasping of breath.
Arithel: Target 12 feet behind the one Relaeryn just attacked.
Arithel: Sudden Maximize
Arithel: Spell [Fireball] → 1d6 damage per level, 20-ft. radius.
GM: Roll it.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): what roll?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): its maximized
Alex: …math it then.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): 48 damage, save for half
Arithel: 48 damage save for half.
GM: [2d20 = 29]
You hear two earshattering screeches, followed by two loud splashes on either side of the blazing pier.
The fire is eagerly devouring the wooden planks all around.
Varic Thorn
Varic Thorn: Eldrich Spear (Attack 1) 11 [1d2012 = 19]
GM: Damage?
Varic Thorn: Eldrich Spear (Damage) [4d6 = 17]
Varic sends a burst of energy into the nearby water, giving the already black seas an oily tinge of blood.

Sounds of struggle fade from your ears and only the roar of the flames consuming the pier on which you stand remains.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): I’m going to get off the pier, now.. Drag the body with me.
Relaeryn beats a hasty retreat towards the harbor proper.
Eachra Follows Eryn
Arithel: “The fire might get out of… aw hells..”
Arithel follows.
Varic Thorn follows
You all quit the dock, barely noticing the ship that had been coming to rendezvous stopping well short of the flaming dock.
While you retreat, several people pass you carrying buckets and shouting.
GM: Where do you go?

Relaeryn: somewhere I can drink, and possibly cry.
Arithel: Im thinking nearby where we can observe the dock from a safe distance.
Arithel: And also check my wound.
Eachra: “I will see to your wound once were done running about”
You make your way back to the bar for a drink, a cry and an observation.
Arithel – the wound is clean, but the spine is organic and wicked looking. Relaeryn, you are able to identify the body you dragged as an Abishai.
It was carrying three longswords.
Eachra once back at the bar, I take a look at Arithel’s wound
Relaeryn: “Well, thats one victory.”
Eachra: Skill [Heal] [1d20+10 = 17]
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Leave the corpse in a gutter and take the swords.
Arithel, looking at the dock, you see the ship sitting off in the distance for a while before turning and sailing off.
Eventually the water crews manage to get the blaze under control, but not before two more piers and three boats go up in flames.
The crowd in the bar is somewhat light this evening with all the commotion outside.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): park near a fire and be gloomy.

Regardless, a few people do trickle in, mostly to sit at a table away from the undead in the corner. A man even comes and sits at the bar. His ears have a slight point to him, as if he were a cup of wine that had been watered down a bit.
Varic Thorn: “Well, did anyone happen notice my skillfull assault on the ocean? I amaze myself at times.”
Eachra says a small prayer/ Casts Cure Light Wounds on Arithel
Relaeryn: “You seem to have hit something, from the look of it.”
Eachra: [1d8+8 = 13]
Varic Thorn: “If I did i assure you it would have been luck at best.”
Eachra then she goes and sits near Eryn
Arithel: “Such a waste, such a fool I am!”
Varic Thorn: “Come now, dont be harsh with yourself friend. Im sure the pier was old and was set for scraping in the near future. All you have done is save the harbor master some coin by not having to hire a demolition crew.”
Arithel: “What of the ship owners. Their families could now starve if that was their main source of income.”

Relaeryn: “Except the ones who burned with their ships..”
Arithel looks at Relaeryn with horror.
Varic Thorn: “Well, while that may be true, it is also true that those very same owners now have more time to spend with thier families. And love is far more valuable than coin.”
Arithel leaves the bar and heads to the pier to find the exact extent of the damage.
Arithel, you find the three wrecks to be burning peacefully out at sea. There’s no official casualty report yet.
The man at the bar with the soft ears raises a glass to Varic. “I’ll drink to that, friend! To love!”
Arithel asks around for the names of the ships that burned and the registered owners.
Varic Thorn: “To love, my friend!”
GM: The only person that would be on duty that would know that information is the Night Harbormaster.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Good, you should go look him up.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Oh, wait!
Doug (Eachra): oops
Kiergath (Relaeryn): You might still be able to find part of his head.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): It’ll be that red smear on the dock that may or may not be there
Doug (Eachra): It is all Eryns fault he died
Man: “We should all be so lucky as to spend time with our families. It’s all too often things seem to be calm at port, then out of nowhere, a fire erupts!”
Kiergath (Relaeryn): I’m not sure how you figure that, to be honest.
Alex: Me neither.
Alex: You killed him, Doug.
Alex: :P
Kiergath (Relaeryn): I hadn’t even entered the room :P
Kiergath (Relaeryn): except to fall into the hole
Doug (Eachra): Her influance
Arithel heads back to the bar and up to his room and tries to sleep/waits till morning.

Varic Thorn drinks with the man at the bar and talks of long roads traveled and how love is very precious thing.
Varic Thorn after that he rents a room and goes to sleep.
The night passes quickly – in the morning, Varic is a bit hungover, Arithel a bit rested, Relaeryn a bit relieved, and Eachra a bit stoic.
Down in the bar proper, the soft-eared man is gently snoring with his head on the bar and a mug in his hand.
Eachra says her prayers
Nick (Arithel): good stopping point for me. Normally I could go longer but this week I have to cut it short.
Alex: Sure sure.
Nick (Arithel): we will talk mid week alex, not sure if this char is going to be able to continue at this point. Maybe.

Nick (Arithel): anyway take it easy Arithel is sleeping.
Doug (Eachra): Why Nick? I think you have a good character :)
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Point: DM! A character broke himself!
Kiergath (Relaeryn): it doesn’t matter, he managed to mindfuck himself
Kiergath (Relaeryn): lawl
Nick (Arithel): because Im lawful good and just committed a horrible atrocity.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): … I’m only laughing because I’ve done it myself, by the way
Nick (Arithel): ciao
Alex: Ciao nick!
‘Nick’ disconnected
Doug (Eachra): Ya made an error in judgement that can be resolved.. you have 500 gold or however much it was, use that to pay for the docks, the ships were insured I am sure
Alex: Any questions on this session? Uth?

Alex: Hmm
Alex: Doug? any questions?
Doug (Eachra): Nope I am good :)
Doug (Eachra): a bit sad, I liked this character of Nicks :(
Alex: Me too.
Jay (Varic Thorn): no not really, other than figuring out how to enter my invocations in and eldrich blasts and such,
Jay (Varic Thorn): its was good fun, im liking thiis program alot, and all the pcs seem to be interesting and ive never played planescape so its a bit like christmas for me atm.
Alex: hahahaha – awesome!
Kiergath (Relaeryn): its a nice little program, especially compared to the last one we used .
Alex: If you have any questions about it, just let me know and I can probably answer.
Jay (Varic Thorn): Im hpoing nick is going to be able to help me finish this tonight at some point. he ran off because some friends of ours showed up to play cards.
Alex: Ahhh… gotcha
Kiergath (Relaeryn): to be fair, we’d normally be wrapping up by now.

Alex: Yeah
Jay (Varic Thorn): Speaking of, ill need to be going as well. Good game guys, cant wait till next week:D
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Take care man, good seeing you again.
Alex: Yeah – Great having you!
Doug (Eachra): yeah was good to see ya again
Jay (Varic Thorn): im going to leave the program open for a bit and come back to work on the char once i lose my money in cards.
Alex: unfortunately, I have to shut the server down so I can sleep :(
Alex: You can either message me on Steam or Xfire sometime this or next week and I can throw the server up some other time and help you with creation if you want.
Alright – RECAP

In which the adventuring party manages to make their way out of the Night Harbormaster’s office with a large sum of monies, to find the majority of the ships fleeing the port, and one lone ship coming into the harbor. The ship is swarmed with people carting ledgers. Seconds after it is boarded, a lone figure disembarks. They manage to track the figure down, learning he knows how to get in touch with the Stormtamer. They discover he is a courier names Varic, who has done some work for the Stormtamer in the past. They set out to all meet with Bartholomew that night. They ambush some ambushing creatures, and Arithel manages to set the dock on fire. They retreat to the nearby bar, where Varic spends the night drinking with a soft-eared man, drinking to love and to long roads travelled.

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Patch Notes, Sept 28

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Session 3 - Islas - Ambush
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