Session Eight Three

Shenvallei: “So much to carry!”
Alusair: ..blink
Alusair: Watch Van
Alusair: this sounds fascinating
Arothir: ...err
Arothir: Broadsword
Arothir: Sorry
Alusair: no problem
Arothir: ...that would be interesting.
Alusair: Set the breastplate gentle on the floor to pick up on the way back
Alusair: gently
Arothir: You do so
Alusair: is that everything in this room?
Arothir: Uh, aside from the staff and the chest behind that coffin, and the two chests behind the mephit coffin
Alusair: right, check ‘em
Arothir: In the staff-chest
Arothir: There’s a pink tunic, with a glittery belt
Alusair: “
cocks an eyebrow* Not that desperate.”
Shenvallei: “Dont fancy pink Alusair?”
Alusair: “Think I’ll just stick with this look for now.”
Arothir: In the large chest near the mephit coffin, busting open the lock reveals a small wooden chest.
Alusair: “We might as well take ‘em anyway.. god knows what they are.”
Arothir: Not so much a chest as a wooden…case.
Shenvallei: “Ill be able to discern what is magical and what is of ordinary value once we have everything together.”
Alusair: “Righto.”
Alusair: Stow the case out of the way for pickup on the way back through
Arothir: You do so
Alusair: Next.
Arothir: The small chest contains….a lot of coin.
Arothir: It would be virtually impossible to count it all.
Alusair: Right..
Shenvallei: Gold or more copper?
Alusair: Drag the chest out
Arothir: Well, without spending another day.
Arothir: There’s a mix of both.
Alusair: Not an option.
Alusair: Drag it out to bring with us
Arothir: You do so.
Shenvallei: No worries I can help carry.
Alusair: Thats reassuring.
Arothir: lol
Arothir: You move into The Demon Room?
Alusair: yes
Shenvallei: It better be. I doubt were getting all this out without my help.
Alusair: yeah.
Arothir: You’d be lucky to carry all that coin out even with Jess helping.
Arothir: :P
Shenvallei: Follow.
Arothir: The Demon remains
Arothir: The sword seemingly pinning it to the altar stairs
Arothir: The lava is still flowing, to boot.
Alusair: recover the sword and stow it
Shenvallei: Follow Alusair to the remaining coffins.
Arothir: You do so.
Arothir: You see Van taking samples from the Babau
Shenvallei: I scribe the symbols on the Altar for reference.
Arothir: Which Coffin do yo hit first?
Alusair: [1d20+7<!- Official Roll ->] => [14,7] = (21) knowledge, religion
Alusair: altar symbols
Shenvallei: thank you.
Arothir: You read them out…
Alusair: if you’re about to say “out loud”, I’m going to ask you “how stupid do you think I am?”
Arothir: ...No.
Arothir: :P
Alusair: :P
Alusair: “Its not religious, it was a prison.”
Shenvallei: “For the demon? Did it say who the captor was?”
Alusair: “No.”
  • Shenvallei nods. “Lets continue then.” *
    Alusair: investigate the coffins
    Arothir: The coffins…
    Arothir: TO THE LEFT
    Arothir: A simple metal staff lies on top of it.
    Alusair: meh
    Alusair: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [2] = (2)
    Alusair: “Somebody open it.”
    Arothir: On the shelf behind it, a tattered old book.
    Alusair: I clearly haven’t recovered from the fight yet.
    Shenvallei: Take the staff.
    Shenvallei: Try to yank open the coffin.
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [11] = (11)
    Shenvallei: grab the book as well.
    Arothir: You grab both.
    Arothir: The lid stays on.
    Alusair: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [9] = (9)
    Alusair: whatever
    Shenvallei: can we try together?
    Arothir: Van comes over
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [3] = (3)
    Arothir: and Collapses against the coffin
    Arothir: and it pops open
    Shenvallei: lol
    Arothir: Within, There’s…another box…
    Arothir: This one…looks…more like a piece of wood than a box, however.
    Shenvallei: I will take it.
    Shenvallei: I reach in and grab it with both hands.
    Arothir: You take it…it’s…light.
    Arothir: It’s a bit bulky, though.
    Alusair: I have an important question
    Alusair: does the entire place still radiate evil?
    Arothir: Not so much
    Arothir: The lava, yes.
    Alusair: neat
    Alusair: next coffin
    Alusair: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [4] = (4)
    Alusair: sigh
    Arothir: But that radiates everything.
    Alusair: “VAN!”
    Arothir: Van stumbles over
    Arothir: Another long, hearty shove, he fails, but manages to kick it open
    Arothir: Within…a skeleton
    Arothir: Of what was apparently a very buxom woman
    Arothir: You can tell by the full suit of what looks like leather armor that remains.
    Arothir: She had…apparently…epic proportions.
    Alusair: “Leather armor… the body’s bone.. Right.. magic.”
    Shenvallei: Set the box down, carefully remove the armor if its in decent condition.
    Arothir: Atop the coffin had been a short sword
    Arothir: It is!
    Arothir: Quite very decent.
    Shenvallei: Take that too.
    Alusair: That everything we see here?
    Arothir: uh
    Arothir: Yep.
    Shenvallei: Organization time!
    Alusair: “Lets get this shite back to the entrance.”
    Shenvallei: Lug everything back to the enterance.
    Alusair: [1d8+3<!- Official Roll ->] => [5,3] = (8) more to Van
    Shenvallei: Put it in a neat pile.
    Shenvallei: Cast detect magic.
    Arothir: You do so.
    Shenvallei: Seperate all magic items from non.
    Arothir: Okay
    Shenvallei: Alot.
    Alusair: lol
    Arothir: Because I don’t have it written down.
    Alusair: ...dink
    Arothir: I know what they are
    Shenvallei: You jest.
    Alusair: no.. no he doesn’t
    Arothir: But I don’t remember how much shit there was.
    Alusair: he’s as bad as I am
    Arothir: But, I do have something on you
    Arothir: Chat transcripts
    Arothir: :P
    Alusair: get diggin’ then.I only wrote down what I took personally
    Alusair: I thought nick was writing it
    Shenvallei: I did a treasure check last game remember?
    Shenvallei: but I didnt this game.
    Arothir: 100 Gold Coins
    Arothir: 1000 Copper Coins
    Arothir: A Longsword
    Arothir: A Shield (Tower)
    Arothir: A Battleaxe
    Alusair: tower? It was kite.
    Arothir: A ceremonial Dagger
    Alusair: and you said large
    Alusair: not tower
    Arothir: w/e
    Arothir: It’s the squareish one
    Arothir: You found a Kite today
    Arothir: with the smaller axe
    Alusair: no
    Alusair: we found a kite last time
    Alusair: I spent about 15 minutes questioning you about it
    Arothir: ...whatever
    Arothir: It was a tower this time then
    Alusair: ty.
    Alusair: fine by me
    Alusair: but I already had a large kite.
    Alusair: :P
    Arothir: The odd punching dagger/longswordything
    Alusair: si
    Arothir: a strange stick
    Arothir: From this time
    Arothir: Chest o’coins
    Arothir: Box o’ boxiness
    Arothir: Box o’wood
    Arothir: Shortsword
    Arothir: Breastplate, Buxom Leather Armor
    Arothir: Bastard Sword
    Arothir: Tattered old Book
    Arothir: Ancient Tome
    Arothir: Simple metal staff
    Arothir: Pink tunic w/glittery belt
    Arothir: 20 gold, Robes
    Shenvallei: jesus christ this is a lot of loot.
    Arothir: ...yeah
    Arothir: Well, you killed a fucking Demon
    Arothir: and an Ettin
    Arothir: and an Owlbear
    Arothir: And set free a Demon
    Arothir: and a Mephit
    Shenvallei: yeah we rock
    Alusair: and looted an unknown number of fairly important tombs
    Alusair: moving on
    Arothir: And killed fucking Kim-jong-il
    Arothir: ANYHOO
    Arothir: MAGIC ITEMS ARE:
    Shenvallei: wait
    Shenvallei: before I cast it
    Shenvallei: I put my black saber down with the loot
    Arothir: Tower shield, Kite shield
    Shenvallei: just in case its magic too.
    Arothir: Strange Stick
    Arothir: Box o’wood
    Arothir: Shortsword
    Alusair: toss the amulet in too
    Arothir: Amulet
    Shenvallei: god let that stick be a wand
    Arothir: Buxom Leather Armor, Bastard Sword, Ancient Tome, Dusty Book, Staff with the blue stone, robes
    Arothir: and Breastplate
    Alusair: “Lovely.. now we just need to get this back to the portal.”
    Shenvallei: “Ill handle that.”
    Shenvallei: I look up is the rope gone?
    Arothir: Jess: Aw…not enough shinies.
    Arothir: Yes.
    Shenvallei: “Van did you say you could get that thing open? If not I probably could.”
    Arothir: Van looks up at the closed hatch, then at you, then at Alusair and Jess.
    Arothir: ”...this is going to hurt…
    Alusair: cassssting
    Shenvallei: “Dont worry then.”
    Arothir: He winces, having not fully recovered, then tenses his legs to spring.
    Shenvallei: Ill cast alter self.
    Arothir: He leaps off of a wall, then up towards his cieling, braces his legs against the wall briefly, then shoves upward.
    Shenvallei: Upon seeing that I stop casting.
    Arothir: He gets the hatch up long enough to get an arm through before losing his foothold on the wall
    Arothir: Ten minutes of swearing and dangling feet later, he manages to get the hatch open
    Arothir: You hear from up above
    Arothir: “Well, I didn’t expect that…”
    Shenvallei: “Whos voice is it?”
    Arothir: Seconds later, a rope comes down and thwacks you on the head, Shen.
    Shenvallei: minus ””
    Arothir: Then Van appears up top, holding onto the rope.
    Arothir: It’s Van’s.
    Shenvallei: “Ow. Hey! Oh thanks.”
    Shenvallei: Is it my rope?
    Arothir: “Figure out how you’re getting all that stuff up here.”
    Arothir: Yeah
    Alusair: “Get that rope tied off.”
    Arothir: He does.
    Shenvallei: Tie each thing to the rope, have Van pull it up.
    Alusair: uh
    Alusair: climb up first
    Alusair: to help pull
  • Shenvallei shrugs. “Sure.” *
    Shenvallei: I climb up.
    Alusair: there were no ””s there
    Alusair: I’m not telling you to do it
    Shenvallei: oh opps
    Alusair: I’m doing it
    Alusair: :)
    Arothir: lol
    Arothir: Everything is hauled up
    Arothir: Just barely
    Shenvallei: Ill climb up last letting Jesebel go before me.
    Shenvallei: Wait
    Shenvallei: how about that chest?
    Shenvallei: were we able to get that up?
    Alusair: unless your rope can’t take it
    Alusair: because me and Van, we can lift it
    Arothir: It’s true
    Alusair: between
    Arothir: Although The lock on the chest almost gives out
    Shenvallei: silk rope should be ok.
    Shenvallei: Great. I climb up.
    Shenvallei: Close the latch.
    Shenvallei: Untie the rope
    Shenvallei: coil it, carefully put it away.
    Shenvallei: Pull out a scroll.
    Arothir: You do so.
    Shenvallei: Cast Tensers Floating Disk.
    Shenvallei: Start loading everything on the disk.
    Arothir: Tenser is rolling in his grave somewhere
    Shenvallei: He would be proud.
    Alusair: Right
    Alusair: get it loaded, haul ass back to the ruined village
    Shenvallei: Can support up to 300 lbs.
    Arothir: You make the trek back to the town…
    Arothir: ...I wonder how much all that shit weighs…
    Arothir: Esp. the coinage.
    Arothir: w/e.
    Shenvallei: 10 coins per pound.
    Alusair: the only problem is the coinage
    Alusair: not so much
    Arothir: For the sake of you both, I’ll say it works out.
    Alusair: its 50 / pound
    Shenvallei: swords are at most 5 lbs.
    Shenvallei: Worst case scenario I cast another one.
    Alusair: worst case scenario, Van and I actually have to carry things.
    Arothir: lol
    Alusair: and since I’m already carrying some of it
    Shenvallei: true.
    Arothir: Jess even hitches a ride!
    Arothir: :P
    Arothir: Anyhow…
    Shenvallei: I knew she would.
    Arothir: You get back to the village
    Arothir: ...more of it has been burnt down
    Alusair: Humor her, she did lose half of her hair for our treasure
    Shenvallei: “We need a plan Alusair.”
    Shenvallei: “If you want my vote I say we get back to Sigil and stow this treasure somewhere.
    Shenvallei: “
    Alusair: “No other option.”
    Alusair: “We need somewhere to drop off or identify an awful lot of trash here.”
    Alusair: “The inn won’t cut it.”
    Shenvallei: “We still have no idea about the gnome problem or if that demon was the cause.”
    Alusair: “He wasn’t.”
    Shenvallei: “What trash are we disposing of?”
    Shenvallei: “Oh your lingo again.”
    Shenvallei: “Right Cager, Ill just follow you.”
    Alusair: ”... Berk.”
    Alusair: We head for the portal!
    Arothir: YOU DO
    Alusair: “Still open to suggestions fer what to do with this shite.”
    Alusair: “Van? Anything?”
    Arothir: Fortunately for you, Jess still has the stick
    Shenvallei: “Zero could ID it perhaps.”
    Alusair: “HELLS no.”
    Alusair: “I’d rather feed it to a slaad.”
    Alusair: “At least then I’d know where it ended up.”
    Arothir: “You could leave it at my place… We have a rather spacious basement.”
    Shenvallei: “Why not? You mean he would steal it from us after all weve done for him?”
    Alusair: “Yes. Thats exactly what I mean.”
    Alusair: “He’s a wonderful man, in some respects. That doesnt’ mean I trust him.”
    Alusair: “Van – you mean you and that gnome?”
    Shenvallei: “Surely there is someone in Sigil who is adept at identifying items.”
    Arothir: ”...well, yes…and some other folks…I live with some interesting people. I’d trust them with my life, each and every one.”
    Alusair: “Good enough for me. Its safe?”
    Alusair: start hauling through the portal
    Alusair: “Thats true, Shen, there are. But if you don’t want to get peeled, I’d suggest you find one BEFORE you show him all the things you want him to look at.”
    Arothir: “Unless the Mercenaries I acquired it from somehow manage to figure out a way to re-open a portal into the weakest point in the hideout, thus creating an immediate housing dilemma for all of my friends, yes.”
    Arothir: You are now in the alley!
    Alusair: ”... Right.”
    Alusair: “Lead.”
    Arothir: Van leads you, as only he can, through a network of streets, to a two story number in the Clerk’s Ward
    Arothir: You enter into a nice little anteroom, with a few seats and stairs leading upstairs, presumably to living quarters.
    Alusair: “Nice kip. Good location. Lucky find.”
    Arothir: Van grins. “Lucky for me, this was my exit point, not Baator…”
    Arothir: Van leads you down the hall, past a lounge and a dining room, to a downward staircase.
    Shenvallei: Follow, disk a-floating.
    Arothir: Downstairs, in the basement, there is…well…a spacious room with a few crates in it.
    Arothir: Through a door you can see a series of holding cells.
    Alusair: “Interesting establishment…”
    Arothir: Van: It’s served me well in the past, and…well, I haven’t even used everything yet.
    Alusair: I imagine by now its fairly late, as well
    Alusair: given how long we’ve been hauling god knows how muhc?
    Alusair: much

    Arothir: Van: Hell, I haven’t even used the kitchen yet.
    Arothir: Yeah.
    Arothir: It’s getting on towards night, if not is night already
    Shenvallei: “Kitchen… by the gods Im hungry.”
    Alusair: “Charming. So what’s the plan, gents? We go back and see what else can be found out tomorrow?”
    Shenvallei: “Yes. For now I am headed to the inn. Come.”
    Shenvallei: I head to the inn.
    Arothir: Van follows
    Shenvallei: Walk in.
    Shenvallei: Head upstairs.
    Alusair: go back
    Alusair: to the inn
    Alusair: Stop to eat
    Alusair: THEN sleep
    Arothir: You eat, and go to bed
    Shenvallei: yes.
    Shenvallei: to sum it up.
    Alusair: we spend a day recouperating
    Shenvallei: since we are all in need of rest.
    Alusair: err
    Alusair: a night
    Arothir: You recuperate.
    Alusair: in the morning.. eat breakfast
    Shenvallei: Can we do xp now?
    Shenvallei: want to see if weve leveld.
    Arothir: You did.
    Arothir: Full level.
    Alusair: nifty
    Arothir: Van shows up halfway through breakfast.
    Shenvallei: full level as in
    Alusair: level 4? good.
    Shenvallei: how much xp do we have now
    Shenvallei: had 4320 before.
    Arothir: Uh…
    Arothir: 320+ whatever it takes to get to 4
    Arothir: I dunno what that is
    Shenvallei: let me see
    Shenvallei: here we go…
    Shenvallei: 4th level starts at 6000
    Shenvallei: so we have 6320?
    Arothir: Yes.
    Shenvallei: k
    Shenvallei: neat
    Shenvallei: ability score increase
    Shenvallei: new hit points
    Shenvallei: [1d4<!- Official Roll ->] => [2] = (2)
    Shenvallei: or your roll whichever is better :P
    Arothir: Jebus
    Arothir: Must I roll everyone’s HP
    Arothir: [1d4<!- Official Roll ->] => [3] = (3)
    Shenvallei: ty
    Arothir: The bartender is cordial, as always, if a bit cold that you guys stiffed him for a few days
    Alusair: well, that was quick
    Arothir: Hm?
    Alusair: updating
    Shenvallei: done.
    Alusair: la
    Alusair: mm…. breakfast.
    Arothir: The breakfast is…better than anything you’ve had in the past few days
    Alusair: not a challenge
    Shenvallei: “I suggest we all bring food this time.”
    Alusair: oh..
    Alusair: was the mephit’s scarf / bag magic?
    Arothir: Yes.
    Arothir: Van: So we’re going back there?
    Alusair: oh.. leave those behind too then
    Alusair: “Suppose so.”
    Shenvallei: “To investigate the remainder of the gnome problem? Yes.”
    Shenvallei: “Lets get Jesebel a crossbow or something as well.”
    Alusair: “So we need… provisions, a crossbow..”
    Shenvallei: “Aye. First stop is the vortex.”
    Alusair: “If you’re going arms shopping, you might look for a composite longbow.”

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Session Eight Three

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