Session Three Two

Shenvallei: “I feel bad for the rat I must admit. We should find him a good home. Zero would you like a pet?”
Alusair: “I have some work I need to do.. and I can only think of one place in Sigil that would do justice to the project in question..”
Arothir: He looks at you, Shen
Arothir: “I have two pets already, it seems. What could more hurt…”
Arothir: He returns his attention to Alusair
Arothir: “Where did you have in mind? The Mortuary? What kind of project is it?”
  • Shenvallei takes a piece of sandwich and offers it to the rat. *
    Alusair: “I need access to the workshops and smithies of the Godsmen in the Great Forge.”
    Arothir: The rat steals it from you
    Arothir: Zero looks at you
    Arothir: he blinks twice
    Arothir: Shen, you’re left holding the piece of sandwich
    Arothir: And the rat is holding the remainder
    Alusair: LOL.
    Arothir: Zero: Look…you’ve done good work for me, Alusair. I appreciate it. And you got me the bottle. But…the Great Forge? The Godsmen? Do you know how expensive and difficult that would be?”
    Alusair: “Like I said before I asked.. I understand if its not feasible…”
    Arothir: “Oh, it’s feasible. It’s even possible. But before I can get it done, I’m going to need you to do some things for me.”
    Alusair: “Like?”
    Arothir: “There’s a particular Athar…goes by the name of Magneo Harthe, who has been a pain in one of my contact’s asses.
    Alusair: “Athar? I Wouldn’t’ve thought you’d be in the business of knocking out the godless. Seems they do more damage to the other factions than anything.”
    Arothir: “If we can figure out some way to maze the berk, or otherwise get rid of him, my friend might be able to get me closer to those who control access to the Great Forge.”
    Arothir: “Oh, ordinarily, I’m not. Which is why he’s still alive.”
    Alusair: “Right.. so we need to get an Athar mazed… know any good way to get him to dead-book a few Dabus?”
    Arothir: “But what you want is gonna require a hell of a lot more favors called in with the Godsmen than I have.”
    Arothir: “Dead booking dabus? Well, unless you managed to get him really drunk, or trick him, he’d probably be smarter than willingly doing it.”
    Arothir: “And don’t even think of pinning it on him…I knew a berk wot tried that once. I almost bloody got mazed for that.”
    Alusair: “Hmm… alternately, could always just feed him to a particularly drunk fiend.. not like theres a shortage of those.”
    Alusair: “And half of ‘em seem more inclined to rip your arms off and beat you to death with them than talk.”
    Arothir: “Oh, most are.”
    Arothir: “Just…don’t cause too much of a fuss about it. The Harmonium are pretty jumpy lately. I almost got nabbed for carrying a big sack around.”
    Alusair: “Sorry about that.. we can’t be helping.”
    Arothir: “Oh, I know it’s not anything you did…I guess they’re unnerved by all of the violence in the Hive lately. Hell, it’s getting to me, too.”
    Alusair: “Bah.. nicer place before they got involved.”
  • Alusair looks at Shen, wondering if he’s still conscious. *
    Alusair: “Anything you can tell us about this athar?”
    Arothir: “Well, he frequents The Fat Candle in the Clerk’s Ward. He loves expensive drinks. He used to be a Prime from some dark, dark place, so he doesn’t scare easy.”
    Alusair: “Prime? Maybe we should just knock him out ourselves..”
    Arothir: He shrugs
    Arothir: “He doesn’t go out much during the day, I know that much. He tends to be at the bar during the day…not sure where he haunts at night, though.”
    Alusair: “Easy enough to find out..”
    Arothir: “I might be able to provide some financing, but not much. You’re asking something pretty big from me, you understand.”
    Arothir: Shen?
    Shenvallei: Im here.
    Alusair: “We should be fine.. unless Shen needs anything.”
    Arothir: brb sec
    Shenvallei: “I understand little of what all was just said. Being new to this land means Im unfamiliar with all the factions, and politics. Ill trust to Alusair’s judgement.”
    Arothir: you can keep going
    Alusair: “Well, allow me to give you a crash course..”
    Alusair: “The Athar.. godless.. whatever you want to call them..”
    Alusair: “They’re convinced that all the Powers are false idols. There are no gods, in their eyes.”
    Alusair: “But they don’t stop there – just denouncing them isn’t enough.”
    Alusair: “Some Athar go so far as to attempt to stamp out all the priesthoods, to actually destroy the believers of the powers in an effort to destroy the powers themselves.”
    Shenvallei: “How can they explain priestly blessings then? Or do they consider the gods simply powerful beings and not gods?”
    Alusair: “A god is created by belief.. that doesn’t mean the beliefs aren’t false.”
    Alusair: “With enough faithful, any belief can become true.”
    Alusair: “Out here in the Planes, belief is power.”
    Shenvallei: “With the help of some catalyst Im sure.”
  • Alusair shrugs. *
    Shenvallei: “Al, I havent mentioned this before, but I thank you for all the help you have given me while here. Im finding this place to be much more dangerous than I thought.”
    Alusair: “
    laughs* Its no trouble.. well, no, its been trouble. But its been fascinating trouble.”
  • Shenvallei opens a bottle of wine. *
  • Shenvallei pours 3 glasses. *
  • Shenvallei hands one to Al and one to Zero *
    Shenvallei: “To new adventures, knowledge, and friends!”
  • Shenvallei downs the wine in one draught. *
  • Alusair ponders for a moment before drinking, though not quite so much as Shen. *
    Arothir: Zero simply drinks the wine as though it were water
    Shenvallei: “Zero, I am in need of some supplies before we depart I think.”
    Arothir: Zero thinks a bit, and pronounces a toast to wealth, then turns to Alusair.
  • Shenvallei pours another glass *
    Arothir: “If you could, make sure you don’t have a tail when you come back here after the job, alright?”
    Arothir: He then turns to Shen
    Arothir: “What do you want, cutpurse?”
  • Shenvallei takes the dagger out of his pack – the one he found in Llaryns room and places it on the table. *
    Shenvallei: “Id like to have this identified. And Im also in need of some magical ink and parchment.
    Shenvallei: “
    Shenvallei: “Perhaps this belt as well.”
    Arothir: He stares at the belt
    Arothir: “Sure…That can be arranged. Give me a second…”
    Arothir: He tosses a bag at you, suggesting you put the items in it, while he rummages around in his cupboard.
  • Shenvallei places the dagger and belt in the bag. *
    Arothir: He produces a steel vial stamped with a rose and a bundle of parchment and hands them to you, taking the back and dissapearing into his room, shutting the door before you can get a glimpse inside.
    Arothir: Minutes pass
    Arothir: More minutes pass
  • Shenvallei clears and cleans the table carefully *
    Shenvallei: Then I want to scribe as many scrolls as I have ink.
    Arothir: Zero steps back into the room, carrying the dagger and the belt.
    Arothir: “The belt…well, it’s nothing special. The rods all seemed to be some sort of keys, but I can’t tell what to.”
    Arothir: “The dagger…that’s a different story… this dagger was made for killing good things. It reeks of evil. I don’t know how much good it would do you…if you don’t want it, I can cut you a deal, or keep an eye out for something you might like.”
    Shenvallei: “Id like to sell it but I want to make sure the buyer is using it for its magic/metal components. Thus I want it melted down.”
    Shenvallei: “So if you know of anyone that would do such… let me know and Ill gladly give you a cut of the sale.”
    Arothir: “Ah, well, I can make sure that happens. I’ll give you 520 gold for it.”
    Shenvallei: “Oh excellent that would do nicely. Lastly as you know I am a studying wizard do you have access to any spells I could learn of the first or second circles? Again I know some consider knowledge to have a monetary value so I will purchase them if you wish.”
    Arothir: You’re asking him for magic spells from the PHB, style of thing?
    Shenvallei: yes as a wizard I can learn any number of spells right
    Arothir: yeah
    Arothir: but can only prepare a certain number
    Shenvallei: right let me see exactly what my max is
    Arothir: “Anything in particular you lookin’ for? I can keep an eye out…don’t keep much magic around here.”
    Shenvallei: “Of course, let me give you a list.”
    Shenvallei: I write in nonmagical ink a list of all the spells I currently have and hand it to him.
    Shenvallei: “Any spell thats not one of these.”
    Shenvallei: Ok then.
    Arothir: Alright
    Shenvallei: I want to memorize all my spells except I want to memorize and cast familiar pocket and mage armor on myself and then rememorize all my other spells back.
    Shenvallei: Ill swap 1x daze for another 1x detect magic
    Shenvallei: and thats it.
    Arothir: alright.
    Arothir: That’s fine by me.
    Shenvallei: Lastly
    Shenvallei: How many scrolls can I scribe with the magic ink he gave me?
    Shenvallei: I should say… how many spells can I scribe.
    Alusair: less than a million and more than none
    (20388) Galadriel (enter): 18:10
    Arothir: You can write down 10 spells with the ink he gave.
    (20388) Galadriel: Disconnecting from server…
    (20388) Galadriel (exit): 18:11
    Shenvallei: Ok Ill scribe 2 scrolls with 5 spells each on them of the following spells:
    Shenvallei: Disguise Self, Endure Elements, Unseen Servant, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Mount
    Shenvallei: Oh and Ill memorize and cast unseen servant commanding it to help clean the room of water pushing it outside into the alley.
    Shenvallei: then rememorize and Im done.
    Shenvallei: so let me see
    Arothir: So scribing…10 scrolls
    Arothir: Level 1?
    Shenvallei: to figure out the xp cost of the scrolls its 10×1x3
    Shenvallei: should cost me what 30 xp?
    Arothir: Yeah
    Arothir: Uh
    Arothir: 30 Gp
    Arothir: [30/25<!- Official Roll ->] => 1
    Kiergath: nix on the gold, boss.
    Kiergath: you handed him the mats
    Kiergath: :P
    Arothir: Well, yeah
    Arothir: I’m just saying that
    Arothir: [30/25.0<!- Official Roll ->] => 1.2
    Arothir: 2 XP
    Arothir: to scribe
    Arothir: all of the scrolls.
    Shenvallei: You sure? I think its 10 scrolls x 1 level x 3 caster level x 25 base cost / 25 xp cost = 30 which is my xp cost
    Alusair: the formula I have from my Vistani
    Alusair: is that the base cost is:
    Alusair: Spell Level x Caster level x 25
    Alusair: XP cost is 1/25 of base cost
    Shenvallei: right
    Alusair: Material cost is 1/2 of base cost
    Arothir: Yeah
    Arothir: That’s what’s written in the book
    Shenvallei: so thats 30 xp
    Arothir: Kay.
    Shenvallei: So how much xp do I have now?
    Alusair: uh….
    Shenvallei: sorry just want to get it right
    Alusair: 3,675 – 30?
    Alusair: ish?
    Shenvallei: 3645
    Shenvallei: ok
    Shenvallei: set.
    Alusair: while he’s doing all this bunk
    Alusair: cast Shield Other on Shen, then re-memorize it
    Arothir: Alright.
    Arothir: That works.
    Alusair: “Don’t get more than 30 feet away from me.”
    Arothir: You two are well prepped
    Alusair: +1 deflection bonus to AC, +1 to saves
    Alusair: and half of all damage he takes is given to me instead
    Alusair: alas, unlike a WAR tank I can’t just parry or block it
    Alusair: :P
    Shenvallei: Will have to remember that.
    Arothir: lol
    Arothir: Nifty.
    Alusair: also
    Alusair: keep him away from any pits that’re less than 31 feet deep
    Alusair: :P
    Alusair: then again.. an insta-kill doesn’t cause damage, per say, so I’m safe.
    Alusair: we depart?
    Shenvallei: Yes.
    Arothir: lol
    Arothir: You depart!
    Shenvallei: I have Luna hop in my new familiar pocket.
    Arothir: The street is abuzz with activity
    Shenvallei: Thats a spell out of Arcane hope its ok.
    Shenvallei: “Hmm lots of activity today? Is it always like this?”
    Arothir: That’s fine.
    Alusair: “During the day? Afraid so..”
    Shenvallei: “Ill be following you Al”
    Arothir: Spot check
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [4] = (4)
    Alusair: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [20] = (20)
    Shenvallei: +4 total 8
    Arothir: Alusair, you notice a slight parting in the crowd, slowly moving it’s way around. You catch a glimpse of glinting armor.
    Arothir: Shenvallei, you catch a glimpse of something shiny on the ground! It’s a gold piece!
    Alusair: “Right.. thats trouble..”
    Alusair: Try to duck the armored … whoever.
    Alusair: and continue on towards the clerk’s ward, where I was told this Athar gentleman was
    Shenvallei: “Hey look a gold coin!”
  • Shenvallei walks over and steps on the coin. *
    Arothir: You head towards the clerk ward
    Arothir: dodging several more gleaming whatevers
    Arothir: And you arrive at The Fat Candle
    Arothir: It’s a squat little building
    Arothir: One floor only
    Arothir: Pretty decently broad
    Alusair: Hmmm
    Arothir: The outside is covered in razorvine that has been colored red somehow
    Alusair: “Interesting decor..”
    Arothir: There are no visible windows
    Shenvallei: “Is our target inside?”
    Alusair: “I have no idea.. according to Zero, though, yes.”
    Shenvallei: “Direct approach or do you want to try something different?”
    Alusair: “Mate, we don’t even know what he looks like.”
    Shenvallei: “Do we have a name?”
    Alusair: “Magneo Harthe.”
    (20389) Test (enter): 18:39
    (20389) Test: Disconnecting from server…
    (20389) Test (exit): 18:39
    Arothir: Do you step inside?
    Alusair: Eyep
    Shenvallei: Hmm the fat candle you say? What kind of establishment is it?
    Arothir: It appears to be a bar
    Shenvallei: Ah yes then I enter.
    Arothir: Inside, it’s dimly lit, and rather bigger than on the outside.
    Arothir: There are, true to form, fat candles illuminating candles
    Arothir: The bar itself is barely lit
    Alusair: Hmm…
    Arothir: All that can be seen behind it are two glowing red eyes
    Arothir: Which blink occasionally
    Shenvallei: Darkvision help at all?
    Arothir: Indeed it does.
    Arothir: You can clearly make out twelve patrons.
    Alusair: Hmm…
    Shenvallei: Im imagining tables/chairs and a bar with barstools is that correct?
    Arothir: On the raised platform, there is a group of four men, one in full platemail, eating a meal. The others are just as well armed as he, although they seem to have polearms leaned up against the wall, and they are all adorned in simple breastplates.
    Arothir: Indeed, you are.
    Arothir: There’s just a raised platform is all.
    Arothir: In a corner sits a rather pale looking man with a simple goblet in front of him.
    Arothir: At the bar sits an old man, hunched over his drink
    Arothir: There is a man at a table, rather rugged looking, arms around two ladies who seem ultimately too pretty to be with him for his looks alone.
    Arothir: There’s the bartender, a Black abishai, who seems to be glaring at both of you
    Shenvallei: What is an abishai?
    Alusair: baatezu..
    Alusair: looks kinda like a gargoyle
    Alusair: kinda.
    Arothir: Then there is a halfling sitting with a dwarf at a nearby table, engaged in some sort of drinking contest.
    Shenvallei: I approach the bar.
    Alusair: Ditto…
    Shenvallei: I slap 2 gold on the bar. “A bottle and 2 glasses of something sweet.”
    Arothir: You do so
    Arothir: The Abishai glares at you, plunks down two glasses and a something that looks like a mason jar.
    Shenvallei: “And a bottle of wine.” with a tone of annoyance.
  • Shenvallei opens the mason jar. *
    Arothir: The mason jar is full of some sort of sweet smelling liquid
    Alusair: “
    muttered to Shen* Not.. wise.. to offend the locals… especially locals like that.”
    Shenvallei: “I dont like the looks of the bartender.”
    Arothir: The abishai pierces the two gold pieces with his talons, then tucks them away in his belt apron
    Arothir: The abishai growls, in a tone like sulfur, “The bartender doesn’t like the looks of you.”
    Shenvallei: I pour two glasses not looking at the bartender. “Keep the change toothy.”
    Alusair: “This is Sigil, Shen.. its his home as much as it is mine. Prime ‘rules’ don’t mean sod all here.”
  • Alusair shoots the Abishai a somewhat apologetic glance. *
    Alusair: Head for stools somewhat away from the Abishai.
    Arothir: You do so
    Arothir: You end up near the old man
    Shenvallei: Same.
    Shenvallei: (afk 2 mins need a bite)
    Arothir: Alright
    Arothir: The stools are somewhat wobbly
    Arothir: and aren’t very comfortable
    Alusair: Hmmm
  • Alusair sort’ve waiting for Shen to regain consciousness. *
    Arothir: Works for me
    Shenvallei: (back sorry)
    Arothir: No worries.
  • Shenvallei whispers to Al, “so would this Magneo Harthe, have any tell-tale features?” *
    Alusair: “You think I know? This is not my specialty.”
    Shenvallei: Ill attempt to listen to the conversations to get some ideas.
    Arothir: Listen check!
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [6] = (6)
    Arothir: You hear the man next to you talking into his drink about looking for some murderers.
    Shenvallei: “This faction that are fervant athiests… what is their name?”
    Arothir: Who is your statement/question directed at?
    Shenvallei: “Alusair but I dont whisper.”
    Shenvallei: minus the “
    Arothir: Right
    Arothir: You get no immediate response from anyone.
    Shenvallei: “Hey friend, I overheard you looking for some criminals?”
    Arothir: The old man looks at you, shocked
    Arothir: “What are you talking about? I aint been talkin’ to nobody!”
    Shenvallei: “You are mumbling into your drink friend. Might want to mind your tongue if you dont want to draw attention to yourself. Especially that of Magneo Harthe.”
    Arothir: The man looks increasingly confused and aggrivated
    Arothir: “Leave me alone and let me drink!”
    Shenvallei: I try to listen again this time to some of the other tables.
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [1] = (1)
    Shenvallei: +2
  • Alusair tentatively investigates the liquid the Abishai provided. *
    Arothir: Alright
    Arothir: I’ve got to go for two hours or so guys
    Arothir: We’ll pick up when i get back
    Arothir: Ciaos
    Shenvallei: ok
    Alusair: sure thing.. gonna take a wander myself, then
    Shenvallei: Ill be around. just hit me up.
    Alusair: K
    Alusair: back in awhile-ish
    Kiergath: Disconnecting from server…
    Kiergath (exit): 19:15
    Shenvallei: Disconnecting from server…
    Shenvallei (exit): 19:15
    (20397) Dresil (enter): 20:22
    (20397) Dresil: <font>Captain Sinith?
    (20397) Dresil: Disconnecting from server…
    (20397) Dresil (exit): 20:22
    <u>Server Administrator</u>-> Ping Results: 760.6 ms (parsed message, round trip)
    Shenvallei (enter): 22:04
    Arothir: Hallo there Nick
    Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Shenvallei…
    Kiergath (enter): 22:05
    Shenvallei: Greets Alex.
    Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Kiergath…
    Arothir: Again, sorry for dissapearing like that
    Shenvallei: no worries.
    Arothir: Alright…
    Arothir: So, when last we left off
    Arothir: Shenvallei was pestering an old man who was trying to get drunk
    Arothir: Alusair was investigating the sugarwater the bartender had served Shenvallei
    Kiergath: its sugar water?
    Kiergath: lol
    Arothir: Yeah
    Arothir: Shen asked for something sweet.
    Kiergath: dump my glass into Shen’s, since he didn’t pour himself any
    Kiergath: and head to the Abishai
    Kiergath: drop five gold on the counter and ask for wine – good wine.
    Kiergath: AFK, brb
    Arothir: A bottle of wine is plopped onto the bar next to you
    Shenvallei: (Ill be ready in just a bit. got food on the stove)
    Arothir: (Ah, sure, sure.)
    Kiergath: thank the Abishai and return to my seat
    Alusair: check the is it?
    Arothir: You are re-seated
    Arothir: Oh, it’s good.
    Arothir: It’s not the greatest wine ever
    Arothir: But it’s more alcoholic than sugar water
    Arothir: only slightly less sweet
    Alusair: tastes better though, I imagine
    Arothir: Oh, yeah
  • Alusair raises glass briefly to the barkeep, goes back to drinking. *
    Arothir: The barkeep politely ignores you
  • Alusair shrugs, “So much for trying to being polite…” *
    Arothir: What do you expect?
    Arothir: It’s an Abishai!
    Alusair: :P
    whispering to Kiergath, And historically, your race and the Abishai, they’re not exactly friends, nu?
    Arothir: The bar appears to be in stasis, while Shen seems zoned out
    Alusair: naw
  • Alusair drinks *
    Arothir: You probably wouldn’t order it again, given a choice of anything else.
    Arothir: but it aint bad for the moment.
    Arothir: And it aint flooding the bar.
    Arothir: So it’s the best bottle you’ve had for a while.
    Alusair: pretty much
    Arothir: Hmm
  • Shenvallei yawns widely. *
    Arothir: Wb Shen
    <u>Server Administrator</u>-> Ping Results: 715.8 ms (parsed message, round trip)
    Shenvallei: Ill try to listen to the group of armored men to hear their conversation if they are having any.
    Arothir: The old man is staring at Shenvallei in a confused/terrified fashion.
    Arothir: Listen Check!

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