Session Fifty

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Welcome one, welcome all!

GM: Hmmm…

Kiergath (Karesh): HAIL TO THEE

Alex: Hail? Why not something a bit nicer, like rain? Or Sunshine?

Doug (Llwyd): Hiyas :)

Kiergath (Karesh): bear with me, fiddling.

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Alusair): Alex, x-fire.

Alex: Mmkay

Alex: Very nice.

Alex: Shall I recap?

Doug (Llwyd): sure


Session 49 – Karesh and Llwyd retreat to the Bar of Belief with Jer, a Doomguard petitioner, in tow. Karesh manages to disavow Jer of his beliefs, causing him to latch onto any new philosophy he is offered. When confronted with three Doomguard agents, their words become violent, and the conversation is taken outside. Karesh slays the leader of the Doomguard, and spooks the others into running.


GM: Sry – makes my life easier.

Karesh claps Jer on the shoulder, “There. See, no problem at all, just have to stand up to ‘em.”

Campaign saved.

Jer: ”...what…?”

Llwyd: cast cure mod wounds on Karesh [2d8 = 4]

Karesh: “I’m sorry, you do realize they were going to beat you into a bloody pulp, correct?”

Jer: ”...what…?…?”

Karesh: “Afraid so.”

Karesh nods in thanks to Llwyd.

Llwyd: “Well then, lets go back inside. I need a bit of a rest, I am feeling a bit fatigued.”

Karesh grunts in agreement before walking back into the bar, sheathing his sword before going through the door.

Karesh: DM – doomguard had.. mace and chainmail, was it?

Campaign saved.

Jer: Za.

Karesh: Grand.

Karesh: “I’ve half a mind to believe these ‘factions’ of yours are just philosophers with clubs or schoolyard bullies.”

The bar you come into is quite different from the one you left. The clientele are all shifted – the waitress is no longer buxom, or indeed, female. The tables have all been shifted around haphazardly, but the general layout of the bar remains the same.

Campaign saved.

Karesh: ”....”

Karesh: “Am I drunk, or is this a nightmare?”

Karesh: “Where’d that darling little barmaid go?”

Jer: ”...what…?”

Doug (Llwyd): Is the barkeep the same person? He is always the same one

Alex: Yes, the barkeep is at the bar, looking rather unphased.

Doug (Llwyd): Have I experienced this “change” before in my numerous stays?

Alex: Nossir.

Doug (Llwyd): OK

Karesh: “I need a drink.”

Alex: You rarely walk out of the bar and re-enter, however.

Karesh: “And yet.. there’re no waitresses.”

Karesh: “Only these.. strange, oddly attired, emasculate men with trays.”

Jer: ”...what…?”

Karesh: “I’m obviously hung over, pay me no mind. My crazy may be contagious.”

Llwyd: “I will be with you shortly” I go up to my room

Karesh collapses into an empty chair.

GM: You collapse into an empty chair, which in return does not collapse.

Karesh: Pat it comfortingly

Campaign saved.

Llwyd retreats!

Karesh: While Llwyd is running.. do a once-over of the room.. see what the current clientele amounts to.

Doug (Llwyd): My room still here and what have you or that change too?

Alex: No, your room is the same.

Doug (Llwyd): ok

You notice the following:

Kara seems to be over at the bar, although her clothing is slightly different… significantly more metal than last time. There is a table full of odd horned human-looking creatures, having a meal with oddly luminescent humans.

Karesh: “O.o”

Campaign saved.

Karesh suddenly seems to have finished a conversation with himself and stands up.

Llwyd: Do Aasimar need to sleep 8 hrs or only 4 like elves to regain spells?

Karesh: “Right. I have good reason to believe I’m drunk, so all of you can feel free to discount what I’m about to say. Or not.”

Karesh: (to the room)

-> Llwyd: sec.

Karesh: “You have in your midst a dangerous criminal element! Why the blazes do any of you stand for these so-called ‘doom guard’!? It’s no wonder your city is such a stye, if you let riff-raff like that walk the streets!”

Karesh: “These doom guard bastards come stomping up to people in the middle of an ale house and threaten them with bodily harm or death, and that’s just peachy, here?!”

Campaign saved.

-> Llwyd: As per humans.

Llwyd: OK

Jer: ”...what…?”

The bar gets…quiet.

The patrons around you shift away, slowly.

Karesh: “None of you have got the guts to stand up against these scum! I’ll wager any other crowd in this hole of a city would be the same!”

You see a man in the corner quietly start taking bets.

Kara: ”’ve got stones, Dragon.”

Karesh: “For the time being. That a proposal?”

Kara: “It uh…well… I’ve got money down on you walking out of here alive…”

-> Llwyd: You resting?

Karesh: “So no. Ah, well, can’t blame me for trying.”

Karesh looks around.

A ring seems to be forming around you, Karesh.

Spot check?

Karesh: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 14]

Karesh: haw haw

GM: You get the easy one! Low DC ftw!

Doug (Llwyd): Let me know if I can hear anything, the fight, etc

Kiergath (Karesh): Sorry Doug, I’m betting you’ll need a new companion soon :P

GM: You notice the bartender is nowhere to be found.

Doug (Llwyd): :P

Campaign saved.

Karesh: So, ring, huh?

From the back of the crowd, a figure begins to emerge.

It steps forward – you can clearly see it’s wounded, but it looks tenacious, and is about a foot taller than you.

Easily a foot broader as well.

Alex: Llwyd, you hear it being…awful quiet.

Karesh: “Ahhh, piss. This the best you lot can do?”

Spot check.

Karesh: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 11]

Alex: Sweet rolls.

Kara: “Do you always antagonize people everywhere you go?”

Karesh: I’d like to propose a new rolling system

GM: Za?

Karesh: wherein dice rolls are = to the max possible result

Karesh: minus the roll

Karesh: :P

GM: ...Kay

GM: Try it out.

Karesh: pass, too much work

GM: For this time

GM: :P

GM: No, no

Campaign saved.

GM: Try teh roll

GM: :P

Karesh: ...that bad, huh?

GM: Za

Karesh: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 16]

Karesh: ...


Karesh: fuck you all

Karesh: :P

GM: :P

Karesh: dead center, woo!

Karesh: 16 or 16, jezus, what a choice

You see the figure visibly swell at your comment.

The man in the corner begins taking bets a bit more loudly, now.

Karesh: “Negative, miss. Just here. Where I come from, I don’t have to try, people look at me and decide they’d like new armor.”

Karesh: “They don’t usually keep talking long enough to see me for the sweet, lovable person I really am.”

Karesh looks the figure over.

Kara: ”’re a sweet lovable person? I could have sworn you looked like my next suit of armor.”

Karesh: “You wound me, my dear.”

The figure is covered with minor cuts and bruises – it’s face indistinguishable from the mangled mess that it is. It might walk with a limp, or it could be the low cieling. The clothes it wears are common enough, but it takes Pride in wearing them. It holds no weapon that you can see, but advances on you slowly.

Karesh: “What? This is the champion of entropy?”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “You look almost like a bad case of scale rot, and not half as frightening.”

Karesh: sorry

GM: :P


Karesh heaves his sword out of its scabbard.

It does not speak – perhaps cannot – perhaps will not. It simply advances, furious, raging.

Jer: ”...what…?”

Kara: ” want him to bet for or against you? ...also, if I lose my bet, can I make armor from your scales? I mean, I’m planning on it anyway, but I figure it’s nicer if I ask…”

Karesh: “Afraid not. In fact, because I like you, I’ll offer you a bit of advise.”

Karesh: “If it kills me, dive behind the bar.”

Kara: “I’m no coward, Karesh.”

Karesh: “Sorry, I mistakenly thought you preferred your hair on your head, rather than in ashes.”

Campaign saved.

Right about this time – INITIATIVES!

Karesh: Initiative [1d20+3 = 7]

Karesh: sigh

Karesh: I just can’t effing win

GM: lol

GM: [1d20 = 3]

GM: [1d20 = 4]


Doug (Llwyd): Did I hear the shout?

Alex: Za. You did

Alex: And you can roll an init

Llwyd: Initiative [1d20+2 = 5]

Doug (Llwyd): I will head down the stairs

Doug (Llwyd): when I can

Karesh: Right.

Karesh: Where’s this fucker at.

GM: Right in front of you – 10 feet

Karesh: Ten feet? Pfft.

Karesh: Action #1!

Campaign saved.

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 17]

Karesh: I quit.

GM: ...Oh come on

GM: Give it another go, Guv

GM: :P

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 30]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+10 = 11]

GM: ...LOL

Karesh: fuck you

Karesh: :P

GM: A hit!

GM: :P

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Damage) [1d10+5 = 14]

Karesh: Shocking Grasp, electrical damage. No save. [5d6 = 19]

Your blade dices in close, spilling crimson blood all over the floor in a rather messy pattern.


Llwyd: I come stomping down the stairs muttering curses. I look around and what am I seeing?

Campaign saved.

You’re seeing a giant crowd of pissed off patrons, circled around Karesh, who is currently facing off against an ugly, bleeding monstrous humanoid…thing. Behind Karesh stands Kara, wielding her warhammer menacingly. A man in the corner is shouting: “Take your bets! Take your bets! A hundred to one against that Dragon walking out of here alive!”

Karesh: “Huh, no wonder you bet on me. Even a couple gold could pay off beautifully.”

Llwyd: I draw my blade but don’t attack unless it goes beyond 1v1

Kara makes a move only to speak. “I put ten Platinum down on you.”

GM: [3d20 = 26]

Karesh: “Am I getting a cut? That’d be one hell of a motivation to win.”

Llwyd: Or the lizard looks for me to do more then watch

The monster rushes in, swinging hard with his left, then right hands, barely missing each time. You turn back to snarl at it, just in time to dodge a third strike that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Kara: “Sure, I’ll cut you in on a bit of coin. Maybe.”


Campaign saved.

Karesh: Right-o.

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 2) [1d20+5 = 21]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 22]

Kara: Two hits!

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Damage) [1d10+5 = 12]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Damage) [1d10+5 = 6]

The creature looks hurt… but then again, it had done so already..


Llwyd: Keep watching

Campaign saved.

Kara: “I’m impressed. Keep this up and I might let you buy me a drink.”

Kara: [3d20 = 32]

Kara: [2d10 = 7]

Karesh: “Oh, now that’s motivation.”

Two more swings slip past you, but even though you’re expecting it, the third clips you on the chin – Hard. The monster’s wound’s seem to heal, as it seems…bolstered by the blow.


Karesh: Right…

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+10 = 17]

Karesh: o.o

You manage to score a glancing hit.

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Damage) [1d10+5 = 9]

Karesh: Shocking Grasp, electrical damage. No save. [5d6 = 18]

Campaign saved.

Karesh: Swift action – Scorching Ray

Karesh: Ranged attack [1d20+10 = 18]

Karesh: Ranged attack [1d20+10 = 30]

Karesh: Ranged attack [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Ranged attack [CONFIRM] [1d20+10 = 24]

Karesh: touch attacks

Sure thing – That’d be a hit on all accounts.

Karesh: fire damage, in honor of SHENNY! [4d6 = 9]

Karesh: fire damage, in honor of SHENNY! [4d6 = 14]

You slam the beast with flame and electricity, causing it to rock back and shrink in size significantly, causing gasps from the crowd.


Llwyd: Keep watching

Llwyd: would not want to have the lizard get mad for my helping

Karesh: LOL

Kara: “Impressive – I’m curious, do you have the stamina to keep going, or are you all spent?”

GM: [4d20 = 57]

GM: [2d10 = 12]

Campaign saved.

The furious being comes swinging at you madly, driving two hooks past you ineffectively. You routinely dodge the third blow by ducking to the side, when Kara’s comment catches you slightly off guard: the creature seizes the opportunity to deliver a hammer-blow to your skull, causing you to briefly see stars.


Karesh: Hmm…...

Karesh: if only she weren’t right.

Karesh: whatever.

Karesh: zomg, /rage

Alex: That a full-round action? I forget

Karesh: free.

Alex: Sure sure

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 2) [1d20+7 = 24]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 2) [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 30]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+12 = 16]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 2) [CONFIRM] [1d20+7 = 14]

Karesh: >.>

Karesh: <.<

Llwyd: I have the spell command ready. while not attacking on my turn I am just holding my action so I can act when/if needed.

Campaign saved.

-> Llwyd: What action are you waiting for to occur?

-> Llwyd: Also, what does command do?

Llwyd: Morgan to get in dire straights and need saving. I will cpy/paste for you, sec

Two rage filled blows fling the creature back into the crowd, crushing a few patrons. It drags itself up, seeming quite diminished, and much weaker than before.


Kiergath (Karesh): ...did you, you know.. want damage?

Alex: Yes.

Alex: :P

Kiergath (Karesh): both just hits?

Alex: For some reason, I thought that it was uh…damage rolled already

GM: Hit/crit

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Damage) [1d10+8 = 17]

Karesh: crit – [2d10+16 = 29]

Same result as before.

Llwyd stands by, looking on, ever vigilant.

Llwyd: lasts 1 round, wil save negates, You give the subject a single command that it obeys to the best of it’s ability as soon as it can.

Kara: “You do have some fight left in you, then… color me impressed.”

GM: [5d20 = 41]

Campaign saved.

The creature, smaller than you now, begins to strike faster, the first strike hitting you square in the gut with less force than you’re used to being hit with, but it’s animosity lost to force is more than made up for in speed – you dodge four more swings after it tried to knock the wind out of you.

GM: [2d8 = 10]


-> Llwyd: Got it

Karesh: Range to nearest chair?

GM: Nearby. Close enough.

Karesh: Nevermind. Dramatics don’t work.

Karesh: Raging, couldn’t put enough oomph into it to be effective.

Karesh: sod it!

Karesh: Chair to the brain box! [1d20+11 = 16]

Karesh: sod it.

Campaign saved.

The chair slices through the air, colliding with it’s skull, smashing into six different pieces.

Alex: Damage?

Kiergath (Karesh): uh.. club?

Karesh: If so, [1d6+7 = 9]


The creature gets knocked, ass over heels, sideways – landing on the floor of the bar. That last strike seems to have done more to it than the previous barrage you landed on it, diminishing it’s size significantly.


Llwyd: Keep looking on

GM: [6d20 = 43]

It unleashes a flurry of blows at you, but all of them go wide. You count six strikes falling short.


Kiergath (Karesh): Chair broke, yeah?

Kiergath (Karesh): yeah.

Alex: Za

Kiergath (Karesh): K.

Karesh: Claw (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 26]

Karesh: Claw (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 23]

Karesh: Bite (Attack 1) [1d20+7 = 19]

Campaign saved.

Alex: All three hit.

Karesh: Bite (Damage) [1d8+3 = 8]

Karesh: Claw (Damage) [1d4+4 = 5]

Karesh: Claw (Damage) [1d4+4 = 7]

Kiergath (Karesh): err, one off the bite.

Karesh, blind with fury, digs each of his claws deep into the creatures chest, lifting it up before tilting his head back, roaring, and ripping the throat from the creature with his jaws. The jugular is spat onto the ground, and with one deft move, Karesh dismembers the body by splitting it in half, casting the carcass onto the floor like garbage.

The crowd seems…cowed, and they visibly shrink back from Karesh, scared and humbled.

Karesh stands there, panting for breath, before slowly walking back to his chair, scooping up his sword on the way.

Campaign saved.

You do so – you find your chair was misplaced, but a patron rushes to set it in place for you before skittering off.

The blood seems to soak into the floorboards, and everyone struggles to avoid making eye-contact with Karesh.

Llwyd: “Clean up on isle 3” I grab a chair and go sit next to Karesh. “Ale, please for the two of us.”

Karesh: “Ale? If you want water, just say water.”

Llwyd: “Why would I want water?”

Llwyd: “Do I stink? I had a batht he other night”

Karesh: “Spirits, barman! Dwarven, if you’ve got them; Tanar’ri if you don’t.”

Kara slinks over to the table carrying four mugs with her, setting them down in the center of the table.

Kara: “Couldn’t find the barman, so I appropriated these from behind the bar.”

Karesh attempts to watch Kara slinking through the blood dripping down his head.

Campaign saved.

Kara drops a platinum piece into one of the mugs, then slides it in front of Karesh.

Llwyd: Cast CMW on Karesh [2d8 = 9]

Karesh picks up the mug, sniffing if but not apparently too concerned with the contents. He pauses long enough to say “Cheers” before taking a gulp.

It’s…fairly tasteless, but it does the job.

Kiergath (Karesh): wodka?!

Alex: Da

Llwyd: “Hold Still, while I look you over for damage”

Llwyd: Skill [Heal] [1d20+15 = 17]

Karesh looks at a gash on his arm, peers at the vodka, then wrings the wound out into the mug.

You see a few lacerations, but nothing too major. Mostly it appears to be bruising.

Karesh takes another gulp, not cooperating very much with Llwyd’s careful inspection.

Kara: “I’ll be the first to say it – I’m suitably impressed. You rage like Thor Himself.”

Campaign saved.

Jer: ”...what…just…happened…?”

Karesh: ”. . . who?”

Kara: “You Dragons don’t know of Thor? He who controls the thunder in the skies you fly in? The thunder that speaks when you lock blades with an opponent?”

Karesh: “In my home, we have never heard of this.. Thor. Nor had I heard of Llwyd’s Tempus before I met him earlier.”

Karesh: “Your gods are strangers to me, as is most else about this… most quaint place you call the multiverse.”

Kara: “You seem to be adapting quite well.”

“Yes, quite well, for an outsider. I must applaud you at your direction of Entropy, friend. That creature clearly would have been much trouble for all of the inhabitants here, if left unchecked. Bravo!”

Campaign saved.

Karesh moves one hand to the sword laying infront of him.

“So eager for Chaos? Come now, I come in peace! And I bring a friend!” The man steps from out of the crowd, bearing before him a bottle with dwarven runes on it. He is dressed quite simply in a lightly worn breastplate, pants, shirt and boots. He seems a bit weathered, but otherwise none worse for the wear.

Doug (Llwyd): Do I know what faction they are? Doomsgaurd?

Karesh doesn’t seem impressed until his eyes fall on the bottle.

Karesh: “Sit down. Now.”

The man obliges, passing the bottle over, and producing a crystal glass, placing it in front of you.

Karesh: “You drink this out of glasses? Glasses are for wine.”

Fro the way the man reverentially spoke of Chaos, you would assume so, Llwyd.

“I dare you to try and drink it from the mug, but the mugs here never quite have been able to hold up to it.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh looks like he’s almost considering it, but thinks better of it, pulling the cork and pouring it into the glass with some misgivings.

You do so – the liquid is clear with some hints of emerald and yellow, mixing together playfully, chaotically.

Karesh: “I doubt you came here to give me gifts. What do you want?”

“I simply wanted to thank you for saving those people from themselves.”

Kara snorts derisively. “He was relishing in battle – he intended to save noone!”

Jer: ”...what…?”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “What’s your stake in it, human? If they were in such danger and you care as much as you claim, why not jump in yourself? You were clearly here to witness it.”

Karesh: [1d20 = 2]

“Witness, yes, yes I was – But I thought it appropriate that as the Entropy-generator, you should be the one to redirect it. I’m glad to see that my belief was not misplaced. I would have certainly had to step in if you had failed.”

Karesh: “Ah.. so you’re one of those.”

Kara: “A coward, who lets others fight his battles for him? Of course he is!”

Karesh: “I was thinking doomguard, but, you know, I think you’re on to something too.”

“A Doomguard? Yes, I suppose my beliefs do lie with the Faction at large, for the most part – although I disagree with quite a few key ideals.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “You’re about to bore me with philosophy, aren’t you?”

“No, no, of course not. Enjoy your liquor – feel free. You’ve earned it.”

The man makes to sink back into the crowd.

Llwyd: “Hmm.. might want to be careful about that drink, my friend

Kara: “You tend to attract the oddest folk, Dragon.”

Llwyd: never know what kind of crap he mixed up in that.”

Karesh sniffs at the drink.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Might be a roofie and you wake up back at his place wondering what happened and why am I nakked…”

Karesh: ”. . . so, he’d take off my armor and… what?”

Karesh thrusts his arm infront of Llwyd, pointing with his other claw at the scales.

Llwyd: “Have his way with you, cut bits of you off for an expeirment…”

Karesh: “Do I look like one of you hairless baboons? I don’t keep my tender bits in the open.”

Llwyd: “Drink up then, it’s your choice” shrugs

Karesh: “Admittedly, the human method has its perks.”

Kara: “Curious. I’d love to introduce you to one of our Historians – he would be fascinated to learn about your species and their mating habits.”

Karesh: “You offering to help demonstrate?”

Llwyd: “I am sure they do math like the rest of us…”

Karesh sniffs once more at the liquor before shrugging and taking a drink.

Doug (Llwyd): :P

It’s quite delicious.

Karesh: Fruity?

GM: Con check!

GM: Slightly fruity, but…a bit harsh.

Karesh: ...


Karesh: Constitution check [1d20+4 = 13]

GM: Nothing happens.

Karesh somehow downs the rest of the glass before passing out in a kungaloosh-filled haze.

Alex: LOL

Campaign saved.

GM: Not quite, but it is that good.

Kiergath (Karesh): well, you did just basically describe how the fluff basically said it.

Kiergath (Karesh): :P

Kara: “Come now, you haven’t even bought me a drink, and you’re already trying to mate with me?”

Alex: Well, that’s what I was going for :P

Karesh doesn’t seem to be paying attention, judging from the loud “thump” as his head hits the table, just barely missing the bottle.

Llwyd: “Well then, help me carry him back to my room if you would, please?”

Jer: ”...Lizard can’t hold his liquor – makes sense, because the Center of the Multiverse is a ring on a finger…”

Karesh mumbles as clearly as he can without lifting his head, “Don’t. Touch. Me. Or. The. Booze.”

Kara withdraws her hand from near the bottle, slowly.

Llwyd: “Jer… your still here? I would suggest finding a place to sleep and avoiding your friends, I am sure they want to kill you by now…”

Karesh cracks an eye open to pour more of it into the glass, before pushing it towards Kara.

Kara: [1d20 = 3]

Kara sniffs at the bottle, then takes a swig before slamming the bottle down on the table and keeling over backwards onto the floor.

Campaign saved.

Jer: ”...buggrit, millennium hand and shrimp…”

Jer wanders off.

Karesh: “Millenium hand and shrimp?”

Karesh: “I.. I think we broke Jer.”

Llwyd: “Come on Karesh, we can take the bottle with us, lets get you to a bed…”

Karesh blinks and picks his head up looking for Kara, “Uh…”

Llwyd: “she is passed out”

Doug (Llwyd): Her dudes still around?

GM: Not that you can see

Llwyd sighs

Karesh: Get up and hoist her chair back upright.

Llwyd: “OK, we can bring her too”

Llwyd: “Come on, help me carry her”

Llwyd: “I will stand guard while you sleep it off”

Karesh: Is she actually out cold?

GM: Yeah.

GM: Quite out cold.

Karesh: Pick her up and carry her to Llwyd’s room

Llwyd: Follow along

Karesh: ... bring the bottle.

You take the party upstairs!

Campaign saved.

You leave the somber air of the bar down below, and retreat to the Bat-Sanctum.

Doug (Llwyd): HEY! I am not batty! I am perfectly sane! The voices in my head tell me so!

Karesh: Deposit her on the bed and curl up in the corner.

Llwyd: Cover her with a blanket and sit down with my back aginst the door and go to sleep too.

Llwyd: sword accross my lap

You all rest – Con checks, the three of you!

Llwyd: Hmm…

GM: [1d20 = 3]

Llwyd: sec

Karesh: Constitution check [1d20+4 = 24]

Alex: ...Nice.

Alex: A+ Work there, Jim.

Kiergath (Karesh): Hmph.. can’t hold my liquor my ass.

Alex: lol

Campaign saved.

Karesh: Resetting Spell Tracker Powers

Llwyd: Before I rest I cast Glyph of Warding on the room. Setting the 3 of us as the only ones to enter with out a password

Llwyd: Constitution check [1d20+3 = 21]

Karesh pulls out his book when he awakes, reading it and sipping lightly on the remaining booze.

Karesh – you awaken with a pleasant buzz in your head, and a +1 to spot checks for today. You also awaken to a sobbing Kara, who is rocking back and forth, clutching her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. Llwyd, you awaken, and despite not having touched a drop, you feel the same buzz.

Llwyd: I pray once I awake.

Karesh: “Eerrrr… is there anything you can do for her, chief?”

Llwyd: I might have something in my pack… let me look

Llwyd: Skill [Heal] [1d20+15 = 18]

Llwyd: I find anything that will work for a hang over?

You haven’t got anything that cures a hangover the size of Faerun.

You hear a knocking on the door – Kara cries out “THOR! MAKE THE HAMMERING STOP!”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Kara… Kara… put this over your eyes… I am going to try and delay the booze with a delay poison prayer. We will see if that works”

Karesh blinks.

Karesh: Stomp quietly to the door and open it.

Llwyd: Give her system the time to defuse it slowly

Karesh: Whoever is on the other side, move outside BEFORE they can open their mouth, and close the door behind me.

The bartender there seems to be right about to knock on Karesh’s nose, but gingerly steps aside into the hallway major.

Doug (Llwyd): Hmm.. before I waste the spell…

Doug (Llwyd): I would know if it would work I would think

The Barkeep: “Ah, Hello Master Karesh.”

Alex: Have you tried to cure hangovers with it before?

Doug (Llwyd): So is booze and the hangover from it considered poison?

Doug (Llwyd): With the remove poison I have, yes. From a scroll

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): well neut poison that is

Kiergath (Karesh): Alcohol is classed as a poison. Its a comically frequent use of the spell.

Llwyd sigh

Llwyd: I go to my pack and get out a scroll

Alex: Sure sure.

Karesh: “Ah, bar-man. Good…evening, is it? How are you?”

Llwyd: I start reading a neut poison spell fromt he scroll

The Barkeep: “Quite well – I’ve had better days – it appears that there was some fracas down in the Bar this afternoon.”

Karesh: “Oh, yes? How interesting.”

Llwyd: I choose my target as Kara

Karesh: “Everything back to normal, I hope?”

The Barkeep: “

The Barkeep: “As normal as can be hoped – there’s an Unfortunate Bleaknik living outside now, and he’s scaring away customers.”

Karesh: “Bleak.. nick?”

You Target Kara, and the spell goes off without a Hitch. You lose the scroll, but you gain +1 Hug, before Kara realizes who you are.

Llwyd coughs

Llwyd: “There you go, your all better now.”

Karesh cocks his head and peers back at the door suddenly, as if there was a disturbance in the force.

The Barkeep: “Yes, quite. Anyhow, I have a uh… what does he like to call them… Missive? For Master Llwyd.”

Karesh: “Ah.”

Karesh: “Written, I assume?”

Campaign saved.

Kara: ”...thanks…? Say, Llwyd… I didn’t… do anything… last night, did I? Like… engage in some sort of Draconic Mating Ritual?”

The Barkeep: “As per usual..”

Llwyd: “No, no your virtue is safe and sound.”

Karesh: “Mind if I take it in to him? We’ve got a pretty bad hangover in there.”

The Barkeep: “It was dropped off this morning, but I never got a chance to deliver it to him.”

The Barkeep: “Feel free! I have a bloodstain to get cleaning! Shall I send some Bloody Elizabeths up round your way, then?”

Llwyd: “water or a taste of wine, Kara?”

Karesh: “Uh…. Bloody.. who’s?”

Karesh: “Nevermind, is there alcohol in it? If so, yes please. If not, send that up too.”

Karesh holds a claw out for the missive.

Kara: “Powers be, no. I’m done with alcohol – I haven’t felt this bad since I went toe to toe with a Frost Giant.”

The Barkeep delivers the missive! The Barkeep Levels up!

Karesh: WOOO!

Llwyd hands Kara the water flask

Kara: ” there anything resembling alcohol in this thing?”

Karesh opens the door and stomps back in, slapping it closed behind him with his tail.

The door slams shut, and is promptly tapped on three times, lightly.

Karesh: ”....”

Karesh turns around and opens it again.

Llwyd: “Not at all, just spring water from a deep artic spring”

Karesh: “Water? Ye gods.”

Llwyd: “Yeah I keep some around for hangovers”

The wench known as Taiya is standing there, with a low cut blouse, and three clear glasses filled with some sort of red fluid.

Campaign saved.

GM: “Three Bloody Mary’s, master.”

Llwyd: Oh! Bloody Elizabeths!

“Three Bloody Mary’s, master.”

Karesh peers at her closely, “I ain’t nobody’s master.”

Karesh: Step out of the way.

Llwyd: Umm… no

Llwyd: dont come in

Llwyd: Karesh take themn please

Llwyd: so the lass is not sent away chared

“I’m the Elizabeth… Don’t you wish to have my company?”

Karesh scratches his head.

Doug (Llwyd): Sec

Kara: “Oh fer pike’s sod! Do you want the harlot for company or not? Bloody Elizabeths are a cheap alcoholic drink with a cheap floozy!”

Kara seems rather irate.

Llwyd: “You can leave the drinks lass, thank you.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd tosses a gold coin to the girl

Taiya leaves the drinks on the floor and dissapears in a huff.

Karesh twitches when the gold coin bounces off his back.

Llwyd: Dexterity check [1d20+2 = 6]

Kara: “Ah hell, I need a drink.”

Doug (Llwyd): Damn

Kara crawls over and grabs one of the Bloody Marys.

Karesh looks dully at Kara, “What happened to water?”

Kara: ”’s bland, tasteless, and non-alcoholic. That’s what happened to it.”

Llwyd: “So who as at the dorr the first time, Karesh?

Karesh: “Ah, right.”

Karesh: “Your god sent a note. What kind of god uses parcel post?”

Karesh drops the letter on a convenient table.

Llwyd picks up the letter and reads it

“Dearest Llwyd – Deep within the Undersigil, there is a grave threat: Undead are massing, and it is up to you to set them straight before they become a threat to my Worshippers – T”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd sighs

It bears the seal you are used to seeing on your prior missives.

Llwyd: “well so much for a vacation”

Llwyd: “So Karesh want to see the undersigil?

Llwyd: “Have you ever been there, Kara?”

Karesh: “Undersigil? I thought this piss-hole of a city was a ring, how do.. oh, forget it.”

Karesh: “Lets go.”

Kara looks up briefly from nursing her drink. “Why in the name of the Three would I have been in the Undersigil?”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Haven’t a clue, what’s so bad about Undersigil?”

Llwyd: Looking at Kara “Just a question is all, want to go? Seems that there is a massing of undead that needs to be reminded that its, dead.

Llwyd: “

Kara: “Eh… I hate Undead… I’m in.”

Karesh: “Well, this should be a grand little trip..”

Llwyd: “great then” Lets see.. do we want to bring along any fodder, err hired swords?”

Karesh: ”...”

Karesh holds out two hands, “Three way split.. more people to get in the way.. three way split.. more people to take up loot..”

Llwyd: “it was a joke, I was joking”

Kara: “There’s barely going to be enough glory to go around with the three of us down there.”

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Do I know how to get us to the under sigil?

Kiergath (Karesh): find one manhole. Remove cover. Jump.

Doug (Llwyd): :P

Doug (Llwyd): Could be a specific portal :P

Doug (Llwyd): this is the city of doors after all :P

Kiergath (Karesh): Find dirt street in the Hive. Rent post-hole digger. Profit.

Alex: You could find a portal. Or you could do anything else.

Karesh looks ruefully at the remains of the kungaloosh.

Karesh: “Wonder where its from..”

Doug (Llwyd): With my luck we would wind up in the abyss

Llwyd: “Do you need to gather your gear Kara?

Llwyd: “

Kara: “I’ve got everything I need right here.”

Kara taps her warhammer and her metal shoulderguard, while smoothing out her leather dress.

Karesh: “Ain’t armor, thats a nightgown.”

Kara: “Aw, you noticed? Care to lend me some of your scales, then, Dragon?”

Llwyd: “Quite becoming armor at that”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd coughs

Karesh: “If my scales were any good for that, do you think I’d be wearing armor myself?”

Llwyd: “Ok then, lets go remind some undead that they are dead then”

Llwyd gathers up his packed gear

Kara stands up, apparently ready.

Karesh watches boredly, arms folded, one hand’s claws drumming across the opposite bracer.

Llwyd: “OK lets go” Heads out of the room and downstairs

You head downstairs – the bar is…silent.

Karesh: “Odd.”

The only noise comes from the bartender scrubbing the floor – all of the patrons are acting quite sheepishly.

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “Guilty consciences, no doubt.”

Llwyd: I head over to the barkeep and squat down to where only he can hear me “If Tempus will it I will see you again old friend, if not thank you for your kindness. Now where might I find the entrance to the undersigil?

Llwyd: “

Kara: “They certainly do look…. ashamed…”

Karesh snorts scornfully, “Curs, all of them. Sitting idly by, nay, cheering lke a pack of wild dogs for their oppressor as an outsider stands up against evil.”

The Barkeep: “Eh? The Undersigl? Why’d you want to go there? Besides, I don’t really get out all that much…”

Llwyd: “be well my friend.”

Kara: “What was that thing you struck down, Karesh?”

Karesh peers at Kara, “I’ve not a clue.”

Llwyd: “Well lets go see if we can’t find this manhole cover Karesh spoke about”

Karesh: o.o

Karesh: >.>

Kiergath (Karesh): Quick, find a fat moustachio’d italian and follow him!

Doug (Llwyd): :P

Campaign saved.

You exit the bar, to hear a strange, ominous noise to your left. “Buggrit….buggrit…”

Karesh: “Bug grit?”

Karesh looks to the left.

You see…in a pile of rags, by the door, improvised to look like a fort, a small…appendage, soaked in green slime, peering about, occasionally opening it’s green mouth to reveal no teeth, and to emit a faint “Buggrit….”

Llwyd: “Well thats new…”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “I… don’t quite understand.”


Karesh: “Bleakniks are… mutant frogs?”

Kara: ” sods never seen a Bleaknik before? Gods, what am I, a bloody Tout?”

Llwyd: “No and no”

Karesh: “I’m sorry.. a tout?”

Kara: “Ah hell, what would you Dragons call them – uh… smart person… has all the answers to everything?”

Karesh: ” guide?”

Llwyd: “guide”


Karesh: “A sage? A tour guide?”

Kara: “Ah! Sage! That’s it!”


Karesh: “It would be so much simpler if all you people could speak common.”

Campaign saved.

Kara: “Pfah! It’d be easier if you spoke the Cant, but I’ll try and accomadate, Dragon. But y’owe me some scales.”

Karesh: “I’ve told you already, they’d do you no good.”

Kara: “As Armor? Probably not – but as a souvenir?”

Kara: “Where are we off to?”

Karesh: “But if I should ever need a limb amputated, you’ll be the first to know.”

”...what…Buggrit…Amputated Hand and Shrimp…”

Llwyd: “To find the entrance to the undersigil”

Kara: “That’d be…down, right?”

Karesh: ”... Sounds like it.”

Kiergath (Karesh): I have some weird notes.

Alex: Me too

Alex: LOL

Doug (Llwyd): Lol

You set off, in search of a portal/manhole/giant pit(fiend?)


Llwyd: “Could be up depending on where were at…”

GM: [1d6 = 5]

Doug (Llwyd): LOL

Kiergath (Karesh): I’d like to make sure we don’t find the last one.

Doug (Llwyd): Agreed

Alex: You do, do you?

Kiergath (Karesh): Unless, you know, he’s just shopping.

Kiergath (Karesh): In which case, complement him on his taste and move on.

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Maybe even offer to pay for his purchase…

Kiergath (Karesh): These aren’t the souls you’re looking for.

You find yourselves searching near the Great Bazaar, when you uncover a alley that is currently blocked off, with two little flaming creatures standing outside of the entrance to the alleyway. Within, there seems to be a giant hole in the ground, with some sort of stairs leading downwards.

Doug (Llwyd): Yes Mr. Pit Fiend sir, you look wonderful in that pink dress with ruffles… Here let me get that for you…

Doug (Llwyd): lol

Alex: Cute… I am truly omnipresent.

Karesh: ”....”

Karesh: “This goes down. Looks good to me.”

Llwyd: “Sure, works for me”

You descend?

Alex: (POLL) Descend?

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Sure, thats where the living dead are”

You work your way down the winding staircase, past a few dirty looking imps and stranger looking creatures. They tend to kick up clouds of dust wherever they go.

Occasionally, you see a flaming impish creature along the way.

Karesh scratches his head.

Llwyd: Mephits?

You come to a rather large chamber: many dirty imps run about, carrying bits of stone from here to there and back again.

Roll a knowledge check, Llwyd.

Llwyd: Skill [Knowledge Planes] [1d20+9 = 21]

You do indeed recognize Earth and Fire Mephits mucking around!

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “This is getting kind’ve peculiar.”

And in the center of it all, a rather fierce looking demon, dressed in nice black clothing. He would look like quite a normal human were it not for the bright red skin, blood red eyes, swishing forked tail, and cloven hooves.

Doug (Llwyd): Well then…

GM: He has not seemed to notice you at this point.

Doug (Llwyd): Do we need to pass him to continue on?

You could feasibly, with some sneaking, get around him.

Karesh: ...

Karesh: Seven foot two red lizard, in armor.

Karesh: I’m not sneaking anywhere.

Alex: Kara might be able to! She’s the only one not wearing metal armor! :P

Karesh: Yeah, she’s a real sneak.

Campaign saved.

Karesh sighs.

GM: ‘course, that puts the both of you up the creek.

Karesh: “Oy! You there! Yeah, you, with the nice duds!”

Llwyd: I don’t sneak…

In the blink of an eyelash, the demon is standing in front of you.

Llwyd: “Good evening, nice operation you have going here, seen any living dead things?”

Karesh bows deeply, “Karesh Desharik, at your service. I dare-say we were looking for a way into the Undersigil.. I don’t suppose you’d happen to know the way and be feeling somewhat generous.”

“Living Dead Things… Outside of yourselves as potential qualifiers, no, I have not.”

“I do say it’s quite nice to have some company down here – I wish you would stay a while and listen to the plans I have for this area – it will be quite exquisite when it’s complete. As for the Undersigil, well, it’s simply straight on ahead that way.” He points at a three foot thick section of solid wall.

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Well, thank you for your time and the information. Might we come back and see it later on with the further construction?”

“Oh, I do hope that you drop in…”

Something about that statement makes your stomach lurch.

Llwyd: Continue onward in the pointed direction

Karesh blinks at Llwyd, scratching his head again.

You do – you get ten feet before your face is stopped by a three foot thick section of solid wall.

Karesh: “Come, Llwyd. We’d best not waste the good man’s time.”

Karesh: Turn and head back out.

Llwyd: follow

Alex: You do so

Campaign saved.

is finding herself helpless, following along in paraoxysms of giggling.

Kara is finding herself helpless, following along in paraoxysms of giggling.

A bit more travel and a Flame Mephit later gives access to a manhole cover in the street!

Llwyd: Down we go

GM: You descend into Undersigil!

Karesh: Huzzah.

I think here is probably a good breaking point.

Llwyd: OK

Any questions before we wrap up?

Campaign saved.

Karesh: No.

Llwyd: Nope


Llwyd: LOL

GM: ...I’m more excited about that than you are


GM: :P




Llwyd: Yet :P

Karesh: we’re like a pair of nerds who just stepped out into daylight for the first time

GM: True dat.

Karesh: well

Karesh: third or fourth

Campaign saved.

Karesh: the first couple times we fled back to the basement

Karesh: :P

Llwyd: lol

Alright – I’m going to head out boyos. Good session.


Session 50 – Our intrepid heroes, Karesh and Llwyd, find themselves, once again, in the Bar of Belief, after Karesh brought low the leader of the Doomguard namers. Karesh procedes to insult the entire Bar and wound their Pride, causing a physical manifestation of it to attack him. Karesh single-handedly rends it limb from limb, breaking the spirit of everyone in the Bar. The party attempts to regroup, when they are interrupted by another Doomguard who watched the preceedings. Jer, thoroughly broken, wanders off, while the party gets trashed on Kungaloosh. They wake up the next morning with Llwyd and Karesh running on a Kungaloosh buzz, while their companion Kara has a soul-crushing headache. The Barkeep arrives with a Missive from Tempus, addressed to Llwyd. Kara, Llwyd and Karesh decide to descend into the Undersigil to exterminate a gathering of Undead. They come across an alleyway that is under construction, guarded by two flame imps. They descend into a Pit Fiend digsite. They eventually make it into Undersigil.

Karesh: o.o

Llwyd: hehe

Alex: Alright!

Alex: Night!

Doug (Llwyd): Night]

Session Fifty

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