Session Fourty Seven

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Alex: Hey there boyos.

(Unnamed): howdy


Bobbert: ...uh…

Bobbert: That scary dangerous fat man.. isn’t bobbert

Bobbert: its not even me

GM: ...


Llwyd : Sec

Kiergath: LOL

Kiergath: see, told you

Kiergath: it wasn’t me

Doug: thats what it gave me :P

GM: Make it give you something else

GM: :P

GM: Hmm

GM: Questions?

Kiergath: ...<looks>

GM: Comments?

Kiergath: I know why I don’t have a character active

Kiergath: but why doesn’t he?

GM: No idea!


Doug: Yes?

Don’t make me use THE VOICE!

Campaign saved.

GM: What you waiting on?

Kiergath: weirding modules, check!

Doug: working on the sheet and trying to remember how to use this thing

Alex: How can you be working on the sheet with no active character?

Kiergath: because if you keep the sheet open but release the character

Doug: bah

Kiergath: the sheet still stays open

GM: ...

Kiergath: but afaik nothing you do is saved

GM: Does it save changes?

Kiergath: :P

GM: ...

Doug: oh

GM: Thought so

GM: :p

Doug: ok sec then

GM: Just change the bobbert

Kiergath: LOL

Kiergath: I’m so glad I’ve left my mark on FG2

Llwyd : Is that a halfling

Llwyd : Not anything like what he look slike but meh

GM: lol


GM: You can always change the bobbert to the bobbert you want it to be later.

GM: Hmm..

Campaign saved.

GM: Doug

GM: +2 levels

Llwyd : Yes?

Llwyd : I need to gain or lose 2 levels?

GM: ...which one is the + mean again…? :)

Llwyd : err..

Llwyd : :P

Llwyd : OK

Llwyd : ;)

Dragonling: uhm

Dragonling: take away!

Dragonling: wait, no

GM: lol

GM: Multidivide?

Llwyd : So I am a bit over sated and in a state of stupor atm :P

GM: Ahh…I was not aware you were in the mid-november time zone.

Llwyd : [1d8 = 5]

Llwyd : [1d8 = 5]

Llwyd : that was for the hit points for the new two levels

GM: Sure thing

Llwyd : unless your giving max points

Llwyd : ;D

GM: I can’t remember what I’ve been giving

GM: I think it’s been roll or half, whichever’s better

Dragonling: pry much

Llwyd : OK

Llwyd : :)

Llwyd : We start with any magic items at all?

-> Llwyd : Yes, yes you do…

-> Llwyd : But I have no idea what, at the moment :P

Llwyd : OK, I am sure you will explain how I am to figure that out :)

Llwyd : Sure

Campaign saved.

-> Llwyd : When i figure it out, you’ll be the second to know. :P

Llwyd : I got a bit of work to do on him still :)

Llwyd : hehe

Llwyd : btw the front of the page looks sweet Alex, I like it

GM: Ty, ty!

GM: Hmm…

Campaign saved.

GM: 13k starting gold

GM: Kay Doug?

Llwyd : OK

Campaign saved.

Llwyd : that to be used for magic items or are you going to assign them for each character?

Whisper recipient not found

-> Llwyd : You may get 1 or 2 based on background, but it wouldn’t hurt to buy some

Llwyd : OK

Llwyd : What gods can we choose from? FR?

-> Llwyd : Any

-> Llwyd : This is Planescape – there are all Gods here.

Llwyd : Okies

Llwyd : okies

Campaign saved.

-> Llwyd : Three have been focused on so far – Meryt, Khronepsis, and Hanseath.

Llwyd : I see.. I know nothing about any gods besides the Dragon Lance or FR, lol

-> Llwyd : It’s up to you if you want to explore other realms

Campaign saved.

GM: Any questions?

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): yeah, one, but I don’t want to open the proper book to find out.

GM: eh?

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): Can I get a rough estimate of how long its been since I was out, so to speak?

Campaign saved.

Alex: Er…a week?

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): Charming.

GM: Anything I can address?

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): not yet, no

Campaign saved.

Llwyd : I am going with Tempus god of War. In second edt the spec priest was able to use his preferd weapon, that bastard sword, that OK with you?

-> Llwyd : That’s fine with me. I enjoy a good bastardy sword.

Llwyd : hehe

Llwyd : I will be using it 1handed for the most part. it was a free prof. just so you were aware

-> Llwyd : Sure sure. Thanks for letting me know

Campaign saved.

Llwyd : OK how do I add the weapon dmg?

GM: Drag and drop dice into the box

Llwyd : ahh, thank you

GM: Just a quick question – would everyone be okay if I headed out soon?

Llwyd : huh?

Llwyd : Yer leaving us?

Llwyd : already?

Llwyd : sniffles

GM: A bit early tonight, yeah. Almost didnt make it to work today.

Llwyd : Ouch

GM: If I’m getting sick, I wanna head it off at the pass.

GM: Also, i can take care of the majority of your questions via e-mail, I think

Llwyd : Sure thing Alex, no getting sick

Llwyd : I will get finnished up here soon

Campaign saved.

GM: Sure sure.

GM: Let me know

Llwyd : max points for skills at lv 1 is what 4?

-> Llwyd : Yes – Level +3

Campaign saved.

GM: Alright…this an appropriate spot for breaking?

Kiergath: it’ll do

Llwyd : Okies, sec

‘Kiergath’ disconnected

Doug: Okies

Doug: Just about ready with him, gear, skills and feats

Doug: left to do

Alex: Awesome!

Doug: and skills half done

Alex: E-mail me any further questions you have!

Doug: Okies

Alex: I’ll answer them ASAP

GM: Ciao!

Campaign saved.

Doug: bye

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GM: Hallo Bobbert..

Campaign saved.

Bobbert: oh.. right

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GM: Allo

Llwyd: hallo?

Llwyd: Okies

‘Kiergath’ connected

Llwyd: :)

GM: That was wierd

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): Lil’ bit.

GM: hmm

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): Sorry, just finishing this up..

GM: No worries

GM: So, I’d like to know a bit more about Llwyd, Doug

Llwyd: Such as?

Doug (Llwyd): :)

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): 11 / 17…

GM: Where does he call home, precisely?

GM: Does he frequent Sigil, or other places on the Planes?

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Home now is Limbo, well that is where he has spent most of his time anyway

Llwyd: In the Great Temple to Tempus

Doug (Llwyd): Yes he has been to Sigil quite often, and he has traveled to all the upper planes

Doug (Llwyd): Never been to any of the lower planes, but has read extensivly about them

GM: Hmm…

Doug (Llwyd): Quick background

Doug (Llwyd): He was raised in the temple

Doug (Llwyd): Dropped off as a infant

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): 13 / 17…

Doug (Llwyd): No idea who his parrents are

Doug (Llwyd): it is rumored that the Red Knight may be his mother…

Doug (Llwyd): since he shares some features with her

Doug (Llwyd): This has never been confirmed

Doug (Llwyd): As a child he traveled with his.. umm.. what ya call them..

Campaign saved.

Alex: foster parents?

Doug (Llwyd): foster

Doug (Llwyd): Mentor

Doug (Llwyd): kind of person who taught him about Tempus

Doug (Llwyd): Never had much time for fun as he was growing up, was study and combat learning

Doug (Llwyd): Now that he is older and more free he likes to have a bit of fun

GM: Hmm…

Doug (Llwyd): He does hold the rank of Battle-Lieutant

Doug (Llwyd): One of the youngest to atain that rank

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): 15 / 17…

Llwyd: Lets see

Doug (Llwyd): He is not one to go looking for trouble but wont run from it if it comes knocking

Doug (Llwyd): He is sure of him self

GM: Hmmm…mmkay…

Doug (Llwyd): Not cocky, he has seen how the cocky ones die in combat

Doug (Llwyd): He has been the last man standing in a few different battles and has nightmares about it from time to time

Doug (Llwyd): Nothing like seeing all the people you know die around you

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): So that sometimes causes him to stare off into space as he see’s their faces

Jhaelyn: 17 / 17!

Doug (Llwyd): Figure a mild case of PTSD

Doug (Llwyd): He is not preachy

Doug (Llwyd): He lets his actions do his preaching

GM: Mmkay… that’s good…

Doug (Llwyd): Okies

Doug (Llwyd): whats the 17/17 all about there Morgan?

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): ....absolutely irrelevent to the topic at hand.

Llwyd: ... OK! :)

Campaign saved.

GM: ...wierd

Doug (Llwyd): What is?

GM: Cant adjust something

GM: Hmm…

GM: Is there anything else we need to take care of? I need a minute to prepare on my end

Doug (Llwyd): Go for it, I am just finnishing up here

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 19]

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 15]

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 13]

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 12]

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): wow, I can’t roll.

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 11]

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 12]

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 11]

Jhaelyn: [1d20+10 = 25]

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): I’d like to lodge a formal protest.

Campaign saved.


Kiergath (Jhaelyn): 8d20 and only one of them even broke 10?

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): thats pathetic

GM: lol

Campaign saved.

GM: [5d10 = 32]

GM: [6d10 = 35]

GM: [1d6 = 2]

Alex: Alright…Lets see..

Alex: Mmmkay…

Campaign saved.

Llwyd, you had just spent a weary week in Tempus’ service, slaying foes that would make any other warrior weep. Your legs bring you back to a portal you have been sent through many times before. A portal that leads to one of the busiest places in the Multiverse, but what ultimately leads everywhere – to the Great Bazaar in Sigil.”

Llwyd: Ahh Home, sweet home

Llwyd: I head to the Inn I normally stay at when in Sigil

On your way back to the Inn, you see a slight commotion beginning near one of the stalls near the portal – not too many people are around, but the shopkeeper looks quite irate.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: I will wander over to see what may be amiss

You head over to what appears to be a rather run down stand, compared to those around it. The shopkeeper appears to be quite humble, but growing more and more irate with his apparent customer as time goes by. He occasionally thumps the countertop with his fist, causing the stall to shake terribly, knocking trinkets into each other, with the occasional few falling to the ground.

Llwyd: Listen in to the conversation while I look at his trinkets

You find yourself close enough to overhear the customer and the shopkeeper.

Llwyd: Who or what does he seem to be annoyed with?

GM: Spot check, Llwyd

Llwyd: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 13]

Morgan’s Narrator For the Day: A fairly slender human female, average in height, with dark red hair and blue eyes currently flashing with emotion, seems to be giving the shopkeeper no small degree of grief. She’s dressed rather plainly in black pants and low-cut red blouse, the former tucked into low, soft leather boots.

Campaign saved.

The trinkets appear to be quite standard faire… probably worth more than the shops around it, at a glance.

Jhaelyn: ... There’s also a small dragon flitting around, currently behind the shopkeeper, making rabbit ears. It appears to be made almost like some sort’ve purple gemstone, trailing off into a pale blue on its belly.

Llwyd: Listen in to see what has the shop keeper so distressed

Jhaelyn: “You’re not just a plant, you’re incompetant! This is the Great Bazaar, not a Hive alley! This is all absolute junk! The Harmonium didn’t even think you were valuable enough to give a decent cover story!”

Shopkeeper: “How dare you! I am not a plant! I am a humble merchant who stumbled upon a bit of good fortune while travelling to visit my grandmother!”

Campaign saved.

Jhaelyn: “Bit of good fortune my foot! Broken trinkets! Pottery that a slaad wouldn’t use for a chamber pot! You can’t possibly tell me you’re a real merchant and thought you could peddle this junk here!”

Llwyd Chuckles

“And you! You would laugh at a poor merchant being accosted by this Prostitute?! These pots were my grandmothers! This necklace is an heirloom, priceless, been in my family for generations! How dare you mock my families wares!”

Shopkeeper: “And you! You would laugh at a poor merchant being accosted by this Prostitute?! These pots were my grandmothers! This necklace is an heirloom, priceless, been in my family for generations! How dare you mock my families wares!”

Doug (Llwyd): Hmm..

Doug (Llwyd): What necklace is he talking about, is it visable?

Jhaelyn blinks, turning to the source of the laughing to find out who he’s talking about.

Campaign saved.

The necklace he’s talking about happens to be a rather shoddy copper ring that looks like it had been manually bent into a circle.

Doug (Llwyd): You see a well muscled man standing over 6 foot in height, amber colored eyes return your look. His very bright golden hair is about shoulder length pulled back into a ponytail. He is wearing crimson colored full plate

Doug (Llwyd): He has a shield straped accross his back, and a large sword on his hip in a well tooled and very used scabbard

Doug (Llwyd): His skin is very tanned

Llwyd: I turn and peer at the merchant

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: I do not see a merchant with valuable wares, I see man and I use the word lightly that is pretending to be what he is not, insulting this dear girl. I would say she is way over dressed to be a prostitute like you claim.

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): Weeeeeeeeell…

Llwyd: That neclace you have is nothing but a ring of copper, I am sure she has lint in her belly button that is worth more that your shop combined

Jhaelyn: “Who’s side are you on??”

Llwyd: You also should come up with a better cover story… who made it for you? your 6 six year old son?

”...Pretending! Hah! I am the best merchant in this whole damn place! Just you wait an see! You, Sir, Buy some of my wares!” He points at a nearby figure who had been browsing one of the weapon racks nearby.

Llwyd: Side? I di dnot know I needed one…

Llwyd: I peer at her and the merchant…

Alex: Ppst….Doug… Quotes for dialog help :)

Doug (Llwyd): Sorry :)

The man he points at, a rather built fellow who’s a hair taller than Llwyd, strides over, looks briefly around the shop, then puts a platinum piece down on the table and takes the copper necklace.

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): Uhm, pause!

Llwyd: “Lets see.. someone I don’t know… a fake merchant… pretty girl… ugly man… ... I guess I am on your side if I need to have one.”

Llwyd chuckle at the merchant

Jhaelyn: Query, how long has that man he pointed to been standing around waiting for his cue?

Alex: Since before you started interrogating the merchant.

Jhaelyn: “Wow, just like that, huh?”

Llwyd: “That was either the most briliant sale I ever seen or a setup and I am going to go with… Setup”

Jhaelyn: Will save, DC 16, the hunk.

Llwyd: “unless your a mage in disguise and charmed the poor man”

Shopkeeper: [1d20 = 1]

Alex: Effect?

Alex: Mmkay…

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Looking at the merchant ” I know this theif, I can send her over here and give you lessons on how to lie and cheat. I warn you though she does not work for cheap”

Jhaelyn slinks up to the man and attempts to weasel her way under his arm, “Wow.. someone like you must be at least a mover five..”

“Mover Five”: “Awful kind of you to say, ma’am…”

Llwyd: “Because you sir, are horrid at it, just horrid.” Shake my head in disdain

“Mover Five” obliges.

Jhaelyn: “Now why’d ya go and waste a platinum on that old thing? There’ve gotta be better things to spend it on..”

Shopkeeper: “A thief! That’s what you are! You are both thieves, sent here to cheat me out of my living! Indeps, both of you!”

“Mover Five”: “I didn’t waste a platinum… he’ll give it back to me, won’t you?”

“Mover Five” reaches over and plucks the platinum from the shopkeeper’s slimy fingers and hands it to Jhaelyn.

Llwyd: “A theif am I? I hardly think that this armor I am wearing suits a theif. How could I sneak up on anyone going CLANK! BANG! CRASH!?”

Jhaelyn: “He does have a point, if I hadn’t been so busy exposing you for the Hardhead you are, I’d’ve heard him clear in the Hive.”

Llwyd: “Not to mention I dont know a thing about pocket picking, no lock opening unless I have a key”

Jhaelyn: “Which one of you came up with the plan, anyway? I bet it was you, wasn’t it – you’re clearly the brains of the operation..” (to the big one)

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “I am just a humble servent of my Lord”

Jhaelyn blinks, looking at Llwyd and jerking her head back in a sudden shock, seeming to see his armor for the first time. “Hey! You’re dressed like one’a them!”

Llwyd: “Pardon me miss, one of who?”

“Mover Five”: “Gosh ma’am, no… we were operating under the orders of Iakken Nefud to lay a trap to ensnare members of the Free League…”

Jhaelyn: ”.....”

Llwyd: “There are lots of ‘thems’ around these parts”

Llwyd: Have I heard of the Free League?

Jhaelyn turns a truly alarming shade of pale, “I-..Iakken Nefud? Sergeant Ne—...” she trails off, gulping and looking like she just realized she’d bit off far more than she could chew.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Also do I know this Iakken Nefud

Llwyd: or know of them

-> Llwyd: Anyone who’s spent any time in the Bazaar knows thats where the League sets up kip

Llwyd: OK

-> Llwyd: Iakken is a strange name, though

Llwyd: “is everthing ok there miss?”

Jhaelyn: “Um….”

Jhaelyn: “Yeah.. everything’s just.. uhm… swell.”

Llwyd: “Would you like to accompany me to the Inn I am headed for? I could buy you supper if you like…”

Llwyd: “unless you would rather stay here that is”

Campaign saved.

Jhaelyn slips away from her new ‘friend’ and shakes her head, “No, no, I’m good with leaving! Lets go. Now, please?”

Llwyd: “By all means, after you miss”

“Mover Five”: “Can’t I come with you, miss?”

“Mover Five”: “I do very much enjoy your company..”

Doug (Llwyd): what is one of the better Inns, Alex?

Jhaelyn: “You won’t want to in a few seconds.”

You’ve always stayed at the Bar of Belief – it’s a class act establishment, and the barkeep has never charged you for some reason.

Llwyd: “Were going to the Bar of Belief Inn, miss

Jhaelyn: “Really? Good!”

Jhaelyn: Bolt.


“Mover Five”: “GET THAT TART!”

Llwyd: I follow the girl

Jhaelyn: Scream, top of my lungs, “HARDHEADS IN THE BAZAAR!”

Doug (Llwyd): ALex

Doug (Llwyd): I need to afk for a lil, Leslie is callingnow

The Bazaar explodes with people, making your way difficult – you hear a lot of screaming behind you after Jhaelyn’s cry goes out – which gets silenced rather disturbingly quickly – and you make good your escape.

Doug (Llwyd): Should not be to long of a afk

Alex: Sure sure

Doug (Llwyd): OK afk a lil then, see you all in a few! Having a blast btw!

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Leslie is just about home!

Llwyd: Just updating ya

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Back!

GM: Welcome back!

Doug (Llwyd): Thanks!

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): wb.

So… where were we… you had just effected your escape to the local Inn!

Doug (Llwyd): Yes thats about right!

Campaign saved.

You arrive at the inn and step inside, thankful at the somewhat startling lack of commotion. The staff seems to be setting the place up and cleaning – not too many patrons are in, with the exception of a cadre of halflings sitting crosslegged on a table (They have no chairs), and a man coun ting piles of coin at a table in the center of the bar.

Jhaelyn: “Halflings.. thats different.”

Llwyd: I look around for the innkeep and head towards them

Jhaelyn: “I used to know one of the waitresses here, but.. well, I haven’t seen her in awhile.. I hope she’s all right.”

Llwyd: Looking at Jhaelyn, “I am Llwyd btw, you are?”

Kiergath (Jhaelyn): laaaazy!

Doug (Llwyd): Hehe

You approach the barman, who seems to be looking about, somewhat in awe, but mostly in dissapointment, beneath the bar counter.

Jhaelyn: “Jhaelyn.. Jhael will do. Are you sure you’re not with the Harmonium? I mean, you look like you are..”

Llwyd: “Ah, thats the ‘them’ you were refering to. No, no I am not with them, I am a priest.”

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Do I know this barkeep? or is there one I know by name I can ask for? Also who is he looking in awe at? Me or Jhael? grins

Llwyd: “I have no perticular affliation with any of the factions, here in Sigil.”

You’ve met him before, but he has no name that you’ve ever heard him answer to. He’s the only one you’ve ever seen work there – and he looks exactly like every bartender you would care to imagine.

As I said before, he’s mulling about, staring at shelving underneath the bar counter.

Jhaelyn: “Oh? Thats rare. Neither do I, really.”

Llwyd: Looking at Jhael, ” do you need to what do they call it, lay low for a few days? Your more then welcome to stay here”

Jhaelyn: “Oh, I doubt I do, but this is as good a place as any. Better than most.”

Llwyd: Looking at the barkeep, “Hello again my friend, I smile could I have my old room again, please?”

Campaign saved.

The Barkeep blinks at you, then shakes his head briefly. “Of course, Llwyd. I think you’ll find that you already have the key in your posession.”

Llwyd: “Yes, yes that I seem to do”

Jhaelyn: “So, Llwyd, ever been to the Tallow Candle?”

Doug (Llwyd): the room, it big enough for 2 people?

Llwyd: No, I can’t say that I have, Jhael

You’ve only noticed that it had enough space for one person.

Jhaelyn: “Oh.. that’s too bad.. I keep hoping to meet someone who’s managed to be there and be on the barkeep’s good side.”

Llwyd: “Could we get a room, next to mine for my friend here as well, thank you.”

Llwyd: No, I have been comming to this inn since I was a child, I guess it has been.”

Jhaelyn: “A second room? Oh.. you did say you were a cleric.”

Barkeep: “Whom, Lady Jhaelyn? Of course. We’ve been expecting you.”

Jhaelyn: “Oh? Any reason in particular? Or have I started developing a pattern of some kind?”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “It is a safe and very secure place, this Inn.”

Barkeep: “A pattern? No – one of the staff mentioned that there was a commotion in the Bazaar.”

Jhaelyn shifts nervously and blushes, “It was only a little commotion..”

Llwyd: coughs Looks Jhael up and down smiles, ” I am not one of those kind of priests, I just figured you would want some privacy”

Barkeep: “A little! The kind of commotion that bards will be singing about for eons!”

Llwyd: “Yes it was quite the uh.. site to see”

Jhaelyn seems to be trying to go pale and blush simultaneously, “ don’t really think so, do you?”

Llwyd: “You never know with bards, what may strike their fancy” shrugs

Barkeep: “Of course they will sing of it. However, a few careful words could certainly omit your name from the tale, if you’d wish.”

Jhaelyn: “Uhm… that might be for the best, yes.”

Jhaelyn: “I like my head approximately where it is – I’m sure I’m not the only one.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Oh yes, I like your head where it is too… You would not look quite the same headless…”

Jhaelyn: “This conversation is getting a little too convoluted for my liking, sober.”

Llwyd: “Well then, I shall go and deposit my gear in my room, then I will see you for supper if you care to join me”

Llwyd: I head off to my room

GM: You do so!

Jhaelyn: Get a drink and move to a table.

You move to a table – fortunately, this one has chairs. Also fortunately, the barkeep has managed to find the last bottle of wine in the entire place.

Jhaelyn: Guard it, carefully.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: I deposit my gear in the room wash my face, and head back downstairs.

You do so. You find Jhaelyn sitting at a table with a bottle of wine.

Llwyd: I head in her direction, “Might I join you?”

Jhaelyn: And a glass. This isn’t Alusair. I don’t drink from bottles.

Jhaelyn: “Oh, certainly.”

Llwyd: I unbuckle my sword and lay it accross my lap and hang my shield on the back of the chair, “So then, what exactly was that all about today?”

GM: Yes, and a glass.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Not thjat you needed the help, but I am glad I came along today. It is nice to met new people, make new friends. I have so few anymore thjat are alive…”

Jhaelyn: “Oh.. that.. just a couple Hardheads trying to weasel their way into the Bazaar.. they’re always out to get a bit more control there.”

Llwyd: “I see, I see. This person they mentioned, you seemed quite… shocked at the name.”

Jhaelyn: “Just one of their stupid sodding sting operations.. they’re getting more common. Can’t let ‘em get in, though.. Bazaar’s the last Free place in the Cage.”

Jhaelyn: “Except maybe the Mazes.. I don’t think even the Harmonium can claim to control those..”

Doug (Llwyd): Hardheads are the harmonium, yeah?

Alex: Za

Doug (Llwyd): so the shortof it they were looking to catch what smugglers?

Doug (Llwyd): I will have to brush up on my factions, been a while

Alex: There’s a link on the site

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Yup

Alex: They were after the Free League

Llwyd: “This free league they mentioned, who are they?”

Jhaelyn eyes Llwyd up and down, “You a Prime, cutter?”

Llwyd: Nope, but I do spend a lot of my time traveling

Llwyd: “Just got back from a prime world, today for that mater”

Llwyd: “I am not sure where I was born, some plane out there. No one has bothered to tell me where.”

Jhaelyn: “I don’t know how you don’t know who they are, then, but the League’s the only free voice in the Cage. Sure, there’re others who talk prettier, but they’ve all got an agenda.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “I pay no attention to the factions, really. I come here for a break to get away”

Jhaelyn: “If you came to the Cage to get away, I don’t want to know what you were doin’ on the Prime.”

Llwyd: “now that you mention it though, I guess I have heard of the free league”

Jhaelyn: “Yeah, well, don’t try and luck the ‘League in with those self-righteous pikes. The Factions are all trying to peel you, the Indeps aren’t.”

Llwyd: “they say their not a faction but are treated like one by the factions.”

Llwyd: “So you must be with the free league then, am I correct in that, Jhael?”

Jhaelyn eyes Llwyd up and down.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “I figure I should start learning about these factions and not factions since I have more time on my hands now…”

Jhaelyn: “Sure, no harm in admitting it, you’re obviously not with the Harmonium.”

Llwyd: “and I am going to be staying in Sigil more often then some gods blasted prime world.”

Llwyd: “Well then, not that you have heard of him I am sure, I am a battle priest that follows a war god.”

Llwyd: “So I don’t really have time for factions and their bullshit and whatever.”

Campaign saved.

Jhaelyn blinks, seems about to say something, stops and returns to her wine.

Llwyd: “So tell me about this group your part of. Since I am sure I will run into those hardhats again. Might as well know what I am fighting about.*

Jhaelyn: “What’s to tell?”

Llwyd: “Your group is just in their way then?”

Jhaelyn: “The League believes in freedom. Mental, physical, spiritual, whatever. That, to the Harmonium, is completely foreign.”

Llwyd: Looking at the barkeep, “could I get the house special and her as well if she is hungry”

Barkeep: “Of course. Miss?”

Llwyd: “Sounds like my kind of group, I do hate being oppressed.”

Llwyd: “Also a worthy one to stand up for, so if it comes to knocking heads I will stand with you”

Jhaelyn: “No,thank you.”

Jhaelyn: (barkeep)

Campaign saved.

Jhaelyn looks sort’ve blankly at Llwyd

Llwyd looks back at Jhael

Jhaelyn: “Glad for the support and all, but we really can’t afford to have some kind’ve open war in the Cage. The Lady’d never allow it.”

Barkeep bustles off and returns with food for Llwyd.

Llwyd: “Thank you my friend, thank you”

Llwyd: No, I know about the Lady

Llwyd: “Seen her once whenI was a kid, sight I will never forget”

Llwyd: “Well if you need my assistance, Jhale, you know where to find me”

Llwyd: I start eating my food

Campaign saved.

Jhaelyn: “I met a Prime once you’d get on quite well with. Haven’t seen him recently, though..”

Llwyd: Once finnished I pull a flask from my pouch and have a drink

Llwyd: “Huh? ya think? why would I get along with this prime?”

Jhaelyn: “He had the same kind’ve attitude. Confident, no cares, full of optimism.”

Llwyd: “I see, what are they going to do kill me? I have no fear of death for I have a great reward awaiting me. I enjoy life now that I can, I have never had fun before unless you count my enjoyment of large scale battles>”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “I have cares, I wish to live a full life and find this fun people talk about.”

Llwyd: “There has to be more to life then just constant war, and as for being optimistic there is no harm looking for the bright side of the coin.”

Jhaelyn looks partly confused, but says nothing. She continues nursing her drink.

Llwyd: “It gives you a sense of balance when all you have around you is death and slaughter.”

Campaign saved.

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Doug (Llwyd): OK

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We first meet Llwyd, a young battlecleric, wandering into the Great Bazaar after a long and weary journey, intending to use it as a stopping over point. He encounters a rather irate merchant being confronted by a rather irate Jhaelyn, who is convinced that the merchant is a Harmonium plant. They uncover that the Harmonium is running undercover sting operations in the Bazaar to imprison more Indeps, under orders of Iakken Nefud. The pair make their escape, while foiling that stage of the operation by getting the operatives killed. They escape to the Bar of Belief, where they witness the staff setting up, after they had been closed due to the Athar investigation.

Barkeep: End Recap

Dragonling: quite

Doug: Nice recap

Session Fourty Seven

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