The Black Wind Tavern

Popular Drinks: Elemental Wine, Kungaloosh

Colloquially known as the Bar of Belief…

An abishai sitting down at a table
Arothir: engaging a halfling in a game of dice

There’s always an empty table, and the barman looks just about like every barman you’ve ever known…
Everybody knows your name, because that’s how you think it should be…
They’ve been here…well…since my grandfather was running the Tavern!
Alusair: Does this tavern also happen to rent rooms?
Arothir: It does, indeed.
Arothir: in fact, when you ask about the rooms
Arothir: The barkeep simply hands you three keys.
Shenvallei: I head over to the barkeep to pay for the tab.
Arothir: The barkeep looks at you like you’re a Yuan-ti who’s grown a ninth head.
Arothir: Barkeep: What’re you talking about, tab?
Shenvallei: “Dont I have to pay for the hospitality? Food, drink, rooms?”
Shenvallei: “Most bars here charge gold.”
Arothir: “No, of course not! I’m running this bar under a new business model!”
Alusair: ”…”
Shenvallei: “Oh? how does it work?”
Shenvallei: “Favors?”
Arothir: “My grandfather was too into gold, and everything was so expensive, nobody would come back! I figured, this way, everyone keeps wanting to return. The more customers, the more profit, you see?”
Alusair: “Well.. thats a business model I can believe in.”
Alusair: “I suggest you do too, Shen.”
Shenvallei: “I see so your compensation is the joy you bring others?”
Alusair: “Aye, aye, thats it. Don’t question it, just believe it works.”
Alusair: “After all, the evidence is all around you. Can’t doubt that.
Alusair: “
Shenvallei: “That is fantastic, I will always return here!”
Arothir: “That’s excellent to hear!”
Arothir: “Tell your friends!”
Shenvallei: “You have made a friend this day!”

Arothir: You both notice, Shen especially
Arothir: That the bar is substantially more populated than when you come in
Arothir: Came in, rather
Arothir: You didn’t exactly see or hear a lot of traffic coming in
Arothir: but parts of it are virtually packed.
Arothir: people are even sitting with the deader.
Alusair: “See, Shen.. its all in Belief.”
Arothir: The bar itself is actually a dark, dark, polished wood

The Black Wind Tavern

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