Session Fourty Eight

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Karesh: Oh, not bad.

GM: Hmm..

Campaign saved.

GM: Lets see here…

GM: Just some last minute setup

Doug (Llwyd): OK

GM: Wanting to make sure that I get the right info

Doug (Llwyd): Great information on the factions Alex

Alex: Ty, ty

Alex: Mostly lifted from one of the books.

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): nods

Alex: Any questions, sirs?

Kiergath (Karesh): how do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?

Doug (Llwyd): Eh?

Doug (Llwyd): I think I am good

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: [1d20+2 = 22]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 1]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 13]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 6]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 4]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 7]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 4]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 5]

Llwyd: [1d20 = 7]



Doug (Llwyd): SURE!

A recap – Doug, you had just gone to sleep after the events of yesterday.

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): OK


As you step down the stairs, you find the bar to be quite bustling compared to when you went to sleep. You note that most of the tables are filled, with only three having empty seats – first, at the side of the room, a table occupied by an affluent looking man and a rather attractive woman – second, an elderly looking man sitting in the corner looking shiftily around the bar, near the table of halflings – and third, in the center of the bar, with many tables shifted away from him, a massively tall draconian creature, whose red scales seem to ruminate in the firelight. His face belies a quiet intelligence, looking almost pensive at the vessel of beverage in his talons. His broad wings are not quite folded all the way in, affording an impressive view of a sheathed bastard sword resting on his back.

Llwyd: Are any of the tables that have an open seat empty?

Kiergath (Karesh): Doug, he just described all three tables that have open seats.

Doug (Llwyd): Oh I see

Doug (Llwyd): Okies then

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: I walk over to the table with the Draconian looking person “Mind if I join you?”

Karesh cocks his head to the side, studying the newcomer. “You don’t seem to have the local accent.”

Llwyd: “I travel quite a bit, just returned from the prime after a year”

Karesh looks somewhat saddened and waves dismissively at one of the empty chairs.

Llwyd: “My thanks, I am Llwyd” I sit down and wave over the barkeep

Barkeep: “Yes, my good master Llwyd? How might I serve you this fine morning?”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Good marrow to you smile at the barkeep could have the house breakfast and a Ale, thank you” Look at my table companion “would you like anything, friend?”

Karesh raises his mug slightly, “Another mug of the same, in a few minutes.”

Llwyd: Look at the barkeep and nod my head “thank you”

Barkeep: “But of course, gentlemen. I’ll have Taiya bring your dish over presently.”

Doug (Llwyd): Do I know what race he is specificly?

Karesh continues studying Llwyd a moment before finally responding to his introduction, “This one’s name is Karesh.. do you come here often?”

The Barkeep bustles off, only for a buxom-black-haired-beauty to bustle over and deliver your order with a flourish and a brief flash of a smile.

Karesh loses track of Llwyd for a moment as he eyes the barmaid appreciatively.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Well met Karesh. Yes, I have been coming to this place since I was just a child. I stay here everytime I am back here in the cage. How about yoursef?”

Karesh: “The.. ah.. ‘cage’?”

GM: You’ve never come across such a creature in your travels.

Llwyd: “Ah yes, sorry. Sigil. The cage is another name we have for the city.”

Karesh: “Not very complementary of your home.. I can see why.”

Llwyd: “it is a love hate kind of thing”

Llwyd: “So my friend, this your first visit to Sigil?”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Hruh.. that obvious, is it? Its impressive, I’ll give it that.. but so is Neraka.”

Doug (Llwyd): Have I ever heard of Neraka?

Alex: That would be a negatory

Doug (Llwyd): OK

Karesh seems about to spit at the name, but seems to catch himself.

Llwyd: “Neraka, I am not familier with that, city is it? What world is it from?”

Karesh eyes Llwyd cautiously, “You ask a lot of prying questions of one you’ve only just met.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Did not mean to offend, my friend, did not mean to offend. I have traveled quite a bit and never heard of this place before. I am always looking to learn new things and new places.”

Karesh: “Then look elsewhere. My home is not a pleasant place – for anyone, much less strangers.”

Karesh: Not said in a hostile fashion, more the tone of a friendly warning.

A nearby eavesdropper, chimes in: “I’ll drink to that! My wife’s a real beast!”

A round of drinks is bought for the whole bar.

Llwyd: “Well that’s a good piece of information to have then and I will try and advoid it if I can.”

Llwyd: “since I have inquired of you it is only fair I answer a question of yours.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “I’ll keep it in mind, once I have more time to come up with them.”

Llwyd: “Fair enough!”

Llwyd: “You picked a great inn for your visit to Sigil, I would say the best in Sigil this is.”

Karesh: “Good luck on my part, seeing as I woke up in its ale cellar.”

Llwyd: “That must have been a shock, go to sleep one place wake up in another”

Karesh: “Stranger things have been known to happen.. a few days here have persuaded me my arrival was the least bizarre.”

Doug (Llwyd): I have been eating my meal as I converse by the way

Alex: sure thing

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Yes, you will see some pauses unique people here in Sigil. People who would not normally interact with each other sharing a pint of ale.”

As if to illustrate his point, your attention is drawn to a nearby table, where a small, damp, yellow looking demon is sharing a rather cordial pint with a dwarf.

Doug (Llwyd): Hehehe :)

Karesh: “That I have noticed. Why, when I arrived, there was a dwarf sharing a drink with an elf.”

Karesh: “To say nothing of the Human who was here yesterday with a gnome, sipping from the same beverage with straws.”

Llwyd: Listen to Karesh while I finnish off my food and my ale

Llwyd: “Yes, you will grow accustom to the various sites here in Sigil. The hard part is remembering that they may not do that on a Prime World. Can cause quite the embarresment.”

Llwyd: blush a little in the cheeks as I remember such an instance

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): as I remember

Karesh shakes his head in befuddlement and takes a long drink from his mug, setting it aside to start on the next.

Llwyd: Look at Karesh, “So my friend, if it is not prying to much, are you planing on staying in Sigil long or are you long for home?”

Karesh: “I would not be in any great hurry to return, even if I did know the way. I am here, so I might as well see more of this strange place of yours.”

Llwyd: “There is much to see here in Sigil, then you have the Outlands and if you choose to visit them, the planes. Homes of the gods.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh looks puzzled.

Karesh: “Your gods must be ashamed indeed, if they dwell so far from their flocks.”

Llwyd: “All in due time my friend, all in due time. Soon you will know all there is to know about this big new world you have come to visit.”

Llwyd: “I will be more then happy to answer your questions and lend you my aid if you need it.”

Karesh looks around the bar again, to see if anyone new and exciting has entered of late

Doug (Llwyd): Great I have bored the Draconian :P

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Karesh): :P

There is a bit of a ruckus in the corner, a rather scholarly looking fellow, dressed in a long overcoat, throws his hands up in the air, exasperated, before cursing and storming towards the exit. “Pfah! Piking useless pile of bones!”

Karesh blinks, looking lopsidedly at Llwyd and pointing at the scholarly chap.

Karesh: Apparent race?

GM: Human, at a guess.

Doug (Llwyd): Do I happen to know who the annoyed man is?

Alex: You’ve never seen him before.

Doug (Llwyd): or by his dress who he might be with?

GM: Not so much, no. Half the factions don’t have any sort of external identification.

Doug (Llwyd): OK

GM: He looks like someone used to doing quite a bit of travelling, however.

Karesh: “He seemed upset about something. Curious. The service here is pretty good.”

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Hmm.. now is he just annoyed that he used Piking wrong, or is he a prime trying to fit in and fubbing it up…

Doug (Llwyd): LOL

Doug (Llwyd): I think to much…

Doug (Llwyd): Who was he annoyed with? a person at the table or someone from the staff?

He appears to have left the corner with the elderly man, looking shiftily about the bar. The old man seems quite content to be drinking his ale.

Llwyd: “Looks like the person who is upset might have been trying to buy some information or maybe sell some and the other person did not gave them what they wanted so they rattled their bone box on the way out. That or they are just plain barmy”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “umm.. talked poorly about the other person, or they are just insane”

Karesh looks somewhat dully at Llwyd.

Llwyd: “You are right though the service here is outstanding and very safe”

Karesh puts his mug aside and pulls out a heavy, metal-bound tome and an inkpen. He opens it to the very back, at an empty page, and begins scribbling in it.

The scholar has left the bar.

Llwyd: Wave over the barkeep

Barkeep: “More food there Llwyd?”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Oh no, no thank you pat my belly I am stuffed as usual. Have I recived any missives from the temple?”

Karesh blinks in confusion.

Karesh: “The clergy of your god relay church business through bar tenders?”

Barkeep: “Haven’t had anything come through for you, no, can’t say as I have.”

Llwyd: “Thank you, could we get another round of drinks, please?” Thank you”

Barkeep: “Of course!”

More drinks are delivered.

Llwyd: Turning back to Karesh

Llwyd: Through this specific barkeep, yes. He has been a trusted friend since as far back as I can remember. Looks like I might get a vacation yet, since they normally dont let me have more then 24 hours before a new assignment. Thank the gods too, I am tired of

Llwyd: living on a prime world”

Karesh: “Huh.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Who is this god, that he uses bar men as his messengers?”

Llwyd: “Well I am sure it is more the High Priest then Lord Tempus himself, but to answer the question, Tempus god of Battle is my lord.

Llwyd: “

Llwyd: “I have spoken to him once and been spoken to by him two times. He is not much in the way for small talk from what I can gather, well at least among us that ar enot gods.”

Karesh: “Huh.. never heard of him. I suppose that makes sense, if his faith communicates through tavern keeps.”

Spot checks!

Llwyd: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 14]

Karesh: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 18]

Kiergath (Karesh): Hah. Take that, Alusair.

Kiergath (Karesh): My first roll and its actually over a 10.

You both see the Barkeep hustling over, visibly shaken.

Doug (Llwyd): Hehehe :)

Alex: Congrats!

Karesh: “My apologies, sir. I wasn’t insulting tavern keepers.”

Barkeep: “No worri—what? You were talking about me?”

Campaign saved.

Karesh waves his hand dismissively, shaking his head. “No. What is the matter?”

Llwyd: “I was mentioning that you have been a loyal friend to my church and we value your assistnace in passing on communications”

Llwyd: “what is the matter my firend?”

Barkeep: “Speaking of communications… I uh… have a uh… how do you say it… missive? For you?”

Llwyd: “yes?” From whom?”

Barkeep: “That woman down yonder.”

Llwyd: “you look quite shaken my friend, are you ok?”

Doug (Llwyd): Look orver to the woman

Doug (Llwyd): Do I know whow she is?

Doug (Llwyd): If not I ask the barkeep who she is

The barkeep points down to the bar, where a rather sultry looking woman wearing a leather dress and shockingly red hair is sitting with a rather burly set of companions. She has a rather sturdy hammer at her hip.

Barkeep: “Don’t know – never seen her before in my life.”

Karesh looks over the woman

Doug (Llwyd): Do I know her?

Karesh: “I don’t care who she is. Don’t care for her company, though.”

Alex: No.

Karesh: “I mean, her company would be nice. Just not her thugs.”

Campaign saved.

Alex: LOL

Llwyd: “I agree my friend, I agree. Still I must go and see what she wants and why she has frightened my friend.

Karesh: ” ‘Sharing is caring’ applies to women, too, you know.”

Barkeep puts a note on the table.

Karesh: “Just, you know, keep that in mind.”

Barkeep: “She sent this, and a drink, that I’ll bring right over.”

Llwyd: “Your more then welcome to come with me if you want, if not please excuse me for a… pick up the note and read it

Karesh: “Uh.. I might cause a bit of a stir. When I came in here last time, people just sort’ve, you know, seemed to slide away.”

The Note Reads: “Tempus is nothing but a worthless cony – the worst kind of brick in the wall.”

Karesh: “Thats, you know, why my table’s in the middle of this big empty space.”

Doug (Llwyd): Do I recognize her god?

Alex: Er? How would you do that? Pap smear?

Doug (Llwyd): Holy symbol :P

Alex: None displayed that you can see.

Doug (Llwyd): Though I am sure my lizzard friend would gladly get one ofr me :P

Karesh: “You know, my first day here someone called me an Abishai? Talk about shocking. The Abishai nearby wasn’t too thrilled either. Threw the poor drunk clear into a gutter.”

Alex: LOL

Llwyd: chuckle

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Nice little pub, that was in.. I think they called it the Tallow Candle. Very dark, private-oriented clientele. I liked it there.”

Karesh: “Nobody asked questions.”

Llwyd: Not even looking at her I crumple her note up and have the barkeep send her drink to the shiflt looking guy. “I wont let some berk and her adams try and goad me into a fight”

Karesh peers at Llwyd, inkpen poised.

Llwyd: “Yes I heard of that place, have yet to visit it”

Llwyd: “Oh, what the note said? That my god was worthless and a bad guy”

Karesh: “I know that, I was waiting for a translation.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Oh blush a little I wont let the idiot and her accomplices goad me into a fight”

Karesh: “Oh.. thats all it meant? How dull. Most of the local jargon is so flowery, so.. meaningful!”

Llwyd: “I think the wall she was refering to is the wall of the faithless, where those that do not have faith in a god go when they die”

Karesh scratches his head.

Llwyd: “I think she might be a little barmy in my opinion”

Llwyd: “Then again I am not a head doctor” shrugs

Llwyd: chuckle

Karesh perks up, “Ah! I think I’ve heard people speak of this in the streets. She was accusing you of being, ah.. what is it..” He pauses, flipping through his tome, “an ‘aye-thar’? Some sort of theocratic revolutionary?”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “The Athar think that everyone can become a god and they deny the gods are gods and powerful people”

Doug (Llwyd): and just powerful beings

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “You should set her straight. It wouldn’t do to have someone spreading those sort’ve rumors about you – I’ve heard they’re hunting ay-thar down in the streets like animals.”

Llwyd: “So how would you sugest that I correct her view of me?”

Karesh: “Where I come from, it’s usually considered honorable and forthright to try, you know, honesty. I understand your confusion, though. It doesn’t seem to be a concept that exists out here from what I’ve seen.”

Llwyd: “mind you they frown upon random bloodshed and I would have the hardheads in here before we could blink”

Karesh: “Let me give you an example of honesty; you would not believe some of the things I’m imagining doing with that barmaid.”

Karesh: “See? Its simple. Try starting at small truths, and work your way up to the big, fundamental ones.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “I supose you may be right my friend, I am use to dealing with problems with my blade, no reason.”

Karesh: “The tongue can be more useful than the sword. For example, I couldn’t do most of what I’m imagining with my sword.”

Llwyd: Glance at the little blackhaired girl “Yes, I have a few thoughts of my own about that little lass…” coughs and blush a bit

Karesh peers at Llwyd closely, before clapping him on the back, “Ahhh, yes.. its fine, young one. Everyone’s a virgin once.”

Llwyd: “Well then, I should go speak to woman and correct her perception of my god. Please excuse me and feel free to have another drink”

Doug (Llwyd): to this woman

Karesh: “Gladly. I’ll finish yours while I’m at it, wouldn’t want it to get warm.”

Karesh: Flag down the barmaid or barkeep for another mug, whlie I’m at it.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: I stand up and walk to the table where the lady in red and her boys are sitting. If there is a open seat sit in it.

They’re sitting at the bar, and there is a seat next to one of the men, but not next to her.

Doug (Llwyd): Then I walk up beside her then or as close to that as I can

Alex: Sure, sure.

Woman: “Well if it isn’t the Jill’s patsy!”

Kiergath (Karesh): Am I in earshot?

She mutters something in a language you don’t understand to her colleagues, who laugh gruffly.

Alex: Yes.

Kiergath (Karesh): Good. Inkpen out. :P

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “That was quite the little note you sent, your either barmy or very brave

Woman: “What, a girl’s got to be crazy to tell the truth in this bar?”

Llwyd: Truth, you say? Sounds more like an opinion to me and you know what they say about opinions pauses they are like assholes everyone has one and they all stink”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Then again I have seen you show no proof”

Woman: “Cute little sewer rat you are, coming to defend your little puppet like that.”

Llwyd: “Swob me bob! Pet names already? We just met”

Karesh raises his hand to wave the barmaid over for another mug, timed to finish about the time it arrives.

Karesh: err, to finish the last one, that is.

Another round arrives!

She looks less than pleased with your statement, Llwyd.

Llwyd: “Let me guess, you hate the gods cause when you were a wee lil git you prayed and prayed for that little pony and never got it?”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “My god is real, Berk. If you would like, I can give you his address in Limbo and you can pop by for supper and discuss your dislike for him in person”

Llwyd, you find yourself quite shocked when she starts laughing, uncontrollably… it’s a beautiful, terrifying sound – it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, but it’s beautiful.

Doug (Llwyd): Hmm..

Doug (Llwyd): Bubye Llwyd

Karesh pauses with his mug almost to his snout, looking appraisingly at the woman. “I like her already.”

Woman: “Your god sits, far removed, while mine stalks the Planes, the living embodiment of fury and war – and you dare to discount Him?”

Doug (Llwyd): Gonna get shreded by a million blades or put in some maze for entrnity

Alex: You plan on invoking the wrath of the Lady?

Llwyd: No, no but you never know what she will appear as :P

Doug (Llwyd): bah damn it

Doug (Llwyd): that was spose to be ooc

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “I do not discount anyones god, I have seen manyin my service to my god. You should look at your own questiona nd sit in reflection on your self”

Llwyd: “It is not I that is rattling my bone box saying my god is better then yers”

Woman: “Just asking you to cede the point that Tempus is a Jill, cutter. ‘cos Tempus ain’t better. Than anyone. Hells, the barkeep is a more influential Power.”

Karesh: “I’ll drink to that. Speaking of which – waitress, refill!”

Another round!

Karesh: Ranged attack [1d20+10 = 27]

Karesh: Barmaid’s cleavage – gold coin.

Campaign saved.

Woman: A hit! A palpable hit!

GM: A hit! A palpable hit!

Llwyd: I cede no point and you must be addle coved to think I will. I am not looking for a fight, my gods a god of war not barfights. I am going to go sit down and pretend this conversation never happened. Though if you wish to press the issue have your god call mine and I will see you on the field of battle.

Llwyd: “

Karesh: “This is a-goin’ ta be a long day.”

Doug (Llwyd): I back away and go sit back in my chair”

Karesh contemplates just having the barmaid bring a pitcher and sit in his lap to keep refilling.

Alex: LOL

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Well that was fun”

Karesh blinks in confusion.

Llwyd: “Take some good notes?” looking at Karesh

Llwyd: “nice shot by the way with the coin. The supprise on her face was priceless”

Karesh: “Surprise? I’ve been doing it all morning.”

Llwyd: “Well then”

Karesh: “It was harder yesterday, but that ensemble she’s wearing today just makes it so much easier.”

Llwyd: “awe maybe”

Karesh: “Isn’t my vacation in Sigil so exciting?”

Karesh: “Yep.. so many wonderful sites..”

Llwyd: “It would seem so yes, mine might get a bit more exciting as well”

Llwyd sighs

Karesh: “Who did the nice lady end up worshipping?”

Karesh: “I didn’t catch it.”

Llwyd: “I will have to tell him about this encounter when I pray tonight”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “No clue, I did not care enough to ask”

Karesh: “Nights are for revelling. Pray in the mornings, it lets you toss one in for a cure for hangover.”

Karesh: “Excuse me a moment.”

Karesh stands up and stretches with a cracking of joints and a rattling of armor.

Karesh: Stomp my way over to the woman and her companions.

The woman looks up at you, clearly impressed. “My ancestors lied… the dragons clearly aren’t dead…”

Karesh: “No, not at all, at least where I come from. May I join you?”

Karesh looks at the Tough to her left.

She snaps her fingers and the tough moves over.

Karesh nods in thanks, sitting down somewhat carefully on the stool, cringing slightly at any creaking.

No creaking – it seems to be better off with you on it than the tough.

Kiergath (Karesh): Disturbing.

Doug (Llwyd): very…

Karesh: “I couldn’t help but notice your rather furious exchange with Llwyd a few moments before, possibly because I had suggested he come over and see what all the fuss was about.”

Campaign saved.

Woman: “That was you who put him up to that? I’ve got half a mind to rediscover my roots and go dragon slaying right about now…”

Karesh: “While I can’t say I wouldn’t welcome a spar with one so magnificent, it seems bloodshed would be… wasteful, not to mention harmful to a perfectly good inn.”

Woman: ”...consider yourself granted a stay of execution, then – it’s hard enough finding decent quality drink for these two.”

Karesh snorts quietly, “Execution indeed! I would not have taken you for one prone to snap judgements or careless assumptions. You have the look of an experienced warrior, and those rarely go together.”

Campaign saved.

Woman: “The best warriors must have two minds – one devoted to the immediate, to survive, to see opportunities. The second must see the significance in all things – which foes to strike down to most weaken the enemy.”

Karesh: “An interesting philosophy, not without its merits, certainly. I confess, though, I am curious about the note. It seems foolish to bait someone and buy them a drink as well, unless it was a deliberate provocation to test his character.”

Woman: “What better way to test a man, than to see what he is made of? If he’s quick to rise, so much the better. After all, why would I pick a quarrel with a follower of such a Parochial God?”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Huh. A shame. Still, if he’d gotten better marks I wouldn’t be here myself. Always look on the bright side of things, thats how I see it.”

Kiergath (Karesh): didwe lose doug?

Alex: Idk?

Llwyd: nope

Kiergath (Karesh): k.

Woman: “Ah… an optomist.. I’ve found that you people tend to be let down by the slightest of things. Still, the viewpoint is interesting to entertain from time to time.”

Doug (Llwyd): nope SStill

Doug (Llwyd): Damn thing

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Assumptions, again. I choose to look at the bright side when there is one. What you describe is not an optimist, but a fool.”

Karesh: “If there is no bright side, I recognize this and move on. If something goes wrong, you don’t sit around and mope, you floor the bastard and use the breathing room to re-evaluate the problem.”

Woman: “A man…er, well…dragon… after my own heart.”

Karesh shrugs, “Not a dragon, though my parents were. It is a long story that does not merit the telling.”

Woman: “Ah… no pride in your ancestry is a serious flaw – you are nothing without those who came before.”

Doug (Llwyd): I am being able to overhear this conversation, correct?

Alex: Yes

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “You call my god parochial yet you worship a god of war… hello pot i’m the kettle nice shade of black. Do you know anything of Tempus? If you did you would not think his faith narrow.”

Karesh stands slowly, looking at the woman. “Ah, well. There is still much of this city I should like to see. It’s been an honor, miss. . .” He pauses, waiting a moment to see if she responds.

Kiergath (Karesh): Nix that.

Kiergath (Karesh): My chat got hung up and stopped scrolling :)

Alex: Ahh…gotcha

Llwyd: “Are you aware that Tempus’ teachings forbid cowardice (an offense punishable by eternal death if displayed in Warrior’s Rest), require that his followers arm all who have need of arms (even their enemies), and teaches that war should not be feared, for it is fair in that all participants have the chance to rise to prominence or to die in the attempt.

Karesh groans quietly, leaning forward onto the bar and cupping his head in his claws, tail lashing behind him.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Tempus respects valor, and honor their opponents even as they strive to defeat them. Tempus favors honorable tactics, showing favor to those who defeat their opponent on the field of battle without resorting to destruction of the enemy’s homes, family, or to attacks from the rear (unless the enemy force is vastly superior). While Tempus encourages battle, he commands that the warriors first consider the consequences and not be reckless or indiscriminate in waging war. He also teaches that cowards and diplomats who are not willing to brandish or consider conflict wreak more damage than even the most violent tyrant, for those who will not fight to defend what they value are bound to lose it.

Llwyd: He also teaches that to lose one temper over insults makes one a barmy berk

Woman: “To remove passion from War is to lose that which makes it great. To do otherwise, you might as well be Dead.”

There is an odd intonation she gives to that last word.

Karesh mutters, from behind his hands, “And I think you’re all bloody mad for having a theological debate in an ale house… except part of me thinks thats where they all belong.”

Llwyd: “Did you hear me mention a lack of passion for battle? No where does the edics say you cant enjoy the fight”

Campaign saved.

Woman: “Your creed demands that warriors consider consequences, and not be reckless – this is to remove the soul of battle!”

Karesh: “I have a stunning idea, one that will floor both of you.”

Llwyd looks at Karesh

Llwyd: “Whats this idea my friend?”

Karesh: “Shut up, admit that you’re both fanatically, obsessively devoted to your particular patrons of righteous, glorious combat, and have a gods-be-damned drink – I’d say ‘on me’, but this ale house doesn’t take coin, so it’d sort’ve lose its meaning.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: glares at the woman “Fine! Fine, I can do that for a friend. Come have another drink with me Karesh”

Karesh plants his head back in his hands, “Not what I meaaaaant…”

Woman: “Feh… I cannae fault your logic, dragonlord.”

Llwyd: shaking my head

Karesh is currently grumbling under his breath, into his claws, in four different languages, none of them particularly intelligible.

Llwyd: “Battlemaid will you do me the honor of drinking a toast to war and all it’s bloody glory?”

Woman: “I’ll drink, but you call me a maid once more and it’ll be your blood my hammer will be drinking.”

Karesh waves his hand, “Barkeep, we’re gonna need a hell of a lot of booze over here.”

The woman grunts and toasts with a large flagon.

Campaign saved.

Karesh helps himself to one of the Tough’s drinks.

Llwyd: mutter under my breath Toasts with my flagon

The Barkeep acts quickly to prevent all out war from breaking out, ushering several chesty barmaids from the kitchen to disperse amongst the populace.

Karesh: “See, isn’t this all much better?”

Llwyd: I clank back to my seat

Karesh sighs

Karesh: “I guess he isn’t the social type.”

Llwyd: “I can be social from here”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “I can also better peer at that little black haired barmaid from here”

Karesh: “Eyes only, kid.”

Llwyd grins at Karesh

Karesh turns back to the cleric and studies her a moment before extending one clawed hand, “Karesh.”

The cleric considers your hand, as a food critic might consider a fine vintage of wine, or a hunter might consider a trophy, before firmly taking it in her hand. “You may call me Kara. You have yet to earn the right to hear my full title.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Huh. Finally, a worth-while challenge in this dump of a city.”

Kara: “Pray you are not found wanting.”

Karesh: “Pray? To whom? None of my gods listen to me here, for they cannot pierce the veil around my home any more than yours can pierce it to gain entry. I make my own destiny.”

Kara: “As do all who follow the mighty Thor, Karesh. Although I did sense you were an awful way from home.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “It seems most of those I meet can sense that. Rather disturbing, in a way.”

Doug (Llwyd): what do I know of thor?

Kiergath (Karesh): “Dude packs a hammer, yo.

Doug (Llwyd): :P

Alex: That’s pretty much all you’ve heard about.

Kara: She’s the only one of the three to carry a warhammer… the other two both have battleaxes.

GM: She’s the only one of the three to carry a warhammer… the other two both have battleaxes.

Doug (Llwyd): can I make a knowledge roll to see if I know more?

Campaign saved.

Alex: Not so much. All you know is that his symbol is a hammer, and that he is a god of war.

Doug (Llwyd): OK

Llwyd: “Well met battle priestess of Thor”

Kara: “That title will do… for now.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Right, so glad you two have decided not to kill each other for the time being.”

Karesh: “It’d really make it difficult for me to try and be friends with both of you.”

Kara: “Certainly, we wouldn’t want that…”

Llwyd chuckles

Karesh: “Then again, its less exciting here now that you’re all getting along.”

Campaign saved.

Kara: “If you’d like, I’d gladly put my hammer to good use…”

Karesh sighs, “You’re all mad.”

Llwyd: “If your bored you could go bang around the cage and see what kind of trouble you can get into, mind the hardheads don’t take kindly to that soyou might find your self piked”

Karesh scratches his head.

Llwyd: “Or have another ale on me!”

Karesh: “What did the Common tongue ever do to you people that you see reason to rape it?”

Karesh: “Does this ale do tricks?”

Llwyd: “got your notebook?”

Karesh: “Because I’m starting to get bored of drinking the same old ale over and over again.”

The Barkeep : ”...I’ve seen a wizard make the Ale levitate, but that’s about the only thing I’s seen special about the stuff. ‘swhy I drink black label.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Huh. Right. Been a pleasure, I’m gonna go see the sights.”

Llwyd: Wave the barkeep over

Llwyd: Wait, wait

Llwyd: “I think we can find something to umm.. brighten up your day”

Karesh: “Better be good.”

Llwyd: “The Tanari I talked to said it was very tasty”

Karesh: “Drink, drink, drink. Thats all anyone seems to do here in Sigil, is drink. Or argue about gods.”

Llwyd: To the barkeep “could we get my friend here that drink the Tanari was drinking the last time I was here? Was steaming and popping if I remember right”

Karesh blinks.

Karesh: “Right, leaving.”

Llwyd grins at Karesh

Karesh hops up from his perch and turns to Kara, bowing slightly, “Ma’am, it’s been a pleasure.”

Llwyd: “what do you want to see Karesh?”

Campaign saved.

Kara: “Indeed… a pleasure it has been…”

Llwyd: “I will go with you, if you want. Be good to get out and strech my legs”

Karesh: “Wonderful idea. Lets go.”

Llwyd: I stand and look at Kara, nod my head. “priestess”

Llwyd: Follow Karesh out

Karesh stops to recover his book, slinging it from his equipment harness. He leaves the bar.

Llwyd: Adjust my gear and follow him out slinging my shield accross my back

Karesh: Pick a random direction to walk in that doesn’t involve ramming a wall and head that way until Llwyd decides to direct me somewhere (if he does).

Llwyd: “So, what did you want to see today, my firned?”

Kiergath (Karesh): BRB, afk

Llwyd: I direct us to the market

Campaign saved.

You head toward the Market – on the way there, you see something rather strange: A group of four rather tough looking youngsters are surrounding a Dabus that is carrying a blade.

Doug (Llwyd): Whats a dabus?

Doug (Llwyd): seems familer the word but its not clicking

GM: Essentially, Tall, floating, beings, unable to speak aside from in Rebus, that do the Lady’s bidding

Doug (Llwyd): OH yes, one of those!

Llwyd: Stop to see whats going on

Llwyd: I mention to Karesh what the dabus is

Llwyd: if he does not know

The young bloods seem to be attempting to keep the Dabus away from a nearby building – you can see it is rather old, and covered in Razorvine.

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): what district are we in?

Alex: The Hive.

Llwyd: Keep our distance but keep observing

GM: Spot checks?

Llwyd: Skill [Spot] [1d20+5 = 11]

Karesh: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 7]

Doug (Llwyd): cursed yer self

GM: You both see nothing out of the ordinary.

Karesh: Sorry, still mystified by the plight of the Dabus in Sigillian society.

Karesh: Stomp up to the four toughs.

Karesh: “What’re you lot on about, tormenting the poor creature? Hasn’t he suffered enough?”

Llwyd sighs but follows Karesh

GM: “We’re tryin’ to give the poor bastard a break, Guv! We keep tellin’ him, he don’t have to cut the Razorvine down, but he don’ listen!”

Karesh: “I don’t quite understand. There’s nothing aesthetically pleasing about the razorvine.”

Karesh: Look at the Dabus, does he seem happy or irate?

GM: He doesn’t seem…anything. He seems to be emotionally neutered.

Karesh: Poor guy.

Karesh: Look over his head!

Campaign saved.

You see the symbols: Vine, Machete, Wall, Thugs.

Karesh: “Huh. Talkative, aren’t you?”

Karesh turns back to the thugs

Karesh: “Looks to me like he really wants to clear out this.. What did you call it? Razorweed? And if it brings some sort’ve happiness to his otherwise mirthless existance, why do you want to deny him it?”

Llwyd: “It’s his duty to clear the vine, let him pass I am sure he cares little for what you have hidden in the building”

“It’s not about what’s in the building, cony! It’s our duty to keep him off the vine, jive? He cuts that, we get cut!”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Interesting. I find my curiosity rising more and more! I’m glad I decided to take a walk, this is more interesting than sampling the local brew.”

Karesh: “So, lets see.. you don’t care about whats in the building, you just want to protect the vines.. because weeds are valuable or something in this silly town. I can see why, you don’t seem to know what grass is.”

Karesh: “Well, if its not about what’s in the building.. why’s the plant life so important to whoever’s paying you?”

GM: “Look, it’s not the sodding vine, you gods damned Clueless!”

Llwyd: “Are the weeds worth the Ladies ire, berk? Your stopping this poor soul from his duty will have the hardheads on you faster then you can blink your eyes and you walking the crows mile”

Karesh puts a claw over his chest, gasping as if in pain. “Wound me with arrows or harry me with spears.. words stop losing their sting after awhile.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Now will you bloody bastards kindly speak Common or Draconic?”

Karesh: Are the punks armed?

GM: Yes, they are, but they haven’t drawn on the Dabus, yet.

Karesh: Look at the Dabus, “Look, I’m doing you a favor. I think. Not sure why.”

Karesh: Here’s an outline of what I’d like to do.

Llwyd: “You all should let him go about his business, no need to get put in the dead book”

Karesh: Pick a Tough at random – by which I mean the loudest mouthed, scrawniest of the bunch.. given they’re hivers, that shouldn’t be a challenge.

Karesh: Can I assume that, being this close to it, I have determined why “Razorvine” is called “Razorvine”?

GM: Yes.

Karesh: I want to pick this tough up and hoist him up, say, so his back is just shy of it.

Karesh: :P

Roll STR!

Karesh: Strength check [1d20+4 = 14]

Karesh: Eeeyeah.

You manage to shove him back, close to the razorvine

Campaign saved.

“What’s your problem, Abishai? Got a little love affair with the Dabus?”

Karesh: “Heh. That’s a good one. Haven’t heard that before.”

Karesh: Strength check [1d20+4 = 6]

Karesh: Sigh.

Llwyd: “You really need to get that whole Abishai thing resolved, my friend”

Karesh: I sense a hernia coming on.

“The hells, man? Back off!”

GM: He shoves you!

GM: [1d20 = 14]

You find yourself moved backwards five feet!

Karesh: “Huh. Must be out of practice.”

Doug (Llwyd): How close am I to this?

Alex: 10 feet?

Doug (Llwyd): OK

Llwyd: In Draconic How do you want to handle this, Karesh?

Campaign saved.

Karesh: I got pushed back?

Karesh: Great.

Karesh: Slam into the little snot.

Roll to hit.

Karesh: Melee attack [1d20+11 = 29]

Karesh: Sure, THAT I can roll.

You slam into the thug, who gets rushed back into the Razorvine.

He begins screaming for his buddies.


Karesh: Keep going until I feel a solid object or he manages to check me.

Karesh: :P

GM: You feel him stick in the Razorvine, against the building

Karesh: Step back.

Karesh turns to the dabus, “They seem to want the razorvine cut now.”

“We can’t let the Dabus cut the vine, you idiot! We just need an hour!”

“An Hour?! I’ll be a corpse in an hour! I don’t wanna join the Dead!”

Llwyd: I impose myself between his friends and Karesh and the dude in the vines

Karesh: “I suppose thats a problem.. they need an hour, and you won’t last an hour.. Decisions, decisions.”

Llwyd: “You all should run along now, this aint the cake-walk ya figured

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): err

“Screw it – Jer, if you won’t last an hour in the ‘vine, then how do you expect to keep up with entropy?”

Doug (Llwyd): Slash that

Jer: “Stich your hole! Abishai, cut me out!”

Karesh: “Make you a deal.”

Karesh: “You tell me why you’re guarding these weeds, and I cut you out.”

Karesh: “Don’t, and I pull you out.”

Llwyd: “I think that means jiggle me up and down roughly, Karesh”

Llwyd: “Stich your hole… stich your hole.. yes that mean please jiggle me up and down as hard as you can”

“Fine! I’ll tell! Cut me out!”

Karesh: Proceed to cut him out.

“Jer, if you tell, we’re all nicked, and I’ll cut your throat!”

Karesh: “Run along, little children. Adults are talking.”

Karesh makes a shooing gesture at the other 3 toughs.

GM: Right!

GM: Initiatives!

Karesh: Initiative [1d20+3 = 6]

Karesh: oh yay, its happy fun time!

GM: Llwyd?

Llwyd: [1d20 = 2]

Llwyd: +2

Doug (Llwyd): damn modifier box did not wan tto work

Karesh: Doug

Karesh: Main page of your char sheet

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Karesh): the “Mini” button under Ranged Attack

Alex: Za.

Doug (Llwyd): Oh yeah :) thanks

GM: Right!

GM: The three toughs draw and attack!

GM: [3d20 = 44]

GM: [2d20 = 23]

GM: You both suffer hits!

GM: [1d8 = 8]

GM: [1d8 = 5]

Two of the toughs manages to suprise you and sneak their blades in to cut deep.


Karesh: Hmm….

Karesh: How old do these kids seem? Skilled, amateurs..

Karesh: Was this hit really a lucky hit, or do they know what they’re doing?


GM: But they have a modicum of skill.

GM: It was likely a combination of both.

Karesh: “Heh. Good hit. My turn.”

Karesh: Touch attack

Karesh: Melee attack [1d20+11 = 31]

Karesh: Melee attack [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Melee attack [CONFIRM] [1d20+11 = 29]

Karesh: Oh, if only it could.

Campaign saved.

GM: Oh, it did.

Karesh: Spells, no crit.

Karesh: [5d6 = 16]

Karesh: Shocking grasp.

That’s…a stopped heart on the one who just touched you.


Doug (Llwyd): Lets see

Doug (Llwyd): How many are on me?

GM: One

Llwyd: I Draw my blade and attack Laughing

Llwyd: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+9 = 15]

Campaign saved.

GM: Tha’s a miss.

GM: A valient miss.

GM: [2d20 = 8]

Their swords clash against the razorvine!


Karesh: Hmm…

Karesh: One on me, yah?

GM: za

Karesh: Fun times. Gut the bastard

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 31]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 2) [1d20+7 = 25]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 2) [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+12 = 22]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 2) [CONFIRM] [1d20+7 = 13]

Karesh: ...Um.

Karesh: :)

GM: Um…

Karesh: Crit and a hit?

GM: yes

Karesh: crit [2d10+14 = 26]

Karesh: not [1d10+7 = 13]

The bastard, struggling to get his sword to bear, is slit from the inside out.


Llwyd: Searing Light

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): 3d8, yes?

Karesh: not a clue

GM: Er

Doug (Llwyd): 1d8/2 levels

Karesh: 1d8 / two levels

Karesh: so.. yeah

GM: za

Doug (Llwyd): OK so how do I roll 3d8 at one time?

Karesh: die 3d8 (caption)

Karesh: only die should be /die

GM: [3d8 = 8]

Karesh: so, ”/die 3d8 Searing Light”

Karesh: Searing Light - [3d8 = 13]

Karesh: see?

Llwyd: searing light [3d8 = 10]

The last of the last is..seared.

Doug (Llwyd): Thank you

Karesh: [1d20 = 16]

Well done!

Karesh: nice one.


Karesh: “Oh. Right.”

Karesh: Rescue him

GM: You do so…

The one known as Jer is…quite thankful.

Llwyd: cure moderate wounds on Karesh [2d8 = 9]

Karesh: Sorry, don’t swing that particular way

Jer: Look, sorry I was so rude earlier… it’s just… well, we were in-line to join the Doomguard. You know how it is.

Karesh: “Thats what all this was about? Some sort’ve hazing ritual for a gang?”

Llwyd: cure moderate wounds – Llwyd [2d8 = 7]

Campaign saved.

The Dabus has gone about his merry way, hacking up the Razorvine.

Jer: “It’s not a gang – it’s a faction, cutter. You know, the protectors of entropy? Guardians of decay?”

Karesh: “You pick an interesting cause to champion.”

Llwyd: “Yes, yes we know all about Sinkers”

Karesh looks at Llwyd, somewhat confused.

Karesh: “Weren’t we discussing the “Doomguard”? Why are you talking about fishing equipment?”

Llwyd: “another name for them”

Karesh: ”...I see.”

“It’s the only cause that makes sense, am I right? If you think about it, everything falls apart. Nothing is forever.”

Karesh: “Rather fatalistic of you.”

Llwyd: “So if your done with this cutter we should move along before the hardheads show up”

Karesh shrugs

Karesh: “I suppose.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “But why are an organization like this recruiting so young?”

Llwyd: Look at Jer, “you should go hide I guess before you end up in the deadbook

Karesh: (directed at Jer)..

Llwyd: I look over the corpses for any jink or other items of worth

“It’s plain to see – take a look, fourty years down the line – am I in a good condition, or has my body fallen apart?”

You find 3 longswords, 6 daggers, 25 gold, 10 silver 30 copper

Karesh: “If you weren’t more agreeable, your body would’ve fallen apart ten minutes ago. I don’t see your point, really.”

Karesh: err

Karesh: if you weren’t so agreeable*

Llwyd: *gather them up

Llwyd: “walk and talk, walk and talk”

Karesh: “You seem rather antsy, Llwyd.”

Karesh: “Are you late for some sort of function?”

Llwyd: “hey I know lets go see if that nice young priestess is still at the inn and we can introduce your new friend here

“It’s not about speeding up Entropy… it’s about making sure it happens in it’s natural order… you know… buildings fall down, in time. They shouldn’t be repaired… that’s bad for entropy.

Llwyd: “Hardheads are trouble we don’t want Karesh”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Entropy sounds a lot like stupidity.”

Llwyd: “They are not about listening to who was right or wrong mos tof the time”

Llwyd: “Being around these dead bodies, even in the hive, would be hours of questions at the best”

Karesh sighs at Llwyd

Karesh: “Fine, fine. Jer, is it? Come along. Keep talking.”

Llwyd: “Would hate for you to miss your little barmaid”

GM: You bring Jer back to the bar?

Karesh: Afraid so

Kiergath (Karesh): :P


It’s 4:20. The DM is going to bed.

Karesh: bloody good idea

Doug (Llwyd): I spose we can put him back in the vines later if he pisses me off

Karesh: Don’t hurt my walking information source.

Doug (Llwyd): Sounds good Alex

Karesh: Mimirs are expensive. Hive thugs are cheap.


Session 48, in which we retcon half of what happened in Session 47 – the session begins with Llwyd waking up in the inn and heading downstairs, to find the flame Draconian, Karesh. They exchange pleasantires and observe various passers by in the inn, including a rather adventurous looking scholar, and a very sickly looking, very still woman. Llwyd is passed a ‘missive’ from a fiesty redhead, which denounces Tempus as being nothing more than a faceless namer, and he promptly goes about trying to calm her down, and instead gives up and goes to sit down. Karesh gives it a shot, and makes a bit more headway. A heated theological debate ensues, only to be marginally defused by Karesh. They exit the bar to explore Sigil, encountering a group of young thugs attempting to deter a Dabus from cleaning the razorvine off of a building. Karesh and Llwyd attempt to intervene, only to end up in a shoving contest with the thugs, causing one of them to get entangled in the Razorvine. They dispatch the others, and rescue the entangled, and Karesh investigates the Doomguard’s philosophy. They take the young man, Jer, back to the Bar of Belief for further questioning.

Campaign saved.

Karesh: lovely

Kiergath: And they’re off

Kiergath: Goodnight

Llwyd: Night!

‘Kiergath’ disconnected

GM: Night!

Session Fourty Eight

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