Session Thirty Eight

Alex: Hm?
Kiergath: nothing, just reading.
Kiergath: so he really tried to make a deal with the debil

Alex: Da
Alex: hm?
Kiergath: not a lot..
Alex: lol…
Alex: When are you heading to bed?

Kiergath: no idea
Kiergath: I’m notoriously foolish when it comes to such things
GM: True, true
Alex: hmmm
Kiergath: Sup, chief?
Alex: Not much.
Alex: Was trying to think of how long the Meryt-Alusair conversation would take
Kiergath: god only knows
Alex: da…pry best not to go into that.

Alex: Hm…any questions/comments?
Kiergath: Not really.
Kiergath: I really don’t have alot to say at the moment in game.
Kiergath: lol

Alex: hmmmm
Kiergath: mm?
Alex: Idk…
Alex: Just thinking

Kiergath: ah?
Alex: Da…

Alex: am just…wallowing in IDKness
Kiergath: ahh
Alex: hmmm

Alex: I find myself looking for a zork-esque game, for some reason

Kiergath: lol
Alex: Hmmm
Alex: Damn

Kiergath: aright. I’m gonna bail.

Alex: Alright
Alex: Night bossman
‘Kiergath’ connected
Bobbert: woot
GM: Death
Bobbert: y u haet bobbert?
Jhaelyn: bookkeeping time…
GM: da..
Jhaelyn: ...d’oh
Jhaelyn: I never leveled up Jhae, either
Jhaelyn: lol
GM: lol
Jhaelyn: I didn’t have to
Jhaelyn: lol
GM: true
Alex: Was nick supposed to be 6 or 7?
Jhaelyn: 7

Alusair: one level higher than Al
GM: Gotcha.
GM: hmm
Jhaelyn: gmm
Jhaelyn: hmm
Jhaelyn: I can’t do shite to update Jhae without the psionics book
Jhaelyn: and I don’t feel like finding it

GM: Its loaded
GM: :P
Jhaelyn: yeah, but

GM: hm?
Jhaelyn: booooring
Jhaelyn: :P
GM: eh?
Jhaelyn: did you tell nick the server was up, for when he gets back?
GM: oh, no
Jhaelyn: lets see…
Jhaelyn: as I recall..
Jhaelyn: [1d4 = 3]
Jhaelyn: 4 more points..
Jhaelyn: 7 skill points..
‘Nick’ connected
Alex: Why hello there, Nick!
Alex: Nice to see you in such surroundings!
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): you as well :)

Jhaelyn: Resetting Pyrokineticist Powers
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): ugh
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): still level 6 I knew I didnt update shen
Alex: Hm?
Alex: Hahaha..yeah
Jhaelyn: ugh
Jhaelyn: I hate the psionics SRD
Jhaelyn: it doesn’t organize powers by level
Shenvallei D’ansille: rolling for new hp
Shenvallei D’ansille: [2d4 = 5]
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill take the 4 :)
GM: Settle in
GM: brb
GM: back

Shenvallei D’ansille: I cant find my phb
GM: no?
Shenvallei D’ansille: I found my complete arcane at least
Shenvallei D’ansille: do I get a new feat at 7th or is that at 9th?
Jhaelyn: 1, 3, 6, 9, 12
Jhaelyn: etc
Shenvallei D’ansille: + 1 to a stat at 10th?
Jhaelyn: 4
Jhaelyn: 8
Jhaelyn: 12
Jhaelyn: etc
Shenvallei D’ansille: k
Shenvallei D’ansille: can you give me my total + to saves thru level 5?

GM: uh
GM: From Wizard
Shenvallei D’ansille: aye
GM: +1/+1/+4
Shenvallei D’ansille: thats fort/ref/will right?
GM: da
Shenvallei D’ansille: lev 2 wild mage gives me +3 to ref so my base saves will be 1/4/4
GM: da?
Shenvallei D’ansille: bab is +3 I think
GM: BaB from 5/wizard is +2
Shenvallei D’ansille: k good
Shenvallei D’ansille: cause +1 from 2/wm

Jhaelyn: kay
Jhaelyn: wave goodbye to the psion
Alusair: Anyway
GM: Anyway indeed!
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok I need
Shenvallei D’ansille: to spend 7 ranks on my skills
GM: Let me know if you have any questions, or need anything
Shenvallei D’ansille: but you will have to do it for me please
Shenvallei D’ansille: because it wont let me update skills
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill take 2 in hide (non class skill), 2 in bluff (class skill), 2 in intimidate (class skill), and 1 in use magic device (class skill)

GM: Kay.
Shenvallei D’ansille: shouldnt hide be only 2
Shenvallei D’ansille: since its non class?
Shenvallei D’ansille: .5 to raise it right?
GM: Oh, I thought you had made the corrections
GM: When you told me
Shenvallei D’ansille: no sorry :P
GM: Kay
GM: Set.
Shenvallei D’ansille: cool now can I get my spells/day?
GM: er
GM: Dont you have that?
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: not for a level 7
Shenvallei D’ansille: I get 5/3/3 for a level 6
GM: Open up the library
GM: and the PHB is there
GM: :P

Shenvallei D’ansille: d20 basic rules?
GM: newp
GM: SRD basic rules
GM: that’s 3.5
Shenvallei D’ansille: sorry Im a newb at this, how do you get spells from the complete srd spells into your spellbook?
GM: Drag ‘em in

GM: Drag the box
Shenvallei D’ansille: right but an even newber question, how do you open the books in the library
Shenvallei D’ansille: nm I think I got it
GM: Kay
GM: :)
Shenvallei D’ansille: I wasnt in the library
Shenvallei D’ansille: I was in the modules section
GM: ahhh
GM: Gotcha

For your mulling perusals….
Alusair and Shenvallei make their way back to the Harem, in search of Almach. They stumble in upon him making a weapons deal with a group of Sinkers, who seem to be purchasing an alarming amount of weapons as of late. Shenvallei runs Van off with harsh words, and follows Alusair to the portal from whence Alusair was saved. Vhailor confronts them, stepping through the portal that they sought to flee through. Shenvallei tries to make a deal with the devil, desperately, but fails. When Shenvallei is taken to prison, he awaits his death the next morning, whereupon he is approached by a Koboldl named Fangore, who tells him his sentence has been lifted, and the charges against him have been dropped. Fangore is subsequently to become his Handler, and will direct Shenvallei in ways that most favor the Fated. Shenvallei is released, and they head to The Fallen Angel, in the Hive Ward, where they discover that the staff, named Iar’an, can speak.

GM: I love Recaps.
Kiergath (Alusair): AS DO I
Alex: indeed.
Alex: Hmm

Shenvallei D’ansille: 1 new spell in spellbook when you level correct
Alusair: sure
Alusair: I don’t do mage, man
Alusair: it might be two
Alusair: ALEX?
GM: Harro!
GM: Yes?

GM: Two new spells of any spell level that you can cast
Alusair: god I’m glad I don’t have to worry
Alusair: about spellbooks
Alusair: I just scream really loudly and throw a temper tantrum every day
Alusair: and lo and behold, divine spells
Alusair: its sort’ve like a pacifier for priests
Alusair: :P
GM: lol
GM: Indeed.
Alusair: lets see…
Shenvallei D’ansille: Resetting Wizard Powers

GM: How’re you doing, Nick?
Shenvallei D’ansille: good
Shenvallei D’ansille: almost done
Shenvallei D’ansille: finally chose my 2 new spells
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok
Shenvallei D’ansille: I think im done.
GM: Alright
Alusair: Really?
GM: just a second, then
Alusair: Hallelujia
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: yup

When last we met, you were in a bar, talking to the staff, having just had your sentence suspended.
GM: I’ll brb, so feel free to talk
Shenvallei D’ansille: hello
Alusair: hi!
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): ok
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): now Im set.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): lets see.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): where did we leave off?
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): oh in the bar right
Kiergath (Alusair): if you want to call it a bar.

Shenvallei D’ansille turns his attention towards Alusair ignoring the talking staff for the moment.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “All jest aside Al, what are you planning to do henceforth?”
Alusair cradles her glass, peering at the contents thoughtfully, “I dunno.. I was considering finding out when the barmaid gets off work. Or were you looking more long-term?”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ive come to respect time. What I mean is that so many things can ruin pleasantries. It perhaps has made me grow impatient. I dont know what Im saying.”
Kiergath (Alusair): I seem to have that effect on Shen. :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: “All that we have been through…”
Alusair: “Aye, and all that we’ve been through means it’d be a shame to give up now.”
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): lol
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ive learned things here Alusair. But some of the things I have learned have made me sick to my stomach.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Thank you for being patient with me.”
Shenvallei D’ansille holds his cup in both hands staring into the contents.
Alusair: “I’ve heard that my greatest fault is caring too much.”

Alusair sets the glass down and leans back in her seat, “I still have a score to settle.. but events have given me a chance to consider that, perhaps, immediate action is unwise.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “If you speak of Jesebel then…”
Shenvallei D’ansille frowns.
Alusair: “I speak of the unpleasant business of dealing with Jesebel, yes.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im torn between my hope for her redemption and my anger at her betrayal. Its almost as if I wish to burn her and the sensates to ash and then have her reborn into her old self.”
Shenvallei D’ansille grips his cup tighter.
Alusair: “Burn the Sensates to ash? You have a rather interesting view of the factions.. they had no part in any of this.”
Alusair: “On the contrary, I doubt she’s been on their books for.. well.. probably the better part of a century.”
Alusair: “She disappeared.. what.. a hundred years ago?”
Shenvallei D’ansille looks up.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And now she will be their leader? How could they accept that?”
Alusair: “Pardon?”
Alusair: “The factol of the society of sensation is Erin Montgomery.. why would she step aside for Jesebel?”
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): didnt jesebel tell me that she was going to lead the sensates?

Kiergath (Alusair): no
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): my mistake
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im glad you cleared that up. I cant afford any more distaste for most of the people here.”
Alusair: “It would be poorly placed, seeing as the Sensates are one of the least offensive factions in Sigil.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What do you know about the fated? Im sure you are aware of the details behind my pardon.”
Alusair: “The fated? Takers, they call them.. they collect the taxes and oversee the books in our.. fair.. city.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Books? What kind of books.”
Alusair: “The kind that says you owe this, or I owe that.”
Alusair: “Finances.”
Shenvallei D’ansille waves his hand dismissively.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Mere rubbish then.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “So consumed with who has what or who owes who. Blah blah.”
Alusair: “When dealing with the Fated, you need to remember something..”
Alusair: “If you cannot keep something, it does not belong to you. It belongs to whoever has the power to take it.”
Alusair: “Unfortunately, its not particularly easy to get anything back from them.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And they all want something different dont they?”
Alusair: “Well, within the obvious boundaries that theres a limit to the different things people can want..”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Lets hope they temper their greed when dealing with me. I have no love for those who respect other only for the material items they posess.”

Alusair: “Why would they do any such thing? They have you firmly in their hands.”
Alusair: “Effectively, your life ends at their say-so.”
Alusair: “I’d say the only choice we have is to play ball with them.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And Im sure they paid a price for me. Therefore my life itself is my bargaining tool. If they want something done so be it, but Ill do it my way.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “You can bet Id rather die than put another innocent through Sigil’s wringer.”
Alusair: “Quite. Well, having as I do a bad feeling about the days ahead, I’m going to enjoy the time I have left while I can.”

Shenvallei D’ansille drinks the remainder of his green prime in a single gulp.
Alusair: “I’ll catch up to you and the stick back at the harem in the morning.”
Shenvallei D’ansille nods
Alusair finishes her drink and wanders off.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill stay at the bar another 10 minutes, then grab the staff and head back to the harem to read.
You make to grab the staff, and your hand touches a note, hastily scribbled. “See you at the Harem in the Morning. – I”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hmm.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Grab my pack and leave.
You do so.
You arrive at the Harem, and you Read.

Morning Comes, and the front door swings inwards, sending a staff clattering into the room, and Alusair steps in.
Alusair: “Huh. Why’d you leave the stick outside?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I didnt, it has the ability to move about on its own.”
Alusair: “Err… then why is it just laying there in the dirt?”
Shenvallei D’ansille shrugs
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill go pick it up.
You do so. It feels positively warm to the touch, and seems to be glowing slightly.
Alusair sniffs the air as Shen picks up the staff and blinks, wandering over to her things with a slight smirk.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Good night?”

Behind Alusair, there is a soft rapping at the door. “Shenvallei? Is Shenvallei in?”
“Sorry if I’m interrupting… I’m here bearing orders for Shenvallei.”
Alusair: “Yes.. yes it was.”
Alusair: “But I have a feeling its all about to be for naught.. The doors open!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill walk to the side of the door.
In steps a rather well dressed man, although he walks rather oddly… he seems to favor his left leg.
“I take it that you are Shenvallei?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Are you here alone?”
His pointed ears perk up slightly.
“Well, I am here with you two, am I not?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill close the door with the staff.
Alusair busies herself with her gear.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Sit or stand. Drink or dont. But please do speak.”
“I come to deliver your assignment.” He stiffens up, mechanically.

“You are to go to a far distant island. Arrangements have been made to travel there through a portal. You are to locate and identify the castle of the Archmagus Galen, and you will retrieve for us his dragon Familiar.”
Alusair: “Wot?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Where is the location of the portal, and what tools are you providing for this.”
“You are the tools being provided, although we have the key to the portal to present to you.” He holds out a dagger, which seems to be made of solid gold. “The Portal can be accessed in the sewers beneath the Great Bazaar.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “So since this is my first ‘assignment’ how does this work? I complete the task and thats it?”

“Yes. Bring the familiar back, place it into the warehouse across the street, and that is it.”
Alusair: “My friend wasn’t clear. Whats in it for me, since I end up going with him and you got no dark on me?”
“For you?”
He falls quiet, and his body sags, slightly.
Alusair: “Thought so.”
Alusair: “Where’s the sodding portal?”
His body picks up, slightly. “We can provide you compensation with regards to your involvement in the assignment. The portal may be accessed by the sewer vent near the cafe in the Great Bazaar.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What plane is the island located on?”
“The island is on the Prime Material, although it has been known to drift through the Ethereal, the Astral, and even Limbo itself.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Demi-plane then?”

Shenvallei D’ansille looks at Alusair.
Alusair: “More like the prime material.”
Alusair: “That is what he sid.”
Alusair: said
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Right.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Sure thing berk. Here ya go.”
Shenvallei D’ansille flips the man a gold piece.
The man catches it, suprised, and life flares back into his eyes. “Th—thank you? I hope that they were helpful…”
He holds out the golden dagger, sheathed, to you
Shenvallei D’ansille: I take it.
GM: you do so. Unless otherwise stated, he leaves.
Shenvallei D’ansille: What did he look like? human ect?
GM: Elf.
GM: Walked like his left leg didnt work.

Shenvallei D’ansille: I close the door behind him as he leaves.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Then I sit and examine the gold dagger.
GM: you do so
GM: It seems very ordinary… the blade is soft, and has no edge.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hmm.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What do you think Al?”
Alusair: “I think we’ve got a job to do and a ticket to *maybe having some fun off this rock.”
Alusair: “What better place to cause trouble than the Prime? Isn’t that what the sodding hole is meant for?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “There is a certain charm to its quaintness Alusair. I can see how to an outsider its diversion could be alluring.”
Alusair: “Exactly. Diversion. Its just what I need.”
Alusair: “I haven’t been to the Prime in decades.”

Iar’an: “Decades? I haven’t been to the Prime in EONS!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “But despite the majority of the sentient creatures ignorance, some are my friends.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Then again I only speak of Sasal… Hey Iar’an welcome back.”
Iar’an: “Oi, so where are we off to? What do we get to explore?”
Alusair: “We’re dismantling part of the Prime.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Are we? I thought the goal was simply the aquisition of a certain archmagus’s familiar.”
“Oh, quite a pleasant pasttime, that! Which part? I hope it’s one of those annoying bits. I swear, if you take me back there…”
Alusair: “Look. He said we had to bring back the familiar, yes. He didn’t say when.”
Alusair: “Nor did he say what we could or couldn’t do while we were there!”
Alusair: “So bloody hell, why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I caught the time part instantly.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Which is why Im in no large hurry at the moment.”
Shenvallei D’ansille leans back examining the gold dagger again.

Shenvallei D’ansille: “However, I agree that getting out of here might be just what we need.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “The logical thing to do first would be aquiring any supplies/information needed pertaining to the task so that when we actually do it, we will be prepared.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ever heard of an archmage Galen, Iar’an?”
Iar’an: “Galen? That old daft fool finally made Archmage? Cor, that was so long ago… one of my favorite students, he was. Travelled with me across the Negative Energy Plane, he did. Only one to graduate from that class.”
Alusair blinks, slumps down in a corner in boredom.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “So, whats his personality in case we try the diplomatic route.”
Iar’an: “Oh, old Galen was the friendliest, most impressionable knowledge seeker I’ve ever come across.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Wonder if he actually owes the takers or if they just want his dragon.”
Iar’an: “No idea… he was always good at paying his debts, when he had them.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well. In that case maybe we should find out.”
“A good idea! A good Jaunter always leaps into looking before he leaps and falls. Best to Know what’s ahead.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I can bet my spellbook that if I ask my ‘employers’ they will tell me that its a need to know basis and that I do not need to know.”

Iar’an: “Ooh, I’ll take that bet. I could use a new spellbook. You’re on!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hmm I have no way of contacting my employers do I?”
Alusair curls up into a ball in the corner, sighing periodically.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well thats convenient. No way to contact them, and theyve given me no deadline.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well then lets just head there and explore for awhile. No harm in that.”
Shenvallei D’ansille stands up and gathers his gear.
Alusair: “Goddess! Does that mean we’re leaving!?”
Iar’an: “A trip! A trip! Let me get my things!”
Alusair: “Yer a pikin’ stick, woody. Ya got no things.”
Alusair: ”. . . Take that however you like.”
Iar’an: ”...don’t have to be snippy about it. You should respect your elders.”
Alusair gets up and starts gathering her equipment, “Whatever.”

Shenvallei D’ansille pens a quick note.
GM: You note somethign!
Shenvallei D’ansille: The note is addressed to Jhaelyn: Jhaelyn, Alusair and I have departed on a trip to the prime material plane on the floating island of Archmagus Galen. I hope you are well and plan on seeing you when I return. Be safe. -Shenvallei
Alusair: Duck into the back of the building, see if Almach is there
Almach Carr-ai steps out from the storeroom, looking exhausted. “Oh, if it isn’t my benefactor! How nice of you to allow me to do business in this glorious little building!”
Alusair: “As long as everything that was here is still here until I have a chance to look around, huh?”

Alusair: “If any of it needs liquidated, you’ll be the first one to know.”
Almach Carr-ai: “Oh, it’s all still here… I’m just wanting to show my appreciation for letting me use the space.”
Almach Carr-ai: “I’ve got a gift for you, and for Shenvallei, if you run across him. He’s out free, did you hear?”
Alusair: “Fancy that.. yes I did.”
Almach Carr-ai: “Oh, well… looks like someone has a better network than I do.”
Almach Carr-ai tosses a rather large, heavy sack at you.
Alusair: Catch it.
It jingles, and clanks.
Alusair grins, “Nah mate.. I was there when it happened.”
Almach Carr-ai: “Oh, straight from the source! I knew I liked the way you worked!”
Almach Carr-ai: “But uh, in care you were wondering, no, I can’t return anything in that bag.”
Alusair: “Mm. Can I ask a favor?”
Alusair: Take a look inside the bag
Almach Carr-ai: “Oh, of course.”
Alusair: “Have you seen Riley since I got back?”

GM: Two bags, a very, very old looking set of bracers, a pair of soft leather gloves (brown), and a rather nice looking wooden cylinder, about as thick as a finger, and almost as long as a hand.
Two bags, a very, very old looking set of bracers, a pair of soft leather gloves (brown), and a rather nice looking wooden cylinder, about as thick as a finger, and almost as long as a hand.
GM: “Riley? Yeah… had supper with her and Fi the other night.”
Almach Carr-ai: “Riley? Yeah… had supper with her and Fi the other night.”

Alusair: “You’ve got connections I can’t even begin to fathom, and I wouldn’t even know where to look in this godless city. I promised her roses when she first came with us, and I doubt I’ll be back in Sigil for quite some time. If you could spare the time…”
Almach Carr-ai: “Consider it done.”
Almach Carr-ai nods at you, then ducks out the back door.
Alusair: Truck the sack back out to the front room
GM: You do so.
Alusair: “Gifts from Almach, chief. Not sure what they are, of course.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hmm. That is very nice of him. We do have quite a bit of unknown magical equipment, what say we visit the sage before we depart?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Iar’an, you cannot identify magial items can you?”
Iar’an: ” ask I, Iar’an, the greatest planewalker who has ever lived, to stoop to common magic tricks!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Oh dont feel bad, I cant do it either.”
Alusair: “Bloody hell, Twiggy, what do you want?”
Iar’an: ” think I can’t? HAH! Show me something, I dare you, and I’ll prove I can!”
Alusair: Show him the bracers.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I lay out all the unidentified items we have.
Alusair: Except, of course, for the ones in the bag I’m still holding

Iar’an: ”...oh, those are familiar… Hells, I killed the man that was wearing those personally! It was during the Blood War… one of the only Aasimar I’ve ever seen drawn into it, fighting for the Baatezu, no less.”
Alusair taps her foot and waits.
They’re Bracers of Spell Absorbtion and Reflection.
Alusair: “Huh.”
Iar’an: “There. I have proved myself adequately, I feel.”
Alusair: “This piker actually knows his stuff.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I have laid out in a line all of my unidentified items that radiated magic.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well of course you have Iar’an, what of the rest of these items?”

Iar’an: ”...what am I, some base magician? I am a great planewalker! If you want to do that, I demand you take me to Limbo and hire me a hooker, for a week.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I thought we were a team Iar’an, and teammates help each other out.”
Iar’an: ”...yes, so promise to help me out, and I’ll help you out.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What do you need help with?”
Iar’an: “Well I can’t bloody get to limbo and hire a hooker by myself, can I?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “You think I can?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I dont know if youve noticed or not, but Im an elf whos spent the majority of his years in a village on the prime material plane.”
Alusair: “I’m not in the business of hiring hookers.”
Alusair: ”... for other people.”
Alusair: “And Limbo? Really? Githzerai? What? No.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ill get you a hooker here in Sigil if thats what you really want. But not in limbo.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Come on pal what do you say?”

Iar’an: “Ugh… this is what I’ve got to work with? Fine…”
GM: A list of your items that are magical?
Shenvallei D’ansille: 1 book, 1 dagger, 1 wand, and whatever else Alusair has in the bag.
GM: +1 Dagger
Alusair: Bracers, gloves, wooden cylinder, whatevers in the 2 bags.
GM: Wand of Detect Poison
GM: Book of the Chaos Sea War
Shenvallei D’ansille: lol what?
GM: Bracers – ID’d

GM: Yes. Iar’an describes it as a current chronical of the Chaos Sea War, which a companion of his is currently documenting.
GM: Wooden Cylinder – Cartographer’s Stylus
GM: Gloves – Magus Gloves of Flame Absorbtion
GM: [1d20 = 5]
GM: [2d6 = 2]
GM: [2d10 = 13]
GM: In each of the two bags is 500 gold.
Alusair: Hand Shen a bag and the gloves.
Alusair: ...and the stylus.
GM: The Magus Gloves absorb up to 40 points of flame damage per day
Shenvallei D’ansille: neat
Shenvallei D’ansille: what does the stylus do?

The Stylus is an ancient pen, imbued with the soul of one of the greatest cartographers to ever have lived. It is capable of producing rough sketches of most any area, and can be dictated to take notes.
Shenvallei D’ansille: very useful.
Shenvallei D’ansille: especially since we are traveling to unexplored areas.
GM: It can’t diagram an area until it’s been around a bit, however.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Thats fine.
Shenvallei D’ansille: 10 coins to 1 pound right?
GM: More or less?
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Thank you Iar’an.”
Iar’an grumbles.
Shenvallei D’ansille: If everyone else is ready, we stop by the bar in the lady’s quarter and I drop off the note with the bartender and 5 gold to please give it to the addressee. Then we head to the great bazaar.”
Alusair: bar in the lady’s ward…
GM: You do so.
Shenvallei D’ansille: ward yes sorry.
Alusair: Stop nick from leaving a note and 5 gold at an empty establishment, unless things have changed since I made it up
Alusair: :P
GM: The note is dropped off, and you find yourself in a very friendly bazaar
GM: lol
GM: There’s someone there
Alusair: oh, thank god
Alusair: Moving on!
Shenvallei D’ansille: I head for the sewer enterance by the butcher.
GM: You do so.

Shenvallei D’ansille: I pull the grate off and jump down.
Alusair: Sigh and follow
GM: You do so.
Beneath, down the tunnel, you see a portal flare to life.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I draw the golden dagger and head towards it.
You do so…The portal swirls to life.
Alusair: Sigh and go through it
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): hmm
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): ok 1 hour warning for me.
Shenvallei D’ansille: head thru the portal.

You head through the portal… and immediately, sounds of battle assail your ears.
There are two lines converging before you… one line in blue livery, well armed, attacking through a forest line.
The second line, what appears to be a highly organized rank of soldiers, but their equipment is all tainted black, and there are flecks of rust among all of their weapons.
Beyond them, behind the skirmish, a small fortress, in various states of disrepair.
Alusair: “I. Love. This. World.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Lets not be seen, they will likely think us spies.”
Alusair: “Hells, can’t we just kill them a little?”
Somewhere in the distance in another direction, along the coast, there is a stone walled settlement.

Shenvallei D’ansille: I look for a place to take cover and watch the battle.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Iar’an, whos armies are these?”
Alusair: “Doomguard, you silly pike. Like the ones Almach was dealin’ with. The others look like Primes. Then again, that could just be the funny clothes.”
The battle gets fierce, as you hide yourself amongst a rocky outcropping.
“The girl’s right, Prime. You can tell they’re not planewalkers… they fight too rigidly.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Doomguard?”
Alusair: “Aye. Sinkers.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Sinkers aye?”
Alusair: ”. . . .”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “So guess that explains what Almach was selling all the equipment for.”
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): are the sinkers in blue livery or the ones with the rusty weapons?

Alex: At a guess, from what was said, the ones with the rusty weapons
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well what in the pike are they doing here?”
Alusair: “Defending their stronghold, from the looks of it!”
Alusair: “Perfectly reasonable to me.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Sinkers have a stronghold? I never would have guessed.”
Iar’an: “Oh aye, they’ve got several, across the multiverse… I witnessed one crumble to dust, and oddly enough, saw one being built.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hmm, I had thought they were all about destroying, not building.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Guess I was wrong.”

Alusair: “Nah. Sinkers aren’t about destroying.”
Alusair: “They’re about letting things crumble. Entropy, not destruction.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Thats just symantecs in my book.”
Shenvallei D’ansille shakes his head.
Alusair: “And thats why you’re a prime.”
Iar’an: “Lots to learn, this one…”
The fight, at this point, seems to be worn down. The primes are retreating back towards the walled settlement, and the Sinkers begin collecting their wounded and dead, bringing them back to their fortress.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Right, lets head to the primes fortress and see what this is all about.”
GM: You head to the prime’s fortress?

GM: If yes, you can intercept the Prime Column before it is back at base.
Shenvallei D’ansille: yes.
GM: Okay.
GM: You draw close to the column
GM: The ceasemarch order is given
GM: And weapons bristle at you.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I wave and step forward hands held together in a symbol of peace.
GM: “Who goes there?!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “My name is Shenvallei, a traveler, and I witnessed the battle that just took place and want to offer any aid I can.”
Alusair: How many of them are there?
Shenvallei D’ansille: I yell the above.

There are probably twenty left from the skirmish.
GM: “Aid? You want to aid us? Go, rid that plague from this land, and that would be aid enough.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Please, let me follow you back to your headquarters so that I may learn more.”
GM: “Feh… whatever, stranger, but if you start any trouble, we’re going to hang you.”
GM: They start marching back to the settlement.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Follow.
Alusair: “We left Sigil for this?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What exactly did you envision?”
Alusair: “I. Want. To. Kill. Something.”
Alusair: “How is that not clear by now?!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well the battle is over now Alusair. Sheesh.”

GM: The column stops again
GM: ”...what did your companion just say, traveller?”
Alusair: “I said I’m sick of gettin’ jerked around by the collar by a bunch’a Clueless!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “My companion is a skilled warrior. She merely states her desire for battle.”
“Battle? And from that battle, entropy will result, no doubt. We know your ilk, Sinkers. You’ll not sucker us into letting you into our walls. Men! Fan out!”
Alusair: “Me? A Sinker? I ain’t in a faction, berk!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “We will tell you exactly who we are if you let us speak to your commander. I will surrender my weapons at your gate. I am not a sinker nor in league with them. Make your choice human.”
Alusair: ”......”
Alusair: “Bunch’a pikin’ bub-addled sods!”
Alusair throws her hands up in disgust, turns on her heel and starts walking away.

“Quick, Gavin, boy, run back and tell the commander the Sinkers are getting desperate, sending spies among us! They will see us dissolve! We must now stand firm! Summon the forces from the rest of the island! We will crush this threat now! Seal the city until we deal with these fools!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Shame.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Fireball] -> Fire deals 1d6/level damage
GM: Roll it.
Shenvallei D’ansille: init or are they that clueless that they dont recognize magic
GM: Oh, they Recognize magic.
GM: But you’re acting on impulse.
Alusair: They’re tired, you haven’t been acting like you were going to attack
GM: I’m letting you get the drop on them
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: [1d6 = 3]
Shenvallei D’ansille: level 9
Shenvallei D’ansille: ill do 5 and 4
Shenvallei D’ansille: [5d6 = 17]
Shenvallei D’ansille: [4d6 = 14]
Shenvallei D’ansille: 31 I think
GM: [11d20 = 137]
Alusair: yup
Eight of the soldiers drop, screaming in horror.
GM: Initiatives, please
Shenvallei D’ansille: Initiative [1d20+5 = 17]
Alusair: Initiative [1d20+2 = 3]
Alusair: Whatever

GM: [1d20 = 2]
GM: Very well.
GM: Shenvallei!
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Shadow Conjuration] -> Mimics conjuration below 4th level, but only 20% real.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Of a shadow fireball.
Shenvallei D’ansille: actually
Shenvallei D’ansille: I need to read if I can do that
GM: You can
Shenvallei D’ansille: fireball isnt a conjuration tho is it?
GM: Er
GM: Might be evocation
Shenvallei D’ansille: let me just put up mage armor instead
Shenvallei D’ansille: Resetting Wizard Powers
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Fireball] -> Fire deals 1d6/level damage
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Mage Armor] -> Gives subject +4 armor bonus.
Shenvallei D’ansille: there.

GM: You do so.
Alusair: hrm..
GM: 11 Soldiers are there.
Alusair: What about #20?
GM: He’s tearing back towards the town
Alusair: yeah, range?
GM: He’s unnervingly fast.
GM: He’s 60 units away.
Alusair: is that feet?
GM: Yes.
Alusair: cool beans
Alusair: Will save.
GM: [1d20 = 12]
GM: Failed.

The man holds fast where he is.
GM: [5d20 = 41]
GM: The soldiers advance and attack
GM: but unfortunately, they all miss.
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: how many surrounding me?
GM: There are five on you
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Concentration] [1d20+10 = 29]
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Polymorph] -> Gives one willing subject a new form.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Self, Storm giant.
GM: You do so.
Alusair: Since Nick seems to have things.. well in hand..
Alusair: I’m heading for the runner
GM: You do so.
GM: [1d20 = 16]
GM: [5d20 = 51]
GM: [1d20 = 18]
GM: [1d6 = 6]

One of the men, more stoic than his comrades, lands a solid hit on Shenvallei.
The rest cower in fear.
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: Step on the one that hit me.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Standard Attack (Attack 1) +2 [1d20+10 = 30]
Shenvallei D’ansille: Standard Attack (Attack 1) +2 [CRITICAL THREAT]
Shenvallei D’ansille: Standard Attack (Attack 1) +2 [CONFIRM] [1d20+10 = 16]
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): damage on a storm giant kick?
GM: Pry…d8?
Shenvallei D’ansille: [1d8+7 = 13]
Shenvallei D’ansille: 26 I think

The man is destroyed.
GM: You reach the man this round.
Alusair: does that mean I can attack?
GM: Yes.
Alusair: neato.
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+14 = 20]
Alusair: sigh
Alusair: Now I remember why I stopped playing.
GM: You hit.

Shenvallei D’ansille: damage?
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Damage) [1d10+10 = 13]
GM: You bring the man low!
Alusair: lame.
GM: Eh?
GM: Lame?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Thats the beautiful thing about your char, you dont need to roll high :)
Alusair: shhh.. just keep going
GM: [1d20 = 4]
GM: [4d20 = 37]
GM: [1d20 = 3]
GM: [1d6 = 3]
Shenvallei, you are stabbed in the Shin, but it’s not too bad.
Shenvallei D’ansille
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill delay to see if they surrender.
GM: They throw their weapons down and begin backing up, some fleeing

Shenvallei D’ansille: “GOOD. NOW HALT AND DO NOT RUN.”
Alusair: ...Fleeing?
GM: Yes.
Alusair: this just won’t do
GM: There are two that broke for the woods
GM: and four headed towards you
Shenvallei D’ansille: did any stay put?
GM: Yes.
GM: The remainder.
GM: four or so
Alusair: Hmm…
Alusair: Two breaking for the woods.
Alusair: Eh, whatever.
Alusair: Let ‘em. Watch what Shen does next
Shenvallei D’ansille: I gather up all of their weapons in a scoopful of earth and throw it at the forest.
You do so.
GM: Alusair, do you intercede with those fleeing towards the city?

Alusair: no
Shenvallei D’ansille: I gaze down at the 4 men that surrendered.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “WHO IS YOUR LORD?”
Three of them back away, leaving one man with an insignia emblazoned on his shoulder.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Do I recognize it?
Alusair: I have a more pressing question
GM: No, you do not.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I pick up the man with the insignia.
Alusair sits down on the ground and starts polishing her nails.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “WHO ARE YOU?”
GM: ”...uh… Captain… Areli…”
“Can you…please put me down…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I put him down.

Shenvallei D’ansille: Is this the same guy that ordered the attack?
GM: sec
GM: “I will have you know, demon-giant, that you assaulted my men before we laid a finger on you.”
“I will have you know, demon-giant, that you assaulted my men before we laid a finger on you.”
“I serve no lord. I serve the Merchant Collective.”

Alusair: ”....”
Alusair gets up and wanders around.
“They are against commerce, progress, and life! They are the antithesis of advancement! They must be eliminated!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I lumber into the forest.

You lumber into the forest.
GM: Alusair?
Alusair: ”....”
Alusair: The troopies still here?
GM: Yes.
GM: Those fleeing stopped when Shen went away
Alusair: “Captain!”
GM: ”...what now?”
Alusair: “I just want to apologize for this whole misunderstanding.”
Alusair: “Here, this is the money from your dead, see to it their families are well taken care of.”
GM: ”....thank you….”
Alusair: “Yeah. About what he said.”
Alusair: “He’s no enemy of the merchant collective, he really is sorry.”
Alusair: “Trust me, I know. He’s a prime too. Weird bunch, primes.”
Alusair: [1d20 = 12]
Alusair: Uh. hmm..
Alusair: yeah.

Alusair: 24 to hit, dagger, neck.
Alusair: Want damage?
Alusair: You know the dagger.
GM: Oh.
The dagger sinks home.
Alusair: “Unfortunately, I’ve had a really, really bad coupla weeks.”
Alusair shoves the man to the side and recovers the pouch, sheathing the dagger and walking after Shen.
Shenvallei D’ansille: As soon as I get a ways into the forest I cancel polymorph.
Very well.
It seems like a good spot to call it.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): agreed
Kiergath (Alusair): amen
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): whoa
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): that was fast
Alex: indeed.
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): please save the session another winner
GM: I will
Kiergath: its sort’ve like, what he does
Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): oh you are here
Alex: Yes, make pwn sessions
Kiergath: uh huh
Alex: :p
Kiergath: lol
Kiergath: now I’m not. bye

‘Kiergath’ disconnected

Alusair and Shenvallei are charged with the retrieval of the dragon familiar of Archmagus Galen. They head to Galen’s island, but before they leave, Iar’an demonstrates that he can identify magic items, when goaded. They make their way to the island, into the middle of a skirmish between a Feudal Prime Army and a group of Sinkers. A comment of Alusair’s draws the attention of the remnants of the FPA, and combat ensues, initiated by Shenvallei. The rear guard stays behind, while a messenger runs to seal the city. He is intercepted by Alusair, and Shenvallei routs the main force. It is discovered that the army is that of the Merchant Collective, rather than serving a particular lord. The captain is murdered, and Alusair and Shenvallei dissapear into the forest.

Nick (Shenvallei D’ansille): excellent. Talk to you later alex.
‘Nick’ disconnected

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Session Thirty Eight

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