The Weather Tower

Off Turtle Lane, Guildhall Ward

Today’s Predicted Weather:

The rain’s filthy brown, acidic, foul-smelling. Sure, that describes most days, but today it’s even worse than usual…the streets are swimming with the stuff.

- thanks go to the Harys Hatchis’s handy spells and the co-operation
of the Weather Tower (for a 2% royalties fee)

Standing above the rooftops of the guildhall ward, a tower stretches into the cage’s sky. Spinning at its top is large windmill that is powered by a nearby air portal to the Boundless Blue, one of the closet to ground level in the city. The towers composed entirely of stone imported from Pandemonium for it’s high resistance to winds, and it was built stone by stone on top of the roofs of the buildings below in order to reach the height of the air portal. Half of the tower rests on top of a ancient ale house and spa, and the other side leans on tall arched columns. The owners of the surrounding buildings don’t mind the intrusion on their rooves, as the windmill causes them to always have fresh weather around the tower. A staircase reaches up three stories from ground level to the base of the towers stones, where a large iron doors opens into the towers interior.

The Tower serves both as Sigil’s only weather service, at least the only reliable one compared to hive fortune tellers, and also as a de facto temple to Chan, princess of good air creatures. The Towers high priest and owner is a Spirit of the Air called Erish Soufflé (Proxy [Chan] / neuter spirit of air / N ) who after being sent through one of the air portals to Sigil by Chan to see where all her precious air creatures where getting lost too, hit on the idea of the weather tower. See, Erish has plans to turn his lowly fate of being a servant of the air powers around and start having his power do what he wants.

Using the tower as his Sigilian base, he started charging for weather forecasts, pulling in the jink that a power needs to grow in power. The priests might tell you divine will raises armies for a powers cause, but really its loads of jink. Also, with the air portal and windmill blowing air over the cage, and the tower’s priests casting purify air and such around the cage, hundreds are starting to worship Chan, who is catching on quite well as the new in power among Cagers. He also had Brahma’s, from the Plane of of air, hook up similar clockwork devices like on a waterspout, so now the windmill also generates magical power in inverted spheres.

With the jink and worshipers pouring in, Chan was hard pressed to refuse her servants’ offer, and making Erish a proxy settled their deal. He’d get her more power, and in turn she’d give some power to him. Now, this trick might not have worked on say Zeus or Odin, who would have just left a nice singe mark of Erish, but Chan’s is a archomental of good, some would say maybe a bit naive, and so Erish is calling the shots.

“Like we need Erish to tell us it’s
sodding miserable outside”

— Alro Kerson, guildhall ward merchant

To find out the weather a berk’s got a couple of options. First you can go directly to the Tower and inquire of one of the priests there, or there’s also at least one of Chan’s priests in each ward, and one each at the faction headquarters too. Garnishing them will get you the latest weather report for the next hour or even the next week, though the farther their predictions ahead are usually a bit unpredictable. See, they pray to Chan to see what the weather’s gonna be like, but between her changing her mood, which happens quite often, and any other weather variables from the other air portals, especially the lower ward ones, makes the forecast sketchy at best. Once a berk’s got the information, he has to keep it dark, start spreading the forecast around and a couple of aerial servants will come and ‘talk some sense’ into you.’ Which can be quite alarming when a berks walking down the road and invisible hands start beating him up.

Though the towers main income is its weather forecasting, Erish has about a dozen other services too, anything to pull in the jink. These include selling bottles of purified air, having priests cast pure air for high-ups to freshen out out there courtyards, and even hiring out aerial servants.


Foretell the Weather Cost
Next Hour 1 gold
Next Day 10 gold
Next Week 50 gold
Cast Purify Air 10 gold per yard radius
Bottle of Air 5 silver for a small bottle
Ariel Servant 1 jinx an hour

Brix Recommends:
Garnishing the Tower’s usual doorkeeper and guardian of the inner sanctum, Altezza (Planar / female sylph / P4 [Chan] / CG) can get you an hour in the ’bird’s nest’. Here at the very top of the tower, thanks to the wind spewing from the air portal, you can always get a clear view of the city, all the way to both sides of the Cage. The view is simply breathtaking.

The Weather Tower

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