Session Fourty Four

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(Unnamed): testing
Nick ((Unnamed)): testing
‘Minerator’ connected
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GM: Hallo!
Nick ((Unnamed)): good there we go :)
Nick ((Unnamed)): ok here goes
(Unnamed): [4d6 = 13]
Nick ((Unnamed)): counting 1s or no? I didnt for Shen.
GM: No 1s
GM: 1s are evil
(Unnamed): [1d6 = 3]
‘Minerator’ disconnected
(Unnamed): 13
(Unnamed): [4d6 = 13]
(Unnamed): 11
(Unnamed): [4d6 = 12]
(Unnamed): [1d6 = 5]
(Unnamed): 13
(Unnamed): [4d6 = 15]
(Unnamed): [1d6 = 1]
(Unnamed): [1d6 = 4]
(Unnamed): 14
(Unnamed): [4d6 = 15]
(Unnamed): 13
(Unnamed): [4d6 = 14]
(Unnamed): [1d6 = 6]
(Unnamed): 16
(Unnamed): highest stat auto to 18 or no?
Dragonling: jesus, throw out the 11 and replace it
GM: Yeah
GM: 11 -> 18
Dragonling: err, sry. shutting up
Dragonling: :P
GM: Then an extra DM granted +1 to HP and +1 stat because of the inconvenience you had of dying
(Unnamed): my own fault. And Shen was a maniac.

GM: You’re turning down my generous stats? :(
(Unnamed): not at all :P
(Unnamed): so that +1 to one stat and hp?
GM: Yeah
GM: What’re we looking at concept wise?
(Unnamed): Initiate of the sevenfold veil.
GM: Sevenfold… Dark sun?
GM: Eberron?
Alusair: dark sun, god rest its soul, no longer exists
GM: It does too
Dragonling: if it were from an old campaign, it’s closer to Al-Qadim
GM: I have two boxed sets right here
GM: :P
Dragonling: in 3.5, you twit
GM: ...
GM: We dont play 3.5
GM: So it exists
GM: :P

Dragonling: what do YOU propose we’re playing?
GM: d20.5
Dragonling: Also, thats it.
Dragonling: I’m going to dust off my DS boxed set and run it
GM: ...
GM: kay
Dragonling: ...yeah, right
GM: I’ve never done DS
GM: PS, yes
GM: DS no
Dragonling: I haven’t in ages
GM: Is it like Dune?
GM: :P
Dragonling: no
Dragonling: lol
GM: Any questions?
Dragonling: How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?
Arkail Jogren: I will have some but not now.
Dragonling: I once asked that in a math class. I don’t think the prof heard it.
Dragonling: Cracked up the rest of the back of the room though.
GM: Lawlzy

Arkail Jogren: Level?
GM: I think it’s 6
GM: No, 7
Dragonling: yeah, Shen was 7.
Arkail Jogren: brb need the book

GM: Greatsword (Attack 1) [1d20+4 = 7]

GM: Hmmm
GM: Good music, finally
Arkail Jogren: what you listening to?
Dragonling: what, mine wasn’t good enough for you?

GM: Uh
GM: Owl City
GM: Has your song DL’d yet morgan?
Dragonling: what, the one I sent you?
GM: za
Dragonling: long time ago
Arkail Jogren: Alex Im rolling hp now. Do we roll twice and take highest each level or roll once and take that or half of max? or is there some other formula you use?
Arkail Jogren: I changed up my char concept I dont want to play a straight mage this time.
GM: Roll once or take half of max
GM: I’m tougher on myself
GM: :P
GM: I roll once
Arkail Jogren: [1d10 = 9]
Arkail Jogren: [1d10 = 8]
Arkail Jogren: [1d10 = 3]
Arkail Jogren: 5
Arkail Jogren: [1d10 = 4]
Arkail Jogren: 5
Arkail Jogren: [1d10 = 4]
Arkail Jogren: 5
Arkail Jogren: [1d8 = 3]
Arkail Jogren: 4

Alex: What book are you using, Nick?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): complete Arcane.
GM: 3.5e?
Dragonling: yeah
Dragonling: complete arcane = 3.5, tome & blood is 3.0
Dragonling: equivalent books
GM: Ahhh…gotcha.
Alex: Just not recognizing the class, that’s all
Nick (Arkail Jogren): Suel Arcanamach?
Alex: There we go…
Alex: I was just going by what your sheet said :P
Arkail Jogren: Going with my 1st idea. the sevenfold is going to take way to long to develop.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): yeah ill change it

Arkail Jogren: max you can raise a non class skill is one half of level?
Dragonling: uh
Dragonling: max non-class is 1/2 of a class skill’s max..
Arkail Jogren: good thats what I thought
Dragonling: at level 6.. that would be 9 or 4.5
Dragonling: iirc
Arkail Jogren: ah ok

Arkail Jogren: so I cant do this yet then
Arkail Jogren: since the class req is 5 ranks in a non class skill
GM: ...if you’d like to ask the DM nicely, you might be able to get half a rank of a skill somehow.
Dragonling: Lol
Dragonling: thing is, I think he’d need more than that.
Arkail Jogren: how come?
Dragonling: sorry, level 7, forgot
Dragonling: ignore me
Dragonling: I’m a level behind
Dragonling: I get confused
Dragonling: :P
Dragonling: <back>
GM: lol
Arkail Jogren: Alex its up to you, I can take a different class for now if you like.
Arkail Jogren: and then take suel at level 8
Alex: What happened to my not-so subtle hint up there?
Arkail Jogren: Alex, would you consider dropping the half rank requirement for the sake of the character and campaign?
Dragonling: I’d like to formally protest. The Holy Rulebook has to be honored to the very letter.
Dragonling: ..<coughs> Ignore the psionically charged rock.

GM: LoL…Go ahead, Nick.
GM: I’ll take it out of your hide later.
Dragonling: or mine…
Arkail Jogren: my hide skill? sure.
GM: Probably Morgan’s
GM: Just cos I can, mainly
Alex: Hmm…

GM: Hm hm hmmm..
Alex: What are your thoughts on this?
Arkail Jogren: man I underestimated the skill advantage of a high int.

Arkail Jogren: this char has jack and shit for skills compared to shen
GM: But how’s your survivability?
Arkail Jogren: well see no way to tell that yet
GM: I suppose not.
GM: What’re you working at now?
Arkail Jogren: finished skills, on to feats
GM: AHhhh
GM: Feats
GM: I miss feats
GM: :p

Dragonling: I has FEET!
GM: Feet?
GM: Yes, yes you do
GM: about 1.4

GM: Hm hm hmmm
Arkail Jogren: Hmm how does weapon proficiencies work? All characters have basic and if you want to use a martial or exotic weapon you have to use a feat to learn it?

Dragonling: whatever you have by default from your class, you have the entire group
Dragonling: like a warrior has martial and simple
GM: yeah
Dragonling: if he wants to take an exotic, he’d spend a feat for a single weapon prof
Dragonling: a mage has (I think) simple
Dragonling: if he wants a martial, it would take a feat to learn a single martial weapon
Dragonling: etc
Arkail Jogren: ok

GM: Hmmm
Dragonling: Hmm!
Arkail Jogren: sorry
Arkail Jogren: Its a pain in the ass getting all this figured out Im almost done with feats tho

Arkail Jogren: ok done with feats
GM: Awesome
GM: No worries, nick
GM: I’m around all next week too
GM: :P
Arkail Jogren: hehe
Arkail Jogren: starting equipment?
GM: Hmmm…
GM: well
GM: Ask?
Arkail Jogren: a +5 keen weapon?
Arkail Jogren: lol
Arkail Jogren: hang on let me finish spells then Ill ask this will take 1 sec

Arkail Jogren: Resetting Suel Arcanamach Powers
Arkail Jogren: hmm having trouble adding spells to my book
GM: Yeah?
GM: Drag and drop?
Arkail Jogren: my library is empty
Dragonling: did you remember to open the books?
Arkail Jogren: I forgot how, I open the module activation but then what theres a bunch of green octagons with green checks
Dragonling: is there a pic of a brown book above that?
GM: Za?
Arkail Jogren: no
Dragonling: ...
Dragonling: hrm
Arkail Jogren: green octagons and a spiderweb on the opposite side
Dragonling: Hrm
Dragonling: almost sounds like you don’t have the books o.0

Arkail Jogren: its not a big deal but I cant even create a spell
Arkail Jogren: which will be annoying
Dragonling: uh
Dragonling: check in fantasy grounds II \ data \ modules…
Arkail Jogren: uh oh
Arkail Jogren: empty
GM: Nothing?
GM: Lol
GM: ...wait a sec..
Arkail Jogren: not even a module folder
Arkail Jogren: maybe it got deleted
GM: C:\Program Files (x86)\Fantasy Grounds II\data\campaigns\Planescape Main Campaign ?
Arkail Jogren: no campaigns folder
Arkail Jogren: no modules folder
Arkail Jogren: just characters
Arkail Jogren: folder
Dragonling: o.o
Arkail Jogren: wait a sec
Arkail Jogren: I see the problem
Dragonling: it wouldn’t be in campaigns.. book modules are in data \ modules
Arkail Jogren: I have 2 copies of FG
GM: A+ work

Arkail Jogren: ok I see the modules folder
Arkail Jogren: which one am I looking for in here?
Arkail Jogren: I have MSRDspells
Arkail Jogren: and d20spells
Arkail Jogren: and CSRDspells
Dragonling: uh
Dragonling: MSRD and d20 would both work
GM: Yeah
Arkail Jogren: in my module activation the green check is actually a light green lighting bolt
Arkail Jogren: whatever that means
Dragonling: that means the DM is forcing load
GM: Yeah
GM: Or else
GM: :p
Dragonling: LOL
Dragonling: Shen’s lawyer’s trial notes ftw
Dragonling: weeee
Dragonling: I had a ball with those
GM: lulz
GM: I had a ball with that whole session

Arkail Jogren: yup fun
GM: BUt yeah, nick, you should see the book now
GM: hopefully
GM: maybe?
GM: Idk?
Dragonling: I have no idea what thats from :P
GM: Hmm
Dragonling: I mean, “Shen is being a total boob” doesn’t narrow it down
Dragonling: :P
GM: No, no it doesnt
GM: but I am not sure
GM: Where y’at now Nick?

Arkail Jogren: finished everything
Arkail Jogren: setting up the combat bars
Arkail Jogren: how do you add dice to weapon damage boxes on the combat tab?
GM: Uh
GM: Drag them into the boxes
Arkail Jogren: k
Arkail Jogren: where it says critical what do you put in there?
GM: uh
Arkail Jogren: another dice?
GM: x2 or x3
GM: I believe
GM: depending on the weapon
GM: (it’s easiest just to drop the d20 item into the combat box)
GM: and it’ll autofill it
Arkail Jogren: like that
GM: Go ahead and take +2 on your greataxe and armor, btw
GM: Yeah

Arkail Jogren: 1
GM: 1?
GM: Just 1?
Arkail Jogren: heh
Arkail Jogren: ok how does my sheet look? ok?
Dragonling: absolutely spiffy.
Arkail Jogren: last question
Arkail Jogren: where do I fix my armor?
GM: Armor – COmbat tab

GM: I think the magic counts as what…deflection?
Dragonling: uh
Dragonling: + on armor is deflection, yes, I think
Dragonling: no.
Dragonling: wait
Dragonling: what?
Dragonling: arg
Dragonling: because a magic shield stacks with magic armor..
Dragonling: but a magic ring … fuck, I hate 3e
GM: Hm
GM: Yes
GM: I concur
Arkail Jogren: can my longbow be tempered for my strength?
GM: Sure, you can have a Comp. Longbow that’s geared for your STR.
Arkail Jogren: ok then all set. My chars background is very simple and is as follows.

Arkail Jogren: He is a tribesman from one of the northern barbarian villages in Vaasa which is the northern part of Faerun but further east than the spine of the world.
Arkail Jogren: His village has been at war with several orc tribes for generations.
Arkail Jogren: He set out one day to hunt and somehow tripped a portal that led him to Sigil. Why the portal was there he does not know.
Dragonling: nobody does
Arkail Jogren: But anyone from Sigil that wanted to viist the frozen tundra of Vaasa had to have their head checked.
Arkail Jogren: So as you can see I dont really have much of a developed concept for this char yet.
Arkail Jogren: But thats the GENERAL background.
Alex: Oh, that’s alright.
Dragonling: I’m already scared.
Dragonling: You don’t eat rocks, do you?
Alex: I don’t quite know how you’re going to be introduced, either.
Dragonling: Wait, I’m not a rock.
Alex: This was a getting to know your new character/getting yourself some stats down
Dragonling: Damn you, Shen!
Dragonling: DAMN YOU!
Dragonling: <hides>
GM: lol
Kiergath (Dragonling): I’m just here ‘cos I got nothing better to do.

Kiergath (Dragonling): Seeing as, you know, you’re both here.
Arkail Jogren: Rest assured this character will not be played as Shen was.
Kiergath (Dragonling): So I can’t exactly game with Alex, or with Nick.
Kiergath (Dragonling): Since both of you fucktards are here.. soooo.. here I am.
Kiergath (Dragonling): I said the quiet part outloud again, didnt I?
Alex: THat’s assuring, actually
Kiergath (Dragonling): I don’t know.. I kind’ve liked Shen.
Arkail Jogren: I did too, one of my favorite chars Ive ever played. But his mind was fucked after all that happened. That and a 6 wisdom he just went insane.
Kiergath (Dragonling): I never said Al liked him, though.
Kiergath (Dragonling): I just get a kick out of watching things go to pieces.. which made Shen like, amazing.
Kiergath (Dragonling): Wherever he goes, things went nuts :P
GM: Yeah… Shen beat the pants off Rase in terms of falling apart
GM: :P
Kiergath (Dragonling): Amen.
Kiergath (Dragonling): Although, Shen did less damage.
GM: ...true
Kiergath (Dragonling): Rase did so much damage I had to rewrite history.
Kiergath (Dragonling): :P
GM: ...sry
GM: :P
Kiergath (Dragonling): Its fine, the history of TSTS is better off this way than if I’d let Rase actually do that crap.
Alex: ...Yeah, I can see that.
Kiergath (Dragonling): It helped keep Vaivara militarily viable, which allows the kilathan axis to form.
GM: But yeah, Nick – Just send me an e-mail with some things about your character, so I can find a way to shoehorn you in

Nick (Arkail Jogren): I will do that.
Dragonling: ah, hell
Dragonling: I won’t be up at o’dark thirty anymore
Dragonling: how will you survive without me emailing you constantly 3 days a week, alex?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): I understand that as well.
Dragonling: although, Nick
Dragonling: I may actually still be up when you get home from work again
Dragonling: :P
GM: ...I dunno, actually
GM: It’s odd not having e-mails to respond to during the slow times at work
Dragonling: sorry, chief
Dragonling: I had to have something productive to do during class
Nick (Arkail Jogren): my schedule is screwed. and is in flux
GM: Lulz… yeah, I know
Dragonling: once I figured out how to get around the ‘net block they had in place in one class room..
Dragonling: so I could actually, you know, get to my email
Dragonling: <grumble>
Alex: But yeah, any e-mails that get sent my way will be responded to diligently
Dragonling: he’s telling the truth
Dragonling: sometimes we could get off 3 or 4 in an hour
Dragonling: :P
Alex: And I can better deal with character issues then – I’m a bit spaced at the moment
Dragonling: newb
GM: ...and sometimes, that was only Morgan-limited conversation
GM: :P

Arkail Jogren: hehe well thats good to know. Ill get something written up asap.
Dragonling: la…
Dragonling: I’m just trying to finish writing a cutscene for TSTS.
Alex: LoL
GM: Well, regardless, next time we’re all around (I’ll be here all week minus the weekend)
Dragonling: none of you are there, but you’d all be aware of it
GM: and then next week as well
Alex: We can do either campaign
Dragonling: yours
Dragonling: congrats
Dragonling: as DM number 1, I hold veto power
Dragonling: fortunately, the constitution was never written so nobody has any way of challenging this
Alex: lol
Dragonling: and since the group has largely dispersed
Alex: Aside from instituting a constitution?
Dragonling: we can no longer establish a quorum for such matters
Dragonling: :P
Dragonling: I guess I could pry get ahold of Dave
Dragonling: but he’d pry support whatever I told him to
Dragonling: :P
Alex: Pry
Dragonling: so far as I know, Brett may be dead
Dragonling: or he could be on mars
Dragonling: Chris’s the only one left that I can still get a hold of reliably…
Alex: Any’oo… I’ve got to head to bed. I’ll catch you guys later. Let me know if you have any questions/comments/requests via e-mail or whatnot
GM: Not even Samhell…shame
Dragonling: yeah
Dragonling: can I have a +3 vorpal toenail clipper?
GM: ...No
Dragonling: rats
Dragonling: I miss Sam
Dragonling: sigh
Dragonling: well
Dragonling: before he went to college and became a stoner
Dragonling: can you imagine he started out as a good christian boy?
Dragonling: had to hide his D&D stuff from his parents any everything
Dragonling: anyway, night chief
GM: lol
GM: Night

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‘Nick’ connected
GM: Hallo!
Arkail Jogren: Heya
Bobbert: Y halo thar!
Bobbert: lol hraf.
Bobbert: :P
GM: lol indeed.
Bobbert: kind’ve amusingly, I could have pulled WoW-Alusair’s portrait and used it
Bobbert: but it wouldn’t have been even remotely close
Bobbert: so anyway
Bobbert: fear teh owl
Arkail Jogren: hehe very what the
Arkail Jogren: The OWL!
Minerator: Well then… are there any more issues that need to be addressed?
Bobbert: Ye—...
Bobbert: Minerators?

Bobbert: I’d like to consult the gasinator – we need moar vespene gas.
GM: ...Yeah. That’s who Shenvallei belongs to now.
GM: Looks like I wont be speaking OOC at all anymore :P
Bobbert: possibly a wise choice.
Bobbert: I’ll get serious as soon as I detect a need for it. :P
Minerator: ...RIGHT!
GM: ...
GM: Fuck
My Name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.: huh
My Name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.: Oh.. thats what this toon was made for
My Name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.: to give alex a map portrait for the lich.
GM: Okay…Yeah. Ty.
My Name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.: ... this character sheet is deranged. I wish I’d filled in more of it.
GM: Okay… So, Nick, any questions before we begin?
Kiergath (Alusair): I get it, I’m an unneccessary sideshow. Fine.
Kiergath (Alusair): Yoo hoo, schlock mercenary…
Nick (Arkail Jogren): well only bug Im having at the moment with FG is portraits
Nick (Arkail Jogren): I cant access any different ones than this one
Kiergath (Alusair): Oh, so you AREN’T intentionally using my Tim portrait.
Kiergath (Alusair): :P

Minerator: can access? You sure?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): well i hit it and I get a blank screen
Kiergath (Dragonling): Except for Tim.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): nope even tim isnt in there
Kiergath (Dragonling): so how do you.. nevermind.
Kiergath (Dragonling): Uh… is there anything in your .. data \ portraits, is it?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): this portrait was part of another char I made long ago by accident
Nick (Arkail Jogren): when I didnt realize you had to wait 3 seconds for chars to load
Minerator: Hahaha
GM: I Xfired you the coordinates to look for portraits
Kiergath (Dragonling): Also – when you check your data \ portraits folder, you should then go check the data \ portraits folder for your other copy of FG2 if you didn’t delete it
Kiergath (Dragonling): since that was causing trouble last time with books :P
GM: ...yeah!

Kiergath (Dragonling): la.. afk. brb.
When last we were gathered here on this hallowed ground, we suffered the death of one Shenvallei D’anisille. Following is a rough description, to bring back the horrible memories.
Our intrepid heroes enter the temple of the Blood Cult, following a small sacrafice from Alusair. They join the congregation of the blood cult during the end of their worship. They both undertake the Quickening, a process by which their blood speeds up. Shenvallei unsuccesfully tries to barter with a lich to become his heir, and discloses the specific location of his hometown, Sasal. The Lich teleported away, and Shenvallei gets himself killed by two wraiths.
Session 44
Dragonling: hey, look, back
Nick (Arkail Jogren): forcefully barter
Nick (Arkail Jogren): and pay no attention to this portrait my char does not look like this
GM: ...just a second….
Alusair: hm?
Kiergath (Alusair): er, hm?*

Minerator: Just trying to see if I can manually change it.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): another question, in your combat tab for your weapons, how do you give yourself a negative under bonus
Dragonling: uh, you mean the second box to the right of the damage dice type?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): yes
Dragonling: just use your mouse wheel
GM: Click and scroll down
GM: ...also, try opening your character again nick
Nick (Arkail Jogren): thank you
Dragonling: Mwuahahaha!
Dragonling: RAMMING SPEED! <ker-thump> (Attack 1) [1d20-5 = 8]
Minerator: ...nice
GM: Actually
GM: Brb, rebooting the server

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‘Kiergath’ connected
Dragonling: err, am I early?
‘Nick’ connected
GM: No? Wtf did that not work
Nick (Arkail Jogren): hmm
Dragonling: guess Nick is just fated to be “that mangy scots git”...
Nick (Arkail Jogren): well I can copy the image to the folder its supposed to be in and try it that way

GM: Yeah
GM: That might work
Dragonling: in honor of Nick’s new identity
Arkail Jogren: I thought you were quoting beowulf at first
GM: There we go.
Arkail Jogren: There damn it.
GM: Congrats. Speech bubble is even in the right place :)
Dragonling: Beowulf? I’m insulted.
Dragonling: Hey, so is mine.. :-/
Arkail Jogren: its pointing at that folder for some reason
GM: (I dunno. Can you see the images? I manually reset your portrait on my end.)
Arkail Jogren: I can its good.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): ok finally to flesh out my character completely
Nick (Arkail Jogren): what skill relates to artistic ability?
Kiergath (Dragonling): What kind of artistic ability?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): poetry
Kiergath (Dragonling): perform.

GM: Painting is a craft, yes? I think so..
GM: Hm
Dragonling: Painting would be a craft.
Minerator: Hm
Dragonling: Poetry and storytelling would be perform.
Dragonling: Singing, likewise.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): because of the nature of my class, can I have perform as a class skill and trade another class skill in as a non class skill?
GM: Sure… there’s justification for it.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): ill trade in spellcraft since I figure my chars sorceries are more innate than learned

Minerator: Works for me.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): ok set
We rejoin our newfound heroes in what is commonly known as the Bar of Belief.
One Arkail Jogren is seated near the fireplace, surrounded by a bunch of succeptable young maidens, listening intently to him speaking. In through the door to the bar comes one Alusair. The atmosphere of the Bar is palpably electric, although some of that may be from the presence of some sort of creature dancing in the back of the bar, sending the occasional jolt of lightning into someone’s drink.
Kiergath (Alusair): Is there anyone I know immediately visible in the bar?
GM: The bartender, for one. You catch glimpses, here and there, of Tim Tim, who has taken up a job as a waiter, trying to make ends meet. He’s fairly adept at navigating the tables.
Kiergath (Alusair): ...thats brilliant, and fitting for someone of his mental character. Taking up a job as a waiter in a bar that doesn’t charge…
Arkail Jogren: “Hello, Alusair is it not? Come sit and enjoy a tale and allow me to buy you a drink.”

Alusair peers somewhat disdainfully at the gathering around Arkail, “Whats in it fer you?”
Arkail Jogren: “The company of an enchanting creature such as yourself.”
Alusair: “You’ve got odd ideas, basher, but I’ll humor you.”
Alusair moves to either an empty seat, or if none are available, moves one from nearby.
GM: You successfully seat yourself a pleasant distance from the fire.

Arkail Jogren: “Tim Tim, please bring a libation to the lady. A mug of ((whatever Alusair usually ordered)).”
GM: A drink is proofferred, without spilling a drop.
Alusair: “Thanks, Tim.. how’s the job treating you?”
Kiergath (Alusair): How’s he looking these days?
He’s looking…thinner. A few more scars about his person, as though he’s acting as a bouncer as well as a waiter. “It’s tough work. Rewarding, though. I get tips! Can you believe that? Me! Tips!”
Alusair: “Huh. Imagine that. You. Tips.”
Alusair flips him a gold.
GM: “Too kind, you! Say… if you ever find yourself in need of a blade… I’ve been practicing! Every midweek, I get a night off, and I spend it improving my swordsmanship!”
Alusair: “I’ll keep it in mind – and if I can help in any way, look me up.”

Arkail Jogren: “I am Arkail Jogren. I am a teller of tales. It is… the path I walk that I tell such tales. Would you care to hear a breif one?”
Nick (Arkail Jogren): ((brief?))
Kiergath (Alusair): brief.
Alusair: “By all means.. tell away.”
Arkail Jogren: Take 10 on a perform roll. 17. Tell the story of my past.
Kiergath (Alusair): Uh.. you can’t take ten on a perform, really.
Kiergath (Alusair): Taking ten means you’re doing it ten times until you get it right.
Minerator: You can only tell a story once, not keep retelling it :P
Kiergath (Alusair): Oh, you can.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): even it its a practiced story?
Kiergath (Alusair): Yep.

Minerator: Well, not to a listening audience without them getting pissed off
Kiergath (Alusair): Taking ten is representative of continuing to try until you get it right. It works on searches and things of that nature.
Kiergath (Alusair): But it doesn’t work on things where there are negative connotations to a failed roll.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): alright.
Arkail Jogren: Skill [Perform (Poetry)] +7 [1d20+9 = 21]
GM: See, much better than 10!
Arkail Jogren: “And now in my journeys here I have seen many who walk these streets and alleys. Of them I see in you a future tale to tell.”
Alusair: “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there are far, far more interesting stories floating around.”
Arkail Jogren: “That may be. But give me credit for trying to unlock this door.”
Alusair: “People usually have reasons for locking their doors.”

Arkail Jogren: “I know. And I do not mean to pry. I simply state what I… see.”
Arkail Jogren: “Luckily if I look away all I see are fair maidens who enjoy good drink and other pleasures.”
Arkail Jogren looks at the maidens smiling.
“Hah! This berk calls himself a bard, ladies! Have you listened to his stories? Half of them are reused old wives tales with new names and faces!” A gruff man shoulders his way through the crowd, with more scars on his face than fingers on his hands. “This charlatan will have you believe that he survived all those terrible events. Well I’m here to ask you: Does he have proof? Proof of any of his deeds? Hah! You cannot prove a lie, my friends. Each of my tales has a proof, and each scar has a story! What misery is it to listen to a drunk such as this, when you can bathe in the glory of a true Planewalker, who has seen such artefacts that can cause the unravelling of the planes themselves!” He reaches into a belt pouch and pulls a shard of emerald green from within. The shard screams of untold riches and power. “I stole this from the Lady herself! And I know where the remainder lies! I have lived the story of this artefact, to have ripped from the Lady’s grasp that which has the power to shift the portals of the Planes! The ultimate key! Who wishes to hear the story of the greatest hero of Sigl!” The ladies in the circle around Arkail squeal in delight and shift all of their attention to this man, whose hair is shock white with occasional strands of bright blue, which only serve to make his hair seem even brighter.
Alusair: “It would be wise to restrain yourself better, berk. The Lady holds little patience where those who speak poorly of her are concerned.”
Alusair: “And I’d rather not have the rest of the establishment caught up in the fallout when she decides to teach you a lesson in humility.”
Alusair: “And I’d rather not have the rest of the establishment caught up in the fallout when she decides to teach you a lesson in humility.”
Arkail Jogren stands.

Arkail Jogren: “Are you calling me a liar, sir?”
Alusair: “I believe thats what the word ‘charlatan’ implies.”
The man snarls at you. “The worst sort of liar. The one who believes the lies he sells.”
Alusair: “Ye gods, for the love of all the houris in Elysium. Why is it that every pike in the Cage has to bring up that cursed word?”
Alusair picks up her mug and wanders to the opposite corner, muttering into her drink.
Arkail Jogren: “You insult me, and the rest of the bar with your words. You speak of deeds done yet not know the truth in others. That makes you a fool not worthy of hearing.”
Alusair: “For the love of the goddess – and I’m not sure which one I’m invoking at the moment, by the way – just listen to him so he’ll go away or make a job offer or whatever the sod he’s here for.”
Alusair: (half shouted from the other side of the room)

“A fool? More the fool I for not stopping your drivel before you began! That you assail these women with such nonsense! There is no truth, no interest, no sense, in a word you have spoken! Deeds far outweigh words! History remembers what is done, not said! Have you stolen away to where the Lady sleeps and robbed her of her control of the portals in Sigil? No!”
Arkail Jogren waves his hand dismissively at the blowhard before sitting back down. “Fool.”
A fool he may be, but the women are all magnetized by him.
Arkail Jogren whispers to Alusair, “Have you seen this barmy fool before?”
Alusair: Nick
Alusair: Please read above
Alusair picks up her mug and wanders to the opposite corner, muttering into her drink.
Arkail Jogren: Ok I wander over to where Alusair is first then ask her.

Alusair: “Not a once.”
Alusair: “He seems to have absconded with your harem, though.”
Arkail Jogren: “There are other audiences. And Im not foolish enough to make more of it not knowing exactly who he is.”
Alusair: “He is a lucky, lucky man.. and therefore a very dangerous one.”
Arkail Jogren: “And bold to be sure.”
Alusair: “I am, however, curious about that stone he’s got in his hand.”
Arkail Jogren: “As am I, and how did he get it?”
Alusair: “The two go together.”
Alusair: “Old man! Come here a moment – the charlatan has agreed to hear your tale.”
Arkail Jogren scowls briefly at Alusair.
The man blusters over, bringing the youngest and most sprightly, attractive, and buxom girls with him.
Alusair looks innocently at Arkail before turning towards the old man.

Alusair: “So, old one. The stone. Tell us of the stone.”
“The stone? The stone that once was on the necklace of the Queen of Blades? That is capable of opening a portal to anywhere, from anywhere, at any time? This, which I hold in my hand, which can free any from Her Mazes?”
Alusair: “Less teasing, more substance. If this were fucking, you’d be on the street by now.”

“Very well, impatient one. It is a simple, but noble tale. A man I once knew, a very strange fellow. A great anarchist, if there ever could be such a thing. He told me a tale, of a way to secret into Her chamber. He bade me that if I could steal this stone for him, he would make me a rich man. Being young, I summoned up my spirit and did as he asked… but when I found out what it was capable of, well, who would honor that bargain? A few thousand gold for this? Which will let me into any treasury in any corner of the multiverse?”
Alusair: Spell [Detect Magic] -> Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
GM: Con. Check, Alusair.
Alusair: Constitution check [1d20 = 16]
Alusair: good jo—-neat
Nick (Arkail Jogren): omg Morgan fixed his dice
Kiergath (Alusair): hush.
You are not blinded by the awesome radience of that which he is holding in his hand.
Kiergath (Alusair): How close is he?
GM: Five feet off, or so.
Alusair: yeah?

Alusair: Melee attack [1d20+13 = 33]
Alusair: Melee attack [CRITICAL THREAT]
Alusair: Melee attack [CONFIRM] [1d20+13 = 19]
Alusair reaches out to relieve the man of his rock.
Alusair’s hand darts up and snatches the stone from the storyteller’s hand, drawing the faintest bit of blood from the man’s palm. It comes away clean, spreading an almost uncomfortable warmth throughout her body. The man screams in agony and clutches at his hand, curling into a ball. The women surrounding him back away hurriedly.
Alusair: “Interesting..”
Alusair: “Tell me, what are you feeling right now?”
Alusair: “Be thorough.”

The man groans in agony. “Relieved…a bit… in immense pain… but at least I am free of that cursed rock… I cursed the day that I agreed to steal it for Zero…”
Alusair: “Oh, sod all.”
Alusair rolls her eyes in exhasperation, “Goddess, there are days I absolutely despise my life. I hope it amuses you.”
Alusair: “Where did you get it?”
“You think I was lying about stealing it from Her? Hah… I just wish I had been able to give it back.”
Alusair: “Ah! Interesting. What does it really do?”
“Aside from drain the soul of whomever possesses it? Everything I said it does.. it will get you out of a Maze… but you can never willingly get rid of it.”
Alusair: “How fortunate for me.”
Alusair: “I have no intention of doing any such thing.”
“Funny… that’s what I thought at first… but you’ll see… it’s not nearly as enjoyable as you think it will be…”

Alusair: “I have had one good moment of fun in the past few months, and it involved two baatezu and a locked door. Believe me, I’m not really doing what I do for fun.”
Alusair: “Now, about this other bit you mentioned earlier..”
Arkail Jogren: “And you said there were more interesting stories to hear.”
Alusair: “One thing at a time – the rest of the stone.”
GM: He wipes a bit of blood away from the corner of his eye. “You mean where the Lady stole it from?”
He wipes a bit of blood away from the corner of his eye. “You mean where the Lady stole it from?”

“The stone exists in many places… the center of the Spire, if you can get there… with the Queen of the Cranium rats… or, if you’re suicidal, the town of Xaos.”
Alusair: “Xaos? Lovely place in the spring, wouldn’t want to live there.”
Alusair: “Queen of the cranium rats? What the sod kind of story is that?”
He spits a rather large quantity of blood up onto the floor.
Alusair: “Quite. Well, I’m glad I could be of assistance. Relieving you of your burden and all.”
“The sewer underneath the hive…”
Alusair: “Ah, good, good. A lead.”

Arkail Jogren: “The Sewer? I know that place. Well part of it anyway.”
Alusair: “Yes? Good. Well, storyteller, you wanted a tale.”
Alusair looks blank suddenly, as if she’s forgetting something. Looking at the man on the floor, she seems to recall.
Alusair: “Oh, right. I forgot. Be a dear and stop bleeding on the floorboards.”
Alusair toes the man with her boot.
Alusair: Spell [Cure Light Wounds] -> Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).
Alusair: [1d8 = 1]
Alusair: 6.
Your feel your divine energy flow into him, but it seems to wash away from him, as though there was nothing left of his soul to repair.
Alusair: “Huh. Thats different.”
Arkail Jogren: “You heard what he said. The stone consumed his soul. He cannot live.”
Alusair: “Ah, weell.”

Kiergath (Alusair): He still choking out his last gasps?
Minerator: za
Alusair slides a knife out of a thigh sheath, kisses it on the pommel, and tosses it into the man on the ground.
Alusair: Ranged attack [1d20+9 = 20]
Minerator: hit
Alusair: [1d4+6 = 7]
Kiergath (Alusair): yeah, my dice aren’t cured.
The dagger slices the man’s throat, but falls away from the pool of blood.
Alusair picks it up gently, “I was afraid of that.. no good, luiv?”

The dagger shies away.
Kiergath (Alusair): From me, too?
Arkail Jogren: “Awful sight. Poor cutter.”
Alusair: “I know.. it hasn’t had a good drink in a month.”
No, just the blood.
Arkail Jogren: “What hasn’t?”
Alusair looks at the dagger, caressing it almost like a pet before drawing a short cut across her hand with it.
GM: The bar has become…significantly less animated.

Arkail Jogren: “So what now, just leave him here? Drag him outside? Or could you care less?”
Alusair: “If it were any other bar, you’d be right. But since I happen to like this one.”
Arkail Jogren: “As do I.”
Alusair: Drag the corpse out the front door.
Arkail Jogren: Help.
Alusair: “Now, the good chap said something about the Hive sewers.”

Arkail Jogren: “He did. Care to have a look?”
Nick (Arkail Jogren): alex sorry one more question my spells arent working the box is whited out where you cast them.
Alusair: “I dare say I do.”
Arkail Jogren: Head to the sewer entrance I use to get to Vaasa.
Kiergath (Alusair): Tag along..
Minerator: uh…thats because it’s not a copied in spell?
Nick (Arkail Jogren): yeah its a created item
Arkail Jogren: Resetting Skald (Suel Archanamach) Powers
GM: Spell [Fist of Stone] -> Gain +6 str and natural Slam Attack (Complete Aracane page 107-108)
Nick (Arkail Jogren): wierd it works only when I memorize one
GM: ...checkmarks are “used”
GM: Spell [Fist of Stone] -> Gain +6 str and natural Slam Attack (Complete Aracane page 107-108)
GM: Spell [Fist of Stone] -> Gain +6 str and natural Slam Attack (Complete Aracane page 107-108)
Nick (Arkail Jogren): lol oh

GM: use prepmode to memorize
Nick (Arkail Jogren): got it
GM: afksec
GM: phone

Nick (Arkail Jogren): what is the arcane failure of leather armor?
Players have requested permission to load ‘Complete SRD Epic’
Kiergath (Alusair): whoops, belay that book request, wrong click.
Kiergath (Alusair): leather is 10%
Arkail Jogren: k
Minerator: Alright back.
Minerator: Sry for delay

Minerator: Although we probably shouldn’t plan on getting too deep in the sewer tonight.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): agreed
Nick (Arkail Jogren): I have to take a half hour afk anyway
Nick (Arkail Jogren): ill try to hurry though.
Kiergath (Alusair): la..?
Kiergath (Alusair): does that mean I’m closing this now?
Minerator: I think so… Can’t really stay up much longer. :(
Nick (Arkail Jogren): ok no prob friend just got here and he needs to see something. Ill hit you up later Morgan for some STO.
Dragonling: fine
Dragonling: no, seriously, I’ll pry be up awhile.
Nick (Arkail Jogren): k bbin a bit

Alright…Session Summation!
We rejoin our newfound heroes in what is commonly known as the Bar of Belief. Arkail is regaling the bar with stories of his adventures, and is joined by Alusair, when he is interrupted by a brash, bold man of many scars, who tells a tale of a forgotten artifact which lets those who possess it control the fabric of the planes themselves. The pair extract the location of the forgotten artifact – in the posession of the Cranium rat queen in the sewers under the hive. They travel to the entrance of the sewers in the Hive.

‘Nick’ disconnected
==================END SESSION==========

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