Session Three Five

  • Alusair is too far ahead to be easy to consult with anyway. *
    Arothir: The Singing Vortex, advertises itself as a shop
    Shenvallei: “Very well shop first. We will visit Zero later.”
    Shenvallei: “Do you recognize the singing vortex as an upstanding place to shop Al?”
    Alusair: ( You haven’t been, uh, reading my emotes.. have you? )
    Shenvallei: (oh right.)
    Alusair: ( :p )
    Shenvallei: (sigh sorry)
    Shenvallei: In that case.
    Shenvallei: We will catch up to Al instead.
    Arothir: You speed up
    Shenvallei: I dont want to go shopping without her.
    Arothir: By the time you catch up with Al
    Arothir: you’re at Zero’s front door
    Alusair: employ the code knock
    Arothir: Code knock employed!
    Arothir: As the door opens
    Arothir: Jess slips inside
    Arothir: You hear enthusiastic Kobold gibberish
    Alusair: blink, shrug, and head in
    Alusair: pat the kobold on the head on the way past
    Arothir: you do so
    Shenvallei: Enter myself. “Jesebel wait upstairs.”
    Arothir: and it looks conflicted between being pleased and wanting to bite your hand.
    Arothir: Jess: You mean here, with Tybalt, right?
    Alusair: ‘Don’t bother, Shorty. I don’t taste good, and you might break your tooth.”
    Alusair: ( Friendly tone.. interestingly enough said in Kobold. )
    Arothir: He chitters and hides behing Jess, who laughs
    Alusair: ”. . . people take it better if I threaten them. Being friendly doesn’t seem to get good results.”
  • Alusair shrugs and continues on in. *
    Arothir: You two end up in Zero’s abode.
    Arothir: The water is all gone
    Arothir: But there are several new, crooked, cabinets.
    Arothir: Tim isn’t there, but Zero is, waiting with two roast turkey sammiches on the table.
    Shenvallei: “Zero? are you in?”
    Arothir: on top of the sammiches are two bags of gold, small
    Shenvallei: I pull up a chair and sit.
    Alusair: Pick up one of the bags, gauging content by weight.. “Whats the occasion?”
    Shenvallei: I do the same and let Luna out.
    Arothir: “A job well done. On both ends of the candle, really.
    Alusair: “So you already know about the heretic.”
    Arothir: Luna goes over and cuddles with the rat, who is enjoying a shoddily built little Rat-Home.
    Arothir: “Well, I assumed you wouldn’t come back until you were done. I take it all is taken care of? No more Athar?”
    Alusair: “Nothing but a pile of muddy dust, last we saw.”
    Arothir: “Ahh, good, so he is dead.”
    Alusair: “Any more hoops you’d like us to jump through?”
    Shenvallei: “I trust his crimes warranted his execution.”
    Alusair: “By very definition, anyone that is a member of the Athar merits execution.”
    Arothir: “What, hoops? Me? Jump? Hah! No, friend, we’re dealing in favors…that little stunt has gone a long way with getting the documentation we need to get you into that forge…”
    Shenvallei: “Where I come from, ones beliefs are without consequence, it is actions that demand reprocutions.”
    Alusair: “Then add this to your list of crimes.. conspiracy to commit deicide.”
    Alusair: “The very existance of the Athar as a faction is a threat to every Power in the multiverse.”
    Arothir: “It’s true, but they do have their purposes.”
    Arothir: “It’s all about checks and balances, and right now, I need a balance tipped in my favor.”
    Alusair: “What exactly do you need, Zero…”
    Arothir: “There’s a Guvner, transporting a bulk of funds. He’s overseeing a rather large payment to the Sinkers, what for, I’m not quite sure. I just simply want the payment to find it’s way into my hands.”
    Alusair: “Guvners working with the sinkers? Doesn’t strike me as a very good guvner..”
    Alusair: “Then again.. anything that sods with the sinkers is worth it in my book.”
    Shenvallei: “Interesting, who are the sinkers?”
    Alusair: “Doomguard..”
    Arothir: “Oh, this would be a very good thing, then. This funding could very well finance a small war. On both sides.”
    Alusair: “Only good thing about ‘em is that they can’t stand fiends any more than they like the rest of us.”
    Alusair: “What do you know about this guvner? Where’s he going to be and when?”
    Arothir: “The payment is supposed to be travelling through the Hive tomorrow. Your best bet will be by Boneyard Pond, behind the Weary Spirit Infirmary.”
    Arothir: “The man is a bit paranoid, to be sure. He’s a guvner after all. The man is allergic to wheat, snakes, and cold steel.”
    Arothir: “He’s a coward, but he’s a rich coward.”
    Alusair: “Most guvners are allergic to cold steel.”
    Shenvallei: “What of his sinker contact? Any idea?”
    Arothir: “Eh…it’s hard to get close to the sinkers…I don’t know who’s picking up the transfer…that would be too easy. If I knew that, I could just off the berk and take his place, eh?”
    Alusair: “Right.. he’s Doomguard, so he could be anything.”
    Alusair: “Either way, we’re in for a fight.”
    Shenvallei: “We have some shopping to do first.”
    Arothir: “Oh? You two ladies taking a trip to the spa, too?”
    Arothir: Zero doesn’t seem like a man who’s gone shopping for a thing in his life.
    Alusair: “Taking a look-see around for scrolls for Shen, thats all.”
    Alusair: “Never know, might get lucky.”
    Arothir: “Ah…right…I did take a look around for you…folded one up in that bag for yer, cutpurse.”
    Alusair: “Well then, we’d best be off… we’ll need time to prepare.”
    Shenvallei: “Thank you.”
    Arothir: You take the bags?
    Alusair: I never put mine back down
    Shenvallei: I do.
    Arothir: “Watch out for vampires, then.”
    Arothir: Zero chuckles to himself after calling that out to you.
    Alusair: ”...”
    Shenvallei: “Come along Luna.” I open the bag and take the scroll ignoring zero’s last comment.
  • Alusair walks out *
    Alusair: take a quick look through the pouch before stowing it
    Arothir: A small sum of gems are in each bag
    Arothir: (200 gold worth)
    Alusair: K
    Arothir: Shen, in yours, you find a Scroll of Magic Missile.
    Arothir: as well as the gems.
    Alusair: haha
    Shenvallei: excellent
    Alusair: ‘bout bloody time
    Alusair: :P
    Arothir: lawl
    Shenvallei: Ill scribe it as soon as I get back.
    Alusair: but.. but.. Shen!
    Alusair: what will you DO with a combat spell that doesn’t let them have a saving throw?!
    Alusair: :p
    Shenvallei: sigh as it does 3 points of damage to a 20 hp creature.
    Alusair: nah
    Alusair: you’re a 3rd level mage
    Alusair: 4 points minimum
    Alusair: :p
    Arothir: lol
    Alusair: see? I put your fears at ease
    Arothir: Alright
    Arothir: You’ve gone topside
    Shenvallei: I put the scroll away. And head out following Al.
    Arothir: The Kobold is on the floor, drooling, its leg twitching in the air periodically
    Alusair: ”....”
    Alusair: investigate the kobold
    Arothir: It’s grinning
    Alusair: “Sodding sensates.”
    Alusair: kick the door open and leave
    Arothir: Jess: What about us?
    Shenvallei: “Lets go time to shop Jesebel.”
    Alusair: “Not a thing, love. Not a thing.”
    Arothir: Jess: Just because Kobolds have a special spot they like to be rubbed at the base of their skull, just like a cat? You think I slept with that thing? I HAVE MORALS.
    Arothir: She crosses her arms and sulks near Shen
    Alusair: “When in the Abyss did I say any such thing?”
    Shenvallei: “Most of us have a special spot yes?”
    Alusair: “Gods! What have I started?!”
    Alusair: Leave
    Alusair: quickly
    Arothir: Jess attempts to sulk somewhere in the middle of the two of you
    Shenvallei: “Lead the way Al, Ive never been shopping here.”
    Alusair: ”... I don’t exactly make a habit of it either.”
    Alusair: “I know a good tailor, and I know the inns where I eat. I’m fairly low maintenance.”
    Shenvallei: “Someplace on the up and up, lets start with the tailor they can likely lead us elsewhere.”
    Alusair: Righto.
    Alusair: lead the way
    Arothir: You lead the way indeed
    Arothir: You head to the nearby Marble District
    Arothir: Where you are brought to what looks like an old earth brownstone building, only it’s covered in razorvine and spikes.
    Arothir: There’s no sign that it is a business of any kind.
    Shenvallei: Basically get Jesebel whatever she needs as far as simple traveling clothes. And then we ask the tailor where we can procure armor and weapons.
    Arothir: Will check, Shen
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [4] = (4)
    Shenvallei: -2
    Shenvallei: +0 if its an enchantment
    Arothir: You are absolutely floored by Jesebel when she steps out of the fitting room. For simple travelling clothes, they accentuate all the right curves while letting your imagination fill in the blanks, but your brain feels numb just looking at her.
  • Shenvallei takes a step back and catches himself on the wall. *
    Arothir: The tailor only charges you five gold for the outfit
  • Shenvallei swallows hard and looks away. *
    Alusair: Toss it over
    Alusair: and then toss over another five
    Arothir: The bizarre part is, the quality of the clothing looks like it should easily have cost a thousand
    Alusair: “I’m sure I’ll be back, even if they aren’t.”
    Alusair: “Beautiful work, as always.”
    Arothir: Jess: Oh, I doubt I’ll need to come back with this work…I’ll defiantely be back.”
    Shenvallei: “Quite remarkable.”
    Arothir: Jess struts out into the street
    Arothir: And you’ll notice that she’s wearing heels, at least 4 inches worth.
  • Alusair looks at Shen, “Yes, yes she is.” *
  • Alusair shakes her head and heads back outside *
    Shenvallei: “Can you reccomend a place for adventuring gear?”
    Alusair: “Might know a place.. maybe.”
    Arothir: The tailor mentions the Singing Vortex
    Shenvallei: “Thats the one. Thank you.”
    Shenvallei: Leave and head there.
    Arothir: You head there.
    Arothir: On the way, Jesebel doesn’t even make a sound in her heels
    Alusair: “Sorry to say, Shen.. but I think the priority for who gets my protection spells has shifted.”
    Shenvallei: “I must ask Jesebel. Those heels dont seem to look as if they are good for running… am I missing something or do you plan on changing them once we can find you a good pair of leather boots?”
  • Alusair shakes her head, “Men.” She keeps going, chuckling to herself. *
    Arothir: Jesebel looks at Shen, almost offended.
    Arothir: “Go ahead, I’ll race you to the Vortex.”
  • Shenvallei looks innocent. *
    Alusair: ”....”
  • Alusair speeds up *
  • Shenvallei then a wicked smile crosses his face *
  • Shenvallei darts off at full speed. *
    Arothir: You dart off at full speed
    Arothir: You don’t see her at either side of you, and you don’t hear the clicking of heels
    Arothir: You are approaching your destination, and you make out a figure leaning against the Singing Vortex’s sign
    Shenvallei: I slow down.
    Arothir: You slow down, and Jesebel pulls ahead of you, running backwards as if to see why you’ve slowed.
    Arothir: As you get closer, you notice the figure waiting for you is Alusair
    Shenvallei: I stop.
    Arothir: You stop
    Arothir: Jesebel stops
    Alusair: “What gives? I was looking forward to seeing who would win..”
    Shenvallei: I ignore the question with an annoyed look on my face and enter the shop.
    Arothir: You enter the store and are immediately are assaulted with various smells
    Arothir: The place smells like someone used cheese to sharpen a grindstone
    Alusair: ...yeeck
    Alusair: what kind of cheese?
    Arothir: Blue.
    Alusair: or is it some kind’ve hell-spawned sampler wheel?
    Alusair: oh…
    Alusair: even worse..
    Shenvallei: I look back at Al and wrinkle my nose.
    Alusair: “I’d do my best to tolerate it.. might offend the locals otherwise.”
    Arothir: The locals, indeed, don’t seem quite local.
    Alusair: They never do..
    Shenvallei: I smile “good idea.”
    Arothir: On one side of the shop, in front of walls adorned with armors of all kinds, polished to high perfection, is a bona fide angel.
    Arothir: Pale, illuminated skin, white robes, massive wings, the works.
    Shenvallei: A REAL angel?
    Arothir: On the other side of the store, in front of a wall covered with blackened weapons and devices of torture, is a black Abishai
    Arothir: Yeah, a REAL angel.
    Alusair: ”....”
  • Alusair looks from one to the other, cocks an eyebrow briefly at the angel, shrugs, and starts perusing the armor. *
    Shenvallei: Without thought or looking at anything else I gravitate towards the angel.
    Arothir: Being near the angel brings out feelings of warmth in both of you
    Shenvallei: I look back at Jesebel “This is your show Jesebel, whatever you can use and whatever you need. Dont forget anything.”
  • Alusair cringes silently at that statement, but continues browsing the armor. *
    Shenvallei: “Be responsible with the funds though, were not on a lavish budget.”
  • Alusair mutters, “Ain’t that the soddin’ truth..” *
    Arothir: Jess begins perusing the wares in the store, the Angel helping her as best as is celestially possible.
    Arothir: Do you two look for anything in particular?
  • Alusair breathes a sigh of relief when the Angel is distracted by Jess. *
    Alusair: Not in particular, no..
    Alusair: anything that stands out…
    Shenvallei: Is the angel male or female?
    Alusair: looking at light and, at worst, the lighter end of medium armor.
    Arothir: Male
    Shenvallei: good.
    Shenvallei: That way I wont embarrass myself.
    Arothir: There is, indeed, a light light armor.
    Arothir: That is to say, a piece of armor apparently made from light.
    Arothir: ...according to the tag.
    Shenvallei: I smile confident that Jesebel is in good hands and I look about for a light blade.
    Arothir: ...NO LIGHTSABRES
    Arothir: What kind of blade are you looking for?
    Arothir: Rapier
    Arothir: Short Sword
    Arothir: Dagger
    Shenvallei: I want a rapier but not a stupid pirate looking one.
    Shenvallei: A double edged straight one. Like a sabre.
    Alusair: in short.. he wants a rapier before its become fully a rapier
    Shenvallei: with a normal sword hilt not a cutlass hilt.
    Alusair: what we in the know call a transitional broadsword
    Arothir: lol
    Arothir: There is a broadsword that strikes your eye
    Arothir: It’s…simple.
    Arothir: In Every way.
    Arothir: The simplest blade you’ve ever laid your eyes on.
    Alusair: there’s actually a seperate weapon class floating around, possibly in the complete warrior book
    Alusair: uh… elven quickblades, I believe.
    Arothir: It’s sitting right next to a dagger labled “The Dagger of Bunny-Bashing”
    Arothir: ...possibly
    Alusair: d8, weapon finesse applies, etc.
    Shenvallei: I can only use rapiers/longswords
    Alusair: also a d6 variant for off-hand work, if I recall right
    Shenvallei: and yes thats what Im getting at
    Shenvallei: But if I have to use a pirate rapier, then Ill stick with a dagger.
    Arothir: Not in the Complete Warrior, AFAIK
    Arothir: Just searched it
    Arothir: It’s not a pirate rapier
    Arothir: it’s a standard looking sword
    Arothir: ultimately plain
    Alusair: sorry, got the name wrong
    Alusair: elf thinblade
    Shenvallei: I ask the shopkeeper if I can hold it.
    Arothir: The Abishai gladly fetches the black sword down for you
    Arothir: he even bows as he hands it to you
    Shenvallei: I carefully take it.
    Arothir: Complete adventurer has the Quickblade
    Arothir: You take it.
    Arothir: it’s light in your hands
    Arothir: Delicate, even
    Alusair: as does the complete warrior
    Alusair: don’t make me photograph it, scan it, and email it
    Arothir: Wierd.
    Arothir: Not my copy
    Arothir: :P
    Shenvallei: Does it feel good? Balanced? And mainly is it lightweight enough for me to use as a rapier?
    Arothir: Yes, yes it is.
    Arothir: it is, in fact, a rapier.
    Alusair: and wait a minute, I corrected myself to thinblade. Why are you still going on about the quickblade?
    Arothir: It’s a quickblade rapier
    Arothir: Complete adventurer
    Arothir: Page 117
    Arothir: well, 116-117
    Alusair: I don’t even HAVE the complete adventurer, I was thinking of a different weapon and remembered the wrong name
    Arothir: lawl
    Arothir: Well, there is something called the Quickblade Rapier, which fits your description
    Arothir: :P
    Arothir: Dont make me printscreen and email it to you
    Alusair: I gave stats for the elf thinblade :P
    Arothir: same for the quickblade, rly
    Alusair: which is funny
    Shenvallei: Sorry to be anal but Morgan knows how I am about the way certain things look.
    Alusair: quick an exotic weapon?
    Arothir: wtb broadblade shortsword
    Shenvallei: right
    Alusair: nick, I played with you at 60 and 70 both. I know painfully well
    Alusair: :P
    Arothir: yeah, it’s exotic
    Arothir: Can be wielded twohanded
    Alusair: wierd
    Alusair: think I know what it basically is, then.. and I wouldn’t call it a rapier.
    Alusair: Can’t think of the name off the top of my head, though
    Alusair: Continue browsing the armor, but not seriously expecting ot find anything
    Arothir: kind of like a bastard child between a rapier and a katana.
    Alusair: mundane armor is worthless, and I’m on a budget
    Arothir: Yeah…most of the more exotic items are…pricy at best.
    Shenvallei: Its that cup hilt that sabers have that for some reason irks me.
    Arothir: lol
    Alusair: lol
    Shenvallei: As long as this blade has a normal sword hilt I ask him how much it costs.
    Arothir: It’s normal
    Alusair: a sabre usually doesn’t have that cup hilt..
    Alusair: you see that on cutlasses and rapiers
    Alusair: a sabre typically has a fairly standard guard, in the normal “medieval” period.
    Shenvallei: good.
    Shenvallei: thats what I want then
    Shenvallei: a sabre.
    Shenvallei: “How much does this blade cost friend?”
    Arothir: The Fiend takes a good look at you, and then the blade
    Arothir: “For you, two hundred gold. I’m hurting on this deal, but I like your face.”
    Arothir: “I have a family to feed you know.”
    Shenvallei: “200? does it have any special magical properties?”
  • Alusair slips back out of the store after making a fair imitation of browsing. *
    No match found
    Arothir: “It’s got an extra bite to it, it does. And that’s breaking my back! 200! For a sword this quality!”
    Shenvallei: Detect magic on it.
    Arothir: It is, indeed, magic
    Shenvallei: “So be it friend, throw in a scabbard and its a deal.”
    Arothir: “A scabbard, he says! My poor children!”
    Arothir: He puts a black scabbard down on the table, fitted for the sword
    Arothir: it even has intricate scrollwork
    Shenvallei: Pass him 200 gold
    Arothir: He takes it and counts it carefully
    Arothir: Sobbing
    Alusair: LOL
    Arothir: “The poor little kids…all three hundred of them…how will they eat?!”
    Arothir: On the Angel’s table
    Arothir: You see a massive pile of metal
    Shenvallei: I take the sword and then walk over to the table.
    Arothir: There are a veritable pile of daggers of all shapes and sizes
    Arothir: The Angel seems to be beaming
    Arothir: No armor, but a sword, various bits of equipment
    Arothir: Jess: Okay! That should be everything!
    Shenvallei: “Alright well see if we can afford it. Can you give us a total price for this milord?”
    Arothir: The diva looks at the table, at Jess, then at Shenvallei. “Ten gold.”
    Arothir: “And I have children!” – The fiend
    Shenvallei: I drop 20 gold on the counter. “A thousand thanks and peace be with you always milord.”
    Arothir: The diva touches your forehead and sends a cooling feeling through your whole body
    Shenvallei: I smile and bow in response.
    Arothir: Jess gathers her things…you aren’t sure how…there’s not a lot of room for her to pick up the mass of stuff in her slender arms, and skips out the door, blowing a kiss at the angel
  • Alusair sits outside, leaning against the signpost, the large fang and several pieces of parchment in her lap, an inkpen in one hand and a sealed vial of ink in her teeth. *
    Shenvallei: “Shall we make our way back to the bar and plan our… plan?”
    Alusair: “About sodding time.”
    Alusair: “Thought you’d never leave. Bloody pretentious berk.. his kind’re the reason we ain’t won the damn planes.”
  • Alusair gathers everything up and stows it. *
    Shenvallei: “Shopping takes time!”
    Alusair: “Sod shopping! I’m talking about that bloody, piking, sodding, worthless… ... BERK.”
  • Alusair gets up and heads aimlessly down the street, but not trying to get ahead of the party this time. *
  • Shenvallei looks around “who is she talking about?” and then heads for the bar. *
    Alusair: “Divas, mate. They’re nothing but trouble.. all “holy” this an’ “light” that.”
    Arothir: Jess: Who are you talking about, Devon? He was so kind and friendly! And he gave me this for you, Shenny!
    Arothir: She hands you a parchment inscribed with Scorching Ray
    Alusair: “But do they do anythin’? No, they leave that to the rest of … the other celestials.”
    Alusair: “Sod all, with berks like that fighting for the upper planes, we’d better hope none of the fiends DO win the blood war, because if they do, we’re going to be torn to pieces.”
    Alusair: “You get my meaning, Prime?”
    Alusair: “Most of Good’s too concerned with bein’ good, too concerned with pomp, praise and sodding circumstance.”
    Shenvallei: “Well Devon is a friend in my book, what an amazing and generous creature.”
    Alusair: “I’m not talkin’ about any particular diva, sod it. I’m talkin’ about their whole sodding RACE.”
    Shenvallei: “All beyond us Al, all beyond us.”
    Alusair: “Speak for yerself.”
  • Alusair falls silent, clearly fuming. *
  • Shenvallei walks in slience as well. *
    Arothir: Jess skips along beside you, holding armfuls of daggers, whistling cheerfully
    Alusair: ”....”
    Alusair: head back to the tavern
    Shenvallei: Same and once there I want to attempt to scribe both spells. “Jesebel go ahead and try on your new gear we want to see how you look.”
    Arothir: You get there
    Arothir: And she dissapears for a bit
    Arothir: You see some bemused people walking down the stairs
  • Alusair sits in silence, chair back and boots up on the table, still glowering. *
    Arothir: Jess bounces down the stairs cheerfully, looking more radiant than ever
    Shenvallei: “This is going to take me longer than I thought. Ill need 48 hours to decipher these scrolls at least.” I take a good long look at Jesebel.
    Arothir: You see her adorned with a new belt, two daggers strapped near her chest to the straps of her halter, one lone one sheathed sideways across the back of her belt, visible as she flounces in a circle for you, and one visible strapped to the outside of her thiegh pant leg.
    Arothir: It’s odd, as she bought a whole lot more equipment than you see visible.
  • Alusair turns briefly toward’s Jess, eyes flickering over her briefly and the ghost of a smile lighting her face for a moment, before turning away again. *
    Shenvallei: “Care to give her a crash course in the blade Al?”
    Alusair: “I doubt she needs it.”
    Shenvallei: “50 years is a long time.”
    Shenvallei: “What say you Jesebel? You feel as good as you look?”
    Arothir: “What, me? I don’t know, I think I remember which way the sticky innie end goes…I’m probably not as good as I once was…but I still know what should get stuck where..”
    Alusair: ”...”
    Shenvallei: LOL
    Shenvallei: Just got that.
    Arothir: Lawl
    Alusair: “For the love of ….”
    Shenvallei: “Very well then. Time to turn matters to plans.”
    Shenvallei: Stopping point?
    Kiergath: excellent idea
    Arothir: Indeed.
    whispering to Arothir, [1350/2<!- Official Roll ->] => 675
    Arothir: 675 a piece, gents
    Kiergath: [3675+675<!- Official Roll ->] => 4350
    Kiergath: later, people
    Arothir: Ciao boss
    Shenvallei: thanks
    Shenvallei: night all
    Arothir: Night

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Session Three Five

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