Session Fourty Nine

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Campaign saved.

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GM: I love no-class days

Doug (Llwyd): “lo

Doug (Llwyd): yeah me too

Doug (Llwyd): and having 2 like that and the weekend gives a good amount to get stuff done in

Alex: Truth. Finished wiring up my surround sound system today.

GM: So, will we have a bit of time to get this show going?

Karesh: O.0.o.o.o.o.0.O

Karesh: o.o.o.o.O.O.O.O

GM: Do you want to continue? Y/N:

Insert Credits:

Karesh kicks machine.

Campaign saved.

GM: I take it that’s a yes from both parties?

Kiergath (Karesh): We’re ‘ere, ain’t we guv?


Session 48, in which we retcon half of what happened in Session 47 – the session begins with Llwyd waking up in the inn and heading downstairs, to find the flame Draconian, Karesh. They exchange pleasantires and observe various passers by in the inn, including a rather adventurous looking scholar, and a very sickly looking, very still woman. Llwyd is passed a ‘missive’ from a fiesty redhead, which denounces Tempus as being nothing more than a faceless namer, and he promptly goes about trying to calm her down, and instead gives up and goes to sit down. Karesh gives it a shot, and makes a bit more headway. A heated theological debate ensues, only to be marginally defused by Karesh. They exit the bar to explore Sigil, encountering a group of young thugs attempting to deter a Dabus from cleaning the razorvine off of a building. Karesh and Llwyd attempt to intervene, only to end up in a shoving contest with the thugs, causing one of them to get entangled in the Razorvine. They dispatch the others, and rescue the entangled, and Karesh investigates the Doomguard’s philosophy. They take the young man, Jer, back to the Bar of Belief for further questioning.


Kiergath (Karesh): ‘ere now, when did we retcon anythin’?

Doug (Llwyd): Sorry was explaining to Leslie

Kiergath (Karesh): I doubt he’ll last longer than 10 EST.

Alex: Leslie, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

Kiergath (Karesh): I think you got that backwards.

Doug (Llwyd): I will have to take 10 hre in a bit to eat dinner, I got scolded

Doug (Llwyd): lol

Doug (Llwyd): When she is done making it

Alex: Lol

Campaign saved.

Alright – You both have arrived at the Bar of Belief, Jer in tow.

Doug (Llwyd): Hello Morgan

Llwyd: “Ah home sweet home”

Karesh: “Home? You live in a tavern?”

Llwyd: “While I am here in Sigil, I do.”

Karesh: ”..Huh.”

Llwyd: “Tell you what, you make us nice and rich and I will get a house here.”

Karesh: “Why would I want to live in a piss-hole like this?”

Llwyd: “The excitement of it?”

Llwyd: “I mean you got to toss a guy in some vines today and put his friends in the deadbook, excitement.”

Karesh: “Why should I be pleased?”

Karesh: “They were young fools, dead without meaning and without purpose.”

Llwyd: “You lived to flirt with the lil barmaid?”

Karesh: “There is no honor in killing the misguided, young one. Truthfully, we should have been more gentle with them.”

Campaign saved.

Jer: “Yeah, you should have! And you should’ve let the vine take over that building, but…I appreciate that you didn’t scrag me as well.”

Llwyd: “You may be right, Karesh. I will give that some thought”

Karesh: “Jer, you seem to be laboring under some strange beliefs.”

Karesh: “One of which is that it is our duty as mortals to sit back and allow ourselves to be ended – permanently.”

Jer: “Of course not! It’s our duty to ensure that entropy is allowed to take it’s course.”

Karesh: “Which will result in all that we as mortals have build coming to an end.”

Karesh: “If we were not meant to build, to prosper, the gods would not have given us the ability to do so. Your cause is flawed and self destructive.”

Jer: “But… entropy… it… things fall apart… if they were meant to stay together, they would… right?”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “But if they were meant to fall apart, we would not have it within our power to maintain them and to improve them.”

Llwyd: “I have seen buildings built by dwarves that have been standing for thousands of year, they dont do it on thier own. The dwarves maintain those buildings to keep them looking as new as the day they were built.”

Karesh: “Everything we do, every bit of work, every piece of art – if this philosophy of entropy is true, all of it is for nought.”

Karesh: “And that would be a pretty damned bleak existance for so many supposedly benevolent creator-gods to bestow on their children.”

Jer: “But… it’s the natural order of things… for us to shepard in the coming of entropy… all those things…”

Llwyd: “Even the not so benevolent would not bestow that on their children”

Llwyd: “No, the natural order is to build and prosper, create and evolve to better ideals”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Tell me.. is it natural for an animal to defend its young, perhaps even to sacrifice itself so that its children may survive, or is it natural for the animal to back away, to allow the predator to take the fruit of its body as the natural way of things, perhaps simply to go on and have more without any concern for those lost?”

Karesh: “What you are saying is the latter.”

Jer: “But… but the animal… by doing that… allows the young one to live on, to cause further destruction… than the one that is old… maybe…”

Llwyd: “You cant prosper if your just waiting around, laying in the gutter waiting to die.”

Jer: “But we don’t wait! We watch, and we defend entropy where it shows itself! It is only natural for things to fall apart!”

Karesh: “Just as it is natural for those who are falling apart to struggle to endure, to counter that entropy.”

Karesh: “I will admit, you have a point – entropy is natural. But so too is the burning desire to defend what you have created, to stop entropy from rendering all of your work, all your life meaningless.”

Llwyd: It is just as natrual to repair the broken, mend the torn, heal the wounded or raise the dead if the your god wills it.”

Campaign saved.

Jer: “So… the only thing to do… is to champion the cause of entropy… because it’s going to happen… right? To make that your life’s work?”

Karesh sighs and shakes his head, “Child, to dedicate your life to entropy would be a tragedy – not only to yourself, for squandering a lifetime of opportunity to do good – but for all those whom, in championing the cause of natural decay, you hurt.”

Karesh: “Forget meaningless things like this strange hazing rite with the razorweed. Take another example – by this “Doomguard” creed someone’s filled your head with. To deny healing to the injured, to deny curing to the diseased. Imagine, then, the suffering not only of the afflicted, but all of their family, their friends, perhaps even their whole community.”

Karesh: “And for what? A fool’s philosophy that sees entropy as the ‘natural’ order of things? What are the magics of the gods, channeled through their priests, then? Surely they are not unnatural, and the gods would not grant them were they not meant to be used.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Certanily entropy is natural, but it is only one small facet of nature, and it is not the greatest.”

Jer: “So… what you’re saying… is… everything… I’ve been taught…”

Jer begins to look panicked and his face drains of color.

Karesh: “Peace, child. I am not saying everything you have been taught is a lie.”

Karesh: “I am saying it is a half truth.”

Listen checks!

Karesh: Skill [Listen] [1d20+6 = 8]

Karesh: Yeah, right

Doug (Llwyd): Sec

Llwyd: Skill [Listen] [1d20+5 = 20]

Doug (Llwyd): Sorry the damn button would not work for a second

Campaign saved.

Alex: Hahaha.

Llwyd, you hear three sets of heavy boots, the kind with hobnails, approach behind you.

Kiergath (Karesh): o noes, not hobnailed jackboots

Kiergath (Karesh): are we talking east german, or genuine leather?

Llwyd: whisper “Hardheads comming I think”

Alex: East german.

Kiergath (Karesh): figures.. damn surplus market

Karesh: “Eh, what?”

Karesh looks up

Llwyd: whisper “or it could be doomgaurd”

Llwyd: “I hear their boots”

Llwyd: “Group of 3”

Behind you are three figures: One standing tall, dressed in gleaming chainmail, his eyes bloodshot, his face weathered – he has a rather wicked looking mace at his side.

The other two are wearing armor that looks second, or third hand, and have swords well worn with the stains of battle.

Doug (Llwyd): They Hardheads?

Campaign saved.

Alex: You’ve never seen Hardheads in such shoddy, or good, quality armor.

Doug (Llwyd): That makes sense

Llwyd: “Buy you cutters a drink?”

Karesh: “I suspect they’re not here for drinks.”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “You’d suspect correctly.”

Karesh: “So! My first meeting with these so-called ‘Doomguard’ then?”

Llwyd: “Never hurts to be polite”

Karesh: “Don’t suppose you’d be willing to sketch your faction symbol in my notebook, I’m trying to keep a record of everything I run into.”

Karesh: “It’d be a nice personal touch.”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “It would be your second, judging by the company you keep at this present moment.”

The man to his left steps forward and makes to sketch the faction symbol, if you let him.

Kiergath (Karesh): Yep!

Doug (Llwyd): Hehehe

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Karesh): Open it to a new page indicate a little under where the title will go.

Karesh: “So, gentlemen, what can I do for you?”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “You can kindly stop attempting to convert our petitioner with your heresy.”

The man sketches out a rather artful representation of the Faction Symbol.

Karesh: “I’m sorry, pardon? I was of the opinion we were discussing philosophy, not religion.”

Karesh: “Thank you, by the way! Very nice quality.”

Karesh takes the book back.

Campaign saved.

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “You speak of a philosophy that you know nothing about.”

Karesh: “On the contrary, ‘nothing’ implies, well, ‘nothing’. If you’re going to say I know nothing about it, you’d be better off saying your, ah.. What did you call him, a petitioner? – knows nothing.”

Karesh: “I’ll admit, he did seem rather confused. Please, feel free to clear up any misconceptions!”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “Oh, I will. Believe me, I will.”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor moves to grab Jer, who is currently in shock, and head towards the door.

Karesh: “Why, I do believe you’re about to walk off with my prisoner. Now, I’m not sure how it works around here in the big wide multiverse, but where I come from, prisoners are rarely freed without some sort of negotiation.”

Llwyd: “I’m sorry he is not finnished yet. We will send him along when were done, nice conversation we were having.”

Karesh: “And since he and his cronies most certainly did attempt to accost me and my friend here, assaulted us with weapons, and put up a miserably poor showing, he certainly is my prisoner.”

Llwyd: Lean next to Karesh “guest is a nicer term”

Campaign saved.

Karesh stares blankly at Llwyd for a moment before turning back to the Doomguard.

Doug (Llwyd): LOL guest.. I ment hostage :P

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “So you’ve taken to imprisoning Doomguard petitoners, now?”

Karesh: “More to the point, I do not take kindly to being attacked in a city street.. even one as miserable as your.. ‘Cage’.”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “Jer, did you attack this… creature?”

Jer: ”...what…?”

Karesh: “Here now! Now you’re insulting me in public!”

Karesh: “Creature indeed!”

Karesh stands, stool knocked backwards behind him and looking somewhere between “furious” and “psychotic”.

Llwyd sighs

Karesh will dub this his “unhappy face”.

Campaign saved.

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “Would you rather I insult you in private? I’ll insult a wretch like you any place I damned well please.”

Llwyd: “could you please apolgize to my friend sinker, that was not very polite of you.

Karesh: “Out of deference to the barman, I will be outside. If you are punctual, I will leave enough of your carcass to be identified by your kin.”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “Ah! Cute! The critter has a girlfriend!”

Karesh draws his sword and storms out of the building.

Llwyd: “Jer.. I am shocked.. we show you kindness and you let them insult Karesh like this?”

Jer: ”...what…?”

Llwyd: “You know kindness, the not leaving you in the gods balsted razor vine and letting you get chopped to bits and joining your friends inthe dead book.” sighs “Some peoples children”

The Man in the Gleaming Armor , followed by his cronies, follow Karesh outside, dragging Jer with them.

Karesh is outside, pacing back and forth in a visible rage, smoke billowing from his nostrils.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Hey sinker, I am not done with him yet. We also need to talk about your lack of manners and poor ability to know male from female.” standup and follow them outside as I speak

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “It looks like your girlfriend came to see you bloodied, monster.”

Llwyd: “You are just itching to meet your petitioners again arnt you, berk?

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: “Mouthy little bint, isn’t she? I can’t imagine what he sees in you, darlin’.”

His compatriots chuckle.

Karesh: “Get it out of your system, little ape. Delaying out of cowardice is unbecoming of one who pretends to be a leader.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Join in their laughter

Doug (Llwyd): How close am I to one of them?

Alex: You’re within ten feet.

Kiergath (Karesh): Brb, afk.

Doug (Llwyd): Helms?

Alex: Two of them – the leader doesn’t have them

Llwyd: open faced?, or what they look like?

GM: One of the men is standing behind Jer – Jer looks rather panicked.

Doug (Llwyd): damnit

Alex: Hm?

Doug (Llwyd): that was spose to be a ooc question

Doug (Llwyd): growls lets try this again

Doug (Llwyd): What do the helms look like?

One open faced, the other a full closed helm with the bottom left panel missing, allowing you to see a flow of long flowing, brown hair.

Campaign saved.

Karesh continues pacing, staring at the ringleader.

The Man in the Gleaming Armor loosens his warhammer, pulling it into his hand. “I’ve never gotten to dispatch a monster like you before… I will enjoy watching your skull decay above my desk.”

Karesh: Initiative [1d20+3 = 4]

Karesh: Casting.

Karesh: Slowly, because I’m laughing at him

Karesh: :P

Llwyd: Initiative [1d20+2 = 8]

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: [2d20 = 18]

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: [1d8 = 1]

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: [1d6 = 3]

Campaign saved.

The Man in the Gleaming Armor lashes out with his hammer, scoring a glancing blow against Karesh – the wound is incredibly slight, but where he hits, the flesh seems to decay and die, causing a feeling of intense weakness in Karesh.

Doug (Llwyd): TIME OUT!

Doug (Llwyd): Dinenr is ready


Doug (Llwyd): Dinner

Doug (Llwyd): Being called down to eat be back in a few

Alex: Sure sure

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: [20d20 = 223]

Karesh: [30d20 = 327]

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Alex: Hmm

Alex: La al la

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): BACK!

Alex: Welcome back!

Doug (Llwyd): Thank you!


Alex: Your go, llwyd.

Doug (Llwyd): Aye, looking at a spell to see if I can do the idea I have

Doug (Llwyd): NM

Llwyd: I cast a hold person on the nearest henchman

Alex: Right…okay

The Man in the Gleaming Armor: [1d20 = 12]

Campaign saved.

You see no visible effect on the one not holding Jer.

Llwyd: ok


Karesh: Cast – True Strike.

Karesh: (done)

The two henchmen stay back, grinning cockily at Karesh.

GM: [2d20 = 12]

Karesh, you narrowly dodge two swings from that hammer. Each swing leaves a sickening smell of decay in the air.


Llwyd: I cast Sanctuary

Llwyd becomes a hunchback!


Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Err…

Karesh: Neat-o

Karesh: Action number one!

Karesh: This is at additional +20

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]

Karesh: ...38?

GM: Yeah, I’d say that hits.

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Damage) [1d10+5 = 12]

Karesh: aaaand

Karesh: a fortitude save.

Karesh: DC 18.

GM: [1d20 = 11]

GM: Effect on failure?

Karesh: paralized, 1d6+2 rounds.

Karesh: Ghoul Touch.

Karesh: Additionally, radiates a stench in a 10 foot radius causing anyone other than me to become sickened (negated by fort save).

Karesh: So, its not like I won’t know if its working

Karesh: :P

GM: [1d6 = 3]

Alex: LoL

The air begins to be a bit more fetid than usual. The Leader’s wound begins to fester.

Karesh: Done.

GM: [2d20 = 24]

The man holding Jer is violently ill.

Campaign saved.

Round 1 of inaction!


Llwyd: I cast Bless

Alex: On?

Llwyd: My self and all allies with in 50 ft

Llwyd: centered on me

Alex: Right.

Doug (Llwyd): +1 to attacks and fear saves

Alex: Okay.


Karesh: Enemy is helpless?

Campaign saved.

GM: Yes.

Karesh: Run him through, leave my sword there, and roar in his face.

Karesh: :P

Doug (Llwyd): Hehehe :)

He blinks, sagging backwards, collapsing to the floor, which causes the sword to eject from his chest, to clatter onto the floor.

Doug (Llwyd): Bummer deal for him…

GM: Bummer deal indeed.

Campaign saved.

The one, non sicked Doomguard breaks and runs away.

Karesh retrieves his weapon, wiping the blade off on the carcass before spitting on it.

The spit seems to dissolve on his corpse, which seems to be withering away before your eyes.

Karesh: “Huh.”

Karesh: Retrieve anything that’s left behind.

You find a suit of chainmail, brand new.

Fifty gold, 20 silver, and a pouch of dust.

You lift his warhammer, and it hums in your hands, pulsing with a chaotic energy.

Karesh: “Interesting. Ah, well. The spoils of war.”

Karesh: Sling the hammer from an empty hook on my harness and return to the bar.

Kiergath (Karesh): Afraid I’ve got to bail.

Doug (Llwyd): Hot date?

Alex: Sure, sure.

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Karesh): clearly.

Doug (Llwyd): Felt kind of useless in that fight, lol :)

Kiergath (Karesh): I’d’ve been offended if you’d gotten involved.

Kiergath (Karesh): :P

Doug (Llwyd): I was not gonna attack unless the minions helped

Llwyd: but I figured buffs were ok ;P

Kiergath (Karesh): Ya, figured.

Doug (Llwyd): Aid and prayer were next :)

Kiergath (Karesh): the hell it was, aid requires a touch

Kiergath (Karesh): :P

Doug (Llwyd): I can touch andf still keep sanc up

Kiergath (Karesh): I think the point is

Kiergath (Karesh): I’d’ve considered it an attack, and AoO’d accordingly

Kiergath (Karesh): :P

Doug (Llwyd): :P

Kiergath (Karesh): Anyway,I’m out. Go play WoW with leslie, you said she wanted to :P

Kiergath (Karesh): bbl

Doug (Llwyd): Yeah she does

Doug (Llwyd): Laters then

Za… I’m heading out to sleep. I’ll catch you guys later – will be trying to work on the wiki.

‘Kiergath’ disconnected


Session 49 – Karesh and Llwyd retreat to the Bar of Belief with Jer, a Doomguard petitioner, in tow. Karesh manages to disavow Jer of his beliefs, causing him to latch onto any new philosophy he is offered. When confronted with three Doomguard agents, their words become violent, and the conversation is taken outside. Karesh slays the leader of the Doomguard, and spooks the others into running.


Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

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Session Fourty Nine

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