Session Eight Four

Shenvallei: “I will.”
Shenvallei: “We splitting up then?”
Alusair: “I need to go take a look at that bag the mephit left behind.. I’ve got a hunch about it.”
Alusair: ‘Err.. if thats all-right, Van? Your house.”
Shenvallei: “Very good Ill meet you at Van’s house when we are done.”
Arothir: Van nodss.
Alusair: “Fair enough.”
  • Alusair gives Shen an approximate draw weight for the bow. *
    Arothir: Van: Not like I’m going to stop you from coming and going.
    Shenvallei: I sum it up and commit it to memory.
    Alusair: “You’ve got the coin. I’ll pay back whatever it costs.”
    Shenvallei: Then Jesebel and I head for the vortex. “Worry not, it will no doubt come from the treasure pool.”
    Arothir: you do so
    Alusair: Head to Van’s.
    Arothir: Shenvallei arrives at Van’s!
    Arothir: You find Van sitting in the front room, sipping a cup of coffee.
    Shenvallei: “Greetings Van. Is Alusair here?”
  • Shenvallei sets down a large burlap bag. *
    Arothir: Van: She just stepped out into the alleyway for a moment. She’ll be back momentarily.
  • Shenvallei pulls out a long composite bow with a taught bowstring. *
    Shenvallei: “A bit weighty on the pull for me, but Alusair shouldnt have a problem.”
    Arothir: Van grins. “Indeed, Shen, you look like you’d be more of an arrow for that bow than one to pull it…”
  • Alusair walks in the front door, sort’ve dusty and with the mephit bag. *
  • Shenvallei smiles at Alusair. *
    Shenvallei: “Welcome back.”
  • Alusair coughs uncontrollably for a minute. *
    Alusair: “Thanks.. but don’t ask.”
    Arothir: Van doesn’t.
  • Alusair stows the bag and flops down on a couch. *
    Arothir: “So, Kelli let me know this morning before I came to see you, that everything has been identified…”
  • Shenvallei gives a long pull on the new bow. *
    Arothir: Str, Shen?
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [17] = (17)
  • Alusair watches Shen. *
    Shenvallei: I lower the bow immediately when Van says that. “Really? Thats wonderful!”
    Arothir: “Yeah…she works very quickly… it’s hard to get her to take breaks sometimes.”
    Arothir: He seems wistful.
    Shenvallei: “Oh Alusair, will this work? I have 30 arrows there.” Point to sack.
    Shenvallei: Hand the bow to Alusair.
  • Alusair stands up, takes the bow and tests the pull. *
    Shenvallei: “Well lets have a look at the list then shall we?”
    Alusair: To the weight I requested?
    Arothir: yes.
    Alusair: “Beautiful.”
    Alusair: “Much obliged.”
    Arothir: Van pulls out a clipboard covered in yellow pieces of paper.
    Arothir: He begins reading off items
    Arothir: In No Particular Order
    Arothir: +1 Tower Shield
    Arothir: +1 Kite Shield
    Arothir: Wand of Raise Dead
    Arothir: Portable Wagon
    Arothir: Shortsword of Spell Holding (Holds 1 2nd Level Spell/day)
    Arothir: Amulet of Obedience
    Arothir: +1 Enhanced Leather Armor
    Arothir: +1 Bastard Sword
    Arothir: Staff of Scorching Ray
    Arothir: +1 Breastplate
    Arothir: Van: She sort of took the Ancient Tome that we brought back as payment… she likes books, so I hope you guys don’t mind.
    Arothir: +1 Robes
    Shenvallei: “As long as she shares it with me someday, I like books too.”
    Arothir: The Dusty book Contains: Hypnotic Pattern, False Life, and Blindness/Deafness.
    Shenvallei: What color are the robes?
    Arothir: Black
    Shenvallei: Hmm nice.
    Shenvallei: and how does the shortsword work, can anyone use it once I imbue it?
    Arothir: Just the caster.
    Arothir: You charge it when you memorize your spells
    Shenvallei: Can I use shortswords?
    Arothir: I think so?
    Arothir: It’s light enough to count as a rapier
    Arothir: or something?
    Alusair: its a rapier of spell holding, you say?
    Alusair: :P
    Arothir: Yes.
    Arothir: One might say
    Arothir: :P
    Alusair: the answer is yes, shen :P
    Alusair: Being the unfortunately overly-assertive type
    Alusair: I’m taking the bastard sword
    Alusair: No offense, but mine meltd.
    Alusair: melted
    Arothir: Lawl
    Arothir: Exactly why Van ended up with that broadsword
    Alusair: Wouldn’t mind the breastplate, either
    Arothir: Van won’t press the issue.
    Alusair: I’m willing to fight him for it
    Arothir: ...why?
    Arothir: He’s not pressing that he gets it.
    Alusair: if he wants it..
    Alusair: :P
    Arothir: He doesn’t want it that bad.
    Arothir: He went out and bought himself a new one.
    Alusair: lol
    Alusair: Other than that, none of its of interest
    Arothir: ...It still looks somewhat used.
    Arothir: Not the tower or kite shield?
    Alusair: meh
    Alusair: stockpile it.
    Arothir: you do so
    Arothir: Do you look at any of the mundanes?
    Shenvallei: Oh what about that black saber, is it magical too.
    Arothir: No.
    Shenvallei: ok
    Shenvallei: Ill take
    Shenvallei: the staff.
    Shenvallei: the spellbook
    Shenvallei: the shortsword
    Shenvallei: and can I use the wand?
    Arothir: Yes, you can.
    Arothir: Sure.
    Shenvallei: Ok then Ill take the wand too.
    Arothir: Someone make a note of what’s left
    Shenvallei: and
    Shenvallei: the robes
    Arothir: Sure.
    Shenvallei: hang on updating sheet
    Shenvallei: is the shortsword +1 or no bonus for to -hit?
    Shenvallei: bah bio brb
    Arothir: No bonus
    Alusair: investigate mundane items… might be Soooooooomething of interest
    Alusair: I doubt it though
    Arothir: The Box of boxiness…
    Arothir: Upon being opened
    Alusair: thank god
    Alusair: I have an armor class
    Arothir: Oh?
    Arothir: lawl
    Arothir: But yeah
    Arothir: The box, when being opened reveals a full set of clothing, matching exactly what you’re wearing, without rips.
    Alusair: ”....”
    Alusair: “Mundane, is it?”
    Arothir: You see on the lid it has a small Z with a flourished flower.
    Alusair: ”...”
    Alusair: “How does Zero know exactly where I’m going, when I’m going to be there, and when I’m going to need a change?”
    Alusair: “Its kind’ve creepy.”
    Arothir: Van: Who’s this Zero guy?
    Alusair: “Anarchist.. smuggler.. fence… murderer.. thief.. freedom fighter.. terrorist..”
  • Alusair looks at Jess, “Help me out here.” *
    Alusair: “Come to think of it, I think “Anarchist” sums it up.”
    Arothir: Jess tries to think of more words, but jsut nods instead.
    Arothir: Van: Huh…I saw a bounty poster for a man named Zero…
    Alusair: “Same guy.”
    Alusair: “Before you ask, let me assure you – he almost certainly deserves it.”
    Alusair: “But killing him would be more trouble than it’s worth.. also, he’s helped us out of a few tight spots.”
    Alusair: “And, finally, I don’t want to be responsible for putting his Kobold out of work.”
    Alusair: “Jess’d never forgive me.”
    Arothir: She smiles.
    Alusair: Wander off to change.
  • Shenvallei steps out from the side room wearing new black robes. *
    Alusair: ... wander to the side room Shen just vacated
    Shenvallei: “They seem to fit pretty well.”
    Arothir: You do so.
    Shenvallei: “Jesebel, if you like add this to your armory.” I hand her the black saber which is now replaced by the shortblade.
    Arothir: She shakes her head
    Arothir: Jess: Not my style…
    Shenvallei: “No? very well. A spare then.”
    Shenvallei: I set it down near the burlap sack.
    Arothir: You do
  • Alusair returns, sans ripped clothes. *
    Alusair: “Better.. although I may keep the other stuff for the occasional odd mood.”
  • Shenvallei looks at Alusair. *
    Shenvallei: “Much better, back to your old self.”
    Alusair: “Huh.”
    Alusair: “Same old borin’ me. What now?”
    Arothir: Van shrugs and finishes off his coffee
    Shenvallei: “Lets pay a visit to the old man.”
    Shenvallei: “If he wants the job done we need more information.”
    Alusair: “I don’t think he has any to give.”
  • Shenvallei picks up the burlap sack and slings it over his shoulder. *
  • Shenvallei whistles a tune as he exits the abode. *
    Arothir: Jess tags along behind you
  • Alusair sighs and follows. *
    Shenvallei: “Come along Luna.”
    Alusair: keep abreast of Jess, since Shen’s content to lead anyway.
    Shenvallei: Head for the alleyway.
    Shenvallei: Stop just at the old man’s house.
    Shenvallei: Walk up to the door and knock.
    Arothir: You do so.
    Arothir: You knock
    Arothir: The door swings inwardly, squeaking quietly
    Shenvallei: “Sir, its us! the ones you sent to see about the gnomes.”
    Shenvallei: Enter carefully, “Hellooo”
  • Alusair waits outside, leaning on her bow. *
    Arothir: You hear nothing from within
    Alusair: Was the door latched, or did it swing in when he knocked?
    Shenvallei: Wait 30 seconds.
    Shenvallei: Say “Hellooo” again.
    Alusair: DM? A/B?
    Arothir: A/B?
    Alusair: ....
    Arothir: It swung in
    Arothir: B
    Arothir: Sorry
    Shenvallei: (afk 2 mins again sorry)
    Alusair: shoulder bow, draw sword
    Arothir: Still nothing Shen
    Alusair: “Van.. I don’t care if you’re not welcome.”
    Alusair: “We’re going in there.. somethings wrong.”
    Alusair: “Search the damn house – all of it.”
    Alusair: Head in
    Arothir: Van follows
    Arothir: You find, on the top floor
    Arothir: The man, head lolled to the side, whiskey bottle in hand, surrounded by other bottles, crossbow sitting across his lap
    Alusair: check pulse
    Arothir: He’s alive
    Alusair: Back away
    Alusair: “Almost a shame.”
    Alusair: any of the bottles full?
    Alusair: On second thought…
    Alusair: Take empty ones
    Alusair: How many?
    Arothir: Probably 20
    Arothir: ...big bottles
    Alusair: thats fine
    Alusair: Move on, search the house for rope
    Alusair: or cord
    Alusair: or fishing line, I suppose..
    Arothir: You find it
    Alusair: how much?
    Shenvallei: I take the crossbow from the man.
    Arothir: 50 feet of old nautical cord
    Arothir: Reflex Check and AC, Shen
    Alusair: LOL.
    Shenvallei: [1d20+5<!- Official Roll ->] => [5,5] = (10) Reflex
    Shenvallei: 20 AC
    Shenvallei: sorry thats 11 forgot to add my base
    Arothir: The man springs up, screaming in gnome, firing the crossbow such that it flies right past your ear.
    Alusair: Screaming..
    Alusair: in gnome?
    Arothir: It embeds itself in the door, slicing off another lock of Jess’s hair.
    Arothir: Yes.
    Alusair: ..uh oh
    Alusair: So much for him.
    Shenvallei: Wheel back and sock him in the face full force.
    Arothir: Roll to hit.
    Shenvallei: [1d20<!- Official Roll ->] => [2] = (2)
    Arothir: Your swing goes wild.
    Shenvallei: better than a 1 at least
    Arothir: Likewise, the man’s kidney shot loses all of it’s force in your robe.
    Alusair: yeah.. you didn’t elbow Jess while you were drawing back for the punch
    Shenvallei: good thing
    Arothir: Shen.
    Shenvallei: although that would have been funnyt
    Arothir: The man collapses to the floor.
    Shenvallei: Is he standing up?
    Arothir: Blood spreading rapidly on the floor
    Shenvallei: good
    Shenvallei: Kick the crossbow out of his hand.
    Arothir: He has seven daggers protruding from his back, all embedded to the hilt.
    Shenvallei: What happened?
    Alusair: ...he tore out Jess’s hair
    Alusair: is what happened
    Shenvallei: can I do anything to stop her before she does that?
    Arothir: ...the odd thing is, Van’s daggers are unsheathed in the process too.
    Arothir: you try?
    Shenvallei: yes
    Arothir: If so, what’s your AC sans armor and dex?
    Shenvallei: “Jesebel knock him out dont kill him.”
    Arothir: She stops.
    Shenvallei: ac minus dex is
    Shenvallei: 15?
    Arothir: Kay.
    Shenvallei: So the old man is still up?
    Arothir: He doesn’t collapse to the floor
    Arothir: But he does sock you across the jaw with his crossbow
    Arothir: [1d4+1<!- Official Roll ->] => [3,1] = (4) Damage
    Alusair: ... Am I there yet?
    Arothir: Yes.
    Arothir: You come in to see that part
    Shenvallei: “You drunk fool!”
    Alusair: LOL
    Alusair: good timing
    Alusair: Called shot, head.
    Arothir: A whiskey bottle shatters against his skull
    Arothir: causing him to collapse backwards
    Alusair: Proceed with trying to soothe Jess’s ruffled feathers, so to speak.
    Alusair: Being quite sure that, whatever happened, it was probably unprovoked.
    Alusair: And certainly didn’t call for trying to scalp her.
    Shenvallei: I leave the house angrily.
    Arothir: You do so, Shen
    Alusair: ... Follow, obviously
    Arothir: Jess trails along behind you, looking enraged.
    Shenvallei: “Whats the point now!? Why should we go back? This old man is a fool and the evil is gone from that tomb right? What stake have we in the affairs of old men and gnomes?”
    Arothir: Jess: I…don’t know?
    Shenvallei: I look at Alusair.
    Alusair: “You’ve already made up your mind.. why are you looking to me to change it?”
    Shenvallei: “Im not looking at you to change my mind.”
  • Alusair leans against into the building, arms folded with a somewhat amused expression on her face. *
    Alusair: “Then what do you want of me?”
    Alusair: .. -against in the emote.
    Shenvallei: “Well what do we do now?”
    Shenvallei: “Bah. I know what IM doing.”
    Shenvallei: I head back to the inn.
    Arothir: you do so
    Alusair: Trail along behind at a distance.
    Shenvallei: Luna and I go to my room. I shut the door. And dont come out for 4 days as I scribe my spells.
    Shenvallei: Except to eat/drink/ect.
    Arothir: You do so…
    Arothir: TIME FLIES
    Arothir: Four days go by
    Arothir: And you find yourselves in the bar proper
  • Shenvallei walks down stairs fatigued and sleepy eyed. *
    Shenvallei: I take a seat at the usual table and request some tea.
    Arothir: Tea arrives
  • Alusair probably doesn’t look like she’s in much better shape. She orders coffee, though. Probably an entire pot of it. *
    Arothir: Jess comes down, looking radiant and bouncy.
    Arothir: She orders rotgut.
    Alusair: LOL.
    Shenvallei: Sip my tea in silence. Then eye my companions warily. “Good morning.”
  • Alusair cocks an eyebrow, “Odd choice for a morning.” *
    Arothir: Jess: If it tastes good…
  • Alusair looks at Shen and shrugs, “Mornin’.” *
    Alusair: “Which it doesn’t. . .”
    Arothir: Jess smiles and waves, even though she’s sitting next to you
    Arothir: Jess: Fine, fine…if it’s good for you…
    Alusair: “Lets go back to ‘if it tastes good’... in hindsight, at least theres room for personal opinion there.”
    Arothir: Jess: So how are you, Shen?
    Arothir: Jess: You seem down…”
  • Alusair moves to the end of the table, nursing her coffee in silence. *
    Shenvallei: “Tired. Not from lack of sleep but from constant reading. I do this to myself every time.”
    Shenvallei: “The story of the impatient elf. Is over 1000 years too short a life to pace ones path?”
  • Shenvallei sighs. “Im fine. Do either of you have an agenda for the day?” *
    Alusair: “Agenda? I’m not sure I even know what day it is. I haven’t been outside since whenever we came back here.”
    Arothir: Jess: Oh, I’m easy.
    Arothir: She blinks for a minute.
    Arothir: Jess: I mean, I don’t have any plans!
  • Shenvallei scans both of their faces. *
  • Shenvallei then just sips his tea again. *
    Shenvallei: “I suppose we could start your training Jesebel.”
    Arothir: Are you looking for anything in particular in Jess’s face?
    Shenvallei: No, just trying to be intuative.
    Arothir: Ahh
  • Alusair continues nursing her mug, eyes flitting around the bar.. but always finding their way back to Jess. She’s not easy to read at the moment, due to the apparently wide range of emotions. She runs through a sort’ve thoughtful, sort’ve gloomy, turning to something on the order of very obvious affection when her gaze inevitably turns to its normal focus. But then, just as inevitably, its drawn back to the rest of the bar, where once again it becomes a rather gloomy but careful observation. *
    Arothir: Jess just seems…like Jess.
    Shenvallei: Thats pretty astute of me to notice.
    Arothir: The bartender comes by occasionally, filling her cup.
    Arothir: Well, she’s always looking for new experiences. She seems pretty excited to learn magic, though.
    Shenvallei: “Hmm, so what interests you? Do you want to learn the arcane or do you want to focus on your skills with weaponry and stealth?”
    Shenvallei: “No hurt in a little of both if you cannot decide.”
    Arothir: Jess: I can’t help it…I enjoy everything!!
  • Shenvallei smiles for the first time this morning. “That is refreshing to know.” *
    Alusair: “Gods, its too early for this sort’ve barminess. Barkeep, real drink over here please. And you’d better bring a second mug.”
    Shenvallei: “What say you Alusair, I trust your wisdom, where should we start her training in?”
  • Alusair looks at Shen and blinks, turning back towards the bar and saying, louder, “Make that three.” *
  • Shenvallei sits in silence looking at his mug and twiddling his thumbs waiting for the drinks to arrive. *
    Arothir: The drinks do arrive
    Alusair: ”....”
    Alusair: “You realize I was ordering spares for myself, right?”
    Arothir: At the same time, so does Van…his clothes look more patched than new.
    Shenvallei: “Why 3 mugs then?”
    Shenvallei: I slide over making room for Van to sit.
  • Alusair takes a long pull on one mug. “Why not? More fun. You get to stack them after you’re done with ‘em. Build pyramids.” *
    Arothir: Van: I was wondering where you two went…
    Shenvallei: “And you call me barmy.”
    Alusair: “As for your question.. she’s your soddin’ pet, why should it be my piking decision? I’m here to guide – anything I tell you will not be advise – it will be made an order by merit of the runes on her neck.”
  • Alusair turns back to her mugs, draining the first and setting it infront of her before starting on the next. *
    Shenvallei: “Come now Alusair that isnt fair. You know I havent given her one order since we happened upon her. And I never will.”
  • Alusair stops, mug half-way to her lips. *
    Alusair: “You don’t get it, do you?”
    Alusair: “You don’t have to bloody say ‘Jess, I command you to’ whatever. All it takes is a sodding suggestion.”
    Shenvallei: “All the more reason for your advice, no?”
    Arothir: Van: ...maybe I should come back at another time…or you can come by my place. I’ve got to go get some things for Kelli anyhow…
    Arothir: He excuses himself
    Shenvallei: “Ah hell that was rude of me.”
  • Shenvallei sighs. *
    Alusair: Take his mug if he had one, dump it in a potted plant, and use it to continue foundations for my pyramid.
    Arothir: He didn’t have one
    Alusair: Order him one – empty.
    Arothir: Lawl
  • Shenvallei gives a long yawn, finishes the last of his tea, and stands up, “Ill be back down in a minute.” *
  • Alusair finishes draining another mug, adds it to the rest. *
    Shenvallei: Ill head upstairs, get my normal gear ready, cast a few spells to improve my appearance, and head back down.
  • Alusair starts on the third and flags down a waitress. *
    Arothir: You do so
  • Alusair always orders them in threes, though. *
    Arothir: The waitress eventually just starts bringing them in nines.
    Arothir: Unfortunately for you
    Arothir: Jess has a pyramid twice as big on another table
    Alusair: ”. . .”
  • Alusair knocks the whole affair over, drops a pile of gold coins on the table “for the mess”, and walks out the front door. *
    Alusair: ( for clarification, her pile. Not jess’s. )
    Shenvallei: “Im headed out to get some fresh air. Jesebel, can you stay here with Alusair and make sure she doesnt drink herself into oblivion?”
    Arothir: Jess: I don’t think that’s going to be an issue!
    Alusair: ( *makes an OOC point at the mass of rolling, spinning mugs on the floor and on the party’s usual table
    Shenvallei: Ill head back to the vortex.
    Arothir: you do
    Arothir: Hmmm
    Shenvallei: (on a side note I almost reactivated my wow account last night)
    Shenvallei: (updated the software but then was like…. forget it.)
    Arothir: lol
    Alusair: ( I’m.. almost working my way up to it… but I’ll have to work myself into re-installing it. )
    Alusair: ( I trashed it about two weeks after we started WAR, to prevent me from ever going back. )
    Arothir: ( LoL…)
    Shenvallei: I walk back in the bar.
    Arothir: You’re followed shortly after by Jess.
    Shenvallei: “Jesebel! come I have a gift for you.”
    Shenvallei: head up stairs.
    Arothir: She follows you
    Shenvallei: Give her the book and parchment.
    Arothir: She looks overjoyed
    Shenvallei: Ill smile at her and try to teach her the basics of the arcane.
    Shenvallei: Too see how fast of a learner she is.
    Arothir: She learns very quickly
    Arothir: Almost…absurdly quickly
    Shenvallei: Ill keep moving on in the lessons until she has a firm grasp of magic.
    Arothir: Alright
    Arothir: brb in a minute
    Shenvallei: Take your time. (this is probably a good stopping point anyway. Im feeling kinda strange. Maybe I should get some rest.)
    Arothir: Yeah…pry…
    Arothir: brb
    Shenvallei: (night guys. Good times again.)
    Shenvallei: Disconnecting from server…
    Alusair: night.
    Shenvallei (exit): 03:06

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Session Eight Four

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