Session Seven Three

Arothir: He just realized that you were there. He apparently had subconciously leaped off the collapsing platform towards you and saved you without realizing it.
Arothir: It drops…
Arothir: and drops…
Arothir: and drops…
Arothir: until it becomes just a speck of light
Alusair: and eventually disappears. Right.
Alusair: “Nice hole you found, mate.”
Shenvallei: does it dissapear?
Alusair: “I, uh.. don’t think we have enough rope.”
Arothir: Van: the hell do you build a bottomless pit?
Arothir: He looks offended
Shenvallei: “Its not bottomless.”
Arothir: Van: Oh?
Alusair: “Care to jump in and prove that?”
Arothir: Listen checks!
Shenvallei: I can prove it an easier way. Detect magic on it.
Shenvallei: ””
Shenvallei: Im guessing it isnt a magic portal.
Alusair: [1d20+5<!- Official Roll ->] => [6,5] = (11)
Arothir: You guess positively.
Arothir: It’s not magic.
Shenvallei: [1d20+2<!- Official Roll ->] => [8,2] = (10)
Arothir: You hear…nothing.
Arothir: a disturbing amount of nothing
Arothir: coming from the hole
Alusair: “Oh, this is lovely.”
Shenvallei: “If we are on faerun…”
  • Shenvallei looks scared. *
    Shenvallei: “I pray to all the gods there are no drow.”
    Alusair: Back away from the hole, weapon still drawn
    Shenvallei: “We should continue our search here quickly. I have a bad feeling about whatever is down there.”
    Shenvallei: I back away and head south to the coffin.
    Arothir: you do’
    Arothir: Van follows, looking worried.’
    Arothir: The silence gets louder, as if silence had been playing a bit too loudly and woke his older brother up.
    Arothir: You arrive at the chest…
    Arothir: Something doesn’t quite feel right about this chest either…
    Shenvallei: Is it the same size as the other one?
    Arothir: Atop it is sitting a sword, laid over with a kite shield.
    Arothir: yes, yes it is.
    Alusair: a relief, or an actual sword and board?
    Shenvallei: I look for an inscription.
    Arothir: Behind it, another shelf with two pots and a two-headed axe.
    Arothir: The only inscription is on the shield itself
    Arothir: And it’s mostly faded.
    Arothir: It’s not a relief, ha ha.
    Shenvallei: Blow off the dust, try to read it.
    Arothir: It’s an honest sword, shield combo.
    Alusair: Type of sword?
    Arothir: Any skill with ancient Runes there Shenny? Gimme a Knowledge (History) check, or even arana.
    Arothir: *arcana
    Arothir: Long.
    Arothir: Extended pommel.
    Alusair: what the hell good is that
    Arothir: :P
    Shenvallei: negative in both.
    Arothir: no arcane knowledge eh?
    Shenvallei: But I can see that there are runes right?
    Arothir: yes
    Shenvallei: Can I at least identify the language?
    Arothir: You pick it out as…Runic.
    Arothir: :P
    Shenvallei: Is that the dwarven language?
    Arothir: No, no…
    Alusair: no.. its a runic script you’ve never seen before
    Arothir: These are just…Runes.
    Alusair: the Dwarven runes are Dethekk, if I recall right.
    Shenvallei: Ill take out a quill and piece of parchment and scribe the runes.
    Arothir: You scribe them
    Shenvallei: “Is there evil from this tomb as well?”
    Alusair: “Never a bard around when you need one..”
  • Alusair inspects the coffin. *
    Arothir: You do, indeed, feel a great presence of evil from the coffin.
    Alusair: “What do you think, Shen? I think theres evil in every sarcophagus in the damn complex.”
    Shenvallei: “Could be another ettin.”
    Arothir: Van: A bard, eh? I know one…shame Krys isn’t here…
    Alusair: “Could be, Shen.. shall we?”
    Shenvallei: Grab a hold of the 2 handed axe and bring it to Van.
    Shenvallei: “A bit heavy for me.”
    Arothir: Van looks at you. “Eh? Sure, I’ll carry it for you..”
    Arothir: He ties it onto his back with a few harness points.
    Shenvallei: Then I will take the sword and shield off the top of the slab.
    Shenvallei: And bring them back and set them down in the hallway.
    Arothir: which hallway?
    Arothir: You have three
    Arothir: :P
    Arothir: The one you’re in?
    Shenvallei: The one we came from by the collapsed wall.
    Alusair: Boss? Shield.. norman style kite?
    Arothir: Yeh.
    Shenvallei: Then Ill head back to the coffin and grab a hold of the slab. Looking At Alusair, Van, and Jesebel, “Ready?”
    Alusair: good
    Alusair: “Whatever.”
    Arothir: Van doesn’t look too pleased with the prospect of opening another coffin.
    Arothir: On his face you see images of horror like when the wight came out of the coffin.
    Shenvallei: Shove it open!
    Arothir: You shove!
    Shenvallei: Standing on the right side.
    Arothir: Str please
    Shenvallei: shoving to the left
    Shenvallei: or more precisely east to west [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [2] = (2)
    Alusair: “Stuck, huh?”
    Shenvallei: “Uunnnnggghhhh. Yes it appears so.”
    Shenvallei: “Care to give me a hand?”
  • Alusair goes to help Shen with the lid. *
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [1] = (1)
    Alusair: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [16] = (16)
    Shenvallei: “Ow. Hit my hand.”
    Arothir: You shove the lid off together…well, it’s mostly Alusair…there is a long grating sound as the stone drags…
  • Shenvallei sucks his thumb. *
    Arothir: Then….a brief howling of wind from the tomb…then all is silent.
    Alusair: Back off
    Shenvallei: Same.
    Arothir: You back up, eyes on the tomb…
    Alusair: uh..
    Alusair: No.. not really
    Alusair: Eyes everywhere
    Alusair: :P
    Arothir: Ah
    Shenvallei: My eyes are on the tomb.
    Arothir: In that case, you see three elves standing behind you in the darkness.
    Arothir: Smiling
    Alusair: We opened a tomb. There was a whoosh. I’m expecting incorporeal
    Arothir: Well, when I say elves…
    Alusair: Eeerrr..
    Alusair: Define elves.
    Alusair: black
    Alusair: thanks
    Arothir: yeah.
    Alusair: Right
    Alusair: Any in robes?
    Arothir: Not that you can tell
    Alusair: Good!
    Alusair: Makes it simpler!
    Alusair: One on the left, charge
    Arothir: it does
    Arothir: There are three of them…two with tower shields and swords, standing in the front…one in the back with a large pike.
    Alusair: ...
    Alusair: Go to hell
    Alusair: :)
    Arothir: naww
    Arothir: :P
    Alusair: I know, me first
    Arothir: You charge?
    Alusair: not with that realizatino
    Alusair: realization
    Arothir: :)
    Shenvallei: Im still staring at the tomb, anything?
    Arothir: Nope
    Arothir: the howling has even stopped
    Arothir: Van’s staring at it as well
    Shenvallei: Approach it.
    Arothir: You do…there is nothing but an old stick inside.
    Shenvallei: Grab it.
    Alusair: Alex
    Arothir: ...curious choice of words.
    Arothir: yes?
    Arothir: Piking…
    Shenvallei: “What are you talking about Al, look what I fou…”
    Alusair: Shoot off something rapidly in Drow
    Arothir: Jess turns around and screams
    Shenvallei: I turn and look. Are they indeed drow?
    Arothir: Yes, there are
    Arothir: of this same description
    Alusair: “Right. They’re either undead or a bunch of mind-sucked thralls. Either way, negotiation is a waste of time.”
    Arothir: What do you do?
    Shenvallei: Honestly Shen is scared out of his mind. He’s been told horror stories of the drow in his home village.
  • Shenvallei stands wide-eyed. *
    Alusair: “Van?”
    Arothir: Van looks nervously over with you with what is surely only one eyeball
    Alusair: “You at least got my back, here?”
    Arothir: Van: ...yeah, of course…the hell kind of question is that?
    Alusair: “Because everyone else seems to have gone into shock.”
    Shenvallei: “We have to…”
    Alusair: Width of the corridor they’re in?
    Arothir: He grips the haft of his halberd
    Shenvallei: Taking a combat action – [1d20+4<!- Official Roll ->] => [19,4] = (23) initiative.
    Arothir: They’re capable of being gone around.
    Arothir: Right.
    Arothir: inits, then
    Alusair: [1d20+2<!- Official Roll ->] => [13,2] = (15)
    Arothir: Shen?
    Shenvallei: Scorching ray the shieldbearer on the right.
    Shenvallei: [1d20+6<!- Official Roll ->] => [4,6] = (10)
    Arothir: A ray of flame lances out, scorching a nearby pillar
    Arothir: Van leaps into action, literally
    Arothir: He swings for the first drow, flying right past it, even though it looked like for sure he hit, then, as he is behind the drow, you hear a panicked yelp and a clang.
    Shenvallei: Where is the yelp from?
    Arothir: Behind the Drow
    Arothir: it sounds like Van
    Arothir: Alusair
    Arothir: Sorry
    Alusair: Right… did they even react to Van?
    Arothir: Nope.
    Arothir: Not even a flinch
    Alusair: ”...Cute.”
    Alusair: Pick up a rock and toss it at them
    Alusair: Straight at one of those nifty shields o’ theirs
    Alusair: [1d20+5<!- Official Roll ->] => [11,5] = (16)
    Arothir: You do so
    Arothir: And it sails right through
    Arothir: A second later
    Alusair: “Right.”
    Arothir: You hear a “ping”
    Alusair: “Sorry Van.”
    Arothir: as though it strikes armor
    Arothir: And swearing
    Alusair: Van?
    Arothir: Yep.
    Alusair: Go and investigate
    Arothir: He’s hanging at the end of his halberd
    Arothir: which is precariously hanging from the blade
    Arothir: He’s up against the wall in the pit
    Alusair: Try to pull him up
    Arothir: Str check?
    Shenvallei: I turn and look at the tomb.
    Arothir: You look at the tomb
    Arothir: It’s empty
    Arothir: Listen checks?
    Alusair: [1d20+5<!- Official Roll ->] => [7,5] = (12)
    Alusair: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [12] = (12)
    Shenvallei: [1d20+2<!- Official Roll ->] => [7,2] = (9)
    Arothir: You haul Van up
    Arothir: He seems a bit shaken
    Arothir: You both hear…laughter…evil…maniacal laughter…
    Arothir: It echos…and reverberates…
    Arothir: It seems to come from…the floor…the pit…the tomb…
    Arothir: The very fiber of everything inorganic…
    Alusair: Dust Van off briefly, check on Jess.
    Arothir: Jess’s burnt hair, even
    Arothir: Jess is…looking rather…upset about her hair
    Arothir: and as thus unfazed by the laughter
    Shenvallei: “Jesebel may I see the light stick?”
    Arothir: She tosses it at you
    Alusair: Investigate the longsword and shield on the ground
    Alusair: particularly the shield
    Alusair: What kind’ve shape is it in?
    Arothir: It’s not doing too bad for itself
    Arothir: It seems…well loved.
    Shenvallei: I take it. And I take as much time as I need to thoroughly spot anyone hiding.
    Shenvallei: Using the light stick to light dark areas.
    Arothir: You take 20 on a search check!
    Arothir: You search for…an hour…
    Arothir: and find nobody hiding.
    Shenvallei: “Odd. Maybe it was some kind of illusion trap but I doubt it.”
    Arothir: Van: Seemed pretty real to me at the time…
    Shenvallei: Are the illusions still there?
    Arothir: No, they’ve dissapated
    Alusair: “I suspect whatever was in that coffin will be meeting us again before we’re gone.”
    Shenvallei: “Has the evil presense left?”
    Alusair: “How the sod should I know, unless I spend five minutes looking at every damned inch of the room?”
    Alusair: “This whole PLACE radiates with evil – I’d have to be looking in depth at every part of the room.”
    Alusair: “The only reason they stand out before we let them out is that the coffins are obvious hiding places and I know to spend a lot of time looking.”
    Shenvallei: “Time to go.”
  • Alusair grabs the sword and board. *
    Shenvallei: I head thru the passageway back to the main hall.
    Arothir: you do so
    Shenvallei: Back to the exit.
    Alusair: Follow, half expecting the rope to be gone
    Arothir: You get back to the exit
    Shenvallei: I sit and rest/memorize.
    Arothir: and indeed, the rope IS gone
    Alusair: “Well. I didn’t want to leave anyway.”
    Arothir: Van: guys want to get outside? I can probably help with that.
    Alusair: “Not just yet.”
    Alusair: “Van, can you keep watch?”
    Arothir: He nods
    Shenvallei: new spell list incomming
    Alusair: Sit back in the corner and pray.
    Alusair: Ditto
    Alusair: done.
    Shenvallei: I total up what we have collected so far.
    Shenvallei: 100 gold coins.
    Shenvallei: 1000 copper coins
    Shenvallei: A longsword.
    Shenvallei: A shield.
    Shenvallei: A battleaxe.
    Shenvallei: A dagger.
    Arothir: Yeah, somethin’ like that
    Shenvallei: A punching dagger (katar perhaps).
    Shenvallei: And a strange stick.
    Shenvallei: Did I miss anything?
    Arothir: It’s not quite a punching dagger, but yeah
  • Alusair leaves the longsword to lay with the rest of the treasure.. although off to the side with her cloak. *
    Alusair: Sling the shield on my back.. I’m getting hit too much for my liking.
  • Shenvallei nods. **
    Shenvallei: (this might be a good stopping point actually. I have to get up at 7.)
    Kiergath: K.
    Shenvallei: (Ill be home tommorrow around 4 if you are both up for it we can continue then)
    Kiergath: I’ll be here.
    Arothir: (Alright. See you, Nick)
    Shenvallei: Excellent. Again good times guys. Happy Birthday again Morgan. 23rd?
    Kiergath: 22.
    Shenvallei: dammit
    Shenvallei: cya
    Arothir: Cya
    Shenvallei: Disconnecting from server…
    Shenvallei (exit): 02:47
    Arothir: Saving this session now.

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Session Seven Three

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