Welcome to the City of Doors

‘lo all, we’ll be getting things up and running here as soon as we can. Have fun, look around, try not to break anything or anyone, and we’ll get this show back on the proverbial goat-path.
For proper enjoyment of the website, I suggest that you download the Exocet font here, as this font is used occasionally for dramatic effect, and not having the font will cause the occasional title to not display properly.

Alex; DM.

Tentative Change-log.

Below is a listing of all the tentative changes that will be structured into the campaign:

  • A custom banner will be introduced
  • Maps will be created and locations marked
  • A system of drama cards (allowing for in-game rewards/plot development) is being developed
    • These cards will be awarded on a provisional basis by the DM for services rendered in the course of the Campaign and the development of the Wiki site
  • A novel system of rewards for Wiki site development will be implemented
  • A potential re-structuring of the Wiki site, as it stands, pending player feedback.
  • A method of advancing the story between sessions – be it by e-mail or forum post, that will allow players to shop/explore town/get information without impeding on adventuring time.

Special Thanks

I would like to extend special thanks to Duskreign, ChainsawXIV, Sandman, Arsheesh, Gaaran, Gnunn, and JimTriche, as well as the rest of the wonderful community for formatting help and general ideas! Be sure to check out their campaigns when you have the chance!


Some images, rules, and other assorted information came directly from the Planescape Campaign Setting. Planescape, Dungeons & Dragons, their logos, Wizards of the Coast, and the Wizards of the Coast logo are ©2008, Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. and used without permission but in good faith. Other material is either culled from the wonderful community at Planewalker.com, Mimir.net, or from within the members of the Party itself.

Many images are results of random image searches online, or are pictures I’ve collected over the years. Most of the images are fair or free use, but a few may not be. I do not know the owners of the majority of these images. If you see your image used here and wish a credit on this page, let me know! If you wish for me to remove it, send me a message through Obsidian Portal or email and I will remove your image. Nothing here is for profit, but instead for other people to enjoy the setting as much as I have.

Planescape Campaign

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