Session Nine Three

Kiergath: He does so
Shenvallei: “Hands behind your back!” Tie him up if he complies. Then gag him.
Kiergath: you do so
Van: “Can’t we finish the bastard off anyway? He wrecked my brand new shirt!”
Shenvallei: Search him.
Kiergath: dagger, spell component pouches
Shenvallei: No spell book?
Kiergath: Nope
Shenvallei: “A gods damned sorcerer!” I smack him across the face.
  • Van sighs and drags his sorry ass (Van’s) over to the bookshelves and begins pulling books out. *
    Kiergath: novels, histories
    Shenvallei: Pick up the book he was reading.
    Kiergath: “Elminster’s Guide to Volo’s Guides”
    Shenvallei: Pocket it.
    Kiergath: you do so
    Shenvallei: I look at the dagger on the ground.
    Shenvallei: normal looking?
    Kiergath: Normal materials.. very good quality.
    Shenvallei: Ill take it anyway. And hold it to his throat.
    Shenvallei: Then ungag him “one wrong move and you are finished.”
    Shenvallei: “Now we are going to ask you a bunch of questions. And we want them answered immediately.”
    Kiergath: He nods, once.
    Shenvallei: “Where is the githyanki half fiend who bears the silver sword of his father?”
    Kiergath: The githyanki blinks in confusion, “Half fiend? Bearing a silver sword? Theres only one githyanki half fiend here, and you’re travelling with her!”
    Shenvallei: “Her brother you fool. Her brother is among you and is the true half-fiend!”
    Van: Walk over to the man, Halberd upended, blade down
    Van: I assume he’s still on the ground
    Kiergath: I assume so
    Van: “Give us the location of Yi’minn, now.”
    Van: “No more games.”
    Shenvallei: “Tell us what we want to know and this wont be unpleasant for you.”
    Kiergath: “Sigil, waiting for news of Ki’ina’s whereabouts. You know this, you met with him but a week ago!”
    Van: ”...and the sword?”
    Kiergath: “Deeper in this cellar, through the south door from this room. The other door leads to a back door.”
    Shenvallei: “And is it guarded? And if so by what? Tell us the truth or we will not set you free.”
    Kiergath: “More of my people, several mercenaries.. and Kolphyranyx.”
    Van: ”...what is…Kolphyranyx?”
    Shenvallei: “And what is your name mage?
    Shenvallei: “
    Kiergath: “Kolphyranyx is one of the great serpents allied to my stronghold, a child by his people’s reckoning, guarding the sword here to repay a debt owed by his parents to Yi’minn.”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina sighs, “He means a dragon.. a red dragon.”
    Van: “I gathered…that’s…pleasant of him to say.”
    Kiergath: Two things happen at once.
    Kiergath: Van’s halberd arcs downward towards the mage
    Kiergath: and the Githyanki disappears
    Kiergath: Sparks fly as the halberd hits stone
    Van: ”...brilliant…”
    Shenvallei: “What the…”
    Shenvallei: Search the room for any sign of him.
  • Van lets the Halberd clatter to the floor in anger, then stalks over towards the chest in the corner. *
    Kiergath: The room has no sign of him
    Kiergath: only the two dead rogues
    Shenvallei: “We should dispose of the bodies.”
    Van: “It matters little…they know we’re here, or they will.”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: They already did, I’m sure.
  • Van kicks the lid of the chest *
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: This battle was planned – those rogues were already positioned and waiting when we arrived.
    Shenvallei: I listen at the south door.
    Kiergath: Roll
    Kiergath: Van – it opens
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [4] = (4)
    Van: Snoop.
    Kiergath: nothing, Shen
    Kiergath: Clothes, including shirts
    Shenvallei: pull open the door carefully.
    Van: Start shredding some of the shirts and attempt to stop the blood flowing from my back.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina, assuming you let her, gives you a hand.
    Kiergath: Shen, another corridor, ending in a door about 30 feet down
    Shenvallei: search for traps, ceiling/floor/sides
    Shenvallei: and sidle the wall the the alcove
    Van: and yes, I would
    Shenvallei: to the
    Kiergath: in your prodding, you open a door
    Shenvallei: I enter.
    Shenvallei: Are there any bottles or just kegs?
    Kiergath: See above.
    Kiergath: :P
    Kiergath: No bottles
    Shenvallei: Do a quick search of the room then head back to the hallway.
    Kiergath: Nothing extraordinary
    Kiergath: it appears to be a stockpile of, largely, beer
    Kiergath: some of it extraordinarily old
    Kiergath: cobwebs everywhere
    Shenvallei: Continue south then to the southern door moving silently.
    Shenvallei: Then listen at that door.
    Kiergath: Roll it
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [1] = (1)
    Kiergath: Silence
    Shenvallei: Im going to start taking 10 on all checks :P
    Shenvallei: hmm
  • Van heads down the hallway, having retrieved his halberd *
    Kiergath: Ki’ina follows
    Kiergath: You gather at the door
    Shenvallei: False life on Luna
    Shenvallei: Alter Self on Luna
    Shenvallei: The later making her grow to a small creature with larger fangs/claws.
  • Van mutters, angrily, “Here’s to looking before you leap…” *
  • Van kicks down the door and uses it as a springboard to leap into the room (Assuming this is possible) *
    Shenvallei: hehe thats a sight for an imagination :P
    Kiergath: BEHOLD
    Van: I imagine it’s feasible…if somewhat difficult.
    Van: ...and…it feels somewhat wasted, unless there’s something with attacking range.
    Shenvallei: are you using a lightpen to draw?
    Kiergath: huh?
    Shenvallei: beacause thats a really good room :P
    Kiergath: I’m using ORPG and a mouse
    Van: He’s marvelling at your technique when compared to the shit ones I was drawing with my touchpad
    Shenvallei: ah right
    Kiergath: dude!
    Shenvallei: forgot about the touchpad
    Kiergath: my map is even, like, continuous!
    Kiergath: :P
    Shenvallei: lol
    Van: ...I have a feeling that Newton is with me…
    Shenvallei: web!
    Shenvallei: Wow that blue is really a neat color
    Kiergath: That..
    Kiergath: Pretty much sums it up
    Kiergath: :P
    Van: ...indeed
    Kiergath: The dragon’s not very big.
    Kiergath: Maybe six feet long in the body, long tail
    Kiergath: kind’ve ungainly, like it doesn’t quite have the proportions down, much less the size
    Kiergath: And.. its not moving much.
    Kiergath: Struggling.. feebly.
    Kiergath: And, since Shen is in the room.
    Kiergath: LOL….
    Kiergath: Nick BSOD’ed
    Van: LOL
    Van: Awesome
    Kiergath: and has to go for awhile
    Van: ...lame
    Kiergath: thats what I told him
    Kiergath: he’s restarting
    Kiergath: it would really suck to have to stop now
    Kiergath: lol
    Kiergath: because.. we’re pretty much almost done here
    Van: lol
    Van: I would hate to leave Van hanging.
    Van: Literally
    Kiergath: yeah.. uh..
    Kiergath: you bounce off the other door
    Kiergath: sry
    Van: ...damn
    Van: I was hoping to bounce through the other door
    Van: and bypass the whole spidery doom altogether
    Van: :P
    Van: ...I don’t want to fight a spider which is capable of snaring a young red dragon
    Van: really
    Kiergath: lol
    Kiergath: it was sleeping :(
    Kiergath: Its actually not any older than Ki’ina.
    Kiergath: Possibly a year or two younger
    Shenvallei (enter): 23:13
    Shenvallei: sorry about that
    <u>Server Administrator</u>-> Kicking ‘Shenvallei’ from server… Removing dead client
    Shenvallei (exit): 23:14
    Shenvallei: lol nice map
    Shenvallei: especially the :(
    Kiergath: YES
    Kiergath: IT IS
    Kiergath: Van has bounced off the opposite door
    Shenvallei: Using my astute powers of memory
    Shenvallei: what did the mage say was the location of the sword?
    Shenvallei: I mean
    Kiergath: Just said “South door”
    Shenvallei: the sword in the top over to the east isnt THE sword is it?
    Kiergath: dunno
    Kiergath: is it?
    Kiergath: its a long ways away
    Shenvallei: Anything moving in theroom?
    Kiergath: the dragon
    Kiergath: the stream
    Shenvallei: wheres the dragon
    Kiergath: uhm
    Kiergath: “HI!”
    Kiergath: “I’m a Dragon!”
    Kiergath: in the web
    Kiergath: :P
    Shenvallei: theres a dragon in spiderwebs?
    Shenvallei: I see that
    Kiergath: k?
    Kiergath: :P
    Kiergath: yes, there is
    Kiergath: its stuck
    Shenvallei: you are kidding
    Van: Quietly, to himself… “Don’t panic…don’t panic…you’ve read about this before…”
    Kiergath: Its only about 16 feet long from tip of tail to snout
    Shenvallei: a dragon got stuck in a web?
    Van: No, no kidding there…
    Kiergath: uh..
    Shenvallei: LOL what a lame dragon
    Van: I’ve seen it done.
    Kiergath: Looks more like the web was wrapped around it
  • Shenvallei laughs at the absurdity! *
    Kiergath: Ki’ina whacks Shen
    Shenvallei: “Ow, sorry.”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Hey! I grew up with that dragon! Stop laughing at him!
    Shenvallei: “Well its not going to let us get your sword back is it?”
    Van: Step out towards the center of the room, away from the dragon and the south wall
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: He’s only twenty two, even dragons get to be young for awhile.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: I’m not worried about Kolphyr.. more worried about the bug.
    Kiergath: So.. you’re moving…
    Shenvallei: Do we see a spider?
    Kiergath: There?
    Kiergath: No
    Van: Uh
    Van: There.
    Van: Da.
    Shenvallei: Ill follow about 10 feet behind him.
    Van: ...a bunny?
    Van: ...that’s not a bunny.
    Van: that defies all bunnyhood.
    Van: I liked it before when it just had wings
    Van: ...
    Van: I hate you
    Kiergath: I know
    Van: I hate you oh so very much.
    Shenvallei: thats pretty creepy looking
    Kiergath: I’m.. not sure what it is, either
    Kiergath: But its charging
    Kiergath: :P
    Van: ...
    Van: So am I.
    Kiergath: good
    Van: Shall we initiativeize?
    Kiergath: INITIATIVE
    Van: [1d20+3<!- Official Roll ->] => [13,3] = (16)
    Shenvallei: sure I may need to go mid battle though
    Van: ...finally, something different.
    Kiergath: Giant Sword Spider [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [7] = (7)
    Shenvallei: so keep track of all you can.
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [14] = (14)
    Kiergath: Yep
    Van: ...asshole.
    Shenvallei: +5
    Kiergath: VAN!
    Van: eh?
    Van: I go before Shen?
    Kiergath: oh right
    Kiergath: +5
    Kiergath: lol
    Van: :P
    Kiergath: sorry, I’m not used to people breaking up their rolls and bonuses
    Kiergath: SHEN!
    Van: lol
    Shenvallei: Hmm.
    Shenvallei: Taking a quick look at the dragon, is it freeable?
    Kiergath: If you had a way to get rid of alot of web in a hurry
    Shenvallei: fire!
    Kiergath: true
    Shenvallei: scorching ray on the web hopefully itll free the dragon.
    Kiergath: The web begins to burn
    Kiergath: quickly
    Kiergath: VAN!
    Van: ...uh…
    Van: I really don’t know.
    Van: So…uh…leap backwards, or something.
    Van: ...probably towards the door
    Van: Since Shen set the webbing on fire
    Shenvallei: how big is this spider
    Kiergath: About the size of a ford minivan
    Kiergath: Then add legs
    Van: ...which have blades on them.
    Kiergath: Yes.
    Van: Thus being one of many reasons I’m getting the fuck out of this hellhole.
    Shenvallei: right huge
    Kiergath: The spider…
    Kiergath: being a spider..
    Kiergath: is attracted to movement
    Kiergath: and goes sproing
    Van: ...I fucking hate you, Morgan.
    Kiergath: Sick a babau on me at level 3, will you?
    Kiergath: :P
    Kiergath: Ki’ina hits! And does damage.
    Kiergath: NEXT ROUND
    Kiergath: Old inits apply. Dragon moving at [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [2] = (2)
    Kiergath: LOL.
    Kiergath: Shen
    Shenvallei: Run for the sword and scream at the dragon “You are free my friend! Free!”
    Shenvallei: Full move run.
    Kiergath: Van!
    Van: ...Leap for the doorway, then out into the hallway.
    Van: Put as much distance between that thing and myself as possible.,
    Shenvallei: I have to go guys Ill bbl.
    Shenvallei: afk
    Van: Alright, see you, Nick.

End of Session Nine

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Session Nine Three

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