Session One Three

(20219) Arothir: “What do you want? There’s got to be some sort of angle..”
(20225) Alusair: “Let me simply say I understand the value of having friends.”
(20225) Alusair: “And occasionally, friends do rather illogical favors for one another.”
(20224) Shenvallei: “Very well said Alusair. Very well said.”
(20224) Shenvallei: “Especially when the cause is just.”
(20219) Arothir: ”...I don’t know how deep you are… but…” He looks down at the documents. ”...Yeah…yeah…sometimes friends do do illogical favors for one another…”
(20219) Arothir: You barely see him move as the documents manage to dissapear
(20219) Arothir: He wanders over to a nearby dresser, takes a look at Alusair, perhaps a bit too closely, reaches into the dresser and tosses a skirt in her general direction
(20225) Alusair: inspect it
(20219) Arothir: It’s nearly a replica of the same one you’re wearing
(20219) Arothir: down to the embroidery
(20225) Alusair: ”. . . impressive copy. Dare I ask the occasion?”
(20219) Arothir: The only thing different is down by the left ankle is the addition of a rose
(20219) Arothir: Embroidered, of course.
(20219) Arothir: “Occasion? Like I said. A lady can’t be wandering around indecent. Consider it a favor from a…friend.”
(20225) Alusair: ”..Huh. Nice work.. my regards to the tailor.”
(20219) Arothir: “Anything your little cutpurse friend needs? Another sandwich perhaps?”
(20219) Arothir: “Your regards are recieved, and appreciated.”
(20225) Alusair: “Shen, mate. He’s got a name.”
(20224) Shenvallei: “No no, Ive had bad experiences with sandwiches though I thank you for the offer. Perhaps just time to read.”
(20224) Shenvallei: “Indeed, Shen is fine if you please.”
(20219) Arothir: “Ah, Shen, the cutpurse…Time to read, eh? A boy after me own heart!” He knocks on a door next to the dresser. “You can read and sleep and eat not-sandwiches to your hearts content in here.”
  • (20225) Alusair looks from the skirt back to Zero, back to the skirt.. shrugs *
  • (20224) Shenvallei looks to Alusair, “Ill see you in a few hours then?” *
    (20225) Alusair: “I suppose so.”
  • (20224) Shenvallei enters the room. Once inside meditates and prepares spells. *
    (20219) Arothir: Indeed.
    (20219) Arothir: Hours pass.
    (20219) Arothir: If you guys wanted to break now, we could
    (20225) Alusair: ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzZZzzZzZzzzzZZZZzzZzzzZZzzZZzzzz
    (20219) Arothir: but I dunno if you wanna keep going or not.
    (20225) Alusair: ...
    (20225) Alusair: (
    looks around. Looks at clock.)
    (20225) Alusair: Morning cometh?
    (20219) Arothir: hrm?
    (20224) Shenvallei: Im good to keep going. but its only 8:20 here.
    (20219) Arothir: Oh, I’m fine too
    (20225) Alusair: night young is still
    (20219) Arothir: it was more a question of interest than anything
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20224) Shenvallei: ah ok.
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: And now for a brief interlude
    (20224) Shenvallei: uh oh
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: The quote of the moment
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: “Mages! tanar’ri wild” – a Xaositect’s wet dream, and a Guvner’s nightmare.
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20225) Alusair: Movin’ along.
    (20224) Shenvallei: yar hehe
    (20224) Shenvallei: I was going to make a quote about the Broodwich
    (20224) Shenvallei: but I decided not to give the DM and ideas.
    (20219) Arothir: Alright
    (20219) Arothir: Y—-what ideas, hm?
    (20224) Shenvallei: the demon sandwich? the Broodwich? nm
    (20219) Arothir: ...ah
    (20225) Alusair: “O.K., so you have a kender with a ring of wishes…” —The beginning of an anarchist joke and a Guvner’s nightmare
    (20219) Arothir: Kay
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20219) Arothir: You both emerge from your rooms
    (20219) Arothir: Fresh and new
  • (20224) Shenvallei upon completing meditation and spells, Shen moves back to the main room. *
    (20219) Arothir: to find two stacks of 10 gold pieces
    (20219) Arothir: on the corners of a note
    (20219) Arothir: which is further weighed down with two perfectly cut sandwiches
    (20225) Alusair: . . . on a plate?
    (20219) Arothir: covered with two embroidered napkins
    (20219) Arothir: Well, yes
    (20225) Alusair: If so, move them out of the way
    (20225) Alusair: hand Shen one
    (20225) Alusair: and investigate the note
    (20219) Arothir: The two napkins have an embroidered A, and a StC
    (20219) Arothir: You investigate the Note
    (20225) Alusair: LOL
    (20219) Arothir: :P
    (20224) Shenvallei: “What does it say Al?”
    (20219) Arothir: “Alusair and the Cutpurse, I hope you are enjoying your stay. I’m off dealing with a client from Carceri, so I may not be back for a while. Word on the street is, yes. The hardheads are after you. I managed to point them towards the Lady’s Ward for now, but that’ll only buy you a day or so. Consider it a gift. You can stay here as long as you like.”
    (20219) Arothir: It’s signed with a Z, from which sprouts an elaborate rose.
    (20225) Alusair: “Sod all.”
  • (20225) Alusair hands Shen the note. *
  • (20224) Shenvallei takes a deep sigh. *
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Now what?”
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: Okay.. sorry to interrupt with another quote.
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: But I feel it best explains what I’ve been trying to say
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: about the Harmonium to Nick all along
    (20219) Arothir: pry
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: “All I want is a little peace and harmony… AND IF I DON’T GET IT I’LL BASH YOUR LOUSY HEAD IN!”—Officer Wryley of the Harmonium
    (20225) <u><font>K<font>i<font>e<font>r<font>g<font>a<font>t<font>h</u>: Thank you, that’ll be all
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Oh how I would like to get my hands on that tyrant bastard vermin…. Harkonen, whatever he is!”
    (20225) Alusair: “Hardhead.”
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Shall we hunt him down?”
    (20225) Alusair: “Might be best.”
    (20224) Shenvallei: I cast mage armor. Then open my spell book and spend time learning Disguise Self.
    (20219) Arothir: Sure.
    (20219) Arothir: Why not.
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20225) Alusair: simply put, mage armor lasts a long time
    (20219) Arothir: Do you leave the coin and the other sandwich?
    (20225) Alusair: so he’s pre-casting it so he can memorize another spell
    (20225) Alusair: lol
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah
    (20219) Arothir: I know
    (20219) Arothir: :)
    (20225) Alusair: it was the way you said your reaction :)
    (20225) Alusair: Take ten of the gold pieces
    (20219) Arothir: I do that.
    (20225) Alusair: the sammich
    (20225) Alusair: while he’s studying
    (20219) Arothir: You are done studying!
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Good. Lets find out where this scum ridden, vermin, tyrant, bastard, worm hangs out.”
    (20225) Alusair: We… depart?
    (20224) Shenvallei: I look in the dresser for a blanket or cloak.
    (20219) Arothir: You find a cloak
    (20219) Arothir: It matches your current outfit
    (20224) Shenvallei: Excellent.
    (20224) Shenvallei: I put it on and put the hood up. To cover my face. “Do you want one as well Alusair?”
    (20225) Alusair: “No need.. already have one..”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Good. Let us go.”
    (20219) Arothir: You depart, using the regular door, I would assume.
  • (20224) Shenvallei climbs the ladder and exits the safehouse. *
    (20225) Alusair: yes
    (20219) Arothir: You exit, and find yourself in the street, slightly more smogged than usual
    (20225) Alusair: “Bets he’ll have run back to that new command post they set up in the pub?”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “A good place to start. And I doubt they would think we would go back there.”
    (20224) Shenvallei: We go in that direction but keep a 30 foot space between us so to look like we arent traveling together.
    (20224) Shenvallei: What building is next to the pub?
    (20219) Arothir: Well, across the street from the pub is the temple
    (20219) Arothir: Next to the pub, you’d assume residences
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Good, let us visit the temple of the Pie god. Then we will spy on the pub from there.”
    (20225) Alusair: ”... yes.”
    (20219) Arothir: you do so
    (20219) Arothir: How long do you plan on staking out?
    (20225) Alusair: He’s the prime. I figure he’ll come up with plans no sensible Cager would think of
    (20224) Shenvallei: To start, 20 mins, but one of us goes in and tithes to the temple asking the priests if they have seen the Harmonium known as “Tim”.
    (20225) Alusair: Consequently.. he’s i cahrge
    (20225) Alusair: charge

    (20225) Alusair: :P
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20219) Arothir: During that 20 minutes?
    (20219) Arothir: Or before it?
    (20219) Arothir: after, rather
    (20224) Shenvallei: yes during.
    (20219) Arothir: and who goes into the temple?
    (20224) Shenvallei: me
    (20225) Alusair: Hmm..
    (20225) Alusair: Keep watching
    (20224) Shenvallei: Also
    (20224) Shenvallei: I keep an eye out for any “wanted” posters.
    (20224) Shenvallei: Though I imagine there arent any.
    (20219) Arothir: None in the temple
    (20224) Shenvallei: Or like milk cartons
    (20224) Shenvallei: so many that it doesnt make a diff.
    (20224) Shenvallei: Very well.
    (20219) Arothir: lol
  • (20225) Alusair gets Shen’s attention and moves off down the street *
    (20224) Shenvallei: With the hood and cloak on, I ask the nearest, scratch that. Keeping an eye on Alusair, I follow quickly behind to see where she is going.
    (20219) Arothir: You catch up with Alusair, who is tracking the one known as “Tim” as he paths his way towards the Lady’s Ward
    (20225) Alusair: TIIIIIIIIIIIM
    (20224) Shenvallei: I quickly walk towards him. Casting disguise self.
    (20225) Alusair: I’m considering pitching the disembodied hand of one of his last cohorts at him
    (20225) Alusair: :P
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20219) Arothir: You disguise yourself, Shen!
    (20219) Arothir: What next!
    (20225) Alusair: Lord almighty
    (20225) Alusair: I’m now a cloaked, 5’4 tanned, brown-haired Faerunian wood elf.
    (20224) Shenvallei: I make myself look similar to him. But with leather armor and a iron shortsword
    (20219) Arothir: Alrighty
    (20225) Alusair: Clothes are plainer as well
    (20219) Arothir: You do so
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Sir wait, I have information regarding the 2 missing fugitives that attacked you yesterday!”
    (20219) Arothir: “Yeah? Whats that about them? We were going to apprehend those two troublemakers now.”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “My contacts know where they are staying. They are held up in a safehouse. I thought you might want the honor of apprehending them yourself. We are moving in now if you will come with me.”
    (20219) Arothir: “Hurry then, lead! Move you ignorant tub of lard!”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “This way sir!” I lead him down a dark alley…
    (20219) Arothir: You lead him down a dark alley
    (20219) Arothir: His retinue follow
    (20224) Shenvallei: Sleep
    (20219) Arothir: Alright
    (20219) Arothir: Inits, ladies and gents
    (20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [6] = (6)
    (20225) Alusair: [1d20+2<official>] => [12,2] = (14)
    (20225) Alusair: YEAH
    (20225) Alusair: beat that. 14! Woo!
    (20225) Alusair: god I’m so slow
    (20225) Alusair: I feel like molasses
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20219) Arothir: not as slow as Shen
    (20224) Shenvallei: Any bonus for surprise?
    (20219) Arothir: Although he does act first in combat
    (20219) Arothir: because of no casting time
    (20219) Arothir: :P
    (20225) Alusair: yeah.
    (20225) Alusair: that should technically have been a freebee
    (20219) Arothir: it is
    (20225) Alusair: doesn’t help him in the long run though
    (20225) Alusair: :P
    (20219) Arothir: ...not at all
    (20219) Arothir: ...worse yet
    (20219) Arothir: The sleep only gets two of them
    (20219) Arothir: Granted, one is Tim
    (20219) Arothir: wait
    (20219) Arothir: sec
    (20219) Arothir: no, three go down
    (20219) Arothir: Tim and two followers
    (20219) Arothir: are under your spell
    (20224) Shenvallei: How many are standing?
    (20219) Arothir: Four.
    (20225) Alusair: Four
    (20225) Alusair: We’re doing 0 – -10 is KO’d, -11+ is dead, yeah?
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah
    (20225) Alusair: good
    (20224) Shenvallei: -10 is death?
    (20224) Shenvallei: or -11
    (20225) Alusair: -10 is alive, if you’re caught at -10
    (20225) Alusair: -11 is dead
    (20219) Arothir: One of the men darts forward and swings at Shen
    (20224) Shenvallei: AC is… sec
    (20224) Shenvallei: 18
    (20219) Arothir: He manages to trip himself while he’s running and he falls short
    (20219) Arothir: Alusair!
    (20225) Alusair: Can I get to any of the ones still standing?
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah
    (20219) Arothir: They’re closer to you
    (20225) Alusair: Righto
    (20225) Alusair: Straight for the closest
    (20219) Arothir: Sure
    (20219) Arothir: Alusair lands a righteous hit on one of the evil buggers
    (20219) Arothir: No scream of agony, just a flash of happy fanged teeth
    (20219) Arothir: They attack!
    (20225) Alusair: could be worse
    (20219) Arothir: The one you struck apparently gets distracted by the shiny thing with his blood on it and swats at is absentmindedly
    (20219) Arothir: The one you struck apparently gets distracted by the shiny thing with his blood on it and swats at is absentmindedly
    (20225) Alusair: they could all have the Masochism feat
    (20219) Arothir: Hrm?
    (20225) Alusair: +1 to attack and damage for every 10 poitns of damage taken
    (20225) Alusair: theres a Sadism feat with the same effects, only for damage dealt
    (20225) Alusair: Its pretty nifty
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20219) Arothir: yeah
    (20219) Arothir: Alusair manages to dance out of the way of a multitude of clawed swings
    (20225) Alusair: Drop the disguise, by the way
    (20219) Arothir: But she gets a bit full of herself and takes another claw to the leg. [1d3+2<official>] => [3,2] = (5)
    (20225) Alusair: Ow
    (20219) Arothir: Shen!
    (20219) Arothir: action!
    (20224) Shenvallei: Hokay…
    (20224) Shenvallei: Charm person on one of them that is not threatened/in combat. (probably the one on the ground)
    (20219) Arothir: I’m not exactly sure
    (20224) Shenvallei: And as a free action I drop the illusion.
    (20219) Arothir: But I think they’re all in combat
    (20219) Arothir: Except for the KO’d three
    (20224) Shenvallei: It doesnt say if they are in combat actually.
    (20224) Shenvallei: It says if they are “threatend or attacked”
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah
    (20224) Shenvallei: Your call its not clear.
    (20219) Arothir: I’d have to say that you did attack all of them when you cast sleep
    (20224) Shenvallei: k
    (20219) Arothir: You can change your action
    (20224) Shenvallei: Ill do it anyway then, but
    (20224) Shenvallei: Ill target one of the unhurt ones attacking Al.
    (20219) Arothir: Alright
    (20219) Arothir: It resumes its attack on Al.
    (20219) Arothir: The one attacking you has finally recovered and swings and connects
    (20219) Arothir: [1d3+2<official>] => [3,2] = (5)
    (20219) Arothir: Alusair!
    (20225) Alusair: Sorry
    (20225) Alusair: So, uh
    (20225) Alusair: Boss
    (20225) Alusair: Three of them facing me?
    (20219) Arothir: ?
    (20219) Arothir: yeah
    (20225) Alusair: And Shen too, I bet
    (20225) Alusair: since he’d have been facing the entrance to the alley…
    (20224) Shenvallei: I think its me then one then the 3 sleeping ones then the 3 on you then ou
    (20225) Alusair: and I came in from behind them
    (20225) Alusair: You’re facing my direction is the important part
    (20224) Shenvallei: right
    (20225) Alusair: DM ruling.. how many can I get in 15 feet?
    (20225) Alusair: Just the three on me?
    (20219) Arothir: yeah
    (20225) Alusair: K.
    (20225) Alusair: Will save, DC is 14.
  • (20225) Alusair steps back a pace, raises her off-hand towards The Evil Fuckers, and throws a blast of oppressively vibrant rainbow hues in their general direction before bringing her hand back to her sword. *
    (20225) Alusair: ( done. finito. kaput. end. )
    (20219) Arothir: Two of the people collapse
    (20219) Arothir: The third swings!
    (20219) Arothir: Being too stunned
    (20219) Arothir: to act properly
    (20219) Arothir: Shen!
    (20219) Arothir: Action
    (20224) Shenvallei: Daze spell on the one in front of me. Ill cast on the defensive and then run past him towards Al then to hopefully get behind her.
    (20225) Alusair: ooo.. defensive casting… don’t see that much
    (20219) Arothir: lol
    (20224) Shenvallei: dont want an attack of opprotunity on me
    (20219) Arothir: Run me through the Defensive Casting again?
    (20225) Alusair: concentration check before casting the spell, I believe
    (20225) Alusair: but no attack of opportunity
    (20225) Alusair: or something
    (20224) Shenvallei: right that sums it up
    (20225) Alusair: kk
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah
    (20219) Arothir: So roll away
    (20224) Shenvallei: ok so its a con check plus…
    (20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [12] = (12)
    (20224) Shenvallei: +7
    (20225) Alusair: for a level .. what, zero spell? that’ll do it iirc
    (20219) Arothir: IT WORKS
    (20219) Arothir: HUZZAH!
    (20219) Arothir: The fucker is dazed.
    (20224) Shenvallei: Thank the gods.
    (20219) Arothir: I’ll let you make it behind Al.
    (20224) Shenvallei: I run passed him as my move action behind Al.
    (20219) Arothir: Alusair! Action.
    (20225) Alusair: Hmm
    (20225) Alusair: K
    (20219) Arothir: One of them loses their head.
    (20225) Alusair: Whoops.
    (20224) Shenvallei: What now?
    (20225) Alusair: I hit.
    (20225) Alusair: Hard.
    (20224) Shenvallei: you decapitated the one attacking you?
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah he did.
    (20225) Alusair: Sorry, bad habit of whispering all my rolls to the DM
    (20225) Alusair: lol
    (20224) Shenvallei: sok
    (20219) Arothir: Okay
    (20219) Arothir: Everything is dazed
    (20219) Arothir: But the one attacking Shen recovers
    (20219) Arothir: and moves to attack Alusair
    (20219) Arothir: He missed.
    (20219) Arothir: Twice.
    (20219) Arothir: Alusair!
    (20219) Arothir: Action!
    (20225) Alusair: I get lucky sometimes
    (20225) Alusair: wait, what?
    (20225) Alusair: Shen, not Alusair
    (20224) Shenvallei: my turn?
    (20219) Arothir:
    (20225) Alusair: I just went
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah
    (20219) Arothir: OKAY
    (20219) Arothir: I’m confused myself
    (20219) Arothir: Shen dazed
    (20219) Arothir: top of the order…
    (20219) Arothir: Alu went.
    (20219) Arothir: Shen again
    (20219) Arothir: Okay
    (20219) Arothir: Shen
    (20219) Arothir: Go.
    (20219) Arothir: :p
    (20224) Shenvallei: heh ok
    (20224) Shenvallei: Draw my composite shortbow and put an arrow between the eyes of the remaining attacker.
    (20219) Arothir: Well, there are still more than one attacker
    (20219) Arothir: but..
    (20225) Alusair: but they’re on the ground
    (20225) Alusair: lol
    (20219) Arothir: Yeah
    (20219) Arothir: Okay
    (20219) Arothir: Roll to hit
    (20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [2] = (2)
    (20224) Shenvallei: better than a 1 at least
    (20219) Arothir: true
    (20225) Alusair: Much

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