Session Fifty One

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Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

Campaign saved.

‘Doug’ connected

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Alex: Allo allo!

Llwyd: Hiya!

Doug (Llwyd): Nick joining us?

Alex: He will be, I hope

Kiergath (Morgan): Would be nice.

Campaign saved.

Alex: Hm…On the plus side, it gives me a tiiiny bit more time to get some things written up.

Alex: But he’s reinstalling hamachi

Doug (Llwyd): Cool

Kiergath (Morgan): New portrait for your amusement, alex.

GM: Nice.

Alex: :P

Alex: The DM is amused.

Doug (Llwyd): LOL

‘Nick’ connected

Campaign saved.

Nick (Arkail Jogren): test

Alex: Allo!

Nick (Arkail Jogren): excelente!

Doug (Llwyd): Hello Nick

Nick (Arkail Jogren): heya. ah its been so long.

Alex: You remember how it all works, Nick?

Nick (Arkail Jogren): pretty much Ill have questions Im sure

Nick (Arkail Jogren): let me set up my panel and Ill let you know

Kiergath (Morgan): BEHOLD!

Alex: LoL

Doug (Llwyd): LOL

Doug (Llwyd): Your gobbo from WAR :P

Kiergath (Morgan): just generic WAR concept art.

Alex: Indeed!


Alex: ...So, ladies and gents, birds and worms…


Campaign saved.

Nick (Arkail Jogren): YES. let me grab my book brb.

Alex: ...That’s not ready

Alex: Not at all!

Alex: That’s preppin—-LOL

Alex: That was a sinister movie

Alex: Hmm

Doug (Llwyd): Never seen it

Kiergath (Morgan): Dr. Strangelove.

Alex: OKAY!

Alex: Are we ready?


Nick (Arkail Jogren): ok

Nick, you and Morgan had just climbed to the top of the cliff!

GM: Doug, you and Morgan had just climbed into the Undersigil!

Doug, you and Morgan had just climbed into the Undersigil!

Kiergath (Morgan): Oh, this is going to get confusing, let me actually get my toons.

Jurgen and Arkail reach the summit of the cliff, only to hear two approaching screams – they are soft at first, but they grow in volume, seeming to vibrate the very earth under your feet. The screams seem to peak in volume, and the sense of fear that is causing them seems to resonate with you. They gain an echo temporarily, before becoming more frantic, and suddenly you hear two heavy splashes in the lake down below, which quench the screaming.

Campaign saved.

Jürgen Dagramar: “Wot the bloody hell was that?”

Arkail Jogren: Look down at the splashes.

You see three figures dragging themselves out of the lake below – one in red armor, one wearing naught more than a wet leather dress and a metal shoulderguard, and what appears to be an Abishai.

Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): (also heavily armored)

Alex: ...yes

Arkail Jogren: How far down are they?

Campaign saved.

Karesh: DESCRIPTION: Standing at just over seven feet tall with massive wings and a rather long tail, Karesh has a pretty hard time blending in where-ever he goes. His draconic features and red scales – ranging from a dull blood to a bright fiery red-orange – have already left him mistaken for an Abishai more than once since arriving in Sigil. The gold-inlaid black steel of his armor further ensures his lack of subtlety, though the massive sword on his back implies a certain lack of concern for such things. The few possessions he seems to own hang from his equipment harness, naught but a few pouches and a rather heavy, metal-bound tome.

Karesh: ^and also currently a wet female human hanging on from the back of his neck for dear life, apparently.

Arkail Jogren: “Dont know where they fell from. Out of the sky perhaps by some sorcery.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Or outta the same damn drain pipe we did, eh?”

Alex: They’re all the way down.

Arkail Jogren: “Alas that may be the case. They may know where we are and how to get back into the cage.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Sure. Swim back up the drain pipe.”

Jürgen Dagramar leans out over the edge and bellows down to the swimmers, “HOY, YOU THERE! Wot way ta the Cage?!”

Llwyd: Description:Llwyd stands a well muscled 6’2” tall. He has amber colored eyes, and tanned skin. He wears his bright golden colored hair around shoulder length with the front pulled back into a ponytail. His Armor is a deep blood red in color and he is carring aan assortment of gear.

Karesh: “Where in the abyss are we? And why is it so bloody hot?”

A rather wet, feminine voice reaches up to you. “Hells if I know! I was hoping you might!”

Llwyd: Never trust a Pit Fiend to give good directions…

Arkail Jogren: “The Outlands I suppose. We found our way here from those same pipes you fell from.”

Nick (Arkail Jogren): uh oh lag

Campaign saved.

Nick (Arkail Jogren): lag test

Alex: Ping?

Llwyd: I hear ya

Kiergath (Karesh): wot?

Nick (Arkail Jogren): ok sorry its fixed.

Llwyd: Start looking for the way up and out

The group down below makes it way past several gored and bloodied gnomes and up the side of the cliff – it takes them much less time to ascend than it did Jurgen and Arkail, for some reason.

Karesh: Fly up, carry Kara and drop a rope for Llwyd.

Karesh: There’s your why.

Alex: Woot

Jürgen Dagramar: “Weeeeell now.. this is a curious and interestin’ development.”

Arkail Jogren: “Name’s Arkail. Who peeled you into venturing the sewers anyhow?”

Karesh looks at Kara blankly after Arkail’s statement.

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “Pipes. Sewer.”

The sopping wet woman, a warhammer slung through her belt, wrings out her firey red hair, scowls. “Nothing interesting about a hot climate… I’m hardly dressed for this. Give me a frigid winter anyday…”

Llwyd: Looking at Karesh “He is asking who con’d us into being in the sewers”

Karesh: “Thank you.”

Llwyd: We were in the under sigil

Kiergath (Karesh): quotes are your friends!

Kiergath (Karesh): :p

Llwyd: “an uprising of undead”

Doug (Llwyd): :P

Karesh: “In that case, nobody ‘peeled’ us into anything. I am Karesh.”

Llwyd: “I’m Llwyd”

Nick (Arkail Jogren): how is that pronounced?

Jürgen Dagramar: “A draconian, ‘ere? Wot the blazes, I figured I was rid of you lot!”

Llwyd hands Kara a towel

Having finished wringing out her hair, Kara adjusts her warhammer. “You will know me as Kara.”

Kiergath (Karesh): I just go with “lloyd”, nick. :P

Jürgen Dagramar: “Jürgen Dagramar of clan Ironstar, Kheledul province.”

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Clewed is how it is pronounced, old Welsh

Arkail Jogren: “Ill not ask your business. But I will suggest we work together to get back to Sigil. These wilds are not safe by the words of those in the Tallow Candle.”

“It’s for the best – I don’t want to stay in this hellhole for any longer than necessary… it’s going to do terrible things to my hair.”

Kara: “It’s for the best – I don’t want to stay in this hellhole for any longer than necessary… it’s going to do terrible things to my hair.”

Arkail Jogren: “Mind your weapons as well. And if the thought of stealing from us crosses your minds think again.”

Karesh stares at Arkail

Llwyd snorts at the comment

Karesh: “Honorless swine, everyone on these planes of yours. Only a thief would so readily assume all he meets are as well.”

Arkail Jogren laughs aloud.

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “Talk like that will only get you into trouble basher.”

Karesh peers at Arkail briefly, then looks at Kara and Llwyd.

Karesh: “Should I be more insulted than I already am?”

Llwyd: “Pike it and stop with the insults, cutter.” looks at Arkail


Jürgen Dagramar: “I was thinkin’ the same bloody thing.”

Kara: “It’s actually a bit of a compliment – you only call someone a Basher if you’ve got a degree of respect for them.”

Llwyd: Basher means dude

Llwyd: So it is not like he called ya a berk, an idiot.

Jürgen Dagramar: “I thought a berk was a cunt. Maybe you out here have different meanings..”

Llwyd: “I told him to shut up bud”

Arkail Jogren: ””Its the dialect of Sigil. Ive been here a time and picked up some of it. Believe me if I were to insult you, you would know it.”

Karesh: ”. . . As fascinating as your strange dialect is, its not getting us anywhere.”

Kara: “Look, boys, if we’re done comparing sizes, I’m getting to shelter before that wicked sun hits it’s peak.”

Kara strides off in a direction, seemingly picked at random.

Karesh: “I’m reasonably sure I’ve got all three of them beat, but thats not really the issue here I thought. I thought we were discussing linguistics.”

Llwyd: “Assuming were in the outlands, we need to head to the middle” takes out his spyglass

Karesh follows Kara.

Llwyd Follow Kara and Karesh

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren eyes the spyglass.

You spy around, but it’s mountains and forest all over.

Jürgen Dagramar: “This is madness, lets go. Maybe the tart knows where she’s goin’ – I sure don’t.”

Llwyd puts the spyglass away

Jürgen Dagramar trails after Kara, musket in hands and glancing about warily.

Arkail Jogren: “Aye. Lets.”

You find yourselves wandering through the forest, seemingly at random.

GM: Spot checks?

Arkail Jogren: Skill Spot

Karesh: Skill Spot

Jürgen Dagramar: Skill Spot

Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Well, its nice to see Alusair’s curse only necessarily applies to one character at a time…

Alex: Hahhaa

Alex: Doug?

Nick (Arkail Jogren): is Kara an npc?

Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): yes.

Doug (Llwyd): Sorry

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): Would not let me type

Alex: No worries. Spot check?

Llwyd: Skill Spot

GM: Arkail, Jurgen, you see some movement up ahead.

Jürgen Dagramar: “Somethin’ ahead of us, chaps. Watch y’selves.”

Llwyd, you count five gnomes, each carrying a wooden pole with a metal blade attached – they look like farming implements.

Arkail Jogren: “More wretched gnomes.”

Llwyd: “5 Gnomes with farming tools headed this way”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Gnomes?! Ye gods!”

Jürgen Dagramar drops to one knee, bringing his weapon up.

Arkail Jogren: “They are not friendly.”

GM: [5d20 = 58]

GM: Listen checks?

Arkail Jogren: Take position behind a tree.

Jürgen Dagramar: Skill Listen

Karesh: Skill Listen

Arkail Jogren: Skill Listen

Alex: Doug?

GM: [1d20 = 6]

Llwyd: Skill Listen

Doug (Llwyd): Growl

Doug (Llwyd): That damn mini button hates me

Arkail, Llwyd, you hear two gnomes gibber up ahead. “Ahmies? MAHREEENS!”


Llwyd: Initiative [1d20+2 = 13]

Arkail Jogren: Initiative [1d20+2 = 15]

Jürgen Dagramar: Initiative [1d20+4 = 7]

Karesh: Initiative [1d20+3 = 10]

Campaign saved.

Kiergath (Karesh): Nevermind, the curse is universal.

Kiergath (Karesh): I foresee that if I want to hit anything this battle, it’ll be with AOEs and hand grenades.

Alex: LoL

Arkail Jogren

GM: Arkail, you put the 5 gnomes at 40 feet away.

Arkail Jogren: k sec deciding.

Arkail Jogren: sorry looking up movement to see if I can get to them with a charge.

Arkail Jogren: k its 30 feet, 60 on a charge

Arkail Jogren: Charge.

GM: Sure thing

GM: Roll it

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 25]

GM: Damage?

Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 (Damage) [1d10+8 = 11]

Arkail bolts forward, slamming his axe into a gnome, pinning it to a tree by it’s spine.


Llwyd casts Bless

Doug (Llwyd): +1 to attack rolls and fear saves

Alex: Wonderbar!


Doug (Llwyd): ?

Alex: Er?

Kiergath (Karesh): Nothing, he just won a bet.

Alex: Za

Doug (Llwyd): Bet on what?

Kiergath (Karesh): what you were going to do

Alex: I bet on my players actions

Alex: :P

Doug (Llwyd): the spell I would cast, that I would cast first, or?

Kiergath (Karesh): He guessed bless

Kiergath (Karesh): :P

Doug (Llwyd): I see, I see

Alex: Winnings to be cashed in the next time I get to play instead of DM

GM: :P

Doug (Llwyd): and you Morgan?

Kiergath (Karesh): I didn’t.

Doug (Llwyd): Ahh :)

Alex: Karesh!

Karesh: They’re in charge range, huh?

Karesh: Yeah, I know, I’m thinking

GM: Yes

Karesh: Great, great. Go for it

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 31]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]

Karesh: Bastard Sword, 2 Handed (Attack 1) CONFIRM

Campaign saved.

Karesh slams into a wide eyed gnome, bowling it over before driving his blade through it’s skull.

Jürgen Dagramar

Jürgen Dagramar: Dwarven Smoothbore (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 29]

Jürgen Dagramar: Dwarven Smoothbore (Damage) [2d8 = 7]

Jurgen plugs another gnome right between the eyes, causing a rather impressive headsplosion.

GM: [2d20 = 34]

GM: [1d4 = 3]

GM: [1d4 = 3]

GM: [1d6 = 6]

GM: [1d6 = 2]

Karesh, Arkail, the two remaining gnomes wheel on you, swinging their farm tools at you – Karesh, the blade bites deep. Arkail, you manage to avoid the worst of it.

GM: [1d20 = 20]

Kara sprints forward, her shoulderpad glowing blue briefly as her warhammer flies out of her belt into her hand. She grabs it with her other hand and slams the business end into the gnome that cut into Arkail, causing it’s head to come flying off.

Arkail Jogren

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: Slash the last gnome down.

Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 2) [1d20+8 = 21]

Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Attack 1) [1d20+13 = 20]

Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Damage) [1d10+8 = 15]

Arkail Jogren: Greataxe +2 Full Attack (Damage) [1d10+8 = 11]

The last gnome is obliterated, cut down where he wept, his weapon falling to the ground in pieces.

Arkail Jogren

Arkail Jogren: Look around for any other signs of enemies.

Kara: ”...I like this place even less than I did before… creepy little gnomes and unbearably hot jungle?”

GM: No further sign of enemies.

Karesh: “I always knew Gnomes were mad, but this takes the proverbial cake.”

Arkail Jogren: “Was that a jest Karesh?”

Karesh peers at Arkail.

Arkail Jogren: Search the bodies for anything useful.

You find four gnomish scythe-like weapons and a collection of wooden coins.

Arkail Jogren: “Their barter system seems to be in wood coins.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “I suggest we find shelter and wait out the sun and gnomes before we get our bearings on the way back to Sigil.”

Jürgen Dagramar shrugs, “Whatever you lot like, I suppose.”

Arkail Jogren: Alex, basically as we walk I look around for a good place to find shelter. Do you want a survival roll?

GM: Roll it.

Arkail Jogren: Skill Survival

Down the hill, you see a small encampment filled with dwarves bustling about. At the center of the camp, there seems to be some sort of gathering.

It looks like a fairly good place to hide from the sun AND the gnomes.

Arkail Jogren: “Ah dwarves. Your people are honorable Jurgen, lets see if they would have us as guests.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Dwarves? May’ap its the lads, come to rescue me. No, not likely, we’d’ve run into them in the sewers.. hmm..”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Looks at Kara and Karesh “Well?

Llwyd: ” ”

Arkail Jogren: “I vote we head down and parlay. Any objections?”

Kara: ”...if they’ve got tents? Gladly.”

Karesh: “Dwarves are far preferable to gnomes.”

Jürgen Dagramar: ” ‘ere now, I know some good gnomes.”

Llwyd: “Fine by me, go an parlay”

Kara: ”...the last time I ran into a gnome in a bar, he tried to look up my dress.”

Kara: “Berk didn’t even try and buy me a drink first.”

Karesh: “The last drink I offered you almost turned you off liquor.”

Arkail Jogren: Head down weapons sheathed. Hands clasped in front of me in a symbol of peace.

Jürgen Dagramar ambles along after Arkail, musket in one hand, lowered.

Arkail, you head down, and are greeted by… a completely unarmed civilian, it would seem. The dwarf is dressed in a very bloody tunic, and he seems to be glad for the interruption. He looks at you quizzically and cocks his head to the side. “Mahreen go home?”

Kara follows along behind Jurgen.

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: I nod and walk into the camp looking for someone in charge.

Jürgen Dagramar: “Strange place..”

Jürgen Dagramar peers around at the camp.

Llwyd follows along

Karesh trails along.

Arkail Jogren: “Aye, and I do not know if I can speak their language. Understand it yes if needed.”

The dwarf, as you move to go past, sighs in relief. “Thank goodness you’re not one of them.”

Jürgen Dagramar stops, turning on one hobnailed, steel-toed boot.

Dwarf: “Our language is common – I just had to be sure that you weren’t one of them – they tend to skitter about when they hear that phrase.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Little tall for gnomes, aren’t we?”

Dwarf: ”’d be suprised the kind of beings we’ve seen them try and use to thin us out. Got our hands full we do.”

Arkail Jogren: “Heh, well I can assure you we are not. Weve had run ins with their tribe twice now and are seeking shelter. Can we impose upon you for such?”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: Looking at the Dwarf “Do you have wounded? I can see what I can do to aid their recovery”

Dwarf: “Oh, gladly! I’ll get some tents near the still ready for you.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “You lads aren’t alone out here, surely?”

Arkail Jogren: “Many thanks. Uh, what is this operation you are working on here? It does not look to be a mine.”

Dwarf: “Oh bless you sonny, but that’s what we do! Welcome to the 3rd Kheledul! We’re here to wipe these damn gnomes back to where they came from!”

Jürgen Dagramar falls to his knees, praising all the gods of the Dwarves for his good fortune.

Karesh: “Interesting. I had not pegged our friend here for the religious type.”

Dwarf: “We’re keeping the boys from the front lines in good shape so they can push these damn bastards back through the portal and seal it off.”

Llwyd: “Well if you have need of my services while I am here, please feel free to ask.”

Arkail Jogren: “Portal you say? Where does it lead and for what purpose?”

Dwarf: “Certainly can use a skilled healer around.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “Also, thank you for the acomadations were greatful”

Dwarf: “The damn gnome world, that’s what it leads to. Those bastards keep pushing through, trying to take our beloved mountains.”

Arkail Jogren: “Ah. Your clan lays claim to these mountains then. I see.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Clan, man? This goes beyond simple clan loyalties! We are not so petty as to hold clan above Nation.”

Llwyd: “What a scary thought… a world of just gnomes… gods the explosions and racket must be enough to drive a deaf man insane”

Dwarf: “Ho! A Man with a sense of humor! Come! To the still!”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Gnomes are one thing.. those bastards we ran into are more like deranged human midgits.”

Karesh: “Still? Dwarven spirits?”

The dwarf drags all of you to the side of the camp, where there is a large tent set up around a still. You find several unoccupied tents surrounding it.

Karesh sits down infront of the still, staring in awe.

Dwarf: “Only kind of spirits, friend. Anything else is…well, disheartening.”

Llwyd: “Can I get you a drink Kara?”

Arkail Jogren: “Fine craftsmanship thats for sure. Dwarven make this is.”

Kara: “Yes, please. I think I need it.”

Arkail Jogren: Make camp.

Jürgen Dagramar: As an aside to the other dwarf, “Bear with the big barbarian, he states the obvious a lot.”

Campaign saved.

The dwarf chuckles.

Llwyd hands Kara pint of the Dwarven brew

Arkail Jogren mutters something unintelligible.

Dwarf: “They call me Owl-eye. Resident night surgeon. I’m off duty right now, seeing as how, well, it’s day.”

Kara accepts the sudden half-pint gratefully.

Jürgen Dagramar pulls a pewter, arsenal-grade mug from where its hanging off his belt and fills it before setting down.

Dwarf: “So what’re you folks doing all the way out here?”

Arkail Jogren: “Lost. You could say.”

Llwyd: “I am Llwyd, battle surgeon.

Arkail Jogren eyes Llwyd looking for any symbols I would recognize.

Campaign saved.

Doug (Llwyd): they are openly displayed

You see a flaming sword atop a shield on a chain looped around his belt.

Alex: Religion check, Arkail?

Nick (Arkail Jogren): religion isnt on the list of skills unless its under knowledge.

Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): knowledge (religion)

It would be – regardless, you recognize it as a God from your world: one known as Tempus.

Arkail Jogren: “What land do you hail from Llwyd. Aber-Toril by your patronage to the Lord of Battle.”

Llwyd: “I hail from no prime land”

Karesh blinks in confusion before realizing another religion talk is coming on. He re-fills his mug and stomps to a corner.

Arkail Jogren: “You are human are you not? Where do you call home?”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Huh, good thing, that. Not much prime land to go around, best leave it to those who deserve it.”

Campaign saved.

Jürgen Dagramar: “By which I of course mean those with the stones – and steel – to take it.”

Llwyd: “I was born in the planes”

Arkail Jogren: “Your patron is revered by many of my people.”

Arkail Jogren nods in recognition to the holy man of Tempus.

Llwyd: “I am not a human, friend”

Kara snorts derisevly.

Llwyd looks at Kara

Karesh: “Gods, gods, gods, its always gods with you people!”

Llwyd: “There was no insult intended to you nor your kind, Kara. I have known many brave and honorable humans”

Arkail Jogren: “Owl-eye, I cannot speak for the rest of the group here but in return for your gift of hospitality and perhaps a map showing a safe path back to Sigil I would offer my services for a time.”

Kara spits on the ground, taking her mug and leaving the tent in a huff.

Owl-Eye: ”...what’s a Sigil?”

Owl-Eye: “Is that nearby here?”

Jürgen Dagramar: “Haven’t a clue, mate.”

Jürgen Dagramar: “But they keep talking about it.”

Llwyd: “Sigil is a large city in the middle of the outlands”

Campaign saved.

Jürgen Dagramar: “Is that near Veriste?”

Owl-Eye: “So… is that north or something?”

Arkail Jogren: “Perhaps. It was a city we came from. Though its existence is… tempermental depending on who you speak with.”

Arkail Jogren: “At any rate a map or information on where we could obtain one would be most useful to us.”

Llwyd: would my knowledge planes skill let me know that name?

Campaign saved.

Karesh refills his mug, pondering the lull in conversation.

Campaign saved.

GM: Sry, back

-> Llwyd: Roll it?

Llwyd: Skill Knowledge (Planes)

Owl-Eye: “Well, I can tell you this. Two days north is a portal swarming with gnomes.”

Owl-Eye: “Well, that’s on a road… and you don’t want to try and use the roads. We lost a regiment that way.”

-> Llwyd: Nothing springs to mind

Llwyd: OKies

Arkail Jogren: “How did the portal open? Is this some sort of gnomish invasion?”

Owl-Eye: “That’s the only thing I can think of. They just keep coming – or we would have beaten them back already, the savages.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “Well. From what weve seen these gnomes appear to be just that, savages. Not the kind capable of opening a portal leading here of all places for an invasion. No doubt there is something here that they want and that there is a higher power controlling them with commmand over portal magic.”

Owl-Eye: ”...huh… Damn. Maybe that damn storyteller was right..”

Arkail Jogren: “Storyteller? Do tell.”

Owl-Eye: “Oh, we’ve got a Chronicler in our midst – a foreigner, but he’s got some interesting stories aboug Powers and magical artifacts.”

Arkail Jogren: “I am a collector and reteller of stories myself.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren fills a hollowed out horn with drink from the still.

Owl-Eye: “You’d probably get along with him then – plenty of stories, that one has. Been stories non-stop since he and his girl got here.”

Arkail Jogren drains his cup in one long draught.

Arkail Jogren: “So be it. For now let us rest.”

Arkail Jogren: Alex I want to try and heal as best I can with the time we have here.

Llwyd: Skill Heal

Llwyd: “Look at Arks wounds”

Sure thing. Lucky for you, you’re resting in a Military resupply camp, and Owl-Eye is a surgeon.

Everyone feels refreshed after a good night’s rest. Apparently, the Night-surgeon does good work, as you feel all of your old injuries dissapear.

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren gets up and stretches.

Kara has returned, come morning.

Arkail Jogren: “Ah good as new. Good Morning Kara!”

Kara: “Mornin’ Arkail – at least it’s cooler in the morning…”

Arkail Jogren: “I agree the hot weather takes some getting used to. At any rate I want to hear suggestions from all of you as to how we should proceed.”

Llwyd apears after his morning prayers

Arkail Jogren: “These dwarves obviously have a problem here with this assault on their claim. Do we help them, or thank them and head elsewhere?”

Kara: “There’s no harm in battle, but this battle seems like it’s destined to go for some time.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “A good point.”

Arkail Jogren: “Still there may be something we can do to help them if we choose to do so. Perhaps look into the leadership of these gnomes to see what is driving them here. Or some other information gathering.”

Karesh: “I have no stake in this conflict, nor do I know anything of the overall situation.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: During my prayers to Tempus did I get a response to if he deems my services needed here? I mean these are another gods people…

-> Llwyd: You heard nothing during your prayers.

Arkail Jogren: “Anyone else have anything to say?”

Arkail Jogren: “If not I think it is decided that we remain neutral and move on leaving these dwarves to their own affairs.”

Jürgen Dagramar remains silent over the course of the discussion, smoking his pipe.

Llwyd: “This is not our fight unless the gnomes make it so, still if asked for our aid I would not say no for my answer.”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “We should move on if were not going to stay and fight though, since it would be discourtous to stay and take with out giving back.”

Arkail Jogren: “We know north leads the the heart of these gnomes and their portal. If we could garner a map or directions that would be most useful to us. Perhaps someone else like this storyteller could impart their knowledge of the area to us.”

Arkail Jogren: Alex, going to spend some time searching around camp looking for someone who either has a map or knowledge of the area.”

Nick (Arkail Jogren): – the ”

Campaign saved.

GM: You wander about the camp…

You hear a bit of a commotion and some cheering from the center of the camp.

Alex: Do you all go to investigate?

Kiergath (Jürgen Dagramar): Karesh, yes. Jurgen, no.

Before you, in the center of the camp, stands a rather dishevelled man with shock black hair, dressed in a classic looking outfit, gesturing about himself emphatically at a crowd of enthusiastically listening dwarves crouched around. Beyond them, a gnome is locked in a bamboo cage, and he seems to be listening as well. The only other non-dwarf visible is a rather fetching red-haired elf sitting off to the side, listening raptly. She seems to be making notes occasionally as he spins his tale. You find yourselves drawn in to the tale, his words casting a net about your hearts. Each gesture seems to draw you in closer, until the end of his tale, when you find yourselves slowly released, but relaxed.

Doug (Llwyd): Llwyd goes as well

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “A great story friend. And you tell it so well!”

The man smiles and gives a formal bow. “The multiverse thanks you for your kindness, friend.”

Arkail Jogren: “If you have a moment to speak, my companions and I could use some guidance.”

“A moment! I have nothing but time! I’ve been here for a week after I left Sigil, entertaining these brave souls as they fight for the freedom of their country ‘gainst the tyranny of those wretched distortions of evil!”

Arkail Jogren: “Being a traveler that you are, we are seeking firstly for information as to where we can aquire a map of the area. I fear we are strangers here with little knowledge of the region. We intend to find our way back to Sigil, but nobody seems to know the way.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “And personally as a collector of stories and tales I can see why you are drawn to this place. The tension of battle here is almost palpable. The epic struggle of the dwarves defending their home against the gnomes could be a legendary tale.”

Arkail Jogren: “Owl-eye spoke of your presense here and I know now that his description was not undertold. Should you wish to share your knowledge with me to help our group, we would be most grateful and perhaps could do you a service one day in return.”

Arkail Jogren: Gonna roll a diplomacy for good measure to persuade him to help us.

GM: Sure thing.

Arkail Jogren: Skill Diplomacy

Kiergath (Karesh): I’ve always been fond of giving people penalties if they roll checks like that without actually first RPing it out. I applaud thee.

Campaign saved.

“I’m quite impressed with your words, good Sir. There is a good deal of folklore to be harvested here, but this struggle is nowhere near as epic as the story which I came hunting – these brave warriors were kind enough to take me in while I searched for the origins of a tale I’ve been chasing for some time.”

“But to return to Sigil, that is somewhat trivial.. there exists a portal but a ways from here to the northwest.. I learned of it while digging about in the legend of this place. There is a dungeon, here, long since forgotten, though it was recently explored by one who seeks to elevate another to the strength of a Power, and I seek to chase that, more noble tale, than that of these brave dwarves.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “Would there be a way that myself and my companions could assist you in this endeavor should we offer?”

Arkail Jogren: “I must admit that this place you spoke of does pique my curiosity.”

GM: “Surely? You brave and hardy souls would throw in your lot with me, to plunge into the unknown-come-known?”

“Surely? You brave and hardy souls would throw in your lot with me, to plunge into the unknown-come-known?”

Arkail Jogren: “For myself, yes. Though I collect stories, my code insists that I be a part of them or at least witness them directly before I write of them.”

Arkail Jogren: “As for my companions I will have to ask their intentions.”

Campaign saved.

Karesh: “I find myself somewhat intrigued by all of this.”

“A soul following my own heart, that is! The same cloth we must be cut of, it seems.”

Arkail Jogren: “Allow me to return with an answer for you then good sir. My name is Arkail Jogren at your service.”

“I am known only by Darius. My quiet companion there…” He gestures grandly to the beautiful woman sitting with her book, “She is Glenanne Windrunner, my truest friend.”

Arkail Jogren bows before Darius then turns to head back to the rest of the party at the still.

Karesh looks at her briefly before muttering, “Meh. Elves. You always have to worry about breaking them.”

Alex: The rest of the party is gathered nearby.

Arkail Jogren: “What are your impressions of him Karesh?”

Karesh: “Pompous ass, too wordy for my tastes.”

Karesh: “Still, the story holds some interest.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren: “He has some noble ettiquette to him which implies he has had practice speaking to those in higher stations. Least that would be my opinion.”

Arkail Jogren: “And his companion IS lovely.”

Karesh: “Llwyd?”

Llwyd: “I agree the story seems interesting, yet…”

Karesh: Kara here?

GM: Yes she is

Karesh: Wave her over and move off a little bit.

Llwyd: “He is overly enthusiastic and I will have to agree that he is a bit pompus. Still I find his story interesting”

Llwyd: look at Karesh to see if I can follow

Campaign saved.

Kara comes over.

GM: Doug, spot check?

Arkail Jogren: “I wonder how seasoned he is personally in expeditions such as this.”

GM: Also, everyone, listen checks?

Karesh: Skill Listen

Llwyd: Skill Listen

Arkail Jogren: Skill Listen

Llwyd: Skill Spot

Doug (Llwyd): Fuck that skill, lol

Alex: LoL

Everyone, you hear some sort of…divine tinkling… like an angel laughing.

Llwyd, you see a piece of parchment drifting down from the heavens in your general direction.

Doug (Llwyd): HAHAHA

Doug (Llwyd): Hehehehe

Campaign saved.

Llwyd takes the note out of the air once in reach

Doug (Llwyd): I am supprised the barkeep did not spep out of a portal hand the note then pop back in :P

Doug (Llwyd): but that was good, I like it :)

Llwyd hands the note to Karesh

Karesh doesn’t seem to have noticed the note, and is still off to the side with Kara.

Doug (Note): OK

Note Walks over to Karesh and Kara

Kiergath (Karesh): who?

Note: LOL

Alex: LOL

Doug (Note): Err

Doug (Note): LOL

Doug (Note): How the hell do I fis that\

Kiergath (Karesh): you change your name.

Note: fix*

Karesh: *

Campaign saved.

Doug (Note): How do I change it back?

Kiergath (Karesh): Open your char sheet, you changed your name somehow from the look of it.

Speaking of name changing – the DM has to change his name to “Sleeping soon”

Doug (Llwyd): Ahh

Llwyd Walks over to Karesh and Kara

Nick (Arkail Jogren): thats fine. I think we are going to end up helping Darius. Then we can call it as it will be a good stopping point.

Alex: I think so.

Llwyd: “Pardon me, I umm.. Well you know how you think its funny that a barkeep gives me notes from my God… Well he just delivered one via angel…

Llwyd: ”

Karesh looks at Llwyd, then at Kara.

Kara looks positively scandallized.

Arkail Jogren looks amused.

Arkail Jogren: “What does it say?”

Karesh: “Thats.. well.. the planes sure are a fascinating place.”

Karesh: “I don’t know quite what to say, Llwyd.”

Karesh wanders off, mumbling to himself and periodically breaking into hysterical laughter.

Llwyd: “So I guess I am helping the storyteller and I wanted to ask you both to join me since your my companions.”

Karesh: “I already said I would!”

Campaign saved.

Llwyd: “and we started off together from Sigil”

Karesh: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get a drink.”

Arkail Jogren: “Then we are in agreeance. I will deliver the news to Darius.”

Arkail Jogren: Head over to where Darius was and look for him.

Llwyd: “Kara, I apoligize if my coment offended you last night, I have nothing aginst humans.”

Darius is standing, talking to Glenanne in hushed tones.

Arkail Jogren: Approach them.

Arkail Jogren: Acknowledge Darius. “Darius.”

Darius: “Ah, my brother! Welcome!”

Llwyd go to my tent and see to my gear and get a bite to eat.

Arkail Jogren: Acknowledge Glenanne. “You must be Glennane Windrunner. It is a pleasure to meet your aquaintence.”

Glenanne: “Quite nice to meet someone who is also devoted to helping Darius.”

Campaign saved.

Arkail Jogren smile and nod.

Arkail Jogren: “Darius, I have good news. My companions see fit to join you as well on this expedition.”

Darius: “Verily! This warms my heart! We shall carve our place in history, into the very cosmos themselves! Our partnership will be that of the mating of the elements!”

Darius: “We shall leave tomorrow morning, for I have need of rest… I have been weaving stories all night.”

Arkail Jogren: “I find myself filled with anticipation at this journey we will take. The formalities of our joint venture we will go over tommorrow. For now yes rest and tommorrow we will speak. Good night friend.”

Arkail Jogren: “Good night Miss Windrunner.”

Arkail Jogren smiles and heads back to the camp.

GM: Right

Campaign saved.

GM: The DM is now going to sleep

GM: night boyos

GM: Tomorrow good for everyone?

Arkail Jogren: save

Doug: Night Alex

‘Kiergath’ disconnected

Arkail Jogren: the session :(

Campaign saved.

GM: Saved

Doug: Sure

Arkail Jogren: kk :) nite

‘Nick’ disconnected

Session Fifty One

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