Session One Five

(20225) Alusair: detect evil on the guards..
(20224) Shenvallei: I go in the temple and ask them for some water and cups.
(20238) Arothir: Yeah, evil.
(20225) Alusair: makes this simpler.
(20238) Arothir: they provide for you
(20224) Shenvallei: I heat the water with a prestdigitation spell and make tea for us while we watch looking casual.
(20238) Arothir: You enjoy a nice cup of tea while waiting for a guard chage.
(20238) Arothir: None happens between the cup of tea
(20224) Shenvallei: “They might not need sleep.”
(20225) Alusair: “In which case, we’d best move on to the next phase.”
(20238) Arothir: Right after the cup is finally set down, however, the door opens, and they go inside when the others come out.
(20224) Shenvallei: 2 come out?
(20238) Arothir: yeah
(20238) Arothir: They resume the same position of guarding
(20224) Shenvallei: Ill distract one, maybe both, take out the other if you can Alu”
(20224) Shenvallei: I cast Silent image of a black ninja looking theif.
(20224) Shenvallei: And control the image to be seen creeping silently looking in the window of the bar.
(20224) Shenvallei: but creeping along side the guards at the front so they see him.
(20238) Arothir: They see it
(20238) Arothir: One of them goes to investigate
(20224) Shenvallei: I have the illusion look back as if it was noticed and jog in a scared stance away from the guard down the side of the building.
(20238) Arothir: Alright
(20238) Arothir: The guard gives chace
(20238) Arothir: Chase
(20238) Arothir: And then there was one.
(20224) Shenvallei: At that moment I move forward towards the remaining guard.
(20238) Arothir: The guard by the door is replaced by a spray of blood on the door.
(20238) Arothir: and his body collapses gently to the ground.
(20224) Shenvallei: I cast disguise self making me look like the splattered guard.
(20224) Shenvallei: er
(20224) Shenvallei: the unsplattered version.
(20238) Arothir: Alrighty
(20238) Arothir: You’re disguised
(20224) Shenvallei: And I try to open the door.
(20238) Arothir: the other guard comes back
(20238) Arothir: Guard: Hey, Jorge, we can’t go in there until our shift is up.
(20224) Shenvallei: I say in as gruff as possible voice while coughing “Ive been poisoned! Get that thief that ran back there!”
(20224) Shenvallei: “Ill guard the door!”
(20238) Arothir: “That thief ran off.”
(20238) Arothir: “I lost him down an alleyway.”
(20224) Shenvallei: “There’s another one were under attack damn you!”
(20238) Arothir: The guard looks at you skeptically.
(20224) Shenvallei: “Cough cough cough”
(20238) Arothir: Roll a bluff check.
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [5] = (5)
(20238) Arothir: At least try and roll a con check
(20238) Arothir: to cough convincingly
(20238) Arothir: :P
(20224) Shenvallei: cha you mean?
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [4] = (4)
(20238) Arothir: ”...Drop your weapon. Now.”
(20224) Shenvallei: he gets a save vs will to see thru my illusion.
(20238) Arothir: The guard hefts his club.
(20224) Shenvallei: I drop my dagger, illusioned as a sword
(20238) Arothir: “I hereby deem you unfit to serve.”
(20224) Shenvallei: I stare at him blankly.
(20238) Arothir: “Down on your knees.”
(20224) Shenvallei: “The poison….” I kneel down on one knee.
(20238) Arothir: “You know the price for breaking the law, Jorge.”
(20238) Arothir: “Any law broken…”
(20238) Arothir: He hefts his club highter
(20238) Arothir: ” punishable by death.”
(20238) Arothir: INITIATIVES!
(20224) Shenvallei: “ends in death.” I leap to the side.
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [11] = (11)
(20225) Alusair: [1d20+2<official>] => [18,2] = (20)
(20238) Arothir: Reflex save to leap to the side
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [8] = (8)
(20224) Shenvallei: +4
(20238) Arothir: Alusair, you go first
(20225) Alusair: goody.
(20238) Arothir: A blade arcs over your head, Shen, and embeds itself into the guard’s shoulder
(20238) Arothir: Causing his swing to go wild as you dive out of the way
(20224) Shenvallei: Woot.
(20238) Arothir: Go again Al.
(20238) Arothir: Alusair’s next swing brings the guard down, his arm collapsing to the street below.
(20225) Alusair: Search the bodies, quickly
(20238) Arothir: You find two clubs, 25 gold each
(20238) Arothir: And some leather armor
(20225) Alusair: papers?
(20238) Arothir: yeah
(20238) Arothir: These are Measure Twos
(20225) Alusair: K
(20225) Alusair: written down, but pass one to Shen for the time being
(20238) Arothir: you do so
(20224) Shenvallei: Is my illusion still up?
(20238) Arothir: as the guard?
(20238) Arothir: yes
(20224) Shenvallei: yes ok.
(20224) Shenvallei: I try the door.
(20238) Arothir: It is opne
(20224) Shenvallei: I open the door.
(20224) Shenvallei: And look inside
(20238) Arothir: Inside, it’s the same as you first went in
(20224) Shenvallei: and step inside.
(20238) Arothir: By the bar are two bunks
(20238) Arothir: in which two people are sleeping
(20238) Arothir: There are empty bottles of alcohol everywhere
(20225) Alusair: Tap Shen on the shoulder
(20238) Arothir: and the bar looks ransacked
(20225) Alusair: Point at the right bunk, draw a hand across my throat
(20224) Shenvallei: I draw my dagger.
(20225) Alusair: and head for the leftern one
(20224) Shenvallei: Well the one I dropped outside that is.
(20238) Arothir: yeah, you get it
(20238) Arothir: You are standing over the leftern one
(20225) Alusair: Croak him.
(20224) Shenvallei: I move silently to the right bunk.
(20224) Shenvallei: coup de grace if im able.
(20238) Arothir: you are
(20238) Arothir: Two dead guards
(20238) Arothir: Two more Measure Twos
(20238) Arothir: 25 gold each
(20238) Arothir: two clubs
(20238) Arothir: two leather armors
(20224) Shenvallei: detect magic on the whole area
(20238) Arothir: Nothing magic in the bar vicinity
(20225) Alusair: Search the bar
(20225) Alusair: behind it
(20225) Alusair: for the mentioned bottle
(20224) Shenvallei: I quietly look for secred doors.
(20238) Arothir: You see, behind the bar, the mentioned bottle.
(20224) Shenvallei: secret.
(20238) Arothir: There is a staircase which leads upstairs to one door
(20225) Alusair: Grab it, wrap it up very carefully, and stow it in my sash
(20238) Arothir: Two visible doors on the bar level
(20238) Arothir: There are various drinks, including a bright pink drink
(20238) Arothir: and one that is blood red in a bottle shaped like a flame.
(20238) Arothir: No secret doors though.
(20224) Shenvallei: Quietly approach lower door #1
(20224) Shenvallei: Listen at it.
(20238) Arothir: You listen!
(20238) Arothir: Listen check
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [16] = (16)
(20238) Arothir: You hear a tiny squeak from within
(20224) Shenvallei: +2
(20238) Arothir: other than that, silence
(20225) Alusair: Hmm
(20224) Shenvallei: I open the door quietly as possible.
(20224) Shenvallei: And look to see where the squeak came from.
(20238) Arothir: you open it silently
(20238) Arothir: inside lies the kitchen
(20224) Shenvallei: I carefully enter.
(20238) Arothir: The squeak eminated from a rat, a line tied to each of its four limbs
(20225) Alusair: Follow..
(20238) Arothir: It’s suspended above the pot bellied stove
(20238) Arothir: the stove is just slightly ajar, with a candle within, mostly burnt.
(20224) Shenvallei: I try to discern why a rat would be suspended above a stove.
(20238) Arothir: The pantry door is also ajar, and every item within stacked sideways.
(20238) Arothir: Knowledge of the Planes check?
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [15] = (15)
(20225) Alusair: Study.. the rat.
(20238) Arothir: The rat is alive, and well fed.
(20238) Arothir: it doesn’t seem bothered.
(20224) Shenvallei: +6 on the knowledge check
(20238) Arothir: You manage to vaguely recall something about doors
(20224) Shenvallei: I look back at Al in confusion.
(20238) Arothir: and how certain keys open them.
(20225) Alusair: ”. . .”
(20224) Shenvallei: I stack the items in the pantry right side up.
(20224) Shenvallei: Muttering to myself about “messiness”.
(20225) Alusair: How much slack is there in the rat’s lines?
(20225) Alusair: and is it tied in such a fashion as to be easily removed?
(20238) Arothir: Yeah
(20238) Arothir: it is
(20224) Shenvallei: Lets release it.
(20238) Arothir: it’s just less than taut at the moment
(20225) Alusair: no
(20225) Alusair: not such a good idea.
(20225) Alusair: Hmm…
(20225) Alusair: So the cabinet is ajar…
(20225) Alusair: Whats in the kettle?
(20225) Alusair: err, crock.. pot.. whatever
(20238) Arothir: The kettle is empty
(20225) Alusair: stove
(20225) Alusair: thats it
(20225) Alusair: stove
(20238) Arothir: Stove has a candel
(20238) Arothir: Candle
(20238) Arothir: w/e
(20225) Alusair: Hmmm
(20238) Arothir: stub, almost all burnt
(20225) Alusair: Retrieve rat
(20238) Arothir: You do so
(20225) Alusair: well behaved, as if its been handled alot?
(20238) Arothir: Indeed.
(20238) Arothir: It squeaks
(20225) Alusair: Seem eager to go anywhere in particular?
(20238) Arothir: You get the feeling it means “Cheese”
(20225) Alusair: Pet the rat.
(20238) Arothir: Not anywhere in particular
(20225) Alusair: Look for cheese.
(20224) Shenvallei: I show Luna the rat.
(20238) Arothir: It seemed content where it was
(20225) Alusair: Or for where theres signs that cheese has been
(20238) Arothir: Luna attempts to eat the rat
(20225) Alusair: ...
(20225) Alusair: Keep the rat AWAY from luna
(20238) Arothir: [1d20<official>] => [2] = (2)
(20238) Arothir: Luna is ineffective
(20238) Arothir: and meows a lot
(20225) Alusair: Pet the rat more.
(20238) Arothir: The cheese was at one point on the stovetop
(20225) Alusair: Search for cheese areas
(20225) Alusair: Hmm…
(20225) Alusair: Put the rat on the stovetop
(20225) Alusair: If nothing happens, grab it again
(20238) Arothir: you do so
(20238) Arothir: Nothing happens
(20238) Arothir: but the rat wasn’t moving anywhere
(20225) Alusair: Put the fucker IN the stove, then retrieve it
(20238) Arothir: Luna has made it to the counter
(20225) Alusair: :P
(20238) Arothir: Nothing then
(20238) Arothir: :P
(20225) Alusair: “OI”
(20225) Alusair: “Get that cat AWAY from my rat.”
(20225) Alusair: “Sigh.. knew we should’ve taken prisoners..”
(20225) Alusair: Try the cupboard.
(20225) Alusair: :P
(20225) Alusair: pantry, rather
(20238) Arothir: Nope, that’s set.
(20238) Arothir: No rat change there.
(20224) Shenvallei: “Luna do you see anything strange here?”
(20225) Alusair: “Can you detect magic?”
(20224) Shenvallei: “Nay already used it in the bar.
(20225) Alusair: “Damn damn damn..”
(20225) Alusair: Tie up the rat again
(20238) Arothir: You do so
(20225) Alusair: pat him reassuringly
(20224) Shenvallei: “curious.”
(20225) Alusair: “That rat’s the answer. I know it.”
(20224) Shenvallei: “what were they feeding that rat that got him so plump?”
(20225) Alusair: “So if that cat so much as TOUCHES it, I’ll cook it.”
(20225) Alusair: Search the room for ANYTHING we’ve missed
(20224) Shenvallei: I command Luna to behave… for now.
(20238) Arothir: Search check
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [18] = (18)
(20224) Shenvallei: is search wisdom?
(20238) Arothir: Not familiar
(20225) Alusair: [1d20<official>] => [11] = (11)
(20225) Alusair: +...
(20224) Shenvallei: no its int :)
(20225) Alusair: uh
(20225) Alusair: 13
(20224) Shenvallei: woot +6 to that roll then.
(20225) Alusair: total
(20238) Arothir: Shen, you find what looks to be a spare candle under the stove
(20238) Arothir: as well as a spare piece of cheese
(20238) Arothir: It looks fresh
(20224) Shenvallei: I blow out the existing candle and grab the new one and the cheese.
(20224) Shenvallei: Then I light the new candle and put the cheese in the stove.
(20238) Arothir: In or on?
(20224) Shenvallei: hmm
(20225) Alusair: Walk back to the cabinet.
(20224) Shenvallei: The candle is in the stove right? so ill put the cheese on the stove.
(20238) Arothir: Alright.
(20238) Arothir: Cheese on, Candle in.
(20225) Alusair: and knock the nice, neat pile back into a shambles
(20238) Arothir: The moment you do so
(20238) Arothir: a bright blue aura fills the doorway you just walked in through.
(20238) Arothir: Filled with black
(20224) Shenvallei: Spellcraft. Is it another one of those portals?
(20238) Arothir: Roll the check
(20225) Alusair: “By the Abyss, are you wizards always studying everything?”
(20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [16] = (16)
  • (20225) Alusair walks through *
    (20224) Shenvallei: +9
    (20238) Arothir: Yes. Yes it is.
    (20224) Shenvallei: Enters as well.
    (20238) Arothir: You step through
    (20238) Arothir: Into a giant corridor
    (20238) Arothir: You look up, it must be a mile to the cieling
    (20238) Arothir: It’s amazing you can see that far.
    (20238) Arothir: It’s a fairly narrow corridor…
    (20225) Alusair: ”. . . I better not have just mazed myself.”
    (20238) Arothir: And then it hits you.
    (20238) Arothir: Con checks.
    (20225) Alusair: [1d20<official>] => [15] = (15)
    (20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [20] = (20)
    (20238) Arothir: You both manage to cover your ears to block out the terrible screams
    (20238) Arothir: As you notice, the walls of this place are lined with cages…
    (20238) Arothir: You peek into one of these cages
    (20238) Arothir: and see tens of hundreds of demons
    (20224) Shenvallei: The only thing Im looking for is a way out.
    (20238) Arothir: You can’t see a way out going forward
    (20225) Alusair: “Oh.. hells..”
    (20238) Arothir: but the portal behind you is still open
    (20225) Alusair: “This is probably a bad time to let you know.. but demons and I.. well.”
  • (20225) Alusair grins faintly, then starts off down the corridor *
    (20224) Shenvallei: Towards what?
    (20238) Arothir: The screaming gets louder
    (20238) Arothir: and the cages get bigger
    (20238) Arothir: the further in you find yourself.
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Lets get out of here Al. That portal could close any second.
    (20225) Alusair: “Hells, man. If it does, it may never open again. Or it may move, or the key may change. And we can’t slip in here like this again.”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Why would you want to slip in here??? this is a prison for demons! Lets get out of here”
    (20225) Alusair: “Because the Harmonium are obviously here for a reason! And this is most probably it!”
    (20225) Alusair: “And since every last one of these Hardhead fools we’ve seen is evil – NOT a normal occurence, even in their ranks – they PROBABLY aren’t here for the greater good!”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “We cant fight a million demons! Lets find a way to close the portal permanently or get some help, this is beyond us now.”
    (20225) Alusair: “Shen, they’re caged. And anything able to cage this many fiends, is not liable to fail now.”
    (20225) Alusair: “I ask simply for a little time to investigate.”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “Only for a brief time then we leave!”
    (20224) Shenvallei: I leave Luna behind to watch the portal.
    (20224) Shenvallei: And I follow Al.
    (20225) Alusair: “Bah. Theres no point if you’re going to be eying the exit all the time we’re here. Very well, we return later. But we ARE coming back.”
    (20238) Arothir: do you turn around, or press on?
    (20225) Alusair: turn back
  • (20224) Shenvallei ducks into the portal. **
    (20238) Arothir: You enter into the kitchen once more
    (20224) Shenvallei: head back into the main ba
    (20224) Shenvallei: bar
    (20238) Arothir: You head back to the main bar.
    (20238) Arothir: Nothing has changed.
    (20224) Shenvallei: head upstairs to search.
    (20238) Arothir: you head upstairs
    (20238) Arothir: There is an open door
    (20238) Arothir: which leads into a bedroom
    (20224) Shenvallei: Look/listen
    (20238) Arothir: The bedroom is very tidy
    (20238) Arothir: And you hear nothing from inside
    (20224) Shenvallei: anyone sleeping in the bed?
    (20225) Alusair: follow him up
    (20224) Shenvallei: if not search the room for traps
    (20238) Arothir: no sleeping
    (20238) Arothir: Roll search
    (20224) Shenvallei: [1d20<official>] => [10] = (10)
    (20224) Shenvallei: +6
    (20225) Alusair: [1d20<official>] => [16] = (16)
    (20225) Alusair: plus…
    (20225) Alusair: something..
    (20225) Alusair: +2 if int
    (20238) Arothir: You both search the room
    (20238) Arothir: and you come to a desk at the same time
    (20238) Arothir: Shen locates a pouch of gold (200g) and a dagger of particular special appearance.
    (20238) Arothir: Alusair comes across a note hastily stuffed into the top of the desk
    (20224) Shenvallei: Take the gold and dagger.
    (20225) Alusair: investigate note
    (20238) Arothir: The note reads as follows: “Llaryn, I trust you will make all appropriate arrangements with regards to opening the portal. Make sure noone enters this place until all of the supplies have been loaded through the portal. Afterward, make sure to seal the portal, as we will have what we need to open it again from the inside when the time comes. Do not fail me in this, and you will be rewarded.”
    (20238) Arothir: It is signed, Havrm Ghex
    (20238) Arothir: Spot check
    (20225) Alusair: [1d20<official>] => [17] = (17)
    (20225) Alusair: +5
    (20238) Arothir: There are remnants of blood coating parts of the desk
    (20238) Arothir: as though someone had hastily cleaned the place.
    (20225) Alusair: hmmm
    (20224) Shenvallei: “We should perhaps destroy whatever is in the portal to seal it.”
    (20224) Shenvallei: “At least we know now what to do, destroy whatever supplies are in there.”
    (20225) Alusair: “Aye.. and killing this.. Llaryn.. would likely be wise.”
    (20224) Shenvallei: Getting late though, should we pick this up later?
    (20238) Arothir: What action do you take?
    (20238) Arothir: Yeah, probably
    (20225) Alusair: ya rly
    (20224) Shenvallei: hehe
    (20224) Shenvallei: hmm friday?
    (20238) Arothir: Well gents, you’ve gained yourselves a whole level
    (20225) Alusair: friday
    (20225) Alusair: does
    (20225) Alusair: NOT
    (20225) Alusair: work
    (20225) Alusair: and never will reliably.
    (20238) Arothir: yeah
    (20224) Shenvallei: this is a really fun campaign so far Alex.
    (20225) Kiergath: unless I stop DMing and stop goig to gaming
    (20224) Shenvallei: Sat then perhaps
    (20238) Arothir: lol
    (20238) Arothir: Thanks Nick
    (20238) Arothir: I’ve been trying very had
    (20238) Arothir: *hard
    (20225) Kiergath: I’ll deal with leveling tomorrow. its the only logical response. Anyway
    (20225) Kiergath: Later, people
    (20224) Shenvallei: Honestly I thought we were toast in that 2nd battle.
    (20225) Kiergath: LOL
    (20225) Kiergath: we should’ve been
    (20238) Arothir: lol
    (20238) Arothir: Yeah, you should have been toast
    (20238) Arothir: :P
    (20225) Kiergath: my crying in whispers to alex was epic
    (20225) Kiergath: :P
    (20238) Arothir: Yeah
    (20225) Kiergath: “HE DID WHAT?!”
    (20225) Kiergath: le sigh
    (20224) Shenvallei: I failed to understand how many cronies he had with him.
    (20225) Kiergath: I’m not nearly OP enough for comfort, suddenly
    (20225) Kiergath: :P
    (20238) Arothir: lol
    (20238) Arothir: That’s fine
    (20238) Arothir: Now I know your limit.
    (20238) Arothir: 7 Mobs at once.
    (20238) Arothir: :P
    (20225) Kiergath: lol
    (20225) Kiergath: The limit will actually probably go up, as time goes on
    (20225) Kiergath: but it also depends on what the mobs in question are
    (20224) Shenvallei: So very true.
    (20225) Kiergath: you keep this up
    (20225) Kiergath: and I may have to invest in armor
    (20225) Kiergath: :P
    (20238) Arothir: yeah
    (20238) Arothir: You may have to
    (20238) Arothir: :P
    (20238) Arothir: I’m having fun
    (20238) Arothir: Stressing a bit, but still having fun
    (20225) Kiergath: Hmmm
    (20224) Shenvallei: hehe alrighty
    (20225) Kiergath: Night, guys
    (20224) Shenvallei: laters then
    (20238) Arothir: Night

Thus ends the first Session in the Planescape Campaign.

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Session One Five

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