Session Nine One

Kiergath (enter): 17:20
Shenvallei (enter): 17:20
Arothir: Allo then, Ladies.
  • Kiergath makes a check-mark in a notebook *
    Arothir: Sup?
    Kiergath: Not much at all
    Shenvallei: Hail Alexir!
  • Kiergath scratches head *
    Kiergath: Thats a new one
    Arothir: Just copying some of my files over.
    Arothir: All set whenever you chaps are.
    Kiergath: just had to check stats on something.
    Kiergath: When last we all happily met.
    Kiergath: Alex, correct me if I get anything wrong.
    Arothir: Sure, bossman
    Kiergath: After a brief spat, Alusair stormed from the bar, leaving Shenvallei and Jess to their own devices.
    Shenvallei: Shen – current desc.: Shenvallei ambles about at a 5’5 height though his eye level is always changing due to him always looking about. His eyes seem to dart from place to place – but out of wonder and curiousness rather than paranoia.
    Long auburn red hair in a ponytail that hangs down to his mid back. 2 braids that fall from each long pointed ear to just above each breast.

    Simple white loose clothes adorn his slender frame with an exquisite black robe covering the length of his body. A brown hooded cloak hangs from his shoulders to the back of his knees. A leather belt with a brass beltbuckle with the symbol of Corellon Lorenthian holds 2 large beltpouches. A dagger is tucked behind the left beltpouch and a shortbow hangs on his left shoulder and a brown leather backpack is strapped across his back.

    His voice is tenor-like and varies greatly in pitch as he speaks giving others the impression that he is exaggerating everything he says. However once most folk get to know Shen, they find him likeable and a bit comedic if at times too aloof for his own good.
    Shenvallei: new desc.
    Kiergath: Shen proceeded to induct Jezabel into the mysteries of what Faerunian (read: moooooorons) wizards call “The Art”
    Kiergath: a practice which she took to like a Vrock to an all-you-can-eat Nupperibo buffet.
    Arothir: Very Apt description, Nick.
    Arothir: ...that’s not a pleasant image.
    Kiergath: sorry, its just one of the things thats stuck
    Kiergath: is the quote on the Tanar’ri page in the original 2nd ed PS monster manual
    Arothir: lol
    Kiergath: “Nupperibo? smack I just love Nupperibo! smack” – One Vrock to another, on sighting the next wave of Baatezu attackers.
    Kiergath: It is shortly after this, when Shen and Jess have decided to take a break for lunch, that a rather .. well.. Van-like looking Van enters the bar, briefly scanning the room before approaching their table.
    Shenvallei: “Greetings Van! Good to see you as always.”
    Shenvallei: I move to make room for Van.
    Van: “Ah, Shenvallei, just the person I was looking to see!”
    Kiergath: A barmaid appears seemingly out of nowhere, setting a full tankard of a strange, fruity-smelling beverage infront of him before he’s even pulled a chair out.
    Kiergath: She then hurries along on her way.
  • Van takes an appreciative whiff of the drink before sipping at it and sighing contentedly. *
    Shenvallei: “Alusair should be back shortly. She didnt say where she was headed off to.”
    Van: “Ah? Regardless, it’s still a pleasure to see you. In fact, I’ve a bit of a proposition for you…I’m not so sure if Alusair would be as interested.”
    Shenvallei: “Do tell!”
    Shenvallei: I feed a piece of my breakfast to Luna.
    Kiergath: She purrs contentedly, or whatever it is cats do when fed.
    Van: “A friend of mine…is…well… in a bit of a bind. Recently, she has become hunted. Someone has stolen an artifact of great power and influence, and has placed all of the blame on her.”
  • Shenvallei listens attentively. *
    Van: “I was hoping to enlist your help in this matter… you seem to be quite enthusiastic about ancient artifacts, and knowledgable as well.”
    Van: “I suppose if that’s not enough to entice you, I could offer something in the way of financial compensation for your time.”
    Shenvallei: “Hmm… Of course Id need to know all the details. Do you know them or should I speak to this friend of yours first?”
    Van: “Well, I don’t think you’ve met my friend Ki’ina. She’s something else. Kindest Githyanki I’ve ever met. Apparently, or so I’ve heard, she’s pretty good in bed, to boot. There’s some mixup in her family heritage, and it turns out her brother’s a half fiend, and that sort of thing is frowned upon in their culture. So, in order to throw suspicion off of himself, he stole his father’s Silver Sword, and got Ki’ina framed for it.”
    Shenvallei: “Oh thats awful. Family mixups can be so difficult. So we are to find Ki’ina’s brother and recover the sword is that it?”
    Van: “Ideally, insofar as I know…Ki’ina’s tracked down the portal her brother’s been using to sneak in and out of Sigil, and should have the key shortly.”
    Van: “Unfortunately, that’s where my information runs out…you know what I know.”
    Shenvallei: “Well it does sound like something I have the time to help with. What would be our first course of action, perhaps to scout out this portal?”
    Shenvallei: Ill pull out a parchment and quill pen and write the following:
    Van: “Probably for the best… I don’t know if the brother has hired thugs, or if he’ll be hostile to our inquiries. When I met him, he seemed decently nice, but…fiends can be tricky.”
    Shenvallei: Alusair, Van has a need of a favor. A friend of his named Ki’ina has a brother that framed her by stealing her fathers sword. Van and I are departing to look into the matter to see if it can be resolved. If I do not see you before you read this, then know that this is where we are. -Your friend, Shenvallei”
    Kiergath: Mmmk
    Shenvallei: I then roll up the parchment
    Shenvallei: Tie a string around it.
    Shenvallei: And give it to the barkeep to give to Alusair when he sees her.
    Kiergath: you do so
    Kiergath: As you’re returning to your table, you find you’re nto the only one headed there
    Shenvallei: Look.
    Kiergath: Picking its way through the tables is a tall figure, perhaps six feet in height, somehow managing to weave through the crowd with little trouble. A cloak and hood conceals much, but from the front you manage to make out a decidedly female form, hugged closely by what appears to be leather armor made from some sort’ve serpent skin. Her features are pretty, in an exotic fashion, and her skin has an almost parchment-yellow color to it.
    Kiergath: As she gets closer and the hood is removed, you can see long ears, the backs of which appear serrated, a long black pony tail part-way down her back, and glossy black eyes.
    Kiergath: You see no weapons save for a dagger poking out of her left boot, and a number of pouches on a belt. Several loops on a bandolier hold small vials.
    Shenvallei: Sit at the table. I look at the newcommer with a look of curiosity and smile.
    Kiergath: She looks at you and Jess, then at Van. “These are the friends you spoke of?”
    Shenvallei: “Ki’ina? Is that your name?”
    Kiergath: She turns to Shen, studying him a moment. “It is. I will take that as an answer to my prior question as well.”
  • Van stands to welcome the figure. “Ki’ina, yes, this is the wizard Shenvallei, and his…friend.” *
    Shenvallei: I bow deeply.
    Shenvallei: “At your service milady.”
    Kiergath: She blinks, apparently taken a-back by the formality.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: “Van, this basher usually like this, or is this a special occasion?”
    Shenvallei: I offer her my chair “Please sit let us discuss your situation.”
  • Van simply smiles and re-seats himself, looking smug. *
    Kiergath: She crouches down next to the table, crossing her arms on the table and resting her chin on them. “Right, discuss away, Cutter. I ain’t got no-where ta be in a hurry.”
    Shenvallei: Continue looking at Ki’ina then finally pour a drink of the fruity beverage and offer it to her.
    Van: “I’ve informed Shen here as to your predicament with regards to your half fiend brother stealing the sword, but, as it is with such things, was at a loss when deciding how to start.”
    Kiergath: She accepts it with a nod of thanks.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina looks at Van, eyes going a decidedly matte black for a moment, before blinking once and turning back to Shen.
    Kiergath: “It sounds like Van’s given yeh the dark of it.. what else can I tell ya, bubber?”
    Shenvallei: “I have an idea that may be of help, but I would need some time. And perhaps some gold. Not for me of course, I would gladly aid you in this situation without cost.”
    Shenvallei: “There is a magical incantation that allows the location of objects. It requires of course that the seeker must know the object well or be able to visualize it. I believe I can master this spell if given access to learn it.”
    Shenvallei: “If your brother is carrying the sword, it should lead us to him. If not at least lead us to where he has it held.”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Wasted time, I know that much.
    Shenvallei: “I see. So then is it simply a matter of recovering the blade and returning it to you?”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Aright, bubber. I see Van didn’t fill ya in on quite everything. Here goes.
  • Shenvallei mouths the word “bubber”. *
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: My brother’s been usin’ a portal ta get from the Cage to somewhere in the Outlands. I’ve found the portal, and I’ve been through it. The trail on the other end looked like an easy one to follow, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to get into something I couldn’t handle.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: As near I can tell, he’s not goin’ out there himself – he’s stayin’ in the Cage. He’s not a fool, he wants ta know the minute they find me.. not wait for a messenger ta get through.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: So it looks like a few hangers-on and maybe a few mercs at best, guarding the sword.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: I can get you to wherever the sword is. But I’m not much for fighting, which is why I need your help.
    Shenvallei: “Family matters are always so complicated.”
    Shenvallei: “It so happens Im ready to depart any time. You Van.”
    Shenvallei: (sec doorbell.)
    Van: You Van, me Marsha
    Van: Er.
    Van: “Of course…I just hope we don’t run into anything that melts weapons like last time…I don’t have any spare broadswords, and I don’t know a good place to buy Halberds.”
    Van: ”...or broadswords, for that matter.”
    Shenvallei: (plumber is here be a few mins)
    Van: alrighty.
    Van: While Nick flirts with the toilet man
    Van: Go searching for a weapon shop.
    Kiergath: you do so
    Kiergath: what do you seek in this weapon shop?
    Van: I seek a broadsword!
    Van: A halberd would be nice, but I realize not every shop in Sigil is going to carry one
    Van: :P
    Kiergath: most weapon shops will
    Kiergath: as it is not a rare weapon
    Kiergath: throw in the fact that the hard-heads use alot of polearms
    Van: true
    Van: For sure, I’ll be trying to get another broadsword
    Van: I’m debating the kind of terrain we’ll be facing, and if I want to get the halberd or not.
    Van: Aw, sure, why not.
    Van: Halberd too, if they have one
    Kiergath: yup
    Van: Poke around for a bit for Nick to wake up..
    Van: hm…
    Van: Possibly a broadsword in a non-ferrous metal
    Van: Not sure what this particular store would carry
    Shenvallei: im back
    Kiergath: wb
    Shenvallei: thx
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: As far as the portal key goes.. apparently its a tattoo, of all things.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: I didn’t think anyone would be eager to volunteer, so I took the liberty of getting one to open it.
    Van: ”...ah, I might have, given the circumstances.”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Well, if you’re still interested after we’re done.. here it is – talk to Fell. Couple other artists in the city, but I wouldn’t trust ‘em.
    Kiergath: She takes a patch out of a bag and sets it on the table
  • Van observes the patch *
    Kiergath: It appears to be a shade of yellow similar to Ki’ina’s skin, with three interlocking rings on it.
    Van: “Rule of Three, e—-” turn and stare at her, then grin.
    Shenvallei: “Do you have all you need then?”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina smirks at Van, then turns to Shen, “Far as I know.”
    Shenvallei: Is Jesebel with us?
    Kiergath: Doesn’t have much choice, does she?
    Shenvallei: I dont know.
    Shenvallei: I think so.
    Van: She hasn’t left the table, diligently reading a book.
    Shenvallei: “Id hate to have you come into danger again Jesebel. Do you want to stay behind?”
    Van: Jess: I’d love to keep reading about this whole magic thing…it’s fascinating…did you know that some women who practice magic have been known to grow long white beards?
    Shenvallei: “Now you are just being silly.”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Oh.. no.. she’s one of them, isn’t she?
    Van: She points to a passage in her book, revealing the statement to be, at least, written down.
    Shenvallei: “Ill be testing you on what you have learned so far when I get back. Better study those incantations I outlined for you.”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: One of them damned exploratory, sensationalist barmies.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Jump into a red dragon’s stomach just ter feel the acid, they would.
    Kiergath: She makes what you take to be some sort’ve religious sign. Probably protective.
    Van: Van: ...Lets out a small yelp
    Van: Jess: tingles a bit, it does…
  • Shenvallei stands up. “Time is a’wastin. And this cager is gettin’ antsy.” *
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Cager? You?
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Yer about as much a Cager as I am a Factol.
    Van: “Maybe he means you, Ki’ina.”
    Shenvallei: “Eh Ive been called worse.”
  • Van blinks at Shen, then takes a final swig of his drink before standing, then stalks off to collect his halberd, chuckling all the way *
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: . . . which reminds me of the time I once convinced a drunk Hardhead that I was a Harmonium mover. That was a good one.
    Kiergath: She follows Van.
    Shenvallei: Follow.
  • Shenvallei dances and skips as he walks, glad to be out and about. *
    Kiergath: Van leads you through the Clerk’s Ward, finally arriving at a dead-end street.
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: Right. That building there. The one with the boarded up entrance.
    Shenvallei: Slowly walk towards it.
    Kiergath: You do so
    Kiergath: As you all get closer to the door, it begins to glow, before being replaced entirely by a shimmering blue gateway
    Shenvallei: Wait before the enterance.
    Shenvallei: Look around, is anyone watching?
    Kiergath: Spot checks?
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [6] = (6)
    Kiergath: Nope
    Van: [1d20+6<!- Official Roll ->] => [15,6] = (21)
    Kiergath: Nope.
    Shenvallei: +4
    Shenvallei: Dart thru the gateway.
    Kiergath: Shen
    Kiergath: You dart through the doorway.
    Kiergath: Suddenly, the hairs on the back of your neck begin to rise, crackling with energy as the runes around your neck begin to glow. You feel the heat radiating from them, growing decidedly unpleasant before a loud Crack! rends the air like a thunderclap. You find yourself bowled over as Jess appears and slams into you.
    Kiergath: Van and Ki’ina step throught he portal shortly afterwords.
    Shenvallei: Look around, “Wh- what happened?”
    Van: Van looks around, trying to observe the surroundings, confused. “Wha—oh, you decided to bring Jezebel along?”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: ... Bloody sodding barmy senate.
    Kiergath: sate

    Van: ...although Senate is right too, but the context is wrong
    Kiergath: You find yourselves in a small clearing in a rather thick forest, decidous, in early fall.
    Van: Jess: Er…you…portal…binding…...ow…?
    Kiergath: The leaves are beginning to turn, but the ground cover is still thick as well.
    Kiergath: A path leads south
    Kiergath: Ki’ina, however, is investigating something on the western edge of the clearing
    Kiergath: D e c i d u o u s
    Van: Head o’er to her
    Kiergath: She points out something on the ground, “See there, and there? These sods aren’t even trying to hide.. trail’s clear as day.”
    Van: ”...that’s not good.”
    <u>Server Administrator</u>-> Kicking ‘Shenvallei’ from server… Removing dead client
    Shenvallei (exit): 19:31
    Van: thought he was too quiet.
    Kiergath: His net went boom. Just IM’d me from his phone.
    Van: lol…
    Van: awesome
    Kiergath: Says he’s gonna grab a shower and see if its back in 30.
    Van: Kay…
    Van: where does that leave us?
    Kiergath: nowhere good
    Van: lol
    Van: truth
    Kiergath: la..
    Van: hmm?
    Kiergath: dunno
    Van: quack
    Van: Now that I’m looking, I don’t have much on this comp
    Van: rly
    Van: hmmm
    Van: Wondering…
    Van: What is doable…
    Van: that is not battleship
    Van: CoD4
    Van: NWN2
    Van: and…blah
    Kiergath: lol.. hm.
    Van: Chirp?
    Van: Hrm..
    Van: I wonder what we’re going to get ourselves into.
    Van: ...and if Van is going to end up KO’d in a Githyanki dungeon
    Van: :P
    Kiergath: always possible..
    Van: I’d wager likely
    Van: But that’s okay
    Van: Because breaking out again is fun
    Van: :P
    Kiergath: lol
    Kiergath: your main problem
    Kiergath: is a lack of heling
    Kiergath: healing
    Kiergath: gah
    Van: yeah
    Van: It’s a big problem, really
    Kiergath: very
    Van: The biggest I can think of, in fact
    Van: With enough healing
    Van: 1 Damage/round
    Van: Will prevail
    Van: unless there’s DR
    Kiergath: Lol
    Shenvallei (enter): 19:59
    Van: Hey there Nicky
    Shenvallei: Hey sorry guys
    Van: Why did I read that as “Soggy guys”
    Shenvallei: LOL
    Kiergath: ...
  • Kiergath cries *
    Shenvallei: I love ridiculous things
    Kiergath: Description: Shenvallei: Look around, “Wh- what happened?”
    Van: Van looks around, trying to observe the surroundings, confused. “Wha—oh, you decided to bring Jezebel along?”
    Kiergath: Ki’ina: ... Bloody sodding barmy senate.
    Kiergath: sate
    Van: ...although Senate is right too, but the context is wrong
    Kiergath: You find yourselves in a small clearing in a rather thick forest, decidous, in early fall.
    Van: Jess: Er…you…portal…binding…...ow…?
    Kiergath: The leaves are beginning to turn, but the ground cover is still thick as well.
    Kiergath: A path leads south
    Kiergath: Ki’ina, however, is investigating something on the western edge of the clearing
    Kiergath: D e c i d u o u s

    Van: Head o’er to her
    Kiergath: She points out something on the ground, “See there, and there? These sods aren’t even trying to hide.. trail’s clear as day.”
    Van: ”...that’s not good.”
    Shenvallei: Except when it affects me negatively
    Kiergath: Thats where we stay
    Kiergath: ...
    Kiergath: stayed
    Kiergath: or stopped
    Kiergath: FUCK i can’t type, my fingers are frozen
    Van: lol
    Van: Get mittens.
    Kiergath: ...
    Kiergath: yeah, that’d REALLY help
    Van: Or warm butterscotch schnapps
    Van: In hot cocoa
    Shenvallei: So just for clarity.
    Kiergath: ..
    Kiergath: Yes
    Shenvallei: Jesebel appeared before me.
    Shenvallei: and knocked me down
    Kiergath: no.. She appeared and slammed into you
    Kiergath: this si one action
    Kiergath: she appeared.. and flew into you
    Kiergath: knocking you over
    Kiergath: she didn’t appear and bull rush you
    Shenvallei: Can I determine why this happened?
    Kiergath: I suppose you could draw conclusions, if you like, but theres no apparent reason
    Shenvallei: Ok.
    Shenvallei: “Well nice to see you Jess? Decided to come after all?”
    Van: She seems a bit worse for the wear. Jess sniffles, then dusts herself off. “I was trying to read…but this could be fun.”
    Kiergath: Van
    Kiergath: listen check
    Van: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [9] = (9)
    Van: +7!
    Van: 16!
    Kiergath: Do you speak draconic?
    Van: uh
    Van: Yes.
    Van: Yes, in fact, I do.
    Kiergath: More listen checks.. Shen, you can have one too
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [10] = (10)
    Van: [1d20+7<!- Official Roll ->] => [13,7] = (20)
    Shenvallei: +2
    Kiergath: Ki’ina disappears up a tree, perching on a branch. A sword made of some sort’ve dull, black material has appeared in her hand.
    Kiergath: You hear something crunching through the brush to the west
    Van: Brandish my halberd and back towards the center of the clearing, staring west.
    Shenvallei: Stand behind Van and look around.
    Kiergath: Coming through the forest to the west
    Kiergath: You see several large reptillian figures, the infrequent sunlight glinting off the steel of their armor and drawn weapons
    Kiergath: picture on map
    Shenvallei: Pull my hood over my head.
    Kiergath: The leader stops suddenly, pointing into the clearing and barking what appears to be an order. The other four stop, but the one in front begins to approach
    Shenvallei: Do they see us?
    Kiergath: you would guess so
    Kiergath: The other four are spreading out and watching you and their leader
    Kiergath: The leader continues approaching the clearing, slowly, his weapon lowered
  • Van loosens his stance, looking at the leader. Taking a deep breath, Van adresses the creature in the Draconic tongue. **
    Shenvallei: put my hands together in a sign of peace and bow before the leader.
    Kiergath: The lizard looks taken aback at what Van says
    Kiergath: Leader: Gods, not y-what are y—... You know what, I don’t care.
    Kiergath: The leader shifts nervously from foot to foot, “Look, it wasn’t nothin’ personal. We didn’t even pick you out. We just bought what they brought us, y’know?”
    Kiergath: He still seems to be addressing Van, clearly somewhat afraid
    Shenvallei: I dont speak draconic so I just wait motionless.
    Kiergath: he’s not speaking Draconic
    Kiergath: Van did, but the lizard is not
    Van: “I understand… the market being what it is these days… I do believe, however… my forgiveness could be bought. A gold piece from each of you, and step through that portal to Sigil. I ask simply for your Parole.”
    Van: ( That’s in Common, too, Shen.)

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