Session Thirty Nine

‘Kiergath’ connected
GM: Triple up
Bobbert: triple up?
GM: Yes
GM: You are up, I am up, hamachi is up
Bobbert: oh
Bobbert: I was gonna, like, triple up.. as in..
Bobbert: Bobbert, Robbert, and .. Slobbert.
GM: ...
GM: Death becomes you
GM: It does.
GM: :P
Bobbert: hey, I’m gonna die anyway…
Bobbert: what else is new?
‘Nick’ connected
GM: Harro!

Shenvallei D’ansille: Ey Alex! :)
GM: How’s everyone doing, good?
Shenvallei D’ansille: yup quite well thanks
Shenvallei D’ansille: even better now that Im here lol
GM: hahhaa
GM: Shall I get on with the Recap, then?
Alusair: go for it.

Alusair and Shenvallei are charged with the retrieval of the dragon familiar of Archmagus Galen. They head to Galen’s island, but before they leave, Iar’an demonstrates that he can identify magic items, when goaded. They make their way to the island, into the middle of a skirmish between a Feudal Prime Army and a group of Sinkers. A comment of Alusair’s draws the attention of the remnants of the FPA, and combat ensues, initiated by Shenvallei. The rear guard stays behind, while a messenger runs to seal the city. He is intercepted by Alusair, and Shenvallei routs the main force. It is discovered that the army is that of the Merchant Collective, rather than serving a particular lord. The captain is murdered, and Alusair and Shenvallei dissapear into the forest.

Alusair: I demand that be stricken from the record
Alusair: there were no credible witnesses to the murder of the captain
Shenvallei D’ansille: What?
GM: Says you.
Alusair: yes, says me
GM: My DM notes says otherwise
GM: :P
Alusair: those soldiers I did that infront of were PRIMES
GM: Yes.
Alusair: Thus, there were no CREDIBLE witnesses
GM: Those soldiers were.
Alusair: ...
Alusair: ah, who needs you anyway
GM: You do
GM: :P
Alusair: like a hole in the head
Alusair: you’re just gonna kill me
GM: ...nah
GM: Why would I do that?
GM: :P
GM: Is there any questions?
Shenvallei D’ansille: nope just getting settled in grabbing my books ect
GM: Alright, alright.
Alusair: whatever
GM: Let me know when you’d like to commencify.
Shenvallei D’ansille: question regarding a spell for both of you:
GM: Ah?
Alusair: fortitude +2 for half, then a reflex save to avoid the all-encompassing cloud of whoop-ass.
Alusair: If you fail both of those, you then need to make a will save versus Primal Bunny Death Squad or be turned into a carrot and devoured.
Alusair: If that still doesn’t answer your question, you are hopeless, but may ask anyway.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I dont have phantasmal killer but thanks anyway.
Alusair: Alex will answer your question. I’ll be too busy making up the stats for the spell I just told you about
Shenvallei D’ansille: hehe
Shenvallei D’ansille: actually I read it its fine.
Alusair: ...
Alusair: tease
GM: Ah
GM: Damn
Shenvallei D’ansille: not really seeing the point though of this spell
GM: oh?
GM: Which spell?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Shadow conjuration
GM: Cantrip?
GM: Uh
GM: It’s for Illusionists
GM: or Specialist wizards
GM: Who are barred the conjuration school
Shenvallei D’ansille: Oh, great.
GM: I believe so, anyway
Shenvallei D’ansille: That helps me alot :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: good point though
Shenvallei D’ansille: thats the only valid use I can come up with for it.
GM: Well, that’s why it exists
GM: well, primarily
Shenvallei D’ansille slumps down against a tree in the forest and begins reading.
GM: ...although it works rather well as an assault spell against weak willed creatures
Shenvallei D’ansille: maybe let me look into that.
GM: Anyway…are you reading to a particular purpose?
GM: Or are you rememorizing?
Alusair leans against a tree near Shen, “Reading? Really? At a time like this?”
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): ok I was wrong it does have some decent purposes
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im merely resting for a moment. Reading helps me to relax and gather my thoughts.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Not rememorizing.

Shenvallei D’ansille: yet.
GM: Sure.
Shenvallei D’ansille: After I catch my breath I will stand up and stretch.
You stand up and stretch, taking stock of your surroundings.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Then I will take in the scenery, breathe the air, and enjoy the presence of the forest for a few seconds.
To one side of a small forest, there seems to be a fortress in a clearing. The other side of the forest leads to the walled city that the army came from.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I wonder why the sinkers are here. I mean if this place is as insignifigant to planars as you say.”
Alusair: “No, its insignificant to me.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well, it seems they have some interest in this place for some reason. Shall we ask?”
Alusair: “Might work, especially if they saw our show earlier.”
Shenvallei D’ansille shrugs and heads towards the fortress.
Alusair follows him.
You head to the fortress… it’s square, tall, and surrounded on three sides by the sea. The craftsmenship is impeccable, and despite some pitting from the sea-spray, it is undamaged. The wounded are being dragged in through the front gate on carts.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I stand there for a minute then head for the nearest cart.

They are barely more than a plank of wood on wheels, with the wounded piled on haphazardly.
They don’t seem overly alarmed at your approach. In fact, a man sets off towards you, blood covering his smock, a large knife tucked into his belt.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “The aftermath of war has no beauty.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I smile at him and give him the elven symbol of peace.
He looks unfamiliar with your gesture, but proffers his hand, his jet black eyes sparkling. “Welcome, welcome! You two certainly gave those bastards a proper sending off. Many thanks for that. Any thinning of thier numbers lessens the casualties we are forced to take. What are you two doing in this place?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I shake his hand. “Well met.” I turn to Alusair, “Hmm he doesnt have the accent of Sigil.”

Alusair: “Sorry, what accent? Am I speaking with an accent? Frankly, I’m offended at the very idea.”
Shenvallei D’ansille looks mortified. “Oh… of course nevermind. Greetings, we spotted the commontion and simply wished to get a glimpse of what was going on. Mercenaries you see.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Bluff] [1d20+4 = 16]
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): if needed
Alusair blinks, “Yeh. What the cute little pike means is we’re after somethin’ those darlin’ bashers over there have in their posession. Theoretically. So we were told by a guvner what seemed to have the dark of things.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Sure, tell them everything. Sheesh. Well now that the quasit is out of the bag, perhaps you could give us a bit o’ information.”

“Quasits, eh? That’s a new one… what kind of information do you need? And what are you out to take from the Merchants? I’d be more than happy to help you stick it to those bastards.”
Alusair gasps and looks at Shen in wide-eyed adoration, “Do you even know what a Quasit is, Shen?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I have my preconceptions and Im sticking with them.”
Alusair: “Good answer.”
Alusair: “Sorry, what we’re after. Uh, I believe it was a certain mage’s familiar.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Yes some sort of dragonling or somesuch.”
”...Ah hell, that’s not good… those Merchants have their hands on a mage? That’s not good at all… I can’t do anything about that… shit.” He starts swearing.
Shenvallei D’ansille waves a hand dismissively.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Look, are we sure that this is the correct keep where Galen resides?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Would be embarrassing to go to all the trouble breaking into the wrong keep.”
Alusair: “How many Prime strongholds are on this island?”

“Strongholds? Last we knew, there were Three… we haven’t been able to even get a scout patrol out in the past month, though… we need every man on hand to keep those damn Merchants at bay.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Whats their problem anyway?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Why do they attack you?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “All we could get from them is something about disorder and anti-progression and swearing.”
“They don’t think that we have a grasp of the natural order of things… they think that bones shouldnt turn to dust, that they should persist forever… that the multiverse should clutter with useless junk.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Right, philisophical differences. Well lets not get into all that, philosophy just bores me to tears.”
“Oh… that’s a shame… I deal with philosophy a lot… men wax on about what they believe when they’re about to die.”
Alusair: “He’s had a bad history with the Factions, don’t take it too badly.”

GM: “Oh… bloody Harmonium, I’d wager. They’re always causing trouble with their order and brutishness.”
Alusair: “Them an’ the guvners, chief.”
Shenvallei D’ansille frowns, “The very mention of their name brings me nausea.”
“I will do my best not to mention the Guvners, then. I loathe mentioning them anyway.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “May I ask do you have a map of this area and the surrounding prime strongholds. Were looking for this Galen inparticular.”
“Not on me, no… but if you come inside, I’m sure I’ve got one in my quarters I could loan you.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ah good I will only need to study it for a moment.
Shenvallei D’ansille: ””

Alusair: “Why yes, Al! I’m so glad you’re here! I’ll call you when I need you to kill the big bad wizard, Al! In the mean time, why don’t you just skip along behind me and look scenic until I need something croaked? Sure, Shen!”
Kiergath (Alusair): AFK, brb.
GM: “Come, then, come then… I must be quick… I have to see to the wounded.”
Shenvallei D’ansille follows the man looking at Alusair with a clueless look.
Alusair wanders off after the man, “Need any help with that? I’m a bit of a healer, really. It doesn’t show, I admit.”
You are brought inside… down several corridors, near to a hall filled with screaming wounded. You are ushered in to a nearby room, which has a cot, a trunk, and a desk with a map pinned above it.

“I’d appreciate it… I do what I can to keep the pain down.”
“But often, it’s not enough.”
Alusair: ”. . . given the nature of this conflict, do you mind actually, you know, healing their wounds?”
“They’re all inflicted by those damn Merchants… we seperate the sick and the clumsy into a seperate hall, where we let them recover on their own, if they’re meant to.”
Alex: brb
Alusair: “Right.. Shen, I’ll be back in the hallway while you play with the map.”
Alusair wanders off to do whatever she can for the injured.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): :O
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): very cool, I cannot read the font however.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): Did you make that map?

Shenvallei D’ansille: I pull out the Cartographers Stylus and a piece of blank parchment and try to activate it to copy the map.

You are able to make a copy of the map.
You heal some of the wounded Doomguard, Alusair.
Alex: Yes, I did make the map
Alex: The reason you cant read it is because thats not full size
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): Its very cool for the record.
Alex: ty
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hmm. Where are we on this map.”
Alex: brb

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): Im guessing top right side.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): i.e northeastern part.
Alusair: hellifino!
Kiergath (Alusair): hellifino!
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): well thats where the forest is, and a keep surrounded on 3 sides by water.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im guessing here.” I point to the northeastern side.
You guess correctly

You are, indeed, in the northeast.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): one sec
Alex: Np
The medic is still busy working, but eventually returns to his room.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): back

Alex: wb
Shenvallei D’ansille: While he is gone Ill rumage around his room carefully for anything else that might be interesting.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Search] [1d20+7 = 14]
You pop open his trunk, finding half of it full of gold coins, the other half full of clothing and smocks, mostly blood-stained.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Close it back up.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Roll up the new map that was copied.
GM: You do so.
Shenvallei D’ansille: And when he arrives back – “So, have you heard of this Galen and which of these keeps he might reside in?”
“Galen…Galen… no, no, that doesnt ring a bell…”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hmm. Well no matter, Im sure we will find him eventually. Thank you for your assistance.”
GM: “Oh, surely. If you’re ever in the area, feel free to stop by. Always nice to have friends around.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “May we stay for a few hours? Id like to rest up before we depart.”
“Oh, feel free to stay until morning. You both may use my room… I’ll have another cot brought in. There are some clothes in the trunk if you need to change.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Most kind of you. Er, what is your name?”
“In the Upper and Lower planes, I am known as “Outcast.” Here, I am simply known as Jor’un.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well met, I am Shen and this is Al.”
Alusair: “Hi! I’d shake your hand and all, but.. Busy?” (from the hallway)
Shenvallei D’ansille: I sit and rememorize and meditate.
You stay the night.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Resetting Wizard Powers
Shenvallei D’ansille: Does Alusair sleep?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Rather does she need to sleep?
Alusair: uh.. if I don’t, I get tired I suppose
Alusair: which means I’ll probably be semi-zombie like by the time morning comes, unless I run out of people to heal before that

Shenvallei D’ansille: Fair enough. We will leave as soon as we are rested. Ill offer to assist Alusair with the healing after Im done reading to help speed up the time.
Alusair: Spell [Remove Disease] -> Cures all diseases affecting subject.
Alusair: Spell [Remove Disease] -> Cures all diseases affecting subject.
Alusair: Spell [Remove Disease] -> Cures all diseases affecting subject.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Unless you suggest we stay here for some reason of course.
By the time you’re done reading and meditating, she’s done healing who she can.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will guard Al while she sleeps then.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Sorry but I dont trust these guys much either.
Shenvallei stands guard over Alusair, in the middle of a well guarded fortress.
Alusair: uh
Alusair: This fortress have towers?
GM: Yes.
Alusair: I’m’a spend the night up there.
Alusair: No smog, clear sky. Not something I’m used to.
Alusair: Kind’ve nice.
GM: Indeed.
GM: You do.
It’s cold, and you are brought a blanket by Jor’un.

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Most kind this Jor’un.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And here all along I had imagined sinkers to be all about suffering and decay.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Perhaps I will dabble a bit in philosophy. But… later. Am I keeping you awake Al?”
Alusair rolls over.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill read the book of the chaos sea war while I wait.
GM: You do so…
It’s…extremely saddening.
Alusair eventually awakens!
Shenvallei D’ansille is hunched against the wall and looks up with a sad face.

Alusair: time of day?
A bit before lunchtime. Jor’un climbs the stairs and delivers to you both a hot breakfast of hash and bread, coupled with two mugs of ale.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Jor’un. Thank you. Will you take your meal with us as well or are you busy?”
Jor’un: “I’ll dine with you, if you wish. The healing has been done.”
Jor’un Sits and draws a hard biscuit and a waterskin from his pouch, then sits crosslegged near both of you.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “How long has this fortress stood?”
Jor’un: “This fortress… near on a hundred years, if the histories are to be believed.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Was it built by the faction, or simply occupied at a later time?”

Jor’un: “Oh, we built it… we cut the stone, shaped it, and put it up in this very spot. We have been the only people to reside here, though the residents come and go.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I am not an expert of craftsmanship but the walls look sturdy and barely damaged by time. The skill of your engineers is impressive.”
Jor’un: “Thank you… someday, these walls will crumble as time wills, but until then, they will see us safe to guard entropy.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “When did this merchant coalition arrive and begin this campaign of your erradication?”

Jor’un: “They have been here since the beginning… we arrived to balance the change they were causing in the land… they paid us no mind at first, but this year, they have begun assaulting us without cease.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Odd, what would make them do so after a hundred years? Did your faction involve yourself in anything that may have wrought their malice?”
Jor’un: “No… we simply have been watching… we have sent emissaries out to make sure that they did not get too orderly, but nothing to take offense over.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And they have issued no demands I presume. Just your removal in the name of whatever it is they believe in.”

Jor’un: “More or less, yes.”
Shenvallei D’ansille shakes his head, “Very sad.”
Jor’un: “You’re telling me… this is my home.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “A friend of our in Sigil was selling arms and armor to many in your faction. His name is Almach. Were these armaments to outfit the standing forces here?”
Jor’un: “Arms? I wish we were getting new arms. We’re low as it is.”
Jor’un: “No, it’s probably to some other fortress who needs them even more than we do.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “What is your prediction of this war? Will you be able to hold of the merchant coalition indefinately?”
Jor’un: “Well, certainly for a bit longer.. we’ve been able to hold off the offensive from their nearest city, and with Alusair’s help healing the army, we’ll be able to hold them off for good… but if they get aid? We could be overrun.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Luckily you have only one front to defend. Unless they have warships. That could pose a problem.”
Jor’un: ”...if they bring warships, we will likely fall.”

Alusair: “Do they have any bases nearby other than on this island?”
Alusair: “If we can deal with those somehow, could they even attempt an unsupported attack from the sea?”
Jor’un: “I am unsure… I haven’t been off of this island… I don’t know what’s out there.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “The map here shows several areas of civilization. As far as you know are they all members or in league with the merchants?”

Jor’un: “As far as I know, yes.”
Shenvallei D’ansille looks saddened, “Then you are greatly outnumbered. I fear that it will not be entropy that collapses these walls unless something is done.”
Jor’un: “I know not what to do, however. I am a surgeon, not a tactician.”
Alusair: “Don’t lookit me, I’m a celestial, not a general.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “If diplomacy has not yet been attempted may I suggest a diplomatic envoy be sent to hear their demands?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “In that way perhaps a compromise can be established as well as a peace treaty. Or at least an Armstice.”
Alusair: “Uh.. I probably shouldn’t be involved!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “For your kindness you have shown me, I will go if you have no other.”

Jor’un: “Diplomacy, when they came charging at our door unprovoked? When we tried to send an envoy, they sent him back in pieces.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I see. So that option was already attempted.”
Jor’un: “Yes.”
Alusair: “I like my version of diplomacy. How many of them are there, and do they bleed?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Alusair, we would be slaughtered in all likliness if we restorted to that. Ive seen humans fight and they can be devastating in combat.”
Alusair: “Oh come on, I could sneeze and kill a dozen of them.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Still, if it comes to that vs letting Jor’un be murdered for what he beleives in then yes.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “The thing is Al, you never know when fighting a human if they are a simpleton or a weaponmaster. Their abilities are not consistant.”
Jor’un: ”...your words are strong, stranger. I thank you for them, though I hope they are not necessary.”
Alusair: ”. . . . “
Shenvallei D’ansille: “This is why I am wary. But I do agree that something should be done.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Perhaps some demands of our own should be issued.”
Jor’un: “Demands of your own?”
Shenvallei D’ansille pulls out a qull and parchment.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What are your demands Jor’un?”
Jor’un: “Myself? I just want them to leave us alone, to stop interfering with the natural order of things.”

Shenvallei D’ansille scribes “No further harrassment.” and under that “Halting of the natural order including:”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Some examples of interfereing with the natural order so that we can be specific?”
Alusair: “I’ve died and gone to Mechanus.”
Alusair: “Goddess! When will this nghtmare end?!”
Alex: brb a minute, guys
Alusair stands up and throws herself off the parapet.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Al, dont we want them to get the message correctly? We cant very well walk up to them and say “here, do this, dont do that” and then have the message told wrong to their commander and all hades will break loose.”

Kiergath (Alusair): somebody ate the dm..

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): lol yeah
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): phone call pry
Kiergath (Alusair): I blame a quickie in the shower. Wait, thats dennir..
Kiergath (Alusair): I wonder how he’s doing these days…
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): yeah
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): forgot about him

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): any further from Tracey?
Kiergath (Alusair): Nix, she’s in tucson
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): brb bio
Kiergath (Alusair): Gettin’ the kid, then headin’ back to the great white north, as far as I know
GM: “They need to stop curing their diseased. Life must take its course… either the body can handle the sickness, or it can’t. It is not up to us to change the will of entropy.”
Alusair soars off.
Kiergath (Alusair): And all that can be heard of Al is, occasionally, when she drifts near the tower, going “La la la, NOT LISTENING

Shenvallei D’ansille: I write that down.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Alusair! gods…” I head out down the tower and out the keep.

Shenvallei D’ansille: And start walking west down the road.
GM: You do so.
Kiergath (Alusair): Oh.. right.. Shen wanted to go present a letter of demands..
GM: You head where, Shen?
Shenvallei D’ansille: West.
Shenvallei D’ansille: along the road.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I walk in that direction because I wish it. And because I want to negotiate with the merchant coalition.
GM: Very well…I was just wondering if you were headed to a city or not.
Shenvallei D’ansille: The walled city yes.
Shenvallei D’ansille: But Ill head west first to see what that marker is on the map.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Just above cloud mountain.

GM: You head west…
GM: You eventually arrive at a sleepy little hamlet, built on top of a bay.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I enter.
You enter…largely, you are ignored by the populace…mostly fishermen, dragging their boats in off the river.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Where can a traveler get an ale around here?” I say to one of the fisherman.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Btw how long did it take for me to walk to the hamlet?
GM: Long enough that it’s getting dark
GM: He points you at a short, squat building, which is barely lit.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I head for that building and enter.

You do so… it’s poorly illuminated within… there are some species you don’t recognize, but mostly they are human. You may purchase alcohol at the bar, though it seems they dont serve food.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I order a bottle of port if they have it. Is anyone gambling?
No…mostly drinking, and heavily. This doesn’t seem to be a very wealthy town.
GM: They get you something that is almost port, but not quite.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I sip it anyway. “Any of you locals know the lay of the land? Im looking to meet with a wizard lord named Galen.”
GM: The bar’s quiet hush dies down
Several members of a scaled humanoid race rise and begin making strange noises.
GM: They are staring at you… one surmises, angrily.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I stare back at them but dont say anything more.

They remain standing, staring at you, muttering amongst themselves. A man leans over to you, whispering, “I don’t know who you are, stranger, and I don’t want to know, but I suggest you leave.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ill take your advice.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I take a final sip of port. Place a gold coin on the bar, and head out of the building.
You leave the bar, and head out into the street.
Where do you go? Night has fallen.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I look for a barn.
You look, in vain, for a barn. You feel eyes on you wherever you go.

Shenvallei D’ansille: I will head south out of the hamlet.
GM: You head south… you arrive at the foot of the mountain, feeling your body getting tired.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will make camp.
Shenvallei D’ansille: And will cast unseen servant from my scroll.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Command it to rouse me if any creature approaches me.
Shenvallei D’ansille: And then sleep.
Alex: Right…brb

You find yourself roused after a few hours… you are alone at your campsite, but you feel eyes on you from all directions.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Mage Armor] -> Gives subject +4 armor bonus.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will then pack up my things command my unseen servant to follow me and head north again.

GM: You begin to head north…
GM: You get ten feet before…
GM: [1d20 = 15]
Shenvallei D’ansille: I should have asked you the terrain. :P
An arrow flies from a bush and slams into your shoulder, spinning you around, revealing to you eight green scaled humanoids with serrated teeth.
GM: [1d4 = 4]
GM: Feel free to roll initiative.
GM: [1d20 = 19]
Shenvallei D’ansille: Initiative [1d20+5 = 11]
GM: [4d20 = 18]
Four more arrows bury themselves in the grass at your feet.
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: distance to them?
GM: 35 feet.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will move forward 20 feet and then cast fireball
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Fireball] -> Fire deals 1d6/level damage

Shenvallei D’ansille: targeting it behind them so that I am not hit by the blast
Shenvallei D’ansille: what I mean is 20 feet towards them.
Shenvallei D’ansille: [1d6 = 6]
Shenvallei D’ansille: casts as a level 12
Shenvallei D’ansille: [10d6 = 40]
GM: [1d4 = 1]
GM: [4d20 = 37]
GM: Right…
One of the amphibians dives towards you, completely unscathed by the blast, while two others fry.
GM: [4d20 = 44]
GM: [1d4 = 4]
GM: [1d20 = 18]
GM: [1d6 = 2]
Shenvallei D’ansille: sec
Shenvallei D’ansille: as a free action as well if its not too late
Shenvallei D’ansille: Id like to activate my random deflector.
Another arrow buries itself in your leg, distracting you enough for the amphibian closest to you to slash you across the chest.
GM: What does it do?
Shenvallei D’ansille: any ranged attack against me may randomly hit something else instead within 20 feet.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I am included in the list of possible targets
Shenvallei D’ansille: and it is determined randomly.
Shenvallei D’ansille: thus why I moved forward 20 feet.
GM: [1d4 = 4]
GM: ...Right.
GM: Kay.
Shenvallei D’ansille: it can only be a single ranged attack or spell
GM: You still got hit.
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: and its once per day :P

Shenvallei D’ansille: ok hehe
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: how many are left?
GM: Three you can see.
GM: In front of you, at any rate.
Shenvallei D’ansille: 5 foot step back then scorching ray targeting the meleer and the one with the bow. um hang on
Shenvallei D’ansille: [1d6 = 5]
Shenvallei D’ansille: level 11 so thats 3 rays
Shenvallei D’ansille: one on each that are in front of me
Shenvallei D’ansille: [3d20+8 = 34]
Shenvallei D’ansille: 17, 12, 21
Shenvallei D’ansille: I think it ignores armor but not dex Im not sure.
GM: The rays strike a bowman and the swordsman.
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok
Shenvallei D’ansille: first one is
Shenvallei D’ansille: [4d6 = 15]
Shenvallei D’ansille: 2nd is
Shenvallei D’ansille: [4d6 = 13]

Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Scorching Ray] -> Ranged touch attack deals 4d6 fire damage, +1 ray/four levels (max 3).
The bowman drops, clutching his burn, while the swordslizard screeches loudly, a horrible sound.
GM: [4d20 = 29]
GM: [1d20 = 8]
GM: [1d4 = 1]
GM: [1d10 = 3]
A crossbow bolt pierces through the fatty part of your arm.
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: Is the swordsman still up?
GM: yes
Shenvallei D’ansille: did he attack me?
GM: Yes, but he missed.
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok
Shenvallei D’ansille: 5 foot step back again then mm
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Magic Missile] -> 1d4+1 damage; +1 missile per two levels above 1st (max 5).
Shenvallei D’ansille: [1d6 = 6]
Shenvallei D’ansille: level 12 so thats
Shenvallei D’ansille: 5 missiles

Shenvallei D’ansille: can I designate diff targets?
Shenvallei D’ansille: yes.
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok 2 on the swordsman and 3 on the bowman
Shenvallei D’ansille: [2d4+2 = 7]
Shenvallei D’ansille: [3d4+3 = 8]
GM: The swordsman drops, as does the bowman
GM: [3d20 = 35]
GM: [2d10 = 8]
From behind, two crossbow bolts bury themselves in you, causing immense pain.
Shenvallei D’ansille

Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Polymorph] -> Gives one willing subject a new form.
Shenvallei D’ansille: self – Wyvern.
GM: Sure.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I gain hp back as if I rested a full night not sure what that is.
Alusair: ...uh
Alusair: PHB.. phb.. where are you
Alusair: I ain’t got it, go figure
Shenvallei D’ansille: im searching
Shenvallei D’ansille: 146
Shenvallei D’ansille: 7 hp

Shenvallei D’ansille: says 1hp per level
GM: Kay.
GM: What’s your AC, then?
Shenvallei D’ansille: hmm let me get the mm
Shenvallei D’ansille: 18
Shenvallei D’ansille: does that stack with mage armor?
Shenvallei D’ansille: if so 22
GM: Right.
GM: [3d20 = 47]
GM: [1d10 = 1]
GM: You suffer another crossbow bolt to your backside.
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: thank god these dont have sneak attack lol Id be dead in the first round
Shenvallei D’ansille: Any in front of me atm?

GM: Nope.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Can I still fly even though Ive taken so much damage?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Thats going to determine what I do.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I guess in 3rd you can fly regardless of damage taken.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will take off full movement action to flee.
Shenvallei D’ansille: 120 straight ahead.
GM: Sure.
GM: [3d20 = 28]

GM: Crossbow bolts soar wild of you.
GM: You fly straight ahead.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I keep going then bank east and head back to the fortress.
GM: You do so.
GM: You fly to the fortress.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I land, cancel the spell and hobble inside.
GM: You do so.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Head up to the tower where Alusair was.
Shenvallei D’ansille: And collapse and try to rest/catch my breath.
Alusair is there, basking in the sun.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Is it day already?
Jor’un shortly comes up with a glass of wine and a roast lamb for her.
GM: Yes.
Shenvallei D’ansille: dawn probably you are right.
Alusair: Well.. it took you all day to get there… you putzed around awhile.. then finally found a place to crash..
Alusair: Slept a while..
Alusair: Set off walking..
Alusair: and then flew back…
Alusair: I’d say its daylight again, yeah

Shenvallei D’ansille: “New resolution.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “No more acting on whims without thinking it through.”
Jor’un: “Was this an issue?”
Alusair rolls onto her stomach and starts on the wine, “Probably, judging from the blood.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I look up at Jor’un blood all over my robe.
Jor’un: “Ah. At least you still can walk!”
Jor’un: “Take each day’s smal victories. You will most likely heal.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Who are the lizard creatures of the hamlet to the west?”
Jor’un: “There are lizard creatures?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I mention Galen’s name to the locals and they stalked me for dead.”
Jor’un: “Hm. Did you do anything to upset them?”
Alusair: “Try this one, how did you go about mentioning it?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “No, they stared at me, but I stared back and said nothing. Then I left.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I announced at the small local bar if any had heard of Galen and that I sought to meet him.”

Alusair: “Nice small, quiet bar.. well established patronage.. new guy walks in from out of town, stands up in the middle of the floor and calls out if anyone’s seen so-and-so. This of course disturbs the atmosphere, embarrasses the patronage, and interrupts their meals.”
Alusair: “Sound about familiar?”
Alusair: “Remember the Tallow Candle?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Fine. But that hardly calls for death!”
Alusair: “So far it has about one hundred percent, actually.”
Shenvallei D’ansille groans.
Jor’un: “Shall I get you some water and some bread?”
Jor’un: “Perhaps a cloth to wipe your brow?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “O..K”
Alusair: “Step over here, will you? Shen?”
Alusair: “I can’t reach your foot.”
Jor’un dissapears downstairs, then comes back with some bread and water, and sets it down in front of Shenvallei.
Shenvallei D’ansille crawls over to where Alusair is basking.
Alusair: Cure serious, spontaneous cast. [3d8+6 = 12]

Alusair: ...I’m rerolling a rogue, I can’t heal anyway.
Jor’un: Kay
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: were those d10s?
Alusair: no, 8’s
GM: d10’s would warrent the reroll
GM: that’d be pitiful
GM: :P
Kiergath (Alusair): I guess, technically, the original Alusair was a fighter/mage.. So maybe I should go that route, and stop sucking.
Shenvallei D’ansille: at least you have a +6
Alex: Works for me :P
Kiergath (Alusair): BLOW ME.
Kiergath (Alusair): <grumble> stupid dice.
Shenvallei D’ansille: odd I agree
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): let me try it jsut a test
Shenvallei D’ansille: [3d8+6 = 14]
Shenvallei D’ansille: not much better
Shenvallei D’ansille stands up.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Al, you seem to have lost your touch for healing. But every little bit helps I assure you. Thanks.”
Alusair: ”........”

Shenvallei D’ansille sits back down and strips to have his robe washed.
Shenvallei D’ansille then wraps himself in the blanket at eats the bread/water.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Something else to dampen your spirits? Read this.”
Shenvallei D’ansille slides the book of the chaos ocean war over to Alusair.
Alusair: “My spirits? Dampen? It would be difficult.”

Jor’un: “Might I see that book?”
Alusair: “Go ahead.”
Jor’un takes a look at the book, then smiles. It is obvious he is engrossed, and at times he seems to laugh.

Shenvallei D’ansille: “What are you laughing at?”
Jor’un: “Can you believe it? These two armies trapped a great wizard in a tower, and what does he do? He locks the door, goes upstairs, and summons a succubus! Classic! What a way to go!”
Alusair: “I’d never thought of that. Then again, I’m not exactly the summoning type.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Dont succubi kill with a single kiss?”
Alusair: ”. . . That reminds me, next time I’m in Sigil, I need to look up some way to prevent myself from being summoned.”
Alusair: “A single kiss? Bless your heart, only if you’re a completely slack-jawed wimp.”
Alusair: “Where’s the fun in that? For the succubus, I mean.”
Jor’un: “Apparently, these two were at it for so long, the two armies rotted away.”
Jor’un: “That’s one hell of a kiss, if you ask me.”

Alusair: “Never done it with a succubus. Might be interesting.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Perhaps their ecstasy is in bringing death at the promise of pleasantries.”
Jor’un: “Who knows.”
Alusair: “If all you care about in that case is the promise of pleasantries, use a knife.”
Alusair: “You don’t waste that kind of talent by never getting to use it.”
Alusair: “Logic, people!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I do not know demons or their motives. I thought I knew but I admit Ive seen things of late that make me question what I thought.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I do know that some things live only to deceive and cause suffering. And some take joy in loss and despair in others.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Thankfully, Alusair often clears up the differences.”
Alusair: “Huh?”
Alusair: “Oh. Right. Sorry.”
Alusair: “Pain bad. Except when its not.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “By- yes thank you for not making me explain.”
Shenvallei D’ansille smiles wryly.

Alusair smiles and closes her eyes, purring to herself at that thought, stretching somewhat like a cat at the memory.
Shenvallei D’ansille suddenly frowns is about to say something then stops.
Alusair yawns and stretches out on the blanket under her, “So.. we still going after that mage?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Yes. But these lizardfolk have my curiosity now as well. Didnt Van have a troup of lizardfolk under him?”
Jor’un: “Who is Van?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Van Kellias, an old associate.”
Alusair: “Uh.. did he?”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “I beleive so. There were lizardfolk in the prison when we broke his precious gnome out.”
Jor’un: “So Van is a gnome, then?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “They spoke to him as if he was part of their band.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “No hes not, but he has a gnome friend -female, not sure what she is.”
Alusair: “Whatever you say.”
Alusair: “That must’ve been while I was.. where was I..”
Alusair: “Oh! Right! Having my heart torn out, literally as well as figuratively, by the person I loved!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Jhaelyn was with us at the time. And do you not remember when long ago we visited the jungle of chult.”
Alusair: “Thanks. I’m glad you were doing something as important as rescuing a little gnome.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Al.. I.”
Kiergath (Alusair): Oh, right. Shen didn’t know.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I didnt know..”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Van had contacts with lizardfolk there as well if I recall correctly.”
Alusair: ”. . . I was there and I remember no such thing.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Some kind of mercenary corps or somesuch. I only payed half attention.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I was in an argument with one of them.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “It matters not. Doubtful these are the same.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And Van is as bad as a hardhead in my opinion anyway.”
Alusair: “Meh. I’d give him a roll. Well, no, prolly not… I mean, he’s in love with that adorable little gnome.. there’s got to be something wrong there.”
Alusair: “Otherwise, the mechanics.. just.. don’t.. work… out…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Point is my interest in the lizardman goes as far as what information they have. And the real reason they stalked and attacked me. I dont care what you say, I find it odd that they would track and try to murder me for a simple question asked in a bar.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Could be as simple as robbery I know.”
Alusair: “You’re an outsider. Thats not murder in some books, thats simply protecting your home.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well they have some answering to do or they are going to need hells full of more ‘protecting’.”
Alusair: “Besides.. you’re an elf. And if theres anything I’ve heard time and time again, its that when a couple humans, elves, dwarves, or what-have-you roll into a place, its nothing but bad news.”

Alusair: “They come into the home of some poor critter, beat the ever-loving piss outta them, and then walk off with the safe deposit box and the furniture.”
Listen Checks.
Alusair: Skill [Listen] [1d20+5 = 17]
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Listen] [1d20 = 19]
Alusair: Oh, sure, THIS I roll more than a 3 on
Shenvallei, you hear Jor’un dissapear, and footsteps running down the tower.
Alusair, you hear an alarm bell ringing below.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “This cant be good.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I peer out of the tower.
Jor’un: Spot check.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Spot] [1d20+2 = 9]
Alusair: “This is getting ridiculous..”
Alusair rolls to her feet and looks down.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Do you see anything Al?”
GM: Shenvallei, you see flashes of blue in the tree-line
Alusair: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 24]
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): woot lol
Alusair – You see several flashes of steel in the tree line, belonging to blue-garbed humans. Along the northern edge of the forest, you see a small cluster of green beings near the water’s edge.
Alusair: “Oh, look.. could those be your lizards?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Are they?
Alusair points.
GM: Yes.
GM: They are.

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Gods they followed me here?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “My magic is near depleted.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Heroism] -> Gives +2 bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks.
Shenvallei D’ansille: target – Alusair
GM: Alusair is Heroic
Alusair: Thanks, but I didn’t need a spell to tell me that
Alusair: “You know, I should just give up, go back to Sigil, and build a temple.”
Alusair: “But I can’t! Do you know why? Because for some reason, my goddess sees something in these sinkers.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Your god, my faction. Its the strings that be. When you find a way to cut em let me know.”
Alusair: “Cut your strings if you wish, I don’t intend to ever try to cut mine.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Then dont complain! Are you going to kill lizard folk or do I have to draw my dagger and do it myself?”
Alusair: “Wait, wait, why am I killing lizardfolk?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “We need answers, they have them.”
Alusair: “And they’ll talk alot when they’re dead, will they?”
Kiergath (Alusair): on a different note, nick, when were you thinking about starting your campaign?
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Good point. Well I suppose you could go have a word with them. They dont like me much.”
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): honestly I dont know now. I mean I want to, but with Aion, its going to be hard. It pulls at my soul.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): and Im not afraid to admit alex is a better dm.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): I will do it eventually however.
Kiergath (Alusair): Would be nice, our DM is talking to me about committing plot-icide.
Kiergath (Alusair): You know, “Rocks fall everybody dies” ?
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): I knew it would happen. We are too all over the place :P

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): and Im sure alex wants the chance to play for once
Alex: It’d be nice :p
Kiergath (Alusair): So would I!
Kiergath (Alusair): and don’t you dare bloody laugh
Kiergath (Alusair): I’ve spent most of the last two or three sessions tabbed out reading webcomics.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): when would you guys want to start?
Kiergath (Alusair): five minutes ago
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): I would need time to prepare.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): and you would both need to make chars
Alex: I already made mine, a while back… was just waiting on equipment, actually
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): and Id have to learn how to dm on this client
Alex: It’s actually pretty much the same as Playing, to be honest
Alex: I mean, I can get us to a convenient stopping place – I don’t know how long you need to prepare. Lord knows, I haven’t had anything prepared since I randomly made the maps.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): I have the basics down
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): just need to familiarize myself and fine tune them
Kiergath (Alusair): I’d need to make my character, but since she’s mostly planned out…
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): and as for starting equipment, take anything within reason for a level 2 or 3 did I say?
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): no magic items tho
Alex: Level 2, afaik… I’d have to check my character.

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): 2 is good
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): ok well lets get to a stopping point in this game, then break
Alex: If you want, I can get the campaign to a satisfactory stopping point and help you familiarize yourself with the program.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): great
From the forest emerges comes a chopping sound, to the south, and trees begin to fall.
Dragonling: Fuck seriousness! I’m a godamn rock formation.
Alex: Eventually, a clearing begins to form. The forest bristles with activity.
Eventually, a clearing begins to form. The forest bristles with activity.
Alusair: mommy
GM: Do you two take any action?

Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Hide] [1d20+7 = 25]
GM: Shenvallei hides in the shadow of a parapet.
Alusair grabs her sword belt from where it was laying and just watches and waits.
Alusair… you see the beginnings of a palisade being put up from your vantage point… and some sort of catapult is being constructed in the clearing.
Alusair: ...range?
GM: 400 feet?
Alusair: yeah?
GM: More or less.
Alusair: “Hey Shen.. I think its about time we sent a message. How about you?”
Alusair: There a bunch of people standing around the thing?
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I completely agree.”
Alusair: How’s teh weather?
GM: You can see workers now, yes.
GM: Sunny
Alusair: Sucks. But hey
Alusair: They’ll see me
GM: Sorry…you were suntanning.
GM: it’s hard to suntan in the rain.
GM: :P
Alusair: Stand up on the parapet, study the situation, wings flapping idly behind me.
GM: Shouts ring out from below
Alusair: Four hunnert feet, huh?
GM: Alusair – Spot check
Alusair: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 14]
Alusair: yeah, right
Shenvallei D’ansille: plus 2

Alusair: ah, heroism?
Shenvallei D’ansille: aye
You don’t see it until it’s almost too late… a growing speck, approaching at high speed… it manifests into an arrow, flying straight and true, right past your right wing. It ruffles your feathers, slightly.
Alusair: “Impatient, ain’t they?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “very they did the same to me.”
Alusair inhales deeply, going still in concentration. A few moments later and she raises one trembling finger towards the under-construction catapult.
Alusair: Spell [Chain Lightning] -> 1/day 1d6/level damage; 1 secondary bolt/level each deals half damage.
Alusair: to the catapult, reflex save vs DC 21 for half (if it can dodge) [6d6 = 12]
Kiergath (Alusair): fuck me, I’m rolling a bard. They dont’ have to roll dice, right?
The catapult explodes in a flurry of wood shrapnel, causing screams and agony.
Alusair: and .. oh yay.. 6 points of damage to 6 secondary targets
Alusair: and the upsetting, disappointing part
Shenvallei D’ansille: “HAH! Nice one Alusair.”
Alusair: is they ALSO get a reflex save for half
Alusair: So fuck me times two
Alusair: <grumble>
GM: [6d20 = 55]

And…six smoking corpses.
Alusair: “I think I’ve lost my touch.”
Several figures are seen fleeing through the forest.
Alusair springs backwards off the parapet, landing next to Shen.
Cheers go up from down below.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Still no information, but now they will think twice before attacking head on like that.”
Alusair: ”. . .”
Alusair: “Shen! Snap out of it!”
Alusair: “Those aren’t lizards building that siege equipment!”
Alusair: “Those aren’t lizards digging those trenchlines!”
Shenvallei D’ansille rubs his eyes.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Sorry. Blood in the eye.”
You see a horde spew forth from the fortress… footsoldiers rallying behind a lone figure out front… they seem to be chanting something… “Meryt”, over and over, as they march.
GM: Spot checks!
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Spot] [1d20+2 = 10]
Alusair: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 10]
Alusair: ...
Alusair: At least I matched Shen
Shenvallei D’ansille: plus 2 :P
Alusair: take that, elf eyes!
GM: The figure out front is wearing a bloody smock.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): Oh sure, go there.
Kiergath (Alusair): ... my next level, I’m devoting all my points to spot and listen.
Alex: lol
Kiergath (Alusair): ..except then I’ll roll worse.
Alex: but have the skills to make up for the rolls
Kiergath (Alusair): I figure I’ll just roll enough worse to even it out..
Alusair: “Unfortunately, that was pretty much my big finish.”
Alusair: “I’ve got another, but it doesn’t have the range.. and I’ve never actually used it outside of the, erm, bedroom.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Great so now we are both out of energy. At least you have a sword.”
Alusair: “And only that once. And I think I was sort’ve drunk by then.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Should we join them in the battle?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Right. Lets just watch.”
Alusair: “Whatever.”
Alusair: Leap off the tower and find the meanest looking SOB I can to do unspeakable things to
Shenvallei D’ansille: Before I do the same.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Can you give me a count as to how many mean sobs there are?

GM: Mean SoBs…
GM: I count 6.
GM: And one that looks MEAAAAAAAAAAAAN
Alusair: ...
Alusair: Bingo!
Alusair: That ones mine!
GM: is sort of mean, but he’s on your side
Shenvallei D’ansille: init?
GM: Sure…
GM: But uh
GM: How are you participating in the combat, Nick?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill fly down.
GM: How?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Alter self
GM: Theeere we go.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Alter Self] -> Assume form of a similar creature.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Initiative [1d20+5 = 20]
Alusair: Initiative [1d20+2 = 6]
Alusair: ,,,
Alusair: Yeah.
Alusair: This is gonna go smashingly
Alusair: I can tell already.
GM: [1d20 = 14]
GM: [1d20 = 16]
GM: Shen!
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Shadow Conjuration] -> Mimics conjuration below 4th level, but only 20% real.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will summon a Shadow Air elemental.

Shenvallei D’ansille: And command it to attack.
Shenvallei D’ansille: so it has
Shenvallei D’ansille: 17 AC
Shenvallei D’ansille: 2d8 hp
Shenvallei D’ansille: [2d8 = 15]
Shenvallei D’ansille: 15 hp
GM: Sure.
Shenvallei D’ansille: and does 1d4 damage
GM: [2d20 = 13]
Shenvallei D’ansille: what a weak monster
GM: [1d20 = 7]
GM: [1d20 = 20]
GM: [1d6 = 4]
GM: [1d20 = 9]
One of the lesser Big Bads takes a bit of the wind out of the Air elemental.
GM: [1d20 = 5]
GM: Alusair, the Big Bad misses you.
Alusair: ...hrm
Alusair: describing the big bad, plz?

Eight feet by Four Feet, Wooden Stick with Green Studs in, Leather Armor with Green Studs in.
Alusair: ....
Alusair: This is one of the primes?
Yes. He is amongst the Prime army.
Alusair: Kay
Alusair: thats all I needed.
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+14 = 32]
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 2) [1d20+9 = 13]
Alusair: <sigh>
Shenvallei D’ansille: plus 2
Alusair: 32 and 15.
First Hits.
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Damage) [1d10+10 = 12]
Alusair: sigh

Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Magic Missile] -> 1d4+1 damage; +1 missile per two levels above 1st (max 5).
Shenvallei D’ansille: same target that Al just attacked
Shenvallei D’ansille: [1d6 = 6]
Shenvallei D’ansille: [5d4+5 = 20]
Shenvallei D’ansille: 20
GM: [6d20 = 69]
GM: [1d6 = 1]
GM: [1d6 = 3]
Your elemental takes a dive, as do several soldiers around you.
GM: [1d20 = 12]
Swing and a miss at Alusair.

Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 2) [1d20+9 = 14]
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+14 = 34]
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+14 = 31]
Alusair: I bet that hits, huh.
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Damage) [1d10+10 = 13]
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Damage) [1d10+10 = 20]
Alusair: 33.
Alusair: Assuming the 16 missed
GM: Good assumption
Alusair: yeah, well, I gotta try
GM: The big Bad looks hurt.
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: Draw my bow.
GM: Sure thing.
GM: [6d20 = 35]
GM: Blades swing at both Shenvallei and Alusair, and they all miss.
GM: [1d20 = 7]
The club thuds into the ground ineffectually next to Alusair.
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+14 = 23]
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 2) [1d20+9 = 26]
Alusair: 23 and 26?

GM: Yep
Alusair: both?
GM: Yes.
Alusair: How bad’s he look?
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Damage) [1d10+10 = 18]
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Damage) [1d10+10 = 17]
Alusair: 35
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): dont be upset guys but I dont think Ill be able to dm after this. I WILL tommorrow however. I have to eat and I have to prepare for it which wont leave us much time unless you both are up for staying up late.
He looks…dead… Your sword kind of…split his head open with that second blow.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Not even a scratch on you Al? You havent lost your touch.”
Alusair: ”. . . .”
Alusair lowers her weapon to her side and howls to the sky, “WHY ARE ALL MY OPPONENTS SUCH INCOMPETANTS!?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Actually… arent you usually the one getting beat up?”
Alex: Not a problem for me… it’s up to Morgan. At least today I’d like to get you acclimated to the DM client.
GM: [2d20 = 11]
Alusair – The club swings up and knocks you to the side. It hurts. A lot.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): np but food has to take a priority.
Alusair: “THANK YOU! ...Ow.”
Alex: Oh, by all means. I’m not depriving you of food.
Alusair: [1d20 = 17]

Alusair goes tumbling under the impact, sword landing in the other direction.
Your sword tumbles, and is eventually returned to you… the combat seems to have died down around you, with only some minor scuffles being resolved quickly towards the edges.
Alusair: “Does this mean we won?”
Alusair: “Apparently, I’m still here.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Yes seems so.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I begin searching the bodies.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Search] [1d20+7 = 27]
Alusair: Ditto, but I’m searching for wounded.
Alusair: Kill theirs, heal ours.
You search the bodies around you… The only things that seem worthwhile are those on the Big Bad.
Alusair – You put to death 50 Enemy Combatants.
Alusair: Oh well
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): lol hoping for more?
Kiergath (Alusair): Half hoping for less.
Kiergath (Alusair): :P
GM: Several Doomguard are healed…

Among those you heal is Jor’un.
Jor’un: ”...I knew those bastards were coming, but I didnt know it would be so soon, or with the intent to lay siege to us…”
Alusair: “Rather impressive attempt, too.. if they’d managed to dig in.”
Alusair: “You have engineers among your people? If so, I’d get to work, they’ve done you a favor by cutting some of that timber, shore up the defenses.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I wonder if they will reconsider negotiations now.”
Jor’un: “Them? I doubt it… You’re welcome to try. I’m going to head up the salvaging effort.”

Alusair: “I don’t see it being likely either.”
Alusair: “Is there any chance you can get reinforcements here?”
Jor’un: “If we demonstrate, beyond reasonable doubt, that this place is being tainted by order, then it may be possible.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “If you dont mind, Id like to prepare my spells in case of another assault.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I head back to the tower and rememorize
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): sporadic afk to cook
Alusair: “I’d call what we’re seeing an unprecedented tainting by order, no?”

Alusair: “These sods seem intent to enforce their will on this whole damned island, and probably beyond it.”
Alusair: “If they’re merchants, they sure ain’t tradin’ with themselves, are they?”
Jor’un: “I can see about getting reinforcements here… I fear my pleas may be falling on deaf ears… but you have a point.”
Alusair: “Once in awhile.”
Jor’un heads off to organize the scavengers, and to attempt to get reinforcements.
Alex: I think this is a pretty good spot to break at, personally.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): me too
Kiergath (Alusair): EXCELLENT

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): closing summary
GM: Closing Summary, of course.

Alusair and Shenvallei approach the Doomguard fortress, and are greeted by a medic, of sorts, Jor’un. Alusair heals their wounded, and sets in motion the curing of all the ills in the fortress. Shenvallei uncovers a map of the island. They befirend the medic, and Shenvallei sets off to deliver a list of demands to the Doomguard to the Merchant Coalition. He upsets some lizardfolk, and is ambushed by them, barely escaping. He holes up in the Doomguard fortress, which is then laid siege to. Alusair destroys a catapult, and then rallys the troops to combat the humans. The group retreats to the fortress, and the Doomguard sends for off-plane reinforcements.


Alusair: Hmm..
GM: Hm?
Alusair: nothing, reading.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): very good
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): afk again

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Session Thirty Nine

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