Session Eighteen

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‘Shenvallei’ connected
GM: Hey there
GM: It looks like everything’s AOK
Shenvallei D’ansille: great
GM: Just waiting on MOrgan here.
‘Kiergath’ connected
Shenvallei D’ansille: hopefully. hes using an antiquated computer atm
GM: Indeed…Luckily everything is stored server side
GM: Everything look alright on your end, Nick?
Shenvallei D’ansille: perfect
GM: Good, good.
Shenvallei D’ansille: how are we doing on xp alex?
Shenvallei D’ansille: as in how close are we to leveling
Azuras: No way to know!
Azuras: :P
GM: Don’t know what you have for XP, at the moment
GM: So…
Shenvallei D’ansille: my sheet says 8000
GM: You’ll probably level at some point in the future
Alex: Fun with aliases!
Jesebel: Whee!
Jesebel: Hmmm

GM: Hrmmm…
GM: I’m just trying to figure out where you guys would like to travel, in your travels.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Sigil is interesting, mainly because I dont know what the hell Im doing. Not that my first love isnt Faerun.
GM: Hahaha
GM: Well that’s the fun part about Planescape
GM: You can end up anywhere.
GM: Heck, you might end up in Faerun.
Shenvallei D’ansille: yeah I like it. Does spelljamming still exist in 3rd ed?
‘Kiergath’ disconnected

GM: Spelljammer?
GM: Not sure…
‘Kiergath’ connected
GM: Probably
GM: if not, it can exist easily if need be
GM: I’ve done on the fly conversions before
Alusair: sigh.. my mother fucking dice aren’t the right color
GM: Sorry
GM: But you are on a diff. comp.
GM: Let me know when you’re both settled in.
Shenvallei D’ansille: welcome Morgan.
Alusair: ...
Alusair: err
Alusair: <coughs>
Alusair: sorry
Alusair: moving on
Alusair: all set. Yep. Settled.
GM: Alright.
GM: Nick?
Alusair: hi nick!
Alusair: :P

Shenvallei D’ansille: Ya


Alusair: please keep in mind, when you swamp me with maps the size of an alliance bukkake party
Alusair: my monitor is smaller and my resolution is relatively shitty
Alusair: :P
GM: When last we m—-have you been to one?
Alusair: sorry, isn’t that what their raids on Org usually ended up being?
GM: I didnt know my maps WERE that size. :P
GM: speak of that which I donot know.
Alusair: . . .
Alusair: substitude “murder herd” for alliance
Alusair: and “noble tarantia” for “org”
Alusair: :P
When last we met, you had escaped a harrowing death at the face of a Helldrago--those fuckers…
Kiergath (Alusair): what harrowing death? He was a nice dragon.
You were currently standing atop the pyramid, wrong way up, (e.g. the flat side), whose center is capped with a dais, if you remember from last time.
Your new acquaintence Fiona is nearby, as is Azuras and Jesebel.
Alusair: hmm
Shenvallei D’ansille: Was there anyone else by the dias?

Kiergath (Alusair): I should have moved my speakers over here…
GM: Nossir.
Kiergath (Alusair): the speakers on this comp are crap
GM: The dias is deserted.
Alusair: Jess still KO’d?
GM: She’s stable, but still unconcious.
Azuras: “I think that we should probably get inside, before that damned beast comes back.”
Alusair: “Oh, it won’t for awhile… but you’re probably right, if only for other reasons.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Agreed. Can you assist me with her?” <looks>
Azuras grunts and hucks the girl onto his shoulder.
Azuras: “Sure, Shenvallei…I’ll help you with her.”
Alusair: “Fiona.. how do we get off this level?”

Fiona: “There’s got to be some sort of stairway down…probably near the dais…”
Fiona: “I mean, there is always the jumping option.”
Alusair: “Not constructive if we
Alusair: only want to get one level down.”
Kiergath (Alusair): I hate this keyboard.. and the position is off.. sigh.
Fiona: “Figured I’d give you the option.” You hear her smile as she begins snooping around the dias.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will approach the Dais.
Alex: Switch it out for the other one?
Kiergath (Alusair): Fuck no… more work in the long run.
Alex: ...kay
Fiona: You approach.
Fiona: Shen!
GM: SEarch check!
Alusair stands off to the side and keeps an eye out while the others are searching.
-> Alusair: Spot check.
‘Shenvallei’ disconnected
‘Kiergath’ disconnected

‘Shenvallei’ connected
GM: Hey Nick.
‘Kiergath’ connected
GM: Hey Morgan

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‘Kiergath’ connected
GM: We good?
‘Shenvallei’ connected
GM: Hey doug
Shenvallei D’ansille: Doug is here?
GM: Sorry, sorry
GM: Practicing
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: hehe
GM: Waiting for the day that doug gets back
Shenvallei D’ansille: long time to wait
GM: Yeah, I know, right?

Shenvallei D’ansille: What is exhaustion and fatigued as character statuses? I cant find the rules in the book.
GM: hrm
GM: damn
GM: been a while
GM: Looking it upo
GM: Got all sorts of reference books with me now
GM: and tablespace to boot
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
Shenvallei D’ansille: specifically its in regards to the 3rd level spell ray of exhaustion.
GM: Right.
GM: I’ll have the answer in a second
‘Kiergath’ connected
GM: Fatigued characters cant run or charge and take a -2 penalty to str and dex
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Kiergath’ connected
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Kiergath’ connected
GM: Exhausted characters move at half speed
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
GM: and take -6 to str and dex
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‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Kiergath’ connected

‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Kiergath’ connected
Shenvallei D’ansille: Hmm ok.
GM: Got that?
GM: Kay
Shenvallei D’ansille: Also Im getting alot of latency between when I send a message and when it gets on the screen.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Not sure why.
GM: Pry my connection
GM: honestly
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
GM: I’m going to try to reboot the server

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GM: Hallo again

Alusair: lo.
Alusair: I have returned.
GM: Awesome.
Shenvallei D’ansille: yay
Alusair: damn you, internet stability
GM: Shen, Search check.
Alusair: you’ve stopped me and nick from reminiscing
Alusair: :P
-> Alusair: Spot check!
GM: ...oh?
GM: ABout what?
Alusair: lol
GM: times when my internet was stable?
GM: :P
Alusair: warcrack
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Search] [1d20+6 = 22]
Alusair: the magic die of stealthyness says … 22.
GM: You discover, on your lonesome, a piece of flagstone which has no mortar surrounding it.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Detect magic on the dais.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Detect Magic] -> Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
-> Alusair: You notice, from the far sides of the pyramid, a myriad of figures standing up
GM: Shenvallei, Con. Check.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Constitution or Concentration?
Alusair: “Gents, ladies, incoming!”
Alusair points across the pyramid.
GM: Constitution.

Shenvallei D’ansille: Constitution check [1d20+2 = 17]
Alusair: Hmm… never really thought about anything beyond “bastard sword”.. but I have to figure katana fits most with Alusair, in my mind. Traditional euro bastard is too much a brute force weapon.
GM: Shenvallei, you seal your mind’s eye as the blinding magic radiating from the dais erupts like a spear in your mind.
Azuras: “Wonderful…” Azuras leans Jesebel gently against the foot of the dais and readies his slightly bent bar.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Confused I try to determine if it was a trap or somesuch.
GM: Roll for it!
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Spellcraft] [1d20+14 = 20]
Alusair WTB “Confused Insight” skill!
GM: Lawl.
Shenvallei D’ansille: If its magic related, I can ususally figure out at least a clue.
GM: You realize that powerful magicks are swarming all around you, centered on the dais.
GM: Not a single bit of it feels remotely good or pure.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I back away.

GM: Alusair, 60 feet. The figures take dedicated, slow strides, with an audible “clink” as their feet touch down.
Alusair: eeeee
-> Alusair: Fine by me, bossman.
Alusair: “Why the sod am I here again?”
-> Alusair: I wanna get a 3d modelling program just to…render people…yaknow? Kind of to get 3d NPCs/PCs
Alusair: lulz.
Fiona: “Money? Fame? Fortune? Unimagininable power? Looking for a hot date? Geas?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Your tirade last time answered that question did it not?”
Alusair: “Shite.”
Alusair: “Whatever.”
Alusair: Wait for the shambling clinky figures!
GM: They draw to 30 feet.
Alusair: . . . what do they look like?
GM: Obsidian statues, come to life.
Alusair: shite.
Shenvallei D’ansille: How many are there?
Alusair: “Think they’d be swayed by Harmonium ID papers?”
Azuras looks unsure of what to do, glancing at the figures and at Alusair
Alusair pulls her sword out.
Fiona: “They don’t look the type. ...and do you actually have some?”
Alusair: “Course I do.”
GM: Shenvallei, eight, total.
Alusair: “In yer choice o’ flavor.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: 8!
Alusair: “Wouldjer like measure ones, measure twos, or would you prefer something in the “mover” category?”

Fiona laughs uncertainly, not sure if you’re being serious or not.
Alusair grins at her and moves to keep between Jess and the golems.
GM: The inexorable tide of obsidian presses onwards.
Alusair: (golem for lack of a better ID word, realizing it likely doesn’t apply.)
GM: (Fair enough.)
-> Alusair: Think…treasury. But a few feet smaller.
Alusair: I’ll take “attack” for 500, trebeck.
GM: Go ahead, take your swing!
Alusair: k
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 26]
Alusair: nix 3 of that
GM: That’d be a hit.
Alusair: 23.
Alusair: yes?
Alusair: [1d10 = 8]
Alusair: 24, chief.
Alusair: +6 power attack (two handed), +9 str, +1 weapon.

GM: The obsidian statue stands, unmoved, although you’re certain your blade passed right through it’s middle.
Alusair: “Oh.. thats different!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Initiative [1d20+5 = 13]
Alusair: Initiative [1d20+2 = 14]
GM: Right.
GM: Alusair!
GM: Step up to the plate!
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 25]
Alusair: as before, 3 less.
GM: Still a hit.
GM: As before.
Alusair: [1d10 = 8]
Alusair: 24 again

GM: There’s the combat sheet.
GM: Again, a different statue, same result.
GM: Your go, little buddy
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill move to the altar and pull on that flagstone that wasnt attached my bortar.
Alusair: isn’t that A azuras?
GM: Yes, yes it is.
GM: That chest is the flagstone
GM: Str check to attempt to pull it free.
Shenvallei D’ansille: heh ok
Shenvallei D’ansille: Strength check [1d20-1 = 19]
Alusair: jesus
Shenvallei D’ansille: RAWR
Kiergath (Alusair): and the old Cow shines through!
Shenvallei, in an uncommon feat of daring, wrenches a piece of masonry from the floor with a horrifying scream that only torn obsidian could make, sending it flying into a nearby statue. Beneath the new hole is a set of stairs going downward.
GM: [1d20 = 1]

GM: Another nearby statue steps in and swings it’s staff at you, Alusair, and cracks it in half in it’s rage.
GM: Azuras takes some magnificent swings.
Alusair: why is Shena Snowlock on the combat sheet?
GM: Jesebel…uh…stays passed out.
Alusair: :P
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 15]
Alusair: sigh
Alusair: -3! :P
GM: Oddly enough, a hit!
Alusair: ...
Alusair: 12 hits?
GM: ....yeah
Alusair: ...
Alusair: [1d10 = 9]
Alusair: 25!
Alusair: brb
GM: A less magnificent swing from Alusair tears an arm off the statue, sending deep cracks through it’s chest.
GM: Shenvallei!
Shenvallei D’ansille: Can the dais be adjusted?
GM: It’s…big.
GM: We’re talking…the base of it…is probably 100 feet
GM: Long, and wide
GM: So…yes, but you’d have to be a heck of a lot stronger than you are.
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ok. Scorching ray on the nearest statue.
GM: You do so!
GM: Roll it!
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ironstaff of Scorching Ray (Attack 1) [1d20+7 = 17]

GM: Damage?
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Shenvallei’ disconnected
GM: Er
‘Shenvallei’ connected
GM: Wb.
Shenvallei D’ansille: You there?
GM: Yeah
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok
GM: I’m here.
GM: Freak disconnect
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ironstaff of Scorching Ray (Damage) [4d6 = 16]

GM: and I’ll wait until morgan’s return to announce the carnage.
GM: ’s only fair
GM: :p
GM: Any questions about your surroundings?
‘Kiergath’ connected
Shenvallei D’ansille: can you repost the combat map?
GM: Sure
GM: Why not!
Alusair: la…
Shenvallei D’ansille: we good?
Shenvallei’s lance of flame slams into the first statue you sliced through, Alusair, causing the top half to slide slowly backwards, until it smashes into the floor harmlessly.
GM: You guys still there?
Alusair: yes
Shenvallei D’ansille: ya
GM: ...miracle.
Alusair: The funny part was.. my next action, if Shen hadn’t done that..
-> Alusair: was to give it a push? :P
Alusair: was to plant my boot in the chest of one of the ones I’d already hit.
Alusair: :P
GM: ALUSAIR! Your go.
Alusair: charming
Alusair: Still one swinging?
GM: Da
Alusair: neat
GM: Missed, again
Alusair: this attack at -4.
Alusair: Bastard Sword +1 (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 22]
Alusair: [1d10 = 9]
Alusair: had been -3 before, yeah?
GM: da
Alusair: yeah.
Alusair: 27 points
GM: This statue’s head is reduced to a fine powder.
GM: No more statues are moving nearby.

GM: However, all around the edge of the pyramid, more statues are rising up.
GM: Bigger statues, wider.
GM: Taller.
GM: Bulker.
Alusair: “Might be time for us to move.”
GM: Bulkier, rather.
Alusair: “With a bit of luck, the next wave’ll be too bulky to fit in the stairway.”
GM: Fiona, already halfway down the steps, shouts back up, “Hell, I doubt your big deva is going to fit through this turn down here…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Lets go, quickly before they are upon us.” Is Jesebel awake yet?
Alusair: “We ain’t got much choice! Come on people, down!”
Azuras: “No, the lass is still out.” Azuras shoulders her and heads down the narrow flight of stairs.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Follow quickly.
Alusair: follow Shen.
GM: You step down the steps, which narrow considerably, and Azuras has some difficulties navigating, but he manages.
After some time, travelling in this single minded, doubling back stairway, you come to a great door, at which Fiona is staring, hands on her hips.
Alusair: “Problem, planewalker?”
Fiona: “Bigger problem than I’ve ever encountered…No doorhandle.”
Alusair: ”...”

Alusair: “We’ve come all this way.. to be foiled by a door because it hasn’t got a bleeding handle?!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Is there any other discernable way to open it?
Kiergath (Alusair): this thing obsidian?
GM: The door, if you can call it such, for indeed it seems to be a door, is obsidian, and lacks all formal doorlike structure.
GM: No hinges, no handle, no lock
Alusair: ”.....”
GM: It looks as though someone was installing a safe door, and forgot to add the wheely bit.
Alusair: “And not a one of us thought to bring a pick.”
Azuras produces one from a great meaty hand, offering it in your direction. “It was stabbing me in the neck.”
Alusair: ”....”
Alusair: “Shen, any ideas floating around in that Prime head of yours?”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Referencing my spells I appear to be quite useless at the moment.”
Alusair: “Quite… came to the same conclusion, unfortunately, about myself.”
Fiona paces back and forth, staring at the door intently, then impatiently wheels on the both of you. “If you were going to hide an object of immesurable wealth and power behind a door with no handle, how would YOU open it?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I will search for a hidden trigger or somesuch.
GM: Roll your search check, sirrah.
Shenvallei D’ansille: Skill [Search] [1d20+6 = 25]
Alusair: “I wouldn’t. I’d leave it inaccessable by any way but magic.”
Alusair: “And thats presuming I were foolish enough to leave it anywhere but on my person.”
GM: Shenvallei, you notice, around the bottom edge, faintly glowing runes, barely illuminated by the dim shifting colored light seeping out through the seam at the bottom of the door.
Alusair: So what happened to that phat XP you were moaning about last time? :P
-> Alusair: Adventure aint over yet, is it? :P
-> Alusair: I think XP is awarded upon returning to Sigil, assuming you can get there.
Alusair: That sounds an awful lot like “I dun’ wanna give it to you, cos I wanna get to be level 5 before you do”
Alusair: :P

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Oh look, runes.”
Alusair: “So? Can’t you read the damn things? Yer a mage, after all.”
-> Alusair: that would wholly depend on you DMing, wouldnt it?
Shenvallei D’ansille: Ill sit against a wall and memorize read magic and my other spells back.
Alusair: I haven’t even a clue what I’d be doing, at this point.
GM: You do so.
GM: Time passes.
Alusair: my focus had all been aiming at scifi
-> Alusair: You can DM that too, for all I care. :P
GM: You succeed!
Alusair: not so much.
-> Alusair: I need to play sometimes! :P
Alusair: I suppose you could shake off one or the other of your paka on special assignment.
Alusair: who cares about keeping it even..
-> Alusair: Pry. I do have 3 :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: ok
Alusair: Maybe the engineer…
Shenvallei D’ansille: Spell [Read Magic] -> Read scrolls and spellbooks.
-> Alusair:
Alusair: I could do funny things with that one.
Shenvallei D’ansille: On and attempt to read the runes.
-> Alusair: Probably.
GM: You set to studying them…
Alusair: Mostly because, oddly, she’s probably the most unusually talented of the three.
Alusair: And would, at that point, be most likely to be tapped by black ops.
GM: Immediately, you feel a pressure in your brain, throbbing, humming…
GM: Your brain starts screaming for blood…blood…Blood…BLOOD
Alusair: blood for the throne-skull god?
GM: The pressure fades when you stop reading the text.
GM: You were unable to make out the words, other than…blood, and sky.
GM: In alternating order.
GM: BloodSkyBloodSkyBloodSky
Shenvallei D’ansille: “its some sort of… I dont know what it says.”

Shenvallei D’ansille: I pull out my boot dagger and cut myself dripping blood on the runes.
Alusair: Step back. Shen’s obviously possessed
GM: The runes glow briefly, then dim
GM: A bright flare.
GM: Hissing.
Alusair: “Hmm.. interesting reaction..”
GM: A loud, head splitting crack.
GM: The door slowly fades out of existance.
As you step before the great obsidian door, you are nearly blinded by the sight before your eyes. At first, it seems the entire room is a whirling morass of patternless color, but as you take a step onto the single obsidian walkway that cuts through the mists, forms begin to take shape. Ringlets of mist start to coalesce into vast disks, swirling around a central spire, which merely gazing at the height of which causes your brain to start to ache terribly. At the tip of your vision, atop the spire, appears to be a floating torus, connected to nothing, yet, you sense, connected to everything. The walkway continues forward, towards the spire, seemingly forever away.
Alusair: ”. . . “
Fiona looks cheerful, a daunting task, considering you can only make out her eyes if you’re looking at her, and is fairly bouncing up and down.
Fiona bounces over and gives Shenvallei a great hug, and kisses him on the cheek through her cloth covering. “Amazing!”
-> Alusair: Sadly, that sight will be lost on Nick.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I bandage my wound. And take a step forward taking in the sights.
Alusair: hrm?
Fiona: It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, Shenvallei.
Alusair: Oh.. you mean the Spire?
-> Alusair: I assume you know what it is, but…he would have no idea.
Alusair: Looks kind’ve like home. . .
-> Alusair: The whole thing.

Shenvallei D’ansille: “I- I dont believe my eyes.”
Alusair: so now that we’ve walked into a giant planetarium, showing us the whole multiverse…
Azuras: ”...a room like this would make an Athar believe, Shenvallei.”
Alusair: “Gods! No Athar should be allowed in a room such as this!”
GM: Azuras looks shocked, then slowly, understanding dawns on him.
Fiona however, is fairly bursting at the seems, and barely can contain her wonder as she slowly walks forward on the path through it all, towards the spire.
Alusair: seams, boss. Seams.
GM: ...I realized that a bit too late.
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: I follow.
-> Alusair: More or less, yeah, that’s exactly what it is.
Kiergath (Alusair): Jess awake yet?
Alex: Yes, but she hasn’t said a thing…she’s just riding Azuras’ shoulder, like a little kid.
Alusair trails after Fiona, clearly awed by the sight, but visibly nervous.
Fiona: “Did you ever think you’d see everything, wizard-boy? I mean, everything everything? And all at once no less!”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Its magnificent.”
Alusair: “Some things aren’t meant to be seen.”
Alusair: “In my soul, I know such a thing should not exist.. that its not meant to exist.. but all the same, seeing it… I don’t think, even if I could, I could bring myself to destroy such a thing.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I disagree, but I trust your judgement Alusair.”
Azuras: “To destroy it…might destroy everything, Alusair…because…what if this isn’t a model of the Multiverse… ...what if it IS the multiverse?”
Alusair: “This? The multiverse? Inside a floating bastion of evil? I cannot believe that, Azuras.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “I must agree. Unless we are no longer in the bastion.”
Alusair: “If such a thing were true, everything I have ever held dear, everything I’ve ever fought for, bled for.. would be a lie. It would already be lost.”
Alusair: “And I can not, will not, believe that.”

Azuras: “Then truly…this cannot be the multiverse. It’s lacking…well…Mechanus for one…”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “That door may have been another portal. To speculate on what or what not this is will do us no good for now. Answers must lie ahead.”
Alusair: “So you’re saying this is the Multiverse with some improvements.”
Alusair: (to Azuras)
GM: Speaking of ahead, Fiona is skipping ahead of you. A quick glance behind shows the path tapers off into nothing. The door is long gone, some miles past, despite your being here mere minutes.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “We shouldnt tarry.” I follow Fiona.
Azuras belts out peals of laugher which draws scorn and discomfort from Jesebel. His laughter echos off where the heavens should be, rebounding in this cavern.
Alusair: “Echoes. That answers one question, eh?”
-> Alusair: all this at level 4 to boot :P
Fiona: “We’re still inside the Pyramid! And we’re getting close to the center, come on!”
Alusair: “Sodding primes!”
Fiona: She begins running ahead.
Alusair: race off after them
Alusair: ... it amuses me suddenly.
Alusair: All this because a couple fake Harmonium put a bounty on me.
Alusair: . . . I could have just adopted a new appearance and been done with it.
Alusair: <sigh>
GM: You race forward, speeding past several primes, the beastlands, the outlands, blazing fires and chilling winds. After what seems like several hours, you approach what seems to be a giant central platform, made of what seems to be crystal.
-> Alusair: aren’t you glad you didn’t? :P

Alusair: yeah. But the character wouldn’t have anyway.. she could’ve adopted a new look, sure.. but she rather liked the one she had.
-> Alusair: Yeah.. I could see that.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I move to the platform.
GM: Fiona hurries on, slightly behind Shenvallei, for once.
GM: You approach the platform, and as you draw near, it becomes apparent that this place has not been visited in quite some time.
Alusair: “Hellsteeth. At this rate, we’re still not goin’ ta find out who’s runnin the show here.”
GM: A thick layer of dust covers the platform, which has several desks on it, and at the center, a great silver pillar with a blue dome set atop it.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Perhaps but…” I move to the nearest desk and search it.
GM: You begin to search…suddenly, you are confronted with a very irate, gray imp with a racking cough
Alusair stays off to the side, arms folded across her chest and just watching.
GM: He’s holding a letter opener at your nose, just as your hand almost curls around the handle of a drawer.
GM: “IwouldntdothatifIwereyouhotstuff.”
Alusair: ”....”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Oh, is this your desk?” I smile.

GM: ”...yes, this is my desk. I don’t want you messing with my organization!”
GM: “These files took millenia to properly collate!”
Alusair: “This is rapidly becoming pathetic.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I step back. “Of course, I did not mean to intrude. Please tell us what is this place and if we are in the right place.”
Alusair: ”....”
-> Alusair: This is the DM stalling while he frantically searches the wiki for the big bad’s name.
Alusair: “Hey Al! Look! An IMP! What should we d—I know! Lets talk to it! I bet its a great conversationalist!”
Alusair: “But Al, aren’t imps fiends and, there-go, EVIL!? Awww, who cares? Its so cute, and it says this desk BELONGS to it!”
Alusair: “We couldn’t possibly impose!”
Alusair: “BAH!”
-> Alusair: thank you for assisting the DM in stalling. Do you remember the big bad’s name?
Alusair sits down at the edge and stares out over the multiverse.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Im more concerned with the letter opener about to collate my face.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And thus trying to talk my way out of a shiving.”
Alusair: nope, which means neither will he.
-> Alusair: and how often do you get to emote “Staring over the multiverse”? :P
Alusair: “What part of “BAH!” don’t you understand? It was my note of sudden, exhasperated dismissal!”

Fiona giggles, absentmindedly, circling the central pillar.
Alusair mutters to herself, “Blasted Primes.. should never have left Sigil.. should never have gotten mixed up with these sods! Nothing good’s come of it.”
Alusair: “Wonder how long it’d be before I hit the bottom, if I jumped.. hmm.. or have they got it rigged somehow..”
GM: Imp: Nothing good? That’s my speciality! Magneo specifically hired me because I’m great at Nothing Good! ...that, and helping him keep tabs on the Multiverse.”
Alusair: ”....Ma—”
-> Alusair: Yes, the DM finally found the big bad’s name.
Alusair stands up and whirls towards the imp.
Alusair: “Talk, shrimp. What the sod are you keeping tabs on the ‘Verse for?”
GM: Imp: Well, for one, because I’d be dust if I didnt. For two, Magneo plans on being the ultimate supreme ruler of all, or do you not get out much?”
Alusair: ”. . . .”
Alusair: Does the imp have wings?
GM: Yes.
GM: Are you changing the tense of his wings?
Alusair: uh

Alusair: +10
Alusair: [1d20 = 10]
Alusair: so.. 20..
Alusair: attempting to re-arrange his future migratory plans, so to speak
-> Alusair: You remember Magneo, do you?
GM: You do so.
Alusair: Magneo Harth, isn’t it? :P
GM: The imp cries out in pain
-> Alusair: Missing an e, but yeah, Magneo Harthe.
Alusair: Grab the little snot.
GM: It screams and wriggles.
-> Alusair: did you remember, or look it up?
Alusair: “Start talkin’, squirt. If you prove particularly cooperative I might put you back together and let you go.”
Alusair: Remembered the second name after you said the first.
GM: Imp: Idontknowwhatyouwantmetosayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. All I know is that he has me here keeping tabs on the shifting of the planes, particularly when they get too balanced.
Alusair: “What is this place? What’s the pyramid its built in? How often do you report to Magneo?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: I whisper to Fiona and Azuras, “Its best not to interrupt Al when she gets like this.”
Kiergath (Alusair): LOL
Kiergath (Alusair): Win.
GM: Imp: This is…just the Multiverse! It’s a bit cozier, but how else could we keep tabs on it… I don’t know how he did it, or how it works, but I know that he built the pyramid specifically to contain this Multiverse.

GM: Imp: And…well, I just let him know whenever something comes unbalanced.
Alex: Throw that in the quote file, eh Morgan? :P
Kiergath (Alusair): go for it. I can’t at the moment.
Alusair: “Huh… figures.. nobody ever trusts their underlings, these days..”
Alusair: [1d8+4 = 9]
Alusair: Cure light on the imp.
GM: Imp: I trust mine! They always provide the greatest response time!
Alusair: “I’ll bet.”
Alusair puts him down on his desk and returns to her seat near the edge.
Alusair: “That rather proves we won’t find who we’re after here.”
Fiona: “Ah, but that presumes you’re looking for a who!” – A female voice from the top of the silver pillar
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Well we have a name at least, Magneo.”

Alusair: “Sorry.. I assumed you’d found what you were after, Fiona.”
Alusair: “Magneo Harthe, Shen… we’ve heard the name before.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Weve been thru alot forgive my memory.”
Alusair: “Aye, aye. Somewhat surprising that this is all just an observatory.”
Fiona: Imp: Well, not all of it is…the rest of the pyramid is really a sort of…well…battle pyramid…
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Where is Magneo’s coin located?”
GM: Imp: The multiverse helps power it, and we keep feeling several shocks in here every long while.”
GM: Imp: “Coin?”
GM: He looks confused by the term.
GM: You get the feeling he doesn’t get much in the way of payment.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Nevermind.”
Fiona: “Shenvallei, nevermind coin…come look at this.”
Fiona: This time, it’s from ground level.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I meander over to Fiona.
GM: Fiona has somehow managed to get the silver pillar to retract, and is trying to find a way to release the blue dome atop of it, currently sitting at table height.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I assist her.

GM: Inside the dome are three tiny slivers of an indescribable metal, barely the size of a pinky, and they seem naturally curved.
GM: Also, there resides in the dome a single, simple, mirror.
GM: Roll a str check, Shen
Shenvallei D’ansille: Strength check [1d20-1 = 6]
GM: You lift up, and succeed in sliding backwards
Fiona: “Alusair, can you give us a hand? Maybe with all three of us we can lift it off!”
Fiona: She’s bursting at the seams with excitement.
Alusair: “Might as well.”
Alusair: Head over and try to help
Shenvallei D’ansille: Strength check [1d20-1 = 15]
GM: [1d20 = 18]
Alusair: [1d20 = 5]
Alusair: moving on
Alusair: 11! :P
Alusair goes through the motions, but her heart is clearly not in it.
GM: Alusair’s less than admirable attempt at lifting is what tips the scales in your favor, and the dome off of the pillar, sending it clattering to the floor.
GM: Fiona shreiks with excitement before reverently reaching into the velvet lined nesting place and drawing forth a single sliver of this metal which keeps changing it’s surface appearance, shifting every second or so, almost naturally
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What is this metal?”
GM: “A Plane Shard…I had always hoped to get my hands on one…I still thought they were rumors…”
Fiona: “I really didn’t think that they would be here… what a stroke of luck!”

Shenvallei D’ansille: “You came all this way, killed scores of minions, walked the multiverse in hopes at a thing you werent even sure existed?”
Alusair: ”. . . whats so odd about that?”
Azuras: “Faith drives many men to do much stranger things, Shenvallei.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Strange? Barmy? I call it impressive.”
Alusair pantomimes wiping away a tear, “Barmy? Did he say barmy?” She sniffles, “My liddle Shen is becomin’ a right educated basher after all!”
Fiona: “For your help, I’d like if you each took one… it’s believed that to find these Plane Shards is a master stroke of luck, since these are what is left over from the creation of the planes, way in the beginning.”
Fiona: “I figure it’s better than coin in any Plane, anyway… not that I’d ever sell mine.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: At this point I turn to Azuras and realize Jesebel is awake. I take one of the shards and the mirror and then wander over to her to make sure she is ok.
Alusair looks at Fiona a long while before flicking her gaze down to one of the Shards, reaching towards it and lifting it out of the depression.

Alusair: “Some things, as you say.. are far, far too precious to sell.”
Fiona: As you take the shard in hand, you feel a strange warmth, a sense of belonging, an almost soothing hum overcome your bodies… the shard shifts to a color not unlike your respective skins, before transforming through a myriad of colors. This feeling never leaves you, even if you set it in a pocket.
I ask you both now to choose an attribute and add a permanent +2 to it, for as long as you have the Planar Shard in your posession.
Alex: (Pleased to be announcing it to me)
Shenvallei D’ansille: Awesome.
Shenvallei D’ansille: 20 int!
Alusair: lol.
-> Alusair: take that, captain loots everything
Alusair: 20 charisma.
Alusair: too many abilities that depend on CHA. lol
-> Alusair: I believe it.
-> Alusair: and it’s true… there are more of these, but they wont be as easy to get to… and these ARE precious. :P
Alusair: To be honest…

Alusair: I’m considering embedding mine into that weapon when I get around to refining that fang.
GM: Jess is quite…taken aback at the entire scenario…driven almost speechless. She’s glad to see you, though, Shen
-> Alusair: Quite doable. It’s very malleable.
Alusair: Possibly using it as some sort’ve inlay on the blade.. hmm…
Shenvallei D’ansille: I give her a hug and tell her Im glad to see her as well.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Fiona, what are your plans now?”
Fiona: “Well, now, I was planning on getting back to Sigil and having a nice stiff drink, then spending the night with my husband. What of you four?”
Alusair: Detect Evil on the imp..

Shenvallei D’ansille: “Id like to join you. For the drink that is.”
-> Alusair: The imp has traces of evil, but looks to be leaning more towards the Just Doing Things for the sake of Work alignment
Fiona: “Good company is always welcome! Especially if you can recommend a good bar… my favorite burned to the ground a while ago.”
Alusair: “Oh.. we have a similar problem, interestingly enough.”
Alusair coughs.
Alusair: “Imp, I might suggest you find some new source of employment.. your current master probably won’t be pleased that you’ve let us abscond with his belongings.”
Fiona: Imp: ...Oh dear, are you absconding?
Alusair: “Afraid so.. Tell me, have you ever been a book-keeper or a secretary for a bar that has no books to keep?”
Alusair: “I imagine its a very relaxing, low-stress job.”
GM: Imp: You shouldn’t be absconding… Rule 337…No Absconding with master’s belongings…
Alusair: “And I might be able to work something out..”
GM: Imp: ...I bet I could learn real quick!
Alusair: :P
GM: Quick is right…for as he finishes his sentence, an ear splitting shriek cuts through the multiverse.
GM: Fiona drops to her knees, clutching her ears protectively, Jesebel screams in pain, Azuras stands, dumbfounded, and you two are left to your own devices with how you react. The imp hides under a desk.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I cover my ears.

Alusair cringes, covering her ears.
GM: The screech eventually subsides, replaced by a low, persistance “Whump, whump, whump”
Alusair: like a big leathery winged “whump, whump, whump”?
Shenvallei D’ansille: “What is that?”
GM: It seems to be gradually getting louder.
GM: ...replace big with humonguous, and you get the idea.
Alusair: Look around..
GM: Imp: Oh no…oh no… Rule 337…
GM: Imp: Why did you have to break Rule 337?! Rule 336 is much less scary! Muchlessbig!”
GM: You get the feeling there’s a reason the imp is hiding under his desk.
Alusair: “Look at it this way.. if rule 337 kills us, you cna recover your master’s belongings and not worry about a thing.”
Alusair looks up.
GM: a Shadow falls over the platform, despite there not being a definitative light source in the Multiverse.
Alusair: sure there is.
Alusair: Everyone knows that the center of the multiverse is Sigil
Alusair: and it.. uh. glows.. like.. a beacon.. of..
Alusair: flaming.. glowy…ness..
GM: Well, yes. But the issue is, light is coming from everywhere else in here.
GM: ‘cos this aint the true multiverse, berk.
Alusair: no, its better
Alusair: its got no mechanus
Alusair: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: The idea of a humoungus winged thing isnt sounding appealing to me. I look for a nearby exit.
Alusair: could always jump
GM: Above you, you guess, are 337 (approximately) giant, dragonlike shapes.
GM: Slowly descending.
Alusair: “You have got to be joking.”
GM: Imp: ...why would I joke about rule 337?

Alusair: “I don’t know, morbid sense of humor?”
GM: Imp: ...okay, okay, you got me there.”
Alusair: ”...the mirror?”
GM: He springs up, dashes for the silver pedestal, clambers onto it, looks down, then looks crestfallen
GM: Imp: It’s been absconded with…
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Ruuuuuuuuunnnnn-A!”
Alusair: LOL
Alusair: “This is looking like one of those proverbial bad days.”
Alusair: has nick forgotten he pinched the mirror? :P
-> Alusair: You have good instincts. Shen just DID abscond with the mirror :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: I pull out the mirror and look at it.
GM: Shenvallei, you find yourself staring at yourself staring at yourself. You can make out what looks like the sky in Sigil beyond your head.
Alusair: “Are you goin’ ta listen to the Imp, or should I just jump?”
Alusair: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: I raise an eyebrow, admire my own good looks perhaps for the last time and break the mirror.
GM: The mirror smashes
GM: At first, nothing happens.
GM: The dragons keep descending

GM: Imp: ...It doesnt work… Rule 9921 was a lie!
Alusair: ”....”
Alusair: “Right, thats that. “
Shenvallei D’ansille: Can we make it to the exit before the dragons are upon us?
Alusair: man, we can’t even SEE the exit..
GM: Seeing as how it took you hours to get to where you are…probably not.
GM: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: Right.
Alusair: “Jump… or throw myself on my own blade..”
Alusair: “One’s potentially less final.. the second’s certainly more honorable..”
GM: You find yourself pausing, mid muse, on the streets of Sigil.
Shenvallei D’ansille: “We could, no.
Alusair: “Ah, thats a much better idea.”
GM: Your ears feel midly odd, and you’re slightly disoriented.
Shenvallei D’ansille: I look around, “Everyone here?”
GM: But you’re alive, and standing right in the middle of a large crowd of people.
GM: There’s a bit of a clearning around where you are
GM: Everyone does appear to be there.
Alusair: which ward are we in?
GM: At a guess, from the ragged assemblage of the crowd, The Hive

GM: A closer look at the crowd suggests some sort of general meeting, of some sort, only there’s nobody lecturing anymore.
Alusair: “Sorry, carry on..”
GM: Bits of shiny metal glint on the outside of the crowd
Alusair: It doesn’t glint in a Harmonium red-esque fashion, does it?
GM: and some internal to the crowd itself, moving through it.
GM: Oh, my girl with the razor sharp eyes, it does.
Alusair: “Out of the frying pan, and into a party.”
Alusair: “Gods, I love my luck, I may get to scrag some Hard-heads today after-all!”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Hope those papers come in handy.”
Alusair: “Papers? Shen, you should know better!”
Alusair: “I left them with Zero!”
Alusair laughs
Shenvallei D’ansille: “You surely saved one!”
Fiona: ”...wait, why are you at odds with the Harmonium? And who’s Zero?”
Alusair: “I’m at odds with the Harmonium because they’ve been infiltrated by the men of that Magneo the imp mentioned.”
Alusair: “And, finally, because one of them shoved me, tried to dead-book me three times, and tried to rape me in an alley without even taking me out to dinner first.”
Alusair: :P
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Self defense.”
Alusair: “Thats the word.”
Fiona: ”...Oh. Well, that si—-you let men rape you after they take you to dinner?”
Fiona: She gets wide eyed.
Alusair: ”<sighs> No, you sodding Planewalker, but at least then I’d’ve gotten something out of it before beating the shite out of him.”
Fiona: Well, you imagine there’s shock on her face, but you can’t see anything but her eyes. You get the idea.

Azuras: chuckles. “Either way, you’d be getting something out of it, wouldn’t you?”
Alusair: . . . So, how many Harmonium have managed to assemble while we were speaking?
Shenvallei D’ansille: “Shes of Bast. Sharess on my world, I still dont understand their faith and philosophy. But right now our common interest is survival so lets get out of here.”
Azuras: Just one.
Azuras: Doesn’t look like real Harmonium
Alusair: “Sharess? No, no, you’ve got it all wrong, Prime.”
Azuras: Looks a bit out of place, really, what with the way his armor only shines in some spots, and isn’t all metal.
Alusair: “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding.”
Alusair: Only one?
Alusair: But…
Alusair: But…
GM: ...yeah.
Alusair looks stricken, lip quivering slightly. “Is this the best they can do?!”
Alusair: How close is he?
GM: You hear the voice. Oddly familiar. ”...Damn straight I’m the best they can do. And it’s a damn good thing I found you first, it is.”
GM: He’s at the edge of the clearing, half looking away from you
GM: Saying he’s at the edge is being generous, too.
GM: He’s wearing a thin longsword, but the scabbard is tucked through a loop in his belt which is sized for a club
Alusair: “Right. We’ll come quietly.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: Follow.
GM: You follow him?
Alusair: Yep!
GM: You’re lead out of the crowd into a dark alley, your passage obscured by several odd looking civilians who stay behind in the crowd

Alusair frowns, saying semi-wistfully and semi-jokingly, “So much for the ‘Welcome home, Alusair!’ massacre…”
GM: Once you’re in the alley, the shape of the man begins to look familiar.
GM: “You really want to massacre me? After I saved you from fourty sinkers with crossbows? After all we’ve been through?”
GM: The voice definately rings a bell.
Alusair: “Nah, we came with ya, didnt we?”
GM: The mannerisms, the weight…
Alusair: “Gods in the heavens, is that you, Tim?”
GM: He spins and grins, ear to ear. “Fooled ya for a minute, didn’t I?”
Tim Tim: “Thought yous was in real trouble, but nope! It was just I!”
Alusair: “Aye, aye.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “And here we are.”

Tim Tim: “About time I found you, too. Zero was about ready to have my head.”
Alusair: “Zero’s an impatient sod.”
Alusair: “Jess, Fiona, Azuras.. Tim Tim.”
Fiona: ”...charmed, I’m sure…”
Azuras: “Always a pleasure to meet one of my liberator’s friends…”
Alusair: “Once more, with feeling, Azuras.”
Alusair smirks
Tim Tim: “So, am I gonna take you guys to Zero, or am I gonna be in a whole lot of trouble?”
Alusair: “Oh, and this is.. uh.. ... is the imp still here?”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “We arent friends. But well go for now.”
Alusair looks around.
GM: The Imp is hiding behind you.
GM: Your skirt is quite dusty.
Alusair: ”...”
Alusair: Lift it up to my shoulder.
GM: Your shoulder is also now dusty.
GM: Or do you mean your skirt?
Alusair: LOL
GM: :P
Alusair: the imp
Alusair: :P
Alusair: “Sure, sure, we’ll go to Zero..”
Alusair: “Actually.. no.. no we won’t.”
Alusair: “That berk can give us the rest of the day, at least.”

GM: Timtim: Most certainly…I’ll just let him know I ran into you…that’ll get me out of trouble. Just don’t be too long in seeing him!”
Alusair: “If he makes a fuss, tell him I was just being unreasonable.”
Alusair: “It won’t surprise him in the slightest.”
Shenvallei D’ansille: “No doubt we can all use some rest. Let us find a good tavern.”
Tim Tim: “There’s truth in that…” he dashes off.
Alusair: To the tavern.
GM: ------SESSION END!-----
Alusair: wimp
Alusair: :P
GM: It’s a bit late, don’t you think?
GM: :P
GM: Congratulations everyone
Kiergath: bit early, don’t you mean?
GM: Take a level and a half!
Shenvallei D’ansille: late for me and Im 3 hours behind
Kiergath: mother fuck, not paperwork
GM: Meaning you’re now at 5.5
Kiergath: :P
GM: :P
Kiergath: fine
Kiergath: 5.5 it is
Kiergath: I’ll suffer through it
During which our intrepid heros Alusair and Shenvallei enter the Multiverse, discover fragments of it’s origins, and daringly escape the Pyramid.
Kiergath: ...


Kiergath: whatever
GM: ....
woo, level 3 spells!
GM: When I post it to the Wiki
GM: It’ll help me out
GM: a lot
GM: To have a pre-written descriptor
GM: yaknow?
poor Shen.. he has to find scrolls. I do enjoy being divine :P
GM: lol
Shenvallei: sure whatever works :)
GM: chaps, you can update tomorrow, or something
Kiergath: planning on it
GM: whenever we get together next
Kiergath: Later
GM: CIao

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