The Singing Vortex

The Singing Vortex

The Angel
The Devil

You enter the store and are immediately are assaulted with various smells
The place smells like someone used blue cheese to sharpen a grindstone

Arothir: The locals, indeed, don’t seem quite local.
Arothir: On one side of the shop, in front of walls adorned with armors of all kinds, polished to high perfection, is a bona fide angel.
Arothir: Pale, illuminated skin, white robes, massive wings, the works.
Shenvallei: A REAL angel?
Arothir: On the other side of the store, in front of a wall covered with blackened weapons and devices of torture, is a black Abishai
Arothir: Yeah, a REAL angel.

  1. Shenvallei: Without thought or looking at anything else I gravitate towards the angel.
    Arothir: Being near the angel brings out feelings of warmth in both of you
    Shenvallei: I look back at Jesebel “This is your show Jesebel, whatever you can use and whatever you need. Dont forget anything.”
  2. Alusair cringes silently at that statement, but continues browsing the armor. *
    Shenvallei: “Be responsible with the funds though, were not on a lavish budget.”
  3. Alusair mutters, “Ain’t that the soddin’ truth..” *
    Arothir: Jess begins perusing the wares in the store, the Angel helping her as best as is celestially possible.

Male angel
It’s sitting right next to a dagger labled “The Dagger of Bunny-Bashing”
Arothir: The Abishai gladly fetches the black sword down for you
Arothir: he even bows as he hands it to you
most of the more exotic items are…pricy at best.

  1. The Fiend takes a good look at you, and then the blade
    Arothir: “For you, two hundred gold. I’m hurting on this deal, but I like your face.”
    Arothir: “I have a family to feed you know.”
    Shenvallei: “200? does it have any special magical properties?”
  2. Alusair slips back out of the store after making a fair imitation of browsing. *
    Arothir: “It’s got an extra bite to it, it does. And that’s breaking my back! 200! For a sword this quality!”
    Shenvallei: “So be it friend, throw in a scabbard and its a deal.”
    Arothir: “A scabbard, he says! My poor children!”
    Arothir: He puts a black scabbard down on the table, fitted for the sword
    Arothir: it even has intricate scrollwork
    Shenvallei: Pass him 200 gold
    Arothir: He takes it and counts it carefully
    Arothir: Sobbing
    Alusair: LOL
    Arothir: “The poor little kids…all three hundred of them…how will they eat?!”

Devon The Angel (diva) seems to be beaming

The diva looks at the table, at Jess, then at Shenvallei. “Ten gold.”
Arothir: “And I have children!” – The fiend

The Singing Vortex

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