Session Fourty Six

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‘Kiergath’ connected
GM: Hallo!
Jürgen Dagramar: ah, right
Jürgen Dagramar: custom portrait and everything
Jürgen Dagramar: I am the pwn

GM: za
‘Nick’ connected
Nick (Arkail Jogren): Alexir! how are you?

Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): pay no mind to Jhaelyn being activated, just looking to see how I did something on her sheet.
Alex: I am quite good! How art thou!
Nick (Arkail Jogren): Good man. Hope you had a good vacation to ireland.
GM: It was pretty awesome. My dice are green as a result. I hope you chaps are ready to be scared shitless—-I mean, have a wonderful ArrPee adventure.
Arkail Jogren: RP ftw
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Ahhh, get piked. You can’t do worse to me than’s already been done.
Alex: ...
Alex: Really?
Alex: You’re positive?
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): <looks> Yeah, reasonably.
Alex: That sounds like a challenge.
Alex: One spider hell, coming up!
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Sounds like fun.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): <cracks>
Alex: Plz no beat the DM
Alex: Sec…just getting my session book in order.
Alex: HOKAY!

Lads and lasses, gents and gals, I humbly invite you to Session 46, with a recap!

The party arrives in the hive, at the entrance of the sewers. They encounter a small group of undead, which they dispatch swiftly, but not without Arkail going temporarily deaf. They make their way into the Dead Nations, where Arkail activates a Guardian by touching it. Arkail smashes it’s skull with his fist, and they run, frantically, to escape the Dead Nations. They encounter their first swarm of Cranium rats, devouring a beautiful woman. They retreat, only to find themselves in a den of spiders. Arkail deals out death to them, only to find a larger spider, which he slays. He moves on past the carcass, only to find a hive of more spiders. He turns back, finding that Alusair has left. He smells the odd odor of tabac down the hallway, and investigates, periodically forgetting how to breathe. He encounters a drainage pipe, within which is an adventuresome dwarf. They agree to help each other get un-lost in the tunnels, and the dwarf introduces himself as “Jurgen Dagramar”.

Arkail Jogren: “To be honest dwarf, I have no idea where to begin looking for a way out. I do not know these caves.”
Arkail Jogren: “If you havent an idea I say we pick a direction and take it.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Right! Pick away!”
Arkail Jogren: What are our options Alex?
Your options – back, towards the spiders and the rats, forward, to the unknown, or Dennis.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Dennis?

Alex: ...Play the Zork-clone on sometime.
Arkail Jogren: “Forward then. The way back led to near death.”
You hear, from behind you, a faint voice, “Near death…. near death… near death…”
Arkail Jogren: Move away from it hastily keeping an eye over my shoulder. And make sure my companion is following me unlike my last.
Jürgen Dagramar: How wide is the corridor?
The corridor is easily three-abreast, much more spacious than the tunnel you were moving about. Here, the floor is relatively dry, as well.
Jürgen Dagramar: Alright…
Jürgen Dagramar: Stay about ten feet behind him and hug one wall.
Alex: Nick? How do you move forward?
Arkail Jogren: yes
Arkail Jogren: oh

Jürgen Dagramar gently un-cocks his pistol before thrusting it back into his belt. He un-slings a longer firearm from his back while trailing after the strange human.
Arkail Jogren: If it is light enough to see then I will head down the middle.
Jürgen Dagramar: Stow my lantern, by the way.
Jürgen Dagramar: or, actually, whats the lighting like?
Arkail Jogren: If too dark I will bumble along the wall.
Jürgen Dagramar: hm..
It’s a bit dark… some ambient light coming from somewhere…
You think you see the Key Grip and the Best Boy scuttling along ahead of you.
Jürgen Dagramar: Ah, with the lamps?
Alex: Yeah.
You head down the tunnel, peering about, and you come to an intersection. You hear moving water to your right.
Arkail Jogren: “Are we moving up or down at all?”
Arkail Jogren: “I mean the tunnel, does it slope?”
Jürgen Dagramar blinks
Arkail Jogren: “You are a dwarf arent you?”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Give me a moment.”
Jürgen Dagramar leans his weapon against the wall, un-slings his pack and starts rummaging, muttering; “Level, level.. where did I put the level..”
Arkail Jogren watches the dwarf impatiently.
You brandish your level, and find that indeed, the section of tunnel that you are in is indeed quite level.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Flat as a pixie’s chest, chief.”
Arkail Jogren: ”...”
Arkail Jogren bursts out laughing.
Jürgen Dagramar stashes the level, making note of where it is, before swinging his pack back on and picking up his gun.
Arkail Jogren: “That way.”
Arkail Jogren points to the right.
Arkail Jogren: continue in that direction

You head off towards the right… ahead, you see what passes for an underground river, streaming forth from a grate on your right, closing off passage in that direction. However, there is dry passage by way of a narrow ledge on either side of the river, which looks to be shin deep here.
Jürgen Dagramar: How wide is the sewage, how wide are the ledges
The ledges are wide enough for one to pass at a time. The sewage could perhaps pass four at once.
You seem to see a way to get to the other ledge, by climbing over the grate opening.
Arkail Jogren: Walk up to the grate and test it, is it sturdy?
You lean your full weight against the grate and it does not budge.
Arkail Jogren: “Lets climb across aye?” I try to climb over the opening.
GM: Roll a climb check, Arkail.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Why the devil would we both cross? One of us should cross and the other should stay on this side.”

Arkail Jogren: Skill [Climb] [1d20+4 = 11]
You feel your grip begin to slacken as you are over the river of sewage.
GM: Climb again!
Arkail Jogren grunts.
Arkail Jogren: “Fine stay put.”
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Climb] [1d20+4 = 20]
With a surge of finger-tipped manliness, you leap up from your sewery doom to safety, and cross the stinking chasm.
Arkail Jogren: “Hah. Now what… let me think.”
Arkail Jogren spits in the sewage.
GM: [1d20 = 20]
Jürgen Dagramar stands there leaning on his rifle, puffing on his pipe, looking somewhat amused by the whole thing.
The sewage spits back at you. It gets into your eye. Roll a con check.
Arkail Jogren: lame :(

Arkail Jogren: Constitution check [1d20+2 = 21]
Arkail Jogren: hah!
Nick (Arkail Jogren): not gonna kill me that easily today ;)
Luckily, your eye slams shut, and blocks out the toxic sludge from directly entering your bloodstream.
Arkail Jogren: Give the sewage healthy respect and room as we continue forward on either side.
Jürgen Dagramar: Follow along on the other side
You trek down the pathways, balancing precariously at parts. You travel for some time, what feels like hours.
Arkail Jogren: Stop to rest.
Arkail Jogren: “We better not be going in a circle.”
Arkail Jogren: “You got a gizmo to tell that?”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Err…”
Jürgen Dagramar pauses and takes out a small device, peering at it.

Jürgen Dagramar: “Err.. no good, chief.”
The needle on the device swings back and forth aimlessly, looking half drunk.
Arkail Jogren: “Got a piece of chalk then?”
Jürgen Dagramar: “What is this, the dark ages? Don’t you sods know what a pencil is?”
Arkail Jogren: “A what?”
Jürgen Dagramar: “A… forget it.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “No, no chalk.”
Arkail Jogren: “Fine.”
Arkail Jogren: Look for a rock or something to mark the wall with.
Arkail Jogren: I suppose the correct question is have we passed any more of those grates?
GM: You find a rat, or a rock. Your choice.
GM: No more grates.
Arkail Jogren: Rock. Scratch an ‘X’ into the wall. Then keep walking.

Arkail Jogren: “So dwarf, what are you some kind of engineer?”
Arkail Jogren: “Tinker crafter or whatnot it is called.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “A little bit of this, a little bit of that..”
Jürgen Dagramar: “I’ve seen my fair share of construction, more than my share of destruction.. even some obstruction – usually related to the other two.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “One time, me an’ the lads were underground for two weeks straight, trying to undermine a city wall. Two weeks on iron rations and boomshine mixed with our water rations, fighting undead, in the dark.”

Arkail Jogren: “Did you succeed in your task?”
Jürgen Dagramar: “You kidding? Hell no! They kicked us out with our tails between our legs! These weren’t skeletons or zombies, man! But it was a bloody lot of fun while it lasted.”
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Still plain old dull boring sewer?
Alex: Yes, although a spot check is in order.
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+7 = 12]
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Spot] [1d20+3 = 18]
Nick (Arkail Jogren): are we still injured?

Alex: Uh…still…from…
Nick (Arkail Jogren): spider fight I assume, looking at the tracking chart
Alex: You would be, yes.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): That chart is obsolete.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): It shows someone who is no longer here.
Arkail Jogren: Keep moving ahead. “It sounds like a tale worthy of song. I will ponder putting your tale to the ears of others if we escape from this hellish cavern.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Oh, uhh… you’re, uh, one of those, are you?”
Arkail – you notice the water seems to be getting clearer the further down the tunnel you go.

Arkail Jogren: “A teller of tales, but only the best. So that lessons can be learned.”
Arkail Jogren: “Look there.”
Arkail Jogren points at the water.
Jürgen Dagramar stops, looks at it.
Jürgen Dagramar: “What?”
Alex: Jurgen, you do notice the aforementioned.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Huh, so it is.”
Arkail Jogren: Move up try to see where the clear water is comming from.
Alex: brb
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Oh, now you’ve done it.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): me?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): nah he probably went to the pantry.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): I know I just did :P
Nick (Arkail Jogren): candy ftw
Nick (Arkail Jogren): morgan 2 choices, reeses peanut butter cup or almond joy

Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): ...B.
Alex: Back.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): wb
Alex: I prefer Milky Way
Alex: But you chaps would know them by Three muskateers, I suppose.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): snickers here

Nick (Arkail Jogren): does milky way have caramel?
Jürgen Dagramar: ..yeah.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): milky way and three musketeers are two different things.
Right! There is no identifiable source of clear running water… the sewage simply seems to be thinning out by some sorcery.
Alex: (True, but I mean the UK Milky way, which is actually the US ThreeM, for some reason)
The clean water is flowing downstream, which is the way you were travelling.
Arkail Jogren: Keep moving until the water is completely clear.
Arkail Jogren: Then test the clear water by touching it.

You move up… the water continues to gain clarity, but up ahead, you see the paths you are on crumble and fall into the river at a point that leads up to a rusted old grate.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Looks like this is our stop, eh?”
Touching the water yields a certain wet feeling, reminiscant of when you were born.
Arkail Jogren: Put a drop on my tongue, does it taste pure?
GM: It does, more or less.
Arkail Jogren: “We should take that grate off and go beyond it.”
Arkail Jogren: “It looks rusted, should give way easy enough.”
Arkail Jogren: “Can you swim Dwarf?
Jürgen Dagramar: “Swim? Why? It doesn’t look that deep.”
Arkail Jogren: has it remained shin deep this whole time?
Alex: Yes, yes it has.
Arkail Jogren: “Just in case it gets deeper then.”
Jürgen Dagramar: How high is the tunnel with the grate?
Arkail Jogren: “Well worry about that later.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “If it gets deep enough we need to swim, you’re on your own.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “I do not swim, and neither does my gear.”
The tunnel is roughly 6 feet high, through the grate.
Bars are missing here and there, and those that remain are covered in rust.
Arkail Jogren: Move up try to bend the bars enough to fit thru.
GM: Str check?
Arkail Jogren: Strength check [1d20+4 = 7]
Arkail Jogren: “Its too damn slimy. Can you give me a hand?”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Errr..”
Jürgen Dagramar: Is the walkway dry?
Jürgen Dagramar: wait, we left that behind
Jürgen Dagramar: forget that
The walkway is, but the area where the grate is is not.
Jürgen Dagramar shoulders his gun and moves up to help Arkail.
Str checks!
Jürgen Dagramar: Strength check [1d20+2 = 21]
Arkail Jogren: Strength check [1d20+4 = 14]
You tear several bars free, with Jurgen at the crux of the battle for an open grate.

Beyond there is a bit more light, and even clearer water. You can almost feel a breeze from up ahead.
Arkail Jogren: Continue forward ducking as needed for the low ceiling.
As you advance through the knee deep river, passing underneath the rusted grate, holding your gear high so as not to get it wet, you feel a faint tingling sensation at the back of your necks. You give momentary pause to the feeling, taking a distracted step forward, finding nothing in front of you. You plummet forward, into the chill water, moving rapidly forward, dragging you along with it.
Jürgen Dagramar: How’s the light?
Jürgen Dagramar: ah, right, bit more.
Jürgen Dagramar tugs his pistol back out, a rather gnarly looking foot-long knife with a serrated back edge in his off hand.
Arkail Jogren: Try not to lose any of my gear and maintin my head above water.
Jürgen Dagramar peers after Arkail
Jürgen Dagramar: “Errr, you OK in there? Hello? HELLO?”

Arkail quickly dissapears from view, with the speed of the current.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Moradin’s beard, this just ain’t my day.”
Alex: Sec…
Jürgen Dagramar: After making preparations…
Jürgen Dagramar: Follow the barbarian

You plunge forth!
You feel a sudden blast of cold air, as you are thrust into the open sunlight, plummetting down some untold feet out of the mouth of the sewer, down along a cliffside and into a deep lagoon. When you surface, you are greeted to the sound of roaring water, chirping birds, and a lush tropical forest surrounding you. Your feet briefly touch on sharp rocks behind you as a gentle warning of your avoided fate.
When you surface, you find your bundle snagged up on a rocky outcropping nearby, and Arkail dumping water out of his boots, looking wet and miserable on shore.

Jürgen Dagramar goes to retrieve his bundle, grumbling all the way as his boots slosh, full of water.
Jürgen Dagramar: Drag it to shore, then proceed to empty my boots.

‘Nick’ disconnected
‘Nick’ connected
Nick (Arkail Jogren): sorry can you repost all I missed?
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): He hasn’t said anything for awhile.

Alex: sry…food prep… 2 more minutes.
Alex: Back!
You get to shore, miserable, but at least your boots are emptied. The sun, such as you can make out, is getting fairly dim.
Arkail Jogren: Climb out take inventory of my items.

All present and accounted for, if wet.
Jürgen Dagramar: Unroll my bundle, carefully lay everything out to take stock.
Jürgen Dagramar: Strip, wring out my clothes before putting them back on.
Arkail Jogren: Take a look around for the nearest place for shelter.
You can take shelter in a cave underneath the waterfall.
Jürgen Dagramar: On second thought…
Jürgen Dagramar: How’s the temperature?
Arkail Jogren: Scout the cave quickly to make sure its unoccupied.
It is quite unoccupied, and very warm.
Jürgen Dagramar: Right.
Jürgen Dagramar: Screw that then.

You imagine it gets quite humid during the day.
Jürgen Dagramar: Boots, trousers, and hat.
Jürgen Dagramar: Stow the rest
Jürgen Dagramar: Cloak is rolled up and worn bandolier-style.
Arkail Jogren: any dry wood to gather for a fire about?
Jürgen Dagramar: “Lovely place, this. Could do with a brewery, though.”
Plenty of dry wood in the woods nearby.
Jürgen Dagramar: “That waterfall, though.. I bet you could set up a mill here and power it pretty well.”
Arkail Jogren: Build a fire. Hang clothes to dry by it slump against wall. “Ya. Maybe, why you seeking a new place to build a keep or something?”
Jürgen Dagramar: “A keep? Pah! You think small.”
Arkail Jogren yawns loudly.
Arkail Jogren: “Eh, as long as you serve a good ale youll get my patronage.”

Jürgen Dagramar shrugs.
Jürgen Dagramar: move my things to the cave, then help get wood
Arkail Jogren: “zzzzz”
You relax and sleep, with the sound of the waterfall roaring nearby.
You wake in the morning to a rustling in the forest.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Ohhhhhh, my head.”
Arkail Jogren: “Wake up Dwarf, somethings outside the cave.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “I’m up, I’m grumbling aren’t I?”

Jürgen Dagramar gets up, still just wearing trousers, boots and hat.
Arkail Jogren: Get up grab my axe and look outside.
You take a…spot check!
Jürgen Dagramar grabs his pistol and follows the bard.
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Spot] [1d20+3 = 18]
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+7 = 25]
You both spot, moving through the trees across the lake, a band of small humanoids, heading from the left of the cave to the right.
Jürgen Dagramar: Describe the cave.
Jürgen Dagramar: Loose rubble? Rocks?
GM: Za…very much so.
Jürgen Dagramar: Great.
Jürgen Dagramar: Start moving rocks towards the cave mouth.
Jürgen Dagramar: Pile ‘em.
You begin to create a rudimentary barricade.
Jürgen Dagramar: Big ones as a framework, fill the holes with rubble.
Arkail Jogren: Try to get a rough count of the humanoids.

At a guess, you counts 20.
Arkail Jogren: Do they look friendly?
Arkail Jogren: dumb question.
Arkail Jogren: Wait at the mouth of the cave behind cover if I can find it.
Cover is slowly being built.
Arkail Jogren: Help.
You help build…
The rustling stops.
Arkail Jogren: Search thru my rations for food and refill my waterskins at the waterfall.
GM: The waterfall is out beyond the barricade – you go out?
Arkail Jogren: yes.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Wish we had more containers. . .”
Jürgen Dagramar: ALEX
Jürgen Dagramar: How’s the cover?
Jürgen Dagramar: assuming prone or kneeling?
GM: It’s Okay for kneeling.
GM: Amazing for prone.
GM: Right…
GM: [1d20 = 16]
GM: [3d20 = 38]
GM: [1d6 = 3]

Arkail – as you step out to refill your waterskins, an arrow slices through the air, punctures a waterskin and grazes your leg painfully.
Arkail Jogren: “Arrrrgh!” Fall down clutching my leg then cough a few times and feign that I passed out.
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Bluff] [1d20+4 = 21]
You hear excited jibberish shouts from the forest’s edge.
GM: Initiatives?
Arkail Jogren: Initiative [1d20+2 = 19]
Jürgen Dagramar: Initiative [1d20+4 = 18]
Jürgen Dagramar: query
Jürgen Dagramar: while he’s doing his dramatics
Jürgen Dagramar: can I have gotten my gun and gone prone?
Jürgen Dagramar: :P

Arkail Jogren
Arkail Jogren: delay
Jürgen Dagramar
Arkail Jogren: Resetting Fighter Powers
Arkail Jogren: Resetting Skald (Suel Archanamach) Powers
Jürgen Dagramar: Visible targets?
GM: 10 visible outside the tree line, advancing
Jürgen Dagramar: What do they appear to be?
Jürgen Dagramar: Armed with?
All of them, gnomes.
The ones advancing are armed with butchers knives and spears.
Jürgen Dagramar: Range?
Call it 40.

Jürgen Dagramar: ye gods
Alex: Hm?
Jürgen Dagramar: Right!
Jürgen Dagramar: Fire at the ugly one!
Jürgen Dagramar: Dwarven Tunnel Gun (Rifle) (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 13]
You fire, but your bullet is deflected by the barricade and splashes into the lake. The noise whips the gnomes up into a frenzy, and they begin running for the cave mouth.
GM: [5d20 = 73]
GM: [5d20 = 52]
GM: [5d20 = 60]
GM: [5d20 = 48]
GM: [2d6 = 4]
GM: [2d10 = 12]
A volley of ten arrows arc through the air – one of them skips low and through the barricade, tagging Jurgen in the foot.
Arkail Jogren
Arkail Jogren: Spell [Message] -> Whispered conversation at distance
Arkail Jogren: at Jurgen, “Try to draw them into the cave. I am fine.”

Arkail Jogren: Nothing further.
Alex: Very well.
Jürgen Dagramar
Jürgen Dagramar: RANGE?
Jürgen Dagramar: <.<
Jürgen Dagramar: >.>
You see a slight flaw in your plan – the cave is only 20 feet deep.
Arkail Jogren: Good they will be more confined.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Eeeerrrrrrrr….”
Jürgen Dagramar: Right, they’re ten feet away.
Jürgen Dagramar: Rise, brandishing my bayonetted musket before me, and roar out my challenge with all the strength and ferocity of desperation and sheer bowel clenching terror!
Jürgen Dagramar: Ahem.
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Intimidate] [1d20+1 = 10]
Jürgen Dagramar: Yeah. Turn around and book for the back of the cave.
Jürgen Dagramar: :P

Nick (Arkail Jogren): fyi I still get an action this round.
You duck to the back of the cave.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): the message spell was on turn 1 after I delayed.
GM: Sure, sure.
Take your action if you want one.
Arkail Jogren: Im assuming the gnomes have moved passed me by now?
GM: Nope – they’re 5 feet away
GM: They haven’t had their turn yet
Arkail Jogren: delay till after their turn.
Arkail Jogren: but
Arkail Jogren: keeping my hand on the hilt of my axe.
GM: Righto.
GM: [5d20 = 31]
GM: [5d20 = 46]
More arrows arc through the air!
GM: [3d20 = 49]

Nick – you feel three blades nick at your legs. Seven Gnomes rush through into the cave.
GM: [3d6 = 17]
Arkail Jogren: standing up from prone is a full move action yes?
GM: A move action, I believe yes.
Arkail Jogren: Stand up and look at the gnomes coldly.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 31]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Damage) [1d10+8 = 13]
One of the gnomes heads flies off into the lagoon.
Jürgen Dagramar: so much for my fresh water.
Arkail Jogren: Cleave.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 16]
Your swing goes wild!
Arkail Jogren
Arkail Jogren: split attacks
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 2) [1d20+8 = 28]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 2) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 27]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 2) [CONFIRM] [1d20+8 = 24]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Damage) [1d10+8 = 10]
GM: Crit/hit
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Damage) [1d10+8 = 18]
Arkail Jogren: 30 and 18

Arkail Jogren: then 5 foot step backwards towards the cave.
Jürgen Dagramar: how is that backwards?
Arkail Jogren: forward.
The axe bites into the head of one of the gnomes, smashing it into the third, which gets crushed against the cave wall.
Jürgen Dagramar
Jürgen Dagramar: Uh.
Jürgen Dagramar: Query.
GM: Yes?
Jürgen Dagramar: Do I notice the death and devastation behind me?
GM: Yeah you do
Jürgen Dagramar: Charming, can I turn around and attack?
Jürgen Dagramar: and if so, how far behind me are they?
Jürgen Dagramar: I can’t imagine they’d be far, if at all
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Also, hate to mention it, but I have to go AFK for a little bit in ten minutes or so.
GM: Za – they’re closing in on you, but they’re 15 away
Jürgen Dagramar: hm.
Jürgen Dagramar: Fine, fine
Jürgen Dagramar: Attack the ugly one

Jürgen Dagramar: Bayonet (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 12]
Jürgen Dagramar: wake me up when its my turn again
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): pry more like five at this point, now that I think about it..
GM: [4d20 = 42]
GM: [2d6 = 6]
Two spears get through your defense!
Arkail Jogren
Arkail Jogren: distance to the gnomes in the cave?
GM: [5d20 = 54]
GM: [4d20 = 44]
GM: [3d6 = 11]
(Three arrows from the trees by the way) – 10 feet
Arkail Jogren: move in and attack
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 25]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Damage) [1d10+8 = 17]
Arkail Jogren: Cleave.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 19]
You devastate two of the gnomes.
Arkail Jogren: excellent.
Jürgen Dagramar
Jürgen Dagramar: how many left?
Arkail Jogren: 5 in the cave
GM: Za.
Jürgen Dagramar: Excellent, I’m doing well then.
Jürgen Dagramar: Bayonet (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 20]
Jürgen Dagramar: Bayonet (Attack 2) [1d20+4 = 12]

You jam your bayonet into a gnome’s gut and twist to pull it out, but it gets stuck.
Jürgen Dagramar: Bayonet (Damage) [1d8+4 = 5]
Jürgen Dagramar: ....
Jürgen Dagramar: I quit. I’m taking up a new game that doesn’t involve dice.
Arkail Jogren: poker?
Jürgen Dagramar: works
The gnome lashes out at you violently!
Arkail Jogren: change the color
GM: [1d20 = 2]
His writhing impales himself further and he falls limp.
GM: [4d20 = 35]
GM: [1d20 = 5]
Another pike slices through the air to stick Jurgen.
GM: [1d6 = 2]
Arkail Jogren
Arkail Jogren: Split attacks.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 27]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 2) [1d20+8 = 17]
Call it both good.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Damage) [1d10+8 = 12]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Damage) [1d10+8 = 18]
Arkail Jogren: Cleave.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 24]
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Damage) [1d10+8 = 14]
Three of the gnomes drop, in various states of pieces and parts.
Jürgen Dagramar
Jürgen Dagramar: Gnome’s still on my gun?
The pikeman is all that remains in the cave.
Jürgen Dagramar: :P
GM: Yes.
Jürgen Dagramar heaves the barrel of his gun – and the impaled gnome – in the pikeman’s direction, and pulls the trigger.

Jürgen Dagramar: Dwarven Tunnel Gun (Smoothbore) (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 16]
Jürgen Dagramar: I cannot win.
Jürgen Dagramar: I’m going AFK.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): man I was rooting for him there.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): no, seriously, I am. AFK.
The gnome explodes in a shower of gore.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): eta?
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): 15 minutes?
GM: [1d20 = 9]
Nick (Arkail Jogren): np
GM: I think I can swing that.
Arkail Jogren
GM: The pikeman stabs and misses.
Arkail Jogren: Try to put him out of his misery.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 21]
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): ahhh screw t, I’ll just eat here.. not like there’s any more to add to teh mess. BRB.
Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Damage) [1d10+8 = 15]
The last gnome gets buried up to his head, in the greataxe.
Arkail Jogren: Then as a move action try to get behind cover.
Blood is seeping everywhere – coating the walls of the cave, spattering on the fire.
You manage to hunker down behind the makeshift barricade.

Arrows clatter ineffectually against the stone outside.
Excited chatter comes from the forest.
Jürgen Dagramar: get the pygmy off my gun
Jürgen Dagramar: and reload
Jürgen Dagramar: Can I get reloaded?

Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Munitions] [1d20+15 = 31]
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Munitions] [1d20+15 = 27]
Jürgen Dagramar: Time needed – one round and one move action
Arkail Jogren: Going to try and apply first aid to myself with my bandages.
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Heal] [1d20+4 = 8]
You don’t really cut the mustard.
You can reload.
Jürgen Dagramar: Crawl forward to the barricade.
You do so – You hear the arrows clattering occasionally, although the volleys are becoming infrequent.
Jürgen Dagramar: “I think its some kind’a communication, chief. They’re yellin’ to the ones in ‘ere. We should probably reply before they decide they have’ta come in after us.”

Jürgen Dagramar: ...
Jürgen Dagramar: Poke my head, and my gun, up
Arkail Jogren: Can we hear them jibbering?
Yes, you can hear the jibbering.
Arkail Jogren: Spell [Comprehend Languages] -> Caster understands all written and spoken languages
Arkail Jogren: What are they saying? Are they planning to send more after us?
You hear: “Is My Pound of Flesh!” “YOU DIE G.I.!”
Nick (Arkail Jogren): someone just watched platoon.
Alex: ...Platoon? I saw that like when I was ten
Alex: Haven’t seen it since.
Alex: :)
Nick (Arkail Jogren): flashback? :P
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): in a past life, we were both trapped on a norwegian tram line, cursed to never escape it, always under attack by americans.
Alex: Nah…This is being in my head for since the first time.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): so yes, flashback.
Alex: ...yeah
Arkail Jogren: “They dont seem to have any plan at the moment. I think they are waiting for us to come out.”
Jürgen Dagramar: Do I see anything?

You see…jungle… all it still… spot check?
Arkail Jogren: Taking 10 on a heal check since we seem to be at a stalemate.
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+7 = 24]
You see five gnomes climbing the trees rather swiftly.
GM: [1d4 = 4]
Jürgen Dagramar: Brace gun, aim.
GM: Go ahead and fire.
Jürgen Dagramar: Dwarven Tunnel Gun (Rifle) (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 17]
Jürgen Dagramar: ...
Jürgen Dagramar: this is ridiculous
Jürgen Dagramar: the round before I die, I’ll be up to 20.
Arkail Jogren: roll a bunch to get the bad rolls out
GM: The bullet flies wide.
GM: [5d20 = 33]
Just as well, as a volley of five arrows from the bushes below go wide as well.

Jürgen Dagramar: Duck back down, reload.
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Munitions] [1d20+15 = 16]
Jürgen Dagramar: ugh, two rounds
Sure thing…
Give it another go!
Jürgen Dagramar: Dwarven Tunnel Gun (Rifle) (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 20]
GM: Damage!
Jürgen Dagramar: Dwarven Tunnel Gun (Rifle) (Damage) [2d8 = 15]
One of the gnomes plummets to the earth, spewing blood and brain matter all over the trees like napalm.
Jürgen Dagramar: if only.
Jürgen Dagramar ducks back down, uses his bayonet to scratch a hash mark in the wall nearby, and starts reloading.
Jürgen Dagramar: “This is not going to get us out of here any time soon.”

Arkail Jogren: “You got a better idea? Well be shot before we get 30 yards from the mouth.”
Arkail Jogren: “Unless we could take a shield with us somehow.”
Arkail Jogren looks at the bodies.
Jürgen Dagramar: “They’re too scrawny.”
Arkail Jogren cleaves off one of the gnomes heads.
Jürgen Dagramar: Alex.. floor composition?
Arkail Jogren: Pick it up throw it out toward the sound of the voices.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Oy! Don’t waste ‘em.”
Stone – most likely granite.
Jürgen Dagramar: How many gnome spears?
GM: Four.
Arkail Jogren: “Whatre we saving em for?”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Eh, forget it.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Don’t throw out the rest of the bodies.”
Jürgen Dagramar: Start wedging the spears into the barricade.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Keep an eye on our friends.”
You reinforce the barricade with the spears.
Arkail Jogren: start digging a small trench behind the barricade.

Arkail Jogren: “They are likely gathering allies.”
Jürgen Dagramar: How’re those cleavers they had?
They’re nicked to all hell, but they’re servicable.
Jürgen Dagramar: good enough
Jürgen Dagramar: sit down with a dead gnome
GM: Several of them seem to have intentional chips.
Jürgen Dagramar: lop off an arm
Spot check
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+7 = 11]
Jürgen Dagramar: and start cleaning off the bones before sharpening any that’re long enough to be dangerous.
You see lots of blood on the blade you’re using.
Jürgen Dagramar: You think?
Jürgen Dagramar: I’m using it for a butcher’s knife.
Arkail Jogren: I look at one of the cleavers.
Arkail Jogren: anything unusual about it?
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Spot] [1d20+3 = 9]
Arkail Jogren: nm
GM: Not the cleaver you looked at, no.
You fortify the barricade with bones and spears

Jürgen Dagramar: and a slit trench!
Jürgen Dagramar: Arkail said he was trying to dig a trench!
Jürgen Dagramar: In granite!
Jürgen Dagramar: :P
GM: Well, I’ll call it dirt where the barricade is
GM: Just for niceities.
Jürgen Dagramar: “I can’t believe this. We get out of that sewer just to get pinned down by gnomes.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Bleedin’ three foot tall piss-drinking GNOMES!”
Jürgen Dagramar: How many cleavers?
Arkail Jogren: “Bastard savages. As bad as kobolds.”
Listen check.
Arkail Jogren: If they say anything regarding reinforcements let me know.
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Listen] [1d20+3 = 10]
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Listen] [1d20 = 11]
Jürgen Dagramar: oh, him

You hear that it’s oddly quiet in the forest.
Arkail Jogren: The jibbering stopped?
Jürgen Dagramar: “At least kobolds are a challenging fight.. these runts just try to overwhelm with numbers.”
Arkail Jogren: “Listen, its quiet”
Jürgen Dagramar: “I can see that.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “No birds.. no insects.. no gnomes..”

Arkail Jogren: What time of day is it?
GM: It’s a bit after morning
Jürgen Dagramar yawns.
Jürgen Dagramar: “This is tiresome.”
Arkail Jogren: Look out of the cave see if I can see anything.
You stick your head out of the cave – Nothing happens
Arkail Jogren: Scan the trees for gnomes.
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Spot] [1d20+3 = 17]
You don’t spot any.
Jürgen Dagramar: look
Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+7 = 11]
Jürgen Dagramar: “Right, they’re gone, lets go.”
Arkail Jogren: Slowly walk out of the cave and keep looking.
GM: Spot again!
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Spot] [1d20+3 = 12]
It’s completely void of Gnomes.
Arkail Jogren: “Right.”

Jürgen Dagramar: Skill [Spot] [1d20+7 = 13]
Jürgen Dagramar: “Well, then.”
Arkail Jogren: head back in grab all my gear, pack up and then go stand by Jurgen.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Looks like we dug in for nothing.”
Jürgen Dagramar: Grab my kit.
You do so.
GM: Where do you head to?
Arkail Jogren: “Looks like we are in the Outlands somewhere.”
Arkail Jogren: “Hells for all I know we could be on a different plane.”
Arkail Jogren: “North I say, assuming the sun rises in the east here.”
Arkail Jogren: Hold that.
Arkail Jogren: Which way does the river lead?
The waterfall source runs about 500 feet up, and south.
Arkail Jogren: The current is moving south then or north?
Arkail Jogren: north if the source is south.
GM: Current was moving north, and empties into the lagoon
Arkail Jogren: “Any idea or should we just follow the river back south?”

Arkail Jogren: “yes its a ways up but we could hike around and perhaps find a way.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Hmm…”
Jürgen Dagramar: “I suppose climbing back up and through that sewer pipe isn’t an option.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Looks like we follow the river!”
Alex: ...what river are you blokes talking about?
Arkail Jogren: Hike around look for a way up. to where the waterfall is.
Arkail Jogren: then head south from there where we assume the underground river is.
Arkail Jogren: I.e we are trying to find the source of the water.
Jürgen Dagramar: okay
Jürgen Dagramar: nick
Jürgen Dagramar: I just ahd it explained.
Jürgen Dagramar: and just finally read everything
Jürgen Dagramar: There is no source except the waterfall we fell out of.
Jürgen Dagramar: Its just a lagoon.
Arkail Jogren: yeah but the waterfall comes from somewhere. Im just guessing its coming from the south.
Jürgen Dagramar: a tunnel.
Jürgen Dagramar: lol
Jürgen Dagramar: the one we fell out of.
Arkail Jogren: yeah exactly
Arkail Jogren: but we are outside now and thus above it.
Arkail Jogren: so im thinking that now
Arkail Jogren: we can head back along the path above it
Jürgen Dagramar: er, huh?
Arkail Jogren: to get back to Sigil.
Jürgen Dagramar: we’re below it
Jürgen Dagramar: we fell down the waterfall

Jürgen Dagramar: we would have to manage to climb UP
Arkail Jogren: once we hike up we will be above it tho. Im assuming the waterfall comes out of the side of a cliff.
Arkail Jogren: what do you think?
Yeah, the waterfall is pouring out the underside of the top of the cliff.
Arkail Jogren: ok good so I think we should find a way to the top of the cliff and then head along the same route the water is comming from—above it.
Arkail Jogren: I realize we wont know the exact direction
Arkail Jogren: because the river below us bends and turns and whatnot.
Arkail Jogren: But its something at least.
Jürgen Dagramar: “If you want to try and climb up it, I suppose we will. . . “
Arkail Jogren: Ok. So Ill spend 3 hours looking for the easiest route to the top of the cliff.

You both clamber up to the top of the cliff – it takes you the entire day for find a safe hiking route. You get up and look around, and in the waning hours of the day, you see jungle all around in every directions. There are mountains to the south, and several smoke wisps dotting the jungle in every direction, with a slightly bigger one to the south.
Jürgen Dagramar: “Lovely. Now what?”
Arkail Jogren: Whats the weather like up here?
It’s humid, and very warm
Arkail Jogren: “Lets camp here. At least we wont freeze in this weather.”
Arkail Jogren: “Tommorrow we will set out.”
Jürgen Dagramar: “Sure.”
Nick (Arkail Jogren): good stopping point? Or do you have more?
Alex: That’s a very good stopping point, as it’s 1.something hours past my bedtime :P

Nick (Arkail Jogren): neat :P
Nick (Arkail Jogren): at least we made it out of that hell hole.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): ....
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): and into a bigger one.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): I know :(
Nick (Arkail Jogren): alright alex great playing again. Sleep well.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): Morgan if wow is up and you are going to log on Ill see you there.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Probably will
Alright… you chappies have fun.
Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Night boss
Nick (Arkail Jogren): later.

Our intrepid heroes traverse the sewers, only to come across a river of sewage. Arkail nearly slips and falls into the muck, when he manages to rescue himself. He spits defiantly into the sewage, which spits right back at him. They continue on until they are forced to progress through the river. They get swept downstream until they are forcibly ejected into a tropical paradise. They set up camp in a cave beneath the waterfall. They are awoken to the sound of a squad of gnomes sneaking through the woods, heading east. Jurgen begins to barricade the cave, and subsequently draws their attention. The battle is bloody but short, with heavy gnomish casualties. The melee warriors are dispatched, but the archers hiding in the brush still have not been dealt with, and have dealt the heroes some severe wounds. The heroes dig in, but they leave the cave to find that the woods are quiet and deserted. They scale the cliff, and begin to make their way south after making camp.

‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Nick’ disconnected

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