Session Thirty Seven

‘Nick’ connected
GM: Hallo!
Shenvallei D’ansille: there we go
Shenvallei D’ansille: alright
Shenvallei D’ansille: as far as I go for tonite
Shenvallei D’ansille: Im good till around 10pm or
Alusair: finally, if anyone asks
Alusair: I’m not here
Shenvallei D’ansille: we can start in 2 hours and Im good till 12am
Shenvallei D’ansille: got it.
Alusair: uh
Alusair: thats your time, right
Shenvallei D’ansille: right
Alusair: Now to 10 is preferable
Alusair: I don’t want to pull 3 a.m. atm

Shenvallei D’ansille: fine by me
Shenvallei D’ansille: let me see if I can scrounge up a snack and then Ill be rdy
Alusair: can we get a recap?
GM: Alrighty
GM: Yes, yes we can.
GM: Just a second
Alusair: more importantly
Alusair: If either of you mention D&D while Doug is around on WoW, regarding today’s session
Alusair: I will act as if I was not here and alex had permission to NPC my character
Alusair: :P
GM: lol
Shenvallei D’ansille: Im leaving for 2 days starting tommorrow so Ill be gone till thurs night.
GM: Ahhh
GM: Gotcha, gotcha
GM: doing anything fun?

Shenvallei D’ansille: Im going to some casino resort called Pechanga
Shenvallei D’ansille: my cousin has free rooms
Shenvallei D’ansille: so just gonna kick back and relax while he gambles hehe
GM: Awesome
GM: Alright

Before the court procedings even begin, they meet the prosecution, and Shenvallei is held in contempt of court for not showing respect to the Judge. Shenvallei retracts his statement of pleading not guilty, instead opting to directly address each of the charges brought against him. He attempts to implicate the Athar in the whole ordeal, which gains outrage from an Athar factor. Alusair sticks her neck out for Shenvallei, and ends up at the defendant’s bench. Gregor Challach gives his testimony, and Shenvallei ends up in contempt of court again. Sergeant Iakken testifies, and Shenvallei admits to breaking parole. Finally, the trial turns to the murder of Taiya Valquette. Alusair provides a moving summation of the tragic tale of unreturned love, at which point Philip gets extremely emotional and begins shouting at Shenvallei. Shenvallei unleashes several outbursts, aimed at the Jury, the Judge, and Sergeant Iakken. Xii’lee entreats the courts to have Shenvallei put down, and Shenvallei makes one last defiant speech. He then leaves the courtroom and overpowers the baliff, attempting to escape. He makes his way back to the Alley into which he had arrived from Sasal. He scavenges for food, and then runs into Alusair and Van at the Celestial Peaks, who quietly herd him into a private room. Van goes and gets the key to the Slave camp, and the party goes to seek Alusair’s equipment.

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): do you have the whole courtroom session saved btw?
Kiergath (Alusair): he’d better.
Kiergath (Alusair): I want to review my multiple, epic, award-winning performances.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): agreed I want to reread them sometime
Alex: Hahaha
Alex: Yeah, I have all of it saved
Kiergath (Alusair): good
Alex: Believe me, I wanted that sucker saved…
Alex: That was a LOT of text
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): that session was epic all around
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): I gotta pat us all on the back for that one.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): especially alex for comming up with it

Kiergath (Alusair): And mostly me for being on all 3 sides above and beyond the call of duty.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): (is it too late to suck up to the dm?)
Kiergath (Alusair): Also, keeping the DM amused throughout the proceedings.
Alex: lol
Alex: Indeed
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): lol yeah I forgot you filled a ton of roles
Alex: If the DM is appeased, your ass may be saved.
Kiergath (Alusair): my ass is saved. My god told me so.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): yay
Shenvallei D’ansille: So at this moment we are still in the room or are we traveling with Alusair?
GM: You are still in the room, for the sake of my memory.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Al, shall we possibly gain some allies in this?”
Alusair: “Allies? You may not have noticed, but you’re a wanted man.”
Alusair: “And I don’t exactly have many friends that you don’t at least know.”
Alex: brbsec, feel free to continue
Shenvallei D’ansille looks down. “I know but Ive come to trust Jhaelyn. Not like my trust is reliable it seems.”
Alusair shrugs, “Fair enough. We’ll want to find Almach as well.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “I have not spoken much with him. But I deffer to your judgement.”
Alusair: “Its our fault he’s in this mess, I want to at least make sure he’s okay.”
Alex: back
Shenvallei D’ansille: “He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Did we rememorize?
Alusair: You have no spellbook.
GM: Nor anything, save a spare, but respectable outfit, from Van, and a knife.
GM: And a basket.
Alusair: ...not much of a knife, as I recall, either
GM: No, indeed.
Shenvallei D’ansille: A butter knife if I remember.
GM: But Van passes you one of his knives. It’s much sharper, and much better balanced.
Alusair: But not as good at buttering bread.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Thank you.”
Alex: ...I almost wrote much butter balanced.
Alusair: LOL

GM: It’s great for buttering bread with the blood of your enemies.
Van Kellias: “Don’t mention it.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Does the spare outfit have a cowl?
GM: Nossir.
GM: It was simply a white shirt and a pair of pants.
Shenvallei D’ansille: what color are the pants?
Shenvallei D’ansille: trying to get a basic vision
GM: Brown
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I think we either need to get out of the city quickly, or I need some sort of disguise.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “
Alusair: “I’ve no knowledge of disguise.”
Alusair: “Nor do I have any spare clothes, even if they’d do you any good.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “A hooded cloak and scarf would work.”
Alusair: “Only if you want to draw attention to yourself.”

Van Kellias: “Honesty is the best law, or so I am told.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well if I am going out without a disguise Im sure to be spotted. I made my way here solely by luck.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And from that grey robe that smells of rotten flesh.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “If necessary Ill use that.”
Alusair: “Hm…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill pick up the grey robe and put it on over my current clothes
Shenvallei D’ansille: draw the cowl.
GM: you do so.
Alusair: “Right.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: sheath the dagger in the robe pocket
Alusair: Leave
Shenvallei D’ansille: and follow Alusair.
GM: You leave!
GM: Where do you head?
Alusair: “Not that finding Almach will be particularly easy.. more like a question of luck.”
Alusair: the bazaar.
Alusair: “I mean, how do you sodding find someone who never looks the same two days in a row?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “He may have to spot us.”

GM: Where do you begin your search/looking noticable?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Prestidigitation] -> Performs minor tricks.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Remove the smell of rotten flesh from the robe.
GM: You do so, although it still smells off.
Alusair: Alex
GM: Yes?
Alusair: Head to the back door to the Harem.
You head to the back door of the Harem.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I keep my hand near my dagger hilt looking around for pickpockets.
GM: You look around for pickpockets.
GM: You see none.
GM: At a guess, you’d wager it to be a function of your lack of posessions.
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: Fine, I stay close to Alusair.
At the door stand two black Abishai, and next to them, a small table is set up, with a ledger on top of it, and a dwarf seated behind it.
Alusair: “Eh.. where’re the blues?”
Shenvallei D’ansille shakes his head. “I dont know.”

GM: “Their day off. We were called in as replacements.”
Alusair: “Oh. Fair enough.”
GM: “You’re welcome to go in. We won’t eviscerate you. We’ve been breifed.”
Alusair: “Oh? By?”
GM: ”...the blues.”
Alusair laughs, “I suppose I should have guessed. Thanks.”
Alusair: Go in
Shenvallei D’ansille: Follow unless they stop me.
GM: They let you go by.
Alusair leans up to kiss the one talking on the cheek as she passes.
Alusair: How’s the dwarf taking all this?
Fairly well… it seems he’s jotting down numbers, from a small ledger, into the larger one.

You step inside the back door to the Harem, and you see Azuras, stacking several boxes onto a cart. Almach is standing with his back to you, speaking rapidly in a strange tongue, hands gesticulating wildly, at a semicircle of seven men in black armor, each armed with a two-handed sword, their shields completely bare, a longsowrd each at their hips.
Alusair: “Bad time, huh.”
Almach Carr-ai: “Oh, no, we’re just wrapping things up, weren’t we, gentlemen?”
Their leader, in a rusted breastplate, corroded horribly but painted black regardless, nods, then gestures towards the cart. Several of the men move to bring the cart through the door.
Alusair steps to the side to let it by.
Shenvallei D’ansille follows suit.
The men heave the cart out the door, and they all exit, promptly.
Alusair: “Business is going well, I take it?”

Almach Carr-ai: “Better than you could believe… those Sinkers are buying up weapons left and right!”
Almach Carr-ai: “Steal of a deal, I gave them too! Only time and a half market value!”
Alusair: “The hard-heads at the front door haven’t been a problem, I see.”
Almach Carr-ai: “There are hardheads out there? I had no idea.”
Almach Carr-ai: ”...wait a bloody second, what the hells are you doing here, Shenvallei? You’re a felon!”
Alusair: “Felon? Don’t they have something more inspiring to call a criminal of his magnitude?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “SHHH!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What are you trying to do Almach? Get me re-captured?”
Almach Carr-ai: ”...Genocidal, murderous fuckhead, but since he’s your friend and all…”
Alusair: “Shen. Who’s going to hear him in here?”
Azuras raises his hand.
Alusair: “Ah, right.”
Azuras lowers his hand, then dissapears into the store-room.
Alusair: “How are thin—-...wait a minute.”
Alusair: “Did that stiff just act of its own free will?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I knew it! Hes comming back!”
Alusair: “Hellsteeth!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “His mind is healing!”
Almach Carr-ai: “No, ‘course not. Minor Glyph of reason, that’s all. Had him eblazoned with it so he can better help out around here.”

Alusair: “Ah. Good.”
Shenvallei D’ansille looks dejected.
Almach Carr-ai: “What’d you expect? He’s a dead celestial. And you haven’t answered my question. What in the name of all that’s profitable are you doing here?”
Alusair: “Looking the sod for you. Everyone else’s accounted for, but we didn’t know where you were.”
Alusair: “I wanted to make sure you hadn’t been scragged too.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im staying by Alusair, Almach. I… have nowhere else to go.”
Alusair: “In short, he means he broke out of the prison and ran for it.”
Almach Carr-ai: “Scragged? When everything started to go down, I conned myself to be like Pentar. Aint nobody going to scrag him.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I had to, they sentenced me to 1500 years of torture and then the lower planes.”
Alusair: “You realize of course now they’re just going to off you.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I know.”
Almach Carr-ai: “If they don’t bind yer soul just for the trouble of making them look.”
Almach Carr-ai: “At least in prison you stand a chance of gettin’ yer sentence lessened for good behavior!”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Its too late now anyway.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “
Almach Carr-ai: “Poor bastard… you’ll be running for the rest of your short life…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Unless you can help me.”
Alusair: “Shenvallei aside, have you noticed if I left anything behind here? Most of my belongings were meaningless, but there was a.. tooth. It would have been in a bag, most likely in the back room of the harem.”
Almach Carr-ai: “You, go, look in the corner, under the tarp.”
Almach Carr-ai: “And what do you think I can do for you, Shen?”
Alusair: Investigate the tarp.
You investigate the tarp… beneath is all of your equipment.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ask your contacts, quietly. If they have access to an amulet of non-detection. I know its not full-proof but it would give them difficulty in finding me.”
Almach Carr-ai: “Uch.. the only one I’ve come across is mine, and I aint about to give that up. I can ask, but it’ll take at least a week to get a positive result.
Alusair breathes a loud sigh of relief and starts replacing her gear.

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Please do. And should you succeed I would owe to you any favor. Any.”
Almach Carr-ai: “I’ll make sure to collect sooner, rather than later, then. You know, before you cant repay it anymore.”
Almach Carr-ai heads to the door, and barring any statements, leaves.
Alusair looks around for Van.
Van Kellias is hanging out by the door.

Van Kellias: “Nice of him to have your gear ready, like that, Alusair.”
Alusair: “Aye, aye it was.”
Van Kellias: “So what now, we wait?”
Alusair: “Here? Madness, we would draw.. someone.. down on us if we stay still, and I do not wish to bring the harmonium or worse to this place.”
Van Kellias looks back and forth from Shenvallei to Alusair expectantly.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): sec reading something in the phb
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Dont look at me Van, at the moment Im at your mercy.”

Van Kellias: “I’m here helping you… I’m at a loss about what to do. I’ve never escaped from a prison sentence.”
Alusair: “I’m not exactly an expert either.”
Alusair: “Bah, you’re safer outside Sigil than in it for the next week, until Almach finds out if he can get a medallion.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well. If you are giving me the choice and resources, I need approx 1000g and access to a scribe shop in the bazaar. After that I suggest we get the hells out of the cage for awhile.”
Alusair: “Good, now that we’ve gotten the impossible out of the way.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “How much can either of you spare?”
Van Kellias: “I’m risking my neck helping you like this. I can’t afford to give you anything else.”
Alusair: “I have my equipment back. My gold was on me when I was captured, and taken.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Understandable. On both accounts.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “There is one thing about being a wanted criminal.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “I really cant get myself into more trouble than I am already in.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “So at the risk of sounding a bit barmy…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “If we need resources our only fear is getting caught.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I know what you are about to say.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im the only one in trouble here, not you.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “But the thing is if that we dont do something its only a matter of time.”
Alusair shakes head, “If it comes to that, you are on your own.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I wouldnt doubt the court wizards are already working on a location spell.”
Alusair: her head, rather
Shenvallei D’ansille: “One that will pierce your natural wards Alusair.”
Van Kellias: “I can’t believe this. I’m already at risk of being sent to prison for aiding and abetting a known fugitive, and you’re asking me to commit more crimes?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And if that is the case you will both be charged with harboring a criminal.”
Van Kellias: “Give me one good reason to stay here, or I walk out this door.”
Van Kellias: “To avoid such a charge.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “One reason? Fine.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “The precious law bywhich I have so horribly broken is UNJUST! Does that sink into your celestial skull?”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Do you have the courage to help me? Or will you throw me to the hard-head dogs like all the other cowards of this city who cringe in fear at the law?”
Alusair looks at Van and says something in Celestial.
Van Kellias: “You are the most pigheaded individual I have ever met… you insult my heritage, my honor, and my bravery. I, who have done everything in my power to extend what protection I may over you, and you insult me. There really is no saving some people, Alusair.”
Van Kellias: “Good luck, Shenvallei. Gods know, you’ll need it.”
Van Kellias turns on his booted heel, swearing under his breath, and heads out into the street.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Great. Just great. He’s gone.”

Alusair: “Yes, I’d say he is.”
Alusair: “I have a portal to find.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “You want to end this just say so Al.”
Alusair: “Oh, you’re not coming with me? I didn’t think you wanted to stay in the Cage.”
Shenvallei D’ansille perks up a bit. “Right behind you.”
Alusair leaves.
Alusair: Head for the portal.
GM: You head for the portal.
You arrive at the mouth of the alley, and the portal is a dim glow, waiting for your entrance, deep within.
Alusair: Go through.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Where does it lead?”

Shenvallei D’ansille: Follow.
Alusair: “I would assume whereever you found me, given you told me where it was.”
You step deep into the alley, and the portal flares tonight. Through it steps a man in gleaming armor, a massive two handed sword sheathed behind his back, his eyes gleaming with the full fury of justice. “Shenvallei D’ansille, fugitive from justice, you are hereby taken into the custody of Vhailor, to be delivered to your gaolers.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Who do you serve?”
Alusair: “That would be the Red Death.. pleasure to meet you again, I suppose.”
Alusair: “Would you like my sword, or will you take my word that I won’t draw it?”
GM: “The pleasure is all mine, Citizen. Do you intent to prevent the Red Death from carrying out it’s duties?”
“The pleasure is all mine, Citizen. Do you intent to prevent the Red Death from carrying out it’s duties?”

Shenvallei D’ansille takes a step back.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “So you will pass your judgement here and now correct? You will uphold the corrupt law that I have broken and slay me here and now yes?”
Vhailor: “The Law is not corrupt. If you resist arrest, you will be slain. It is not my due to pass judgement upon you. You have been judged. I am merely here to ensure that the sentence is carried out.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “The sentence was death. You are leaving me little choice but to resist.”
Vhailor: “The sentence was a number of years in prison, after which time you would be handed over to those in the Lower Planes. This is not Death.”

Shenvallei D’ansille laughs aloud. “And given those choices…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I refuse.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Any windows/doors in the alley?
The only window is on the second floor of the Abishai’s bar. The only exits in the alley are where you came in, and Vhailor.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Take a quick glance behind me, is it clear?
If by clear, you mean blocked by three men in armor similar to Vhailor’s, with weapons drawn. One wields a great maul, another wields a chain, and the third holds a crossbow.
Alex: Brb, feel free to consider and discuss your options.

Shenvallei D’ansille turns back to Vhailor.
Alex: back
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Besides, Alusair is returning me personally to serve out my sentencing after I am to be used in identifying criminals located at a camp to the east of the destination of that portal.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill Bluff
Vhailor: “Is this true, Alusair?”
Alusair: “I have no authority to keep custody of a criminal – why would I claim such a thing?”

Vhailor: “Very honest of you to say. Shenvallei, do not continue your deceit. Submit, and the Law may be lenient on you. Resist, and I will lay you low.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “If you do not let me pass you will have forced my hand and this entire city block will burn by my hand. I have killed harmonium agents ten times your skill whelp!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill Intimidate
Vhailor: “Your efforts to intimidate me have been noted. However, it has been most of a day since you escaped, and you have been stripped of your magic book. Do not think I am frightened by you.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I wait.
Vhailor steps forward, a pair of manacles in his hand.
Alusair steps to the side.
Vhailor: “You will submit to the will of the Law, and come with me to jail.”

Alusair: “Not a battle I can win, even if I tried.”
Kiergath (Alusair): afk. brb.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): can you throw me a little bone here and let me know what this guy looks like power wise?
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): I mean is he some lowly red death agent or some grand executor?
Alex: I’ll give you a hint… try a google search of his name.
Alex: :P
Kiergath (Alusair): I’m not sure you’d be able to tell much.. I mean, covered head to toe in armor sort’ve answers that question as well as you would be able to know.
Alex: True. He’s not scrawny, and he doesn’t have a visible rank.
Alex: Although Alusair backing down probably would be some decent indication of the situation
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill stare at him.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Draw my dagger.

Shenvallei D’ansille: Drop it to the ground.
Vhailor: “You are wise to submit to your judgement, Citizen.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And you are an oppressor of a corrupt faction and city. Come forth and claim your victim.”
Vhailor steps forward, his face stoic.
GM: Unless you resist, you are manacled.
GM: Do you resist?
Shenvallei D’ansille: I try to run by him for the portal when he gets within 3 feet of me.
GM: Make a bullrush roll.
Shenvallei D’ansille: can I tumble around him instead?

GM: You can give it a shot.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill Tumble
You tumble into the Vhailor-Alusair junction. Vhailor reaches down and grabs your arm.
Vhailor: “If you flee, we will run you down. You cannot escape Justice.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I assume he has a firm grip.
GM: He does have a firm grip, but it you really really wanted to, you could try and break free.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill Escape Artist
You are manacled.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I dont resist further.
Vhailor: “Alusair, if you would be so kind to accompany us, while we bring this criminal to the Jail. You are not being charged, and this is not compulsory.”
Alusair shrugs and nods.
Shenvallei D’ansille looks at Alusair with painful sad eyes.

You are brought, painfully, at times, by Vhailor, to the City Jail, whereupon you are brought deep within, through innumerable twists and turns, to a jail cell. Alusair, you are given the option to join him in the lavish cell, with the promise that you may go free whenever you wish.
The cell has many pleasures, including a small library of books, multiple plush beds, a small store of food, and what appears to be a butler waiting across the hall, outside of the cell.
Alex: Alusair, where do you opt to stay?
Alusair: stay there, I suppose.
Alusair: Have they taken any of my belongings?
GM: No.

Shenvallei, you find two fresh changes of clothes on one of the beds.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I ignore them and sit in silence.
GM: You do so.
GM: Some time later, a man appears with a scroll and turns to the jail cell.
“Shenvallei D’ansille?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I dont answer.
GM: The man sets the scroll down inside the cell, then leaves, upon not recieving an answer.
Alusair: Pick it up and read it.
The scroll decrees that Shenvallei is scheduled for summary execution in the morning, and to place any requests for a last meal should be delivered to the butler across the way.

Alusair drops it, sits cross-legged on one of the beds, and removes the tooth from its spot in one of her bags, running a hand over it contemplatively.
GM: Do either of you take any action?
Shenvallei D’ansille: What time is it?
GM: It’s mid-afternoon.
Shenvallei D’ansille: No action.
Night approaches.
Butler: “Can I get either of you anything? A nice port, perhaps?”
Shenvallei D’ansille slowly shakes his head.
GM: More time passes.

Dawn begins peeking through the window in the cell, and footsteps begin echoing down the hall.
Shenvallei D’ansille: hold up
GM: Hm?
Shenvallei D’ansille: I wanted to do something before midnight.
GM: Oh, sure.
Roll back to before midnight!
GM: Do what you will!
Shenvallei D’ansille looks up at Alusair, “If you have a plan, I would ask that you tell me of it. If you do not, I would ask that you leave.”
Alusair: Leave.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I wait several minutes till after Alusair has left.

Shenvallei D’ansille: Then I head to the books and paper and find a quill and write down everything I remember about the rite of blood when my soul was stolen by Asmodeus.
Shenvallei D’ansille: At midnight I replicate the ritual in the cell first asking the butler to leave me with some alone time to meditate.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Give me the power to destroy the Harmonium and this cities law makers.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I wait.
-> Shenvallei D’ansille: You recieve no response.
Shenvallei D’ansille: return to where I was sitting. Let time pass.
Dawn begins peeking through the window in the cell, and footsteps begin echoing down the hall.

A small Kobold, with a fairly large stack of papers, appears in front of the cell. “Shenvallei D’ansille?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I look at the kobold.
“I take it that you are, in fact, he?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Why no sir, I am Avil Butterworth.”
“I see…” He begins scribbling and muttering. “Subject displays signs of mental illness… may not be suitable after all…”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Suitable for what?”
GM: “Oh, I had pleasant news for Shenvallei D’ansille, but seeing as you are a Mr. Avil Butterworth, I do not think it is any of your business.”
“Oh, I had pleasant news for Shenvallei D’ansille, but seeing as you are a Mr. Avil Butterworth, I do not think it is any of your business.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Look I was joking. I am Shenvallei.”
“Aha! The subject displays a remarkable recovery..”
“Very well, Shenvallei. You may call me Fangore. If you agree to the terms of the agreement that The Fated propose to you, I will be your handler.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What are the terms?”
Fangore: “The terms are simple. We have found you to be a very.. interesting person… with talents well suited to tasks of ours that need taking care of. You will act as our agent, and in return, the charges you are faced with will be put away in a locked safe, somewhere far away.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “How long?”
Fangore: “Until we feel that your debt to us has been repaid… these files were not cheap to get our hands on, you see. Certainly, far less time than you would be spending in jail if your sentence were to be carried out.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Yeah? Who else is in line?”
Fangore: “In line? I am not sure that I understand.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Forget it. Im not in any position to refuse, as you likely know. This how your kind gains its members? Through extortion?”

Fangore: ” would behoove you to mind your manners… we are, as it were, giving you the chance of a lifetime… to have a lifetime. The Fated does not extort it’s members… you are merely someone who is down on their luck, who we think would be better directed in other ways. I assure you, we have many namers, who come to us willingly.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Fine. But I do things my way, dont forget that.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: That was a half bluff
Shenvallei D’ansille: if you want me to roll it.
Fangore: “Oh, as long as the means are accomplished, we are quite content.”
Fangore: “Do we have an accord, you and I?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “We do. How do you plan on dealing with the necessity of an execution this morning?”

Fangore: “It is already dealt with.”
Fangore shuffles the papers around, then produces one hand hands it, a quill, and some red ink to you. “Just sign there, on that X..”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I take the papers and read them looking for anything he may have left out.
Everything seems to be in order.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Sign.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Hand him the papers and quill.
Fangore takes the paper back and shuffles it back into the pile. “Good good! We’ll be around to give you your first assignment at some point…” He hands you a paper, then procedes to unlock the cell, gesturing for you to follow him.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I follow.
GM: Do you look at the paper?
Shenvallei D’ansille: yes.

You are led down a hall to a room with luxurious couches, on which you see Alusair lounging, talking to a seated Guvner. There is a locked trunk in the room as well. The Kobold excuses himself and leaves.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): awesome alex :)
Alex: I do what I can.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I enter and look around.
The brother of the Fraternity of Order stands upon seeing you. “Ah, you’re being released today? Good fortune for you! Here is the key to your belongings. I think you’ll find that they’re in that trunk, there.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Why thank you.” I bow.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I take the key.
Shenvallei D’ansille: And unlock the chest.
Your belongings are within.

All of them, including the odd staff, which should not have fit in the trunk.
Alusair: “Huh. Took a mite less time than I expected.. how was your execution?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I dont remember a staff.
You picked it up in the Cave, when you rescued Alusair.
Shenvallei D’ansille: mustve forgot to write that down.
GM: It seems you did.
Kiergath (Alusair): it was rather fancy.
Indeed, it was… an ornate quarterstaff, with a black shimmering gem embedded near the top.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Less painful than I expected.”
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): oh right
Alusair: “Amazing how a millenia passes when you’re having fun.”
“Isn’t it just? I remember this one time, I must have spent a hundred years in bed with a Succubus.”
Alusair: “Really? Huh.. I haven’t had the opportunity yet. Been meaning to, one of these days, though.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “I still dont understand. I walk the streets freely and will be recognized.”
Alusair: “And they got nothing on you, the man said you’re free.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Odd but true.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I cant beleive it.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im actually free? 100% free.”
Alusair: “Yes. Thats what the nice basher said.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Lets celebrate!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I gather and don all my gear.
Alusair: “I don’t drink.. but I have been meaning to start.”
“Oh, can we go to The Fallen Angel? It’s been forever since I’ve been there…”
Alusair: ”....”
Alusair: “Get piked, twig.”

Alusair: “And besides, how can you see anything?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Something more along the lines of that bar in the Lady’s ward.”
“Oh, it’s not about Seeing anything… I’d much rather know.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I look at the guvner.
Shenvallei D’ansille: What race is he?
He’s a dwarf, and is smiling quite congenially at you.
Alusair: “Well, if ya wan’t’a know anyone at the Angel, I guess we could lash ya tae a chair and have one’a just sort’a straddle ya.”
Alusair: one’a the staff
“Oh, would you? That would be quite delightful…”

Alusair: “Maybe so.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well lets go! Ive been too long here already.”
Alusair: “Sure. Why not.”
GM: Where do you go?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Celestial peaks.
Shenvallei D’ansille: or whatever that bar’s name is.
Alex: The Celestial Peaks is in the Guildhall Ward.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Anywhere but the tallow candle.
Alex: Oh? But it’s such a nice bar…
Alex: You Could go to the Fallen Angel
Alusair: No
Alusair: No tallow candle
GM: No?
Alusair: :P
GM: Fallen Angel, then?
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: sure.
Alusair: I may not know about the bill I’ve been handed
Alusair: but I do know what shape the room was in when I left
Alusair: :P
GM: True.
Shenvallei D’ansille: you do know, I told you
Alusair: I haven’t *seen it
Kiergath (Alusair): Jhaelyn didn’t give it to Al
Kiergath (Alusair): and she had it.

Kiergath (Alusair): So I do not know the extent of the bill.
Alusair: Apparently we’re going to the fallen angel
You find yourselves in the Hive, habitually dodging Harmonium patrols, and you arrive at Strumpet Lane, where you see a low-set, rusting metal dome, underneath which there is a sunken entryway, bordered by two wooden pillars.
That entryway is, apparently, the entry to The Fallen Angel.
Alusair: “Real classy kip you’ve suggested to us, pike.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Head inside.
Alusair: Follow.
You do so… within, the lights are low, aside from a slightly raised walkway, upon which various humanoids of radiant skin dance and gyrate, in various states of undress. There’s a bar, at which many tieflings are seated at, and plenty of dark, low booths abound.
Shenvallei D’ansille: music?
Low, sultry, and coming from beyond the catwalk.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): need a 10 min bio break. afk.

Kiergath (Alusair): a ten minute bio break? Thats kind’ve frightening.
Alex: I know, right?

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): hang on almost done need to call my neighbor for a favor real fast
Alex: Sure thing

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): hokay sorry bout that
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): I have a package comming tommorrow
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): and wont be home to get it so
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): yadda yadda
Kiergath (Alusair): ya, ay
Alex: Hallo!
Shenvallei D’ansille: “If I had known about this place I would have dressed differently!”

Shenvallei D’ansille: I look for an open booth.
GM: You do so… and find one!
It’s quite easy. There are ones close to the walkway, or further away.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Sit and put down most of my heavier gear on the seat.
Alusair: Pry semi-close but not too.
GM: Very well.
“This is more like it!”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “What are you having Al? Or can I surprise you?”
A rather succulent looking woman with glassy white, vibrant eyes, and bright grey hair awaits your order.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ill have something strong but that tastes good. Can you reccomend anything?”
Alusair: ”. . . brandy, baatorian if you’ve got it.”
“Right… and what will you be having for companionship, this evening?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I shrug.
She looks towards Alusair.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Sorry we are new here, is that a requirement or somesuch?”
“Oh, no… not a requirement… but we have a vast clientele who would be glad to spend the day with you if you’d like… rooms are included.”
“Oh, come on, give us a go, Guv!”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “My dwarven friend here has 50 of my gold coins to do with whatever he pleases!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “As for me, just the strong drink please.”
She looks at you quizzically, then shrugs and walks off.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Is it my words or my meaning that confuses people Al?”
Alusair: “Your, ah, ‘dwarven friend’ may’ve confused people.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I look at the dwarf.
There is no dwarf to look at. You are sitting alone, with Alusair.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Who said “This is more like it.” then?
Alusair gestures at Shen’s staff.
Alusair: “That would be the wood.”
Alusair: oh, no quotes. Sry
Alusair: scratch that.
She is, however, more of less, correct.
Alex: or
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ok I never said my dwarven friend then sorry I was confused.

GM: No worries.
Alex: I was being vague on purpose :)
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): it worked!
Alex: I wanted to see how long it’d take you to work out the staff was talking.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I look at the staff. “Oh you can talk?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Most staves cant. Forgive my surprise.”
The waitress returns, bringing the brandy, and setting a mug in front of Shenvallei. It’s green, and smells sweet.
“One brandy, and one Green Prime.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Thank you.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I wink at her.
“Four gold, please.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I give her the coin.
She curtsies, flashes you, and walks away.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I sip the drink.
“That’s cos’ I’m not a Staff.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Is it good?
GM: It’s delicious.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Here Al try some its great.”
Shenvallei D’ansille slides the bowl to Alusair.
Alusair sticks to her brandy, shaking her head. “Can’t. Principles.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “You look to be a staff. What are you then and what is your name if I may ask.”

Shenvallei D’ansille pulls the bowl back and takes another sip.
“Me? Iar’an. I’m the greatest Githzerai planewalker alive! I spent three thousand years wandering the planes, and you looked like you were going places, so I figured I’d tag along.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Great to have you with us! Would you like a sip of this delicous drink?”
You get the vague feeling that the staff is offended.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Oh, I didnt know you were not a drinker. Very well I respect that.”
“So, what’re you famous for, then, the both of you?”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Of late Ive been more infamous. But thats all changed now thus the celebration.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Alusair here, I owe everything to.”
“And what are you famous for, then?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Who is the staff talking to?
GM: Alusair.
Alusair: “Famous? If I become famous, I’ve done something wrong.”
“Oh, modesty! W—-waitasecond… you mean to tell me NEITHER of you are famous for ANYTHING?”

“Tsk… still, I suppose we all can’t start famous.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ok Iar’an well Im glad you decided to join us. What are you famous for?”
Alusair: “I have done my share of important deeds.. simply because I choose not to boast about them to every sod that I meet does not make them less significant.”
” mean you haven’t heard of me?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well no I mean Im relatively new here but would love to hear about it.”
“Fair enough, child… but surely you’ve heard of Iar’an, the one who made his way up the Infinite Staircase?”
Alex: brb…
Alex: afk a bit…if you guys need to go to sleep, it may be a good time to call it.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): works for me

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): Ill see you guys thursday then. Great game as always alex.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): Morgan do you want to wow for a lil bit?
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): if so hit me up on xfire, if not Ill catch you thursday.
Kiergath (Alusair): Pass on that.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): np
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): thursday it is. take it easy.
‘Nick’ disconnected

Alusair and Shenvallei make their way back to the Harem, in search of Almach. They stumble in upon him making a weapons deal with a group of Sinkers, who seem to be purchasing an alarming amount of weapons as of late. Shenvallei runs Van off with harsh words, and follows Alusair to the portal from whence Alusair was saved. Vhailor confronts them, stepping through the portal that they sought to flee through. Shenvallei tries to make a deal with the devil, desperately, but fails. When Shenvallei is taken to prison, he awaits his death the next morning, whereupon he is approached by a Koboldl named Fangore, who tells him his sentence has been lifted, and the charges against him have been dropped. Fangore is subsequently to become his Handler, and will direct Shenvallei in ways that most favor the Fated. Shenvallei is released, and they head to The Fallen Angel, in the Hive Ward, where they discover that the staff, named Iar’an, can speak.

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