Session 13 - Farport - The Deliverance of Farport

Dragonling: y’all look funny
Dragonling: This used to be my show. I was the star.
Campaign saved.
Nick (Arithel): okie
Alex: Speaking of the show…
Dragonling: Seriously, I was the star attraction!
Kiergath (Safana): cough
Arithel: Delusions of a Dragonling.
GM: Have we all finished levelling up?
Nick (Arithel): pretty sure
Kiergath (Safana): I’m functional, I may have missed something unimportant here or there… I was kind’ve distracted when I did it.
Alex: Okay. Fair enough.
Doug (Eachra): Think so, Yes. Might have missed something but I am not sure yet. Been tryign to get Mas done
Doug (Eachra): Well enough to start though
Okay – just want to lay some rules down, though. If you’re going to be rolling with two characters, I’m going to be opening up that option to everyone. I had originally thoughts Masud was going to replace Eachra, but if you want to run both, everyone gets an extra.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): if they want it* I assume…
Alex: …well, I’m not going to force you to take it.
Doug (Eachra): I can replace her if ya want. Just did not want to leave the party with limited to no healing. If it is going to be a hassle I can just put her aside for now
Kiergath (Safana): they don’t have limited-to-no healing.
Kiergath (Safana): but he didn’t really say hassle, he just said he was opening the option up.
Nick (Arithel): so you are saying we can run 2 chars if we want.
Nick (Arithel): Im good with just this one.
Campaign saved.
Alex: Okay
Alex: That’s fair enough.
Alex: Okay! So, we’re ready to go?
Doug (Eachra): AYUP!
Nick (Arithel): aye
Kiergath (Safana): uh, peachykeen, yes

Alex: OK
After setting the Stormtamer at the head of the government, the group stays around to solidify his power and rebuild the infrastructure of Safana. They fend off a few attacks by rogue pirates, but by and large the transition is peaceful. Things are relatively quiet one day when they are summoned to see the Stormtamer.
Safana: …keep your hands OFF my infrastructure, thank you
GM Thats not what Safana said to the Hammerhead! Zing!
Arithel: Can you clarify what you mean by infrastructure of Safana?
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): ./ragequit
GM: Her roads and highways.
GM: Social services.
GM: Govermental institutions.
Doug (Eachra): and ample hills…
GM: …that would be geography.
GM: pervert.
Doug (Eachra): 0.0
Nick (Arithel): Das ist Islas! Islas! Islas!“
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>I’m assuming that you go to see the Stormtamer?
”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Yes.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>GM: Also, is Masud done enough to be introduced?
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Eachra): Yes
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>You enter into the Mayor’s office and see the Hammerhead sprawled all over the chair behind, bottles strewn everywhere, and a crown sitting crookedly on his head. Bart is pacing back and forth, his hands behind his back, and he barely glances up when you enter.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;">"It’s about time you got here. I just got this by courier." He hands a message over to you, which bears a dual signature, a script A+D, written in shimmering ink and blood. The message bears the following message. “In two days, the settlement of Farport will be torched to the ground, unless you deliver the daughter of the Stormtamer to Farport within the allotted time.”
Safana: “Daughter? I’ve never been introduced..”
Arithel carefully measures Bartholomew’s response.
Stormtamer: “That’s just it. I have no daughter.”
Stormtamer: “It’s an impossible demand. I can’t meet it. My first week in office, and I’m responsible for the destruction of the second largest port on an entire plane?”
Arithel: “Perhaps it is a misunderstanding. Do you have any idea who sent this?”
Arithel: “Who is this A and D?”
Eachra: “Heaven and Hell? They going by Angel and Devil now?
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Or maybe they have real names! In either case, they’re my guess -except for not knowing Bart has no daughter.”
Safana: “That part makes no sense.”
Stormtamer: “It could be. It’s entirely possible it’s another group issuing demands, now that I’m in a position of power.”
Arithel: “Troubling, what of farport, is there any military report from there?”
Arithel: “If not I suggest we find out somehow.”
Safana: “Two days; we can either find out what’s going on or go and see for ourselves – I have no idea if we can even make it in time.”
Stormtamer: “I’ve yet to even recieve the reports I requested from all of the ports – the ships are still on the water, I’d guess.”
Safana: “Perhaps we’re not meant to answer; two days is hardly time to do so.. what if its simply an excuse to raze Farport and have you blamed?”
Eachra: “That is a good point”
Campaign saved.
Stormtamer: “…so I can do nothing, then…”
The Stormtamer looks crestfallen.
Safana: “Or we can go into the jaws of certain death, without even knowing if we’ll be in time, and save the day.”
Arithel: “How far away is farport, my insight is telling me its.. far”
Arithel manages a wry smile.
Meich snorts in laughter.
Stormtamer: “By the fastest ship, little over a day.”
Eachra: “Well we have to do something, even if we fail. It won’t be said that Stormtamer did nothing to try and prevent it.”
Stormtamer: “By normal routes, about five.”
Arithel: “Lets find that out first, perhaps if we can make it before the 2 days is up we can ‘negotiate’ an agreement.”
Eachra: “Should we warn Farport of the impending attack?”
Safana: “If we sent a courier the same time we left, he’d be on the same ship – or he’d get there after we left.”
Safana: err, after we arrived*
Eachra: “Maybe they can evacuate and the loss of life can be kept down, buildings can be rebuilt.”
Alex: (Either way, Saf, your point is true :P)
Campaign saved.
Arithel: “Is it possible Bartholomew, that you may have a daughter that you have never met?”
Eachra: “Well then we better get going so we have time to get the people out of the town.”
Stormtamer: “All things are possible, but considering all of my sea-wives sail with me, it’s not very likely.”
Safana: “Eachra has a point – if we’re going to leave, we need to leave now.”
Arithel: “Very well, I agree. Have your personal guard doubled while we are gone, in case this is an attempt to isolate you. We will make contact with farport and these extortionists and do what we can.”
Safana: “Bart, I hate to ask, but since you brought it up, do we happen to have the ‘fastest ship’ handy?”
Campaign saved.
Stormtamer: “I’ve made arrangements for you to alight on the Waverunner. It’s the second fastest ship in all of Islas. I’ve also arranged for a bit more muscle to go with you. If you manage to save Farport, I’ll make sure that you are given anything that you ask for.”
Safana: "Pretty big “if”..“
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “Someone who knows the culture and laws of Farport would help also. That is unless it is pretty standard.”
Safana: “I can’t imagine a lawyer hanging around Islas…”
Campaign saved.
Stormtamer: “…there was one. Short man, hanging around with an improbably wonderful young thing. He claimed he was on vacation. I think he’s left, though.”
Stormtamer: “As for Farport, well, it’s a den of debauchery – they trade everything through there, but they seem to make the most profit in dealing with flesh. Slavery, prostitution, you name it.”
Safana: “So we care what happens to it why?”
Safana: “Such things should only be tolerated when you are the one profitting by it.”
Arithel looks at Safana, his smile quickly turning to a grimace.
Safana: “What? There is nothing inherantly dishonorable in slavery or prostitution; both are as ancient as the multiverse. Their only failings are when the systems grow lax.”
Stormtamer: “…reportedly, the taxes are good. If you’d rather not go, the city will fall, and there will not be much loss other than financial.”
Stormtamer: “I am mostly disturbed by the threat, rather than the contents of the consequences.”
Campaign saved.
Arithel: “No, there may be opprotunity there. Perhaps we can make some good of the situation. Build a good name for Bartholomew at the very least. Perhaps begin a revolution to free Farport…”
Arithel drifts off into his musings.
Safana: “Excellent; I think we can all agree something needs to be done for… one reason or another.”
Eachra: “The longer we stand around here making ourselves feel good for going the less time we have for getting there and maybe stoping the attack.”
Safana: “Quite; Bart, where’s that ship so we can get going?”
Directions are rattled off fast enough to make your head spin.
Safana: un-spin my head and race for the docks
Stormtamer: “You’ll meet your new meat shield there.”
Safana: “I like my old one!” (yelled over my shoulder)
Safana: drag meich if she can’t keep up on her own
Arithel bows to Bart, “Be safe Stormtamer.”, then turns and follows Safana.
You race for the docks! YOU GET THE GOLD METAL! Meich finishes last by a few minutes. The ship, true to it’s name, is small – it looks like it can fit between most of the waves. There is a scrawny looking man in a robe sitting behind the single, triangular sail, eating a sandwich.
Campaign saved.
On deck, stands a bronze figure, of Douglian proporitons.
Doug (Eachra): Hehe :)
Safana: So.. a giant bronze statue.
Safana: Skill [Appraise] [1d20+12 = 19]
Doug (Eachra): Coke out the nose stings
Kiergath (Safana): market value?
GM: More or less.
Nick (Arithel): lol
GM: Market Value, 10 rubles.
Safana: tzarist or current?
Doug (Eachra): Damn.. thats all? :(
GM: Okay, okay, you drive hard bargain. 5 rubles, and I am having to feed my six wives and daughter!
Safana: whore out your daughter and give me more.
Kiergath (Safana): coughs anyway.
The ship looks rather cozy – there’s not much room on deck, and no railings to speak of. There cargo hatch, such as it is, is wide open, and it seems like you could almost uncomfortably fit six bodies within.
Alex: You’re going to the right place for whoring!
Eachra: “Masud stands 5’6” tall and looks to weigh around 130 lbs. His deeply tanned body (think Egyptian) is lean and toned and he appears to be well muscled. He has few visible scars and the ones you do see are dark with age. He wears his shoulder length black hair in a pony tail tied off with black rawhide strips. His eyes are oval shaped and a brilliant blue that you can almost get lost in. He is quick to smile and when he does you can see he has even white teeth. He appears almost to be human, but not quite so. Two small pits at his nose and the slightly pointed ears are his most inhuman markings.
Eachra: He is wearing a loosely fit blue shirt and black pants of the finest cotton. He ties the shirt at the waist with a crimson sash and wears the pants tucked into his tall black boots
Eachra: On a well wrought belt around his waist hang a pair of superbly made scimitars
Arithel silts his head slightly and returns the smile, “Well met friend, I presume this is the vessel traveling to Farport?”
Campaign saved.
Eachra: “

”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): that should stand out.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>GM: …probably :P
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Eachra): Sorry. How do I bold it?
”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): you can’t, in the log.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>GM: You can’t, not like I can.
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Eachra): Oh, OK.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>FOR I HAVE THE POWER.
”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): I was just making a note to turn it into bold exposition in the logs.
”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): .
”color:#660000;">Scrawny: “…yeah. You lot the King’s Men?”
Safana: “If you mean ‘do we work for the Stormtamer’, yes, which means its time to get going. Finish your sandwich and lets get moving.”
Masud flashes a smile “Yes that is correct friend, you must be the friends Stormtamer mentioned. Well met!”
Masud: “I am Mas, please let us be shoving off.”
Scrawny: “…right. When we get out, I’m going to need someone to point out which way the giant column of rock is. Can I trust one of you to do that?”
Arithel: “Arithel, friend and companion to Lord Stormtamer.”
Safana: “I’m sure you can, yes.”
Campaign saved.
Scrawny: “Good. Because if you can’t do that, we’re going to get awful lost, very quick.”
Once you’re all on board, the scrawny robed man, who has some very ratlike features, down to a fine hair covering his body, begins to set the ship to sailing. It’s only once you’re out of the port that you catch of glimpse of the scorch marks that surround his eye sockets.
Arithel: “What is your name captain?”
Kiergath (Safana): Keep an eye out for this rock he mentioned..
Scrawny: “Now, which way is the giant earthen Pillar?”
Scrawny: “K’zinn, but most folks call me Aagh.”
Safana: Skill [Spot] [1d20+4 = 10]
Doug (Masud): Well that stinks… Seems my bugged install does not let my mini sheets work… So it is die that I use to roll a dice with ’s yeah?
Campaign saved.
Safana: ../die 1d20 (whatever)
K’zinn: Or you add the modifier and actually roll a die
Doug (Masud): I see
Alex: How does ratman know that… I HAVE NO CLUE!
Nick (Arithel): make sure your alt tabbed on FG2 if you arent alot of functionality wont work.
Masud: [1d20+14 = 23]
MASUD! To your left, past the mast, you catch a glimpse of the tower of earth!
Doug (Masud): Left is what direction?
Kiergath (Safana): port.
Kiergath (Safana): alternately, “that way!”
GM: That way! indeed.
Masud: “Earthen Tower is to the Port!
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>The ship lurches about erratically.

”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>The speed begins to pick up, to the point that the salt in the air stings horribly if you open your eyes facing forward.

”color:#000088;“>K’zinn sits on the bow, facing the sea rushing towards you all.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>cowers below decks, miserable and wet.
”color:#000088;“>Meich cowers below decks, miserable and wet.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “Afraid ill be below deck as well unless you need me for anything?”
Safana shrugs and, maybe in answer, goes below herself.
Masud: “I love the rush of speeding along the water! It is exilarating! /em laughs heartly
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Maybe so, but I prefer a rail between me and the water.. this isn’t a ship, it is a glorified canoe.”
Arithel looks about for a tea pot or cup and some fresh water.
Masud laughs "I can see your point about the rail, would be quite the swim if one was to fall off! “
”color:#000088;“>Eachra Heads below deck
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>The day passes fairly uneventfully, with you making blinding speed across the top of the water. The ride is relatively smooth, all things considered. Arithel gets his tea, and everyone stays mostly dry.
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.
”color:#000088;“>Masud goes below deck a little bit after everyone else
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>As night approaches, you begin to hear the occasional splash alongside the boat, splashing in rhythm. It seems to come in ones and twos from both the port and starboard sides of the ship.
”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): go above..
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>On each side of the ship, you see a solitary dolphin, or what seems to be a dolphin, leaping out of the water alongside you.
”color:#000054;">Safana: Stay up on deck, watching.. “How far out, do you think?” (to the captain)
K’zinn: “You could almost see it if it were brighter, I bet.”
Campaign saved.
You all hear a low wail begin, slow and cyclical, providing counterpoint to the leaping of the dolphins.
Safana: “Any idea what that is?”
“Not something I’ve heard in my years out here, and I never forget what I hear.”
K’zinn: “Not something I’ve heard in my years out here, and I never forget what I hear.”
Listen checks!
Safana: Skill [Listen] [1d20+11 = 12]
Masud: Skill [Listen] [1d20+10 = 20]
Arithel: Any negative for being below deck?
Masud: Skill [Listen] [1d20+6 = 16]
GM: Nossir.
Arithel: Skill [Listen] [1d20+5 = 7]
GM: Not more negative than Saf’s being on-deck.
Kiergath (Safana): o.o
Masud, you notice that the wailing dies off after a splash, then builds up again, only to die with the next splash.
Masud: “Sems like it stops once it hit back into the water after it’s leap.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: Hey, DM
Doug (Eachra): Can Eachra roll a nature check to see if she knows what these may be?
GM: DM here.
Arithel pokes his head up from below deck, “Everything ok up here?”
Safana: Skill [Perform (Sing)] [1d20+22 = 41]
Safana: Wail a duet.
Kiergath (Safana): only with.. three.. thats not a duet. But I don’t remember what comes between duets and quartets.
Safana begins to wail the same soulless melody that seems to accompany the dolphins. It begins to depress everyone on the ship, but eventually the splashes stop and die away, leaving Safana the only one singing.
Arithel: “If I did not know you I would call you a siren.”
Arithel: “And happily submit to your melody.”
Meich: “..that’s actually quite sweet, Arithel.”
Safana eventually just sort’ve drifts off and goes quiet.
Campaign saved.
Safana: “They left?”
Safana seems almost a little disappointed.
GM: And you could roll nature if you wanted, Eachra.
Masud: “That was quite the melody. Such a beautiful voice and such a sad song.”
Safana: “Its an odd point of fact that my people’s most beloved songs usually are the most sad, as well.. picking up theirs was just instinctive, in its way.”
Safana keeps looking out to sea after the vanished dolphinoids.
Masud Sits down and takes out his sewing kit and pair of socks and starts to repair a hole in one of them.“
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Arithel): This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren.mp3

”color:#660000;">K’zinn: “Tragedy and things that should be remembered are often expressed in songs of sadness.”

Campaign saved.
Safana: “Hopefully we’ll make port before long.. I confess to losing my taste for this voyage.”
The light begins to glow a bit, and before long, you can see the port swell up in front of you. It’s not long after that you see two wakes appearing from a bit behind the ship.
Masud: “So what excatly are we going to Farport for? Stormtamer never did fill me in. Just told me my services would be needed and to meet you on the ship.”
Safana: “We’re going to prevent a massacre.”
Campaign saved.
Meich: “Or to start one.”
Masud raises an eyebrow “Indeed…”
Safana: “One or the other.”
Meich: “Not both?”
Safana: “Also possible, I suppose, but I’d prefer not.”
Meich: [2d20 = 12]
You each feel an unsettling jolt as the boat begins to slow abruptly, and get jostled from side to side.
Masud heads up onto the deck
Campaign saved.
Looking about, you see from the port side, slimy grey tentacles creeping over the side of the boat into the hold, while on the starboard, similar tentacles covered with what appear to be black dragonscale.
Arithel follows.
Masud: “EGAD! TO ARMS!”
Arithel blinks not believing his eyes before steeling his resolve.
Your resolve, as steely as it may be, still is confronted with two giant squidlike creatures that have begun wrestling with your boat.
Arithel: Initiative [1d20+3 = 17]
GM: [11d12 = 54]
Safana: Initiative [1d20+6 = 24]
GM: [15d8 = 58]
Masud: [1d20+10 = 26]
Masud: Initiative [1d20+4 = 19]
GM: [1d20 = 13]
Doug (Masud): Last one was for Echara
Doug (Masud): How many tenticals?
GM: A billion and a half.
GM: Roughly
Campaign saved.
Doug (Masud): Eeek
GM: Maybe 10? Each?
Doug (Masud): Attack the nearest
Masud: Scimitar x2 (Attack 1) [1d20+16 = 22]
Masud: Scimitar x2 (Attack 2) [1d20+11 = 15]
Doug (Masud): That looks odd…
Doug (Masud): have to change the names
Alex: Eh?
Alex: And pick one. You can reach either.
Doug (Masud): I cant reach them?
…you can reach them. Pick the scaled one, or the non-scaled one.
Doug (Masud): OH
Doug (Masud): Scaled
Masud’s first strike finds its way beneath a scale and digs in, delaying his second stroke just a hair long enough for the tentacle to slip out of the way.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): that means roll damage on one attack
Masud: Scimitar (Damage) [1d6 = 5]
Masud: 3
Doug (Masud): Sorry was fighting with the ability of not being able to type for a moment for some odd reason…
Alex: Click the chat bar. Works 100%
Safana: Haste. Everyone, +1 attack / round with a full attack action, +1 bonus to to hit, +1 Dodge bonus to AC and reflex saves.
Safana: Meaning.. Arithel, Meich, Me, Eachra, Masud, the captain.
Safana: obviously not the squids..
Nick (Arithel): doubles movement too no?
Kiergath (Safana): okay, yeah.
Kiergath (Safana): forgot about that
Kiergath (Safana): but since we’re on a tiny boat :P
Alex: Very tiny.
Alex: No Five foot step for anyone.
Alex: :P
Doug (Eachra): Can I see the bodies of these squid things?
Alex: Yes.
The black one is wholly scaled, and has a beak that appears to have acid scorchmarks around it.
Campaign saved.
Eachra Looks to the heavens and raises her arms to the sky! She calls to her goddess and casts “Call Lightning” Directing the first bolt to the Scaled thing.“
”color:#005500;“>Doug (Eachra): It would not happen to be storming would it or near by?

”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>It’s not storming, but yoru goddess is feeling kind for some reason. Roll damage.

”color:#660066;“>Eachra: [3d6 = 14]
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>A bolt of lightning streaks out of the sky, striking one of the black tenacles, charring the wood around where it had been gripping.


”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Run over to the side of the boat where the grey squid creature is.

”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Target self.

”color:#660066;“>Arithel: Spell [True Strike (Quickened)] → As Level 1 True Strike but cast as a free action

”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Suden Maximize.

”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Sudden Empower.

”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.

”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Target Squid creatures body.

”color:#660066;“>Arithel: Spell [Orb of Electricity] → 1d6 damage/level save vs. fort or be entagled 1 round

”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): oh. Wow.

”color:#660066;">Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [1d207 = 25]
Arithel: 202
Arithel: 20
Kiergath (Safana): uh, 202?
Arithel: Should be 78 damage, no save.
GM: [1d20 = 4]
Arithel: no save vs damage anyway.
Alex: …where did the 202 come from?
Kiergath (Safana): a typo of +20, I think
Nick (Arithel): mistype
Nick (Arithel): my screen is messed up (different resolution)
Alex: Ahh
The squid explodes in a shower of blood and ichor, with the electricity crackling about the waves and what remains of it’s tentacles.
GM: [2d20 = 14]
Kiergath (Safana): oh lord.
Meich pins a black tentacle to the ship with her shield before hacking at it with her sword.
GM: [1d10 = 6]
Campaign saved.
The black squid hoists it’s body out of the water, lets out a roar and spews acid from it’s beak.
Arithel: Reflex save [1d206 = 18]
Safana: Reflex save [1d20+14 = 33]
Eachra: Reflex save [1d20+12 = 22]
GM: [1d20 = 5]
GM: [6d8 = 25]
Eachra: Reflex save [1d20+7 = 23]
Eachra: first was Mas
Doug (Eachra): Sorry
Doug (Eachra): have to get use to changing
Being in front of everyone, Meich starts to get her shield up, before it is coated in the vile acid, buying the rest of you time to scatter on the small boat. However, the splashes still catch you and deal 12 damage.
Doug (Eachra): Sheathing weapons and drawing my bow a free action?
Kiergath (Safana): only if you have quick draw.
Kiergath (Safana): and then its a move and a free.
Doug (Eachra): Thats what I thought, so the getting out the bow would take place of my attack, yes?
Kiergath (Safana): iirc, since you’re not just dropping your sword.
Kiergath (Safana): eyup.
Kiergath (Safana): Nick, confirm?
Kiergath (Safana): I know quick draw makes drawing a new weapon free, but sheathing the old is still move, no?
Kiergath (Safana): unless you’re just dumping it.
Nick (Arithel): yes if he drops the swords I believe he can draw his bow as a move action and still fire.
Campaign saved.
Nick (Arithel): if he sheathes thats a move and drawing is your other move so no attack.
Nick (Arithel): as I understand it.
Eachra: I attack the nearest again then
Doug (Eachra): Sigh
GM: …er… TO HIT!
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 2) [1d20+11 = 12]
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 2) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 1) [1d20+16 = 30]
Kiergath (Safana): one more attack, full BaB
Kiergath (Safana): haste
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 2) [1d20+11 = 12]
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 2) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 1) [1d20+16 = 29]
Kiergath (Safana): erm, ignore attack #2 #2.
Doug (Masud): Yeah
Doug (Masud): Not sure how to make it only go for one
Kiergath (Safana): check mark undernearth the individual attack bonus
Kiergath (Safana): neath*
Doug (Masud): AH, OK
Masud swings his sword wildly, slicing into the sail! His second wild swing cuts into the tentacle, while his flourishing third cuts the remainder of the sail from it’s rigging, and it flaps free in the breeze.
GM: One damage please.
Kiergath (Safana): hold, hold
Kiergath (Safana): HOLD
Masud: Scimitar (Damage) [1d6+3 = 4]
Kiergath (Safana): you’re saying a 29 hit the sail?
Kiergath (Safana): :P
Kiergath (Safana): attack #2 #2(the second 1) never happened.
Alex: The other one came first, for some reason, so that’s what I was reading from.
Kiergath (Safana): yeah, FG2 doesn’t always roll them in order
Alex: I don’t know why he’s rolling backwards :P
Alex: Fine, fine, roll another damage.
Doug (Masud): See even my program is being confused
Alex: The sail is still free, though.
Masud: Scimitar (Damage) [1d6+3 = 9]
Alex: Saf!
Kiergath (Safana): squid still above water, or did it sink again?
Doug (Masud): I did not like that sail anyways!
Campaign saved.
Alex: It’s still mostly above water.
Kiergath (Safana): correction, hang the squid
Safana dashes for the sail to try and re-secure it.
GM: Can I get a climb atta—-check?
Safana: Skill [Climb] [1d20+7 = 17]
Safana makes a flying leap and catches the sail, swinging above the flailing tentacles, and manages to secure your only mode of transportation!
Doug (Eachra): Let loose another bolt of Lightning at the beats body this time
Doug (Eachra): beasts*
GM: Roll it.
Eachra: [3d6 = 11]
Lightning chars the creature!
Arithel: 5Run over to the other side of the boat.
Arithel: Target the black squid.
Arithel: Spell [Magic Missile] > 1d4+1 damage; 1 missile per two levels above 1st (max 5).
Arithel: Magic Missile (Damage) [5d45 = 11]
Kiergath (Safana): bad-ass.
Nick (Arithel): lousy d4
Doug (Masud): Well maybe you used up all your 1’s for the night :) I am hoping I have used all mine up
Arithel launches himself at the squid, a flurry of magical bolts raining from his hands!
GM: [1d20 = 11]
GM: [1d20 = 17]
Campaign saved.
GM: [1d10 = 2]
Meich slams her shield into the ship and pins a tentacle with her sword!
The squid screeches in anger and lets fly another stream of acid!
GM: Lets get some reflex rolls in here!
GM: [1d20 = 11]
Masud: Reflex save [1d20+12 = 14]
Eachra: Reflex save [1d20+7 = 24]
Safana: Reflex save [1d20+14 = 23]
GM: Nick?
Arithel: Reflex save [1d20+6 = 19]
Nick (Arithel): sorry
Masud leaps in front of the acid, shielding all of you from the worst of it!
GM: [6d8 = 31]
Doug (Masud): Fuck, ouch!
Kiergath (Safana): LOL
Kiergath (Safana): thanks :p
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 1) [1d20+16 = 22]
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 2) [1d20+11 = 19]
Kiergath (Safana): #1 again
Campaign saved.
Masud: Scimitar (Attack 1) [1d20+16 = 34]
They all hit!
Masud: Scimitar (Damage) [1d6+3 = 5]
Masud: Scimitar (Damage) [1d6+3 = 9]
Masud: Scimitar (Damage) [1d6+3 = 8]
Doug (Masud): I thinkthe 18 may be a crit, I have improved crit
Masud flies into an acid-scarred rage and hacks off two tentacles before driving his blade deep into the Squid’s lifeless eye!
Kiergath (Safana): with improved crit, a scimitar threatens 15-20
Kiergath (Safana): if you had that marked on your character sheet’s weapon entry, FG2 would notify and automatically roll confirmations.
The squid begins its slow sink to the infinite bottom of the plane of water.
GM: Mark for each of you, 15% of level.
Kiergath (Safana): I’ll get riht on that..
Doug (Masud): Yeah I did it on the copy on my side. Did not look until now to show that it was not here
Alex: We can track it in the Char sheets if you prefer.
Alex: Just set needed XP to 100, and use your current as your %
Alex: Pry be easier
Nick (Arithel): on the wiki? sure.
Alex: I meant in FG2
Campaign saved.
Nick (Arithel): got it
Alex: If you prefer to mark iet here. I know some people dont like fuckign with HTML
Nick (Arithel): done.
Kiergath (Safana): I already chan—oh.
Kiergath (Safana): cos I just edited everyone’s on teh wiki :P
Arithel tries to find some fresh water to clean off the remaining acid.
Doug (Masud): Why thank ya
Alex: Nice!
Alex: Throw in a bonus 1% for yourself, good sir.
You find some fresh water and de-acid wash your jeans.
Kiergath (Safana): we need to make another page for Masud.
Masud Slumps down agist the mast
You seem to be a small distance away from the port, and the ship seems to be slowing down. It becomes apparent that K’zinn took some of the acid as well and didn’t bear it nearly as well as any of you did.
Arithel: Examine him, how bad is he?
He’s bad enough to have stopped breathing.
Campaign saved.
Eachra walks over to K’zinn and places her hands on his shoulders and then check to see if he is dead.“
”color:#660066;“>Eachra: Skill [Heal] [1d20+10 = 29]
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “Poor K’zinn.”

He’s dead Eachra.
Arithel makes a note of his death in the ships log (assuming there are logs).
Eachra bows her head and says a prayer for him, asking that his spirit be protected on his journy to his god if he had one.
The ship is barely made of twigs, nevermind logs.
Masud: “Well then, seems we have a small problem. So can anyone sail this boat?”
Meich: “Saf – you sailed with the Stormtamer, didn’t you?”
Arithel: “Well lets set to dock and see this unpleasant business through. Safana Im sure has some knowledge of it.”
Safana: “Well, yes.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “That doesn’t mean I know how to sail a little twig like this.”
Safana: “I understand theories, tactics… tying ropes and playing with tillers isn’t exactly what Bart keeps me around for.”
Arithel: How far from shore are we?
A few hundred feet, at a dead stop.
Arithel: “Lets just drop anchor here. I can get us ashore without having to swim and then we can hire a new captain to retreive our ship.”
Meich: “…how do you plan on doing that?”
Arithel: “Teleportation, its only a few hundred feet to shore.”
Safana: “Arithel? This is the plane of water.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Do you know what happens if you drop an anchor out here?”
Arithel: “Ah, right, no such thing as anchors.”
Eachra Casts Cure Moderate Wounds on Masud
Safana: “You carry them, but not for use here; it’d just slow your drift a little.”
Nick (Arithel): afk phone
Eachra: [2d8+9 = 20]
Arithel: “Well if we cant navigate this thing into port then we will have to have it towed in or at least get help from someone on shore.”
Safana: “If you can teleport us somehow, that would probably be the way to go – and hole this boat before we go.”
Masud: “Speaking of anchors, I served on a air ship for a bit of time and someone dropped the anchor while we were flying over a town. We drug the bell tower of the local church with us for a bit, until it smashed aginst the wall of the keep. They seemed quite cross with us if shooting
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>Masud: arrows in our direction was any indication”

Campaign saved.
Safana: “I can’t imagine why that might be.”
Meich: “…oh dear.”
Masud flashes a smile at Eachra “Why thank you my sky angel, I feel better already!”
Arithel: Ok my idea ooc is to teleport to the shore, find someone to bring the boat in.
Arithel: That ok?
Kiergath (Safana): I don’t make plans OOC.
Nick (Arithel): cry
Kiergath (Safana): :p
Eachra Looks at Arithel “You can do that? Teleport? I have only read about that in books.”
Arithel: “Short distances only, I think you actually experienced it with Relaeryn once.”
Arithel: “When we were assaulting the night harbormaster.”
Campaign saved.
Eachra: “Oh, that door thingy you did? That was a teleport?”
Safana sighs.
Arithel: “At any rate, please dont sink the boat, first off its not ours, 2nd K’zinn’s body is aboard.”
Safana: “Burial at sea is traditional among mariners.”
Arithel: “Im not feeling super well at the moment, would someone care to join me to find someone on shore to help with the negotiations?”
Safana: “Secondly, it is ours because we are in posession; its owner is no longer among the living. As a ship belonging to Islas, it is ours by default.”
Eachra: “I was going to ask you, Safana how we should inture poor K’zinn”
Safana: “This is the plane of water – you may have noticed graves are in short supply.”
Safana: “Return him to the sea – or set the vessel ablaze before we go to shore. Either way, no-one will be able to back-track us to Islas with a charred wreck.”
Eachra: Skill [Knowledge Religion] [1d20+10 = 24]
Eachra: “Do we need to say any words for him?” Is there a ceramony we need to adhear to?“
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “I have never buired anyone at sea before.”

Meich: “…even when there are graves, it doesn’t stop people from digging them up. Here, at worst he comes back as a male Rusalka.”
Arithel sighs in resignation, “Fine, for the sake of convenience we will sink the ship. Lets at least do a search of it first to make sure nothing valuable to anyone goes lost. If it turns out this ship is owned by a member of K’zinn’s family we can pay them for the fair vailue of it in coin.”
Eachra looks at Meich “A whoswhat?”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Nothing good, which is why we should burn the ship and the body with it.”
Safana: “Search it if you must, but keep in mind some cultures prefer their belongings to stay with them at such a burial.”
Meich: “You’ve heard of a succubus, or an incubus, Eachra?”
Meich: “Sirens? Harpies?”
Masud takes out two flasks of lamp oil and starts to douse various parts of the ship in oil.
Arithel: “Of course. I only look for any journals or mementos to his friends or family.”
Arithel: Skill [Search] [1d20+4 = 5]
Eachra: “Yes, those I have heard of. Foul beasts.”
Arithel: “You better search, Im not feeling well at all.”
Safana: “Sirens are hardly foul.”
You find, instead of journals or mementos, a backpack full of apples.
Meich: “Rusalkas are much, much worse.”
Masud helps Arithel search the ship after dousing the ship in oil
Masud: Skill [Search] [1d20+10 = 11]
Nick (Arithel): fucking apples.
Masud, you find a backpack of oil covered apples that Arithel is investigating!
Eachra: “Well then, we don’t that to happen then do we?”
Doug (Eachra): LOL
Eachra looks at Arithel “You take the others with your teleport thingy you do and I will light the ship on fire and fly to shore.”
Campaign saved.
Arithel nods.
Arithel: Target myself, Safana, Meich, and Masud.
Arithel: Spell [Dimension Door] → Teleports you short distance.
With a POP! You are ashore.
Arithel: “Did we forget anyone?”
Safana: “Only if you count the parts of us that got hit with acid and sloughed off into the ship.”
Meich nods emphatically.
Kiergath (Safana): ..don’t count*
Eachra fly up above the ship then light my torch. Fly about the ship touching the outter points that were doused in oil then once they are alight toss the torch agnist the sail to catch it afire.
Kiergath (Safana): err, no.. what I said is right with how nick worded it.
Kiergath (Safana): n/m
Eachra sets the ship ablaze, and immediately you can hear a wailing coming from the sea.
Doug (Eachra): once the ship is ablaze fly to shore and join the others
Alex: It works either way
Alex: As you left appx half of yourselves on the boat
Kiergath (Safana): Is it the same? Or does it sound differently to my trained ears?
Alex: :P
Alex: No, it’s the same
Kiergath (Safana): rats.. and here I was, hoping it was lamenting the loss of its new singing partner.
Kiergath (Safana): then again, it probably wanted to invite me to dinner.
Alex: Indeed!
Eachra LANDS!
Doug (Eachra): or to be dinner…
Arithel: “Beautiful flight. Well done Eachra!”
Campaign saved.
Eachra blushes “Thank you, I forgot how much I love to fly”
Safana: “Now that we’re in this lovely town of… Far… something.”
A few yars away, you see the port give way to a colorful bazaar, with multicolored cloth everywhere, the smell of incense and perfumes floating through the air.
Meich: “Fartown?”
Safana: “Farville..”
Masud: “Farport”
Arithel: “Port my friends, port.”
Meich: “I could go for a drink.”
Safana: “I’m considering taking up strong drink.”
Arithel: “Indeed lets go.”
Masud: “Den of debauchery and a place were people go to hide from people like me.”
Masud: “Yes, a drink is in order”
Safana: “So.. someone find a bar.”
Meich: “Look! A bar!”
Meich tromps off.
Safana: Follow
Arithel: yup follow
Campaign saved.
Doug (Masud): we both follow along
Arithel: “I would like to shop in the bazaar if there is time after.”
You enter into a nameless little pub and sit down at the bar, there being no free tables. The drink is strong and serves to soothe. The bartender is a lithe 40 year old wearing nothing but a rag she occasionally uses to mop down the bar with.
Safana: “Odd place.”
Meich: “I do like shopping. I need to replace my shield.”
Meich hefts her half-kite shield that will never fly again.
Safana: “It had a good run while it lasted.”
Arithel: “Why are you not using that axe we aquired, does it not suit you?”
The drink flows fast and free, while there are some men in shackles clearing some tables away and setting up a small stage.
Meich: “I’ve never been one for axes, and that one feels… a bit strange. It’s hard to hold onto with my shield in hand.”
Masud: “Ooh, we get a show too.”
Arithel: “This bar makes me feel uneasy. Look at these people, I would wager their labor is compensated only with the bare minimum of survival.”
Kiergath (Safana): dm: general apparent attitude of the locals? Not the bartender, other patrons – on seeing the party; in particular me and Eachra.
Campaign saved.
Nick (Arithel): Welcome to Tortage!
Kiergath (Safana): watch out for de picts!
The locals seem relatively congenial towards you all, even a bit awed.
A man steps up onto the platform and begins to make as if he is going to address the crowd.
Doug (Masud): LOL
Campaign saved.
Announcer: “Ladies, gentlemen, property, I welcome you all to today’s Auction! We have several fine specimens on sale today for your bidding pleasure. Laborers, sex-starved addicts, you name it, Saltana finds them just for you!”
Saltana: “First up, from a far off long way away, I have a soldier from a war-ravaged land – he’s been killing since he was four, he killed his own mother when he was eight! Trained to obey any fighting command given by his master, he is almost undefeatable in battle!”
Safana looks at Arithel, “Just to be clear between us, given our earlier disagreement, I find the local state of affairs almost as reprehensible as I’m sure you do.”
Onto the stage, a man walks on, dressed in heavy metal armor that covers his impressive stomach – you can tell he’s made of muscle, but his stomach is quite a bit larger than you’d expect on a man of his stature. His face is covered in scars, and he’s far from pretty, but he has a fire in his eyes that is alost frightening.
Saltana: “I will open the bidding at one thousand dinars. Do I have any takers?”
Arithel: “Im tempted to buy them all and set them free. But the coin would only go towards ensaving others.”
Almost immediately, hands begin shooting up, escalating the price to 1,500.
Safana: “Such an act, though admirable, would only make you a target.”
Campaign saved.
Meich: “I’d hate to think that all of the auction houses would be like this one…”
Arithel: “This disgusts me. Slaves doing the work, their bodies being sold as if they were nothing but merchandise.”
Safana: “Only a barbarian sells his own kind like cattle.”
Arithel: “While their owners who likely did nothing to earn their stations consume and destroy their own kind.”
Safana: “And to buy and sell warriors like this is foolishness, you cannot rely on a pressed slave soldier.”
Saltana: “Sold, for three thousand dinars!”
Arithel: “I hate to admit this but if this is what Farport represents, seeing it… no there has to be some good people here. Some that oppose this, there has to be!”
Safana: “Farport is a den of savagery. It would be nice to possess, if it could be cleaned up.. but if it were to be destroyed, it would only benefit Islas.”
Eachra: “They sell people? Like they sell animals? Why do they let themselves be sold? Surely there are more of them…”
Safana: “Certainly. And they are unarmed, disorganized, probably with no common ground, and well-broken in spirit.”
Arithel: “Their spirits have been broken, look in their eyes.”
Saltana: “Next, for your bidding pleasure, straight from the Hells themselves, the mistress of seduction, a pleasure to look on, a succubus, willing to transform into anything your heart desires, and makes a wonderful assassin!”
Eachra: “I don’t understand any of this. I don’t understand it at all.”
Campaign saved.
Arithel: “I think I need some fresh air.”
A succubus is brought out onto the stage, much to the appreciation of the crowd.
Saltana: “Bidding will start at five thousand dinars!”
Safana: “…a succubus on an auction block? That speaks of a great deal of power in the hands of the establishment.”
Arithel: “This is not a good sign. It means there is power behind these slavers. Power enough to enslave outsiders.”
Rapid bidding pushes up the price to ten thousand dinars before the gavel slams down.
Eachra growls deep in her throat
Arithel makes his way to the exit.
Safana: “I admit.. it might be worth it for that price..”
Safana: “I expect she could be a lot of fun.”
Arithel exits – do the rest of you follow?
Safana looks at the party,then at Arithel, “Err, are we leaving?”
Safana: Not I.
Meich: “…sorry… sorry, I picked a terrible bar…”
A few more quick auctions of houseservants.
Eachra follows Arithel
Safana: “On the contrary, you picked a bar that lets us know what we’re dealing with.”
Arithel: “Lets wait for the others and then head to the Bazaar, there are just a few mundane items Id like to aquire.”
Masud flashes Meich a smile “Excatly, good work Meich.”
Campaign saved.
Saltana: “And now ladies and gentlemen, the main event! An auction so daring that my wife herself begged me to sell her early to my family, a sex-crazed nymphomanic! This elf has been around the block a few times, but we’ve kept her alone for the past few months, just to build up her drive. In captivitity eversince she was taken from faerun, this little elf is a bundle of fire in the bed. I start the bidding at 100,000 dinars!”
Safana: “A hundred thousand dinars? That had best be quite an elf..”
Silence from the crowd as the woman is brought out. Her eyes seem to be filled with desperation – her clothing not more than a suggestion. She has no chains, no bonds, but she is ravishing to look at. Still, no bids from the audience.
Saltana: “…no takers? 50,000 dinars, and that’s cutting my own throat. I have kids to feed!”
Alex: Arithel, Eachra, you can hear every other word or so outside the door to the pub.
Safana: “Huh. Not bad at all, but I wouldn’t give them more than twenty.. an elf is still an elf.”
Safana: (to Meich and Masud)
For some reason, the audience remains quiet. The auctioneer starts to sweat a little.
Arithel: Stay outside, cant bear to watch.
Doug (Masud): How much money does Eachra have from her “heist”
Saltana: “Come on now, people! 10,000 dinars, and that’s me taking a loss on this deal!”
Doug (Masud): I cant find my damn notebook
Alex: Approximately 10,000 gold, I think it was.
Campaign saved.
Doug (Masud): Dinars and gold = same?
Alex: As far as you are aware, they could be.
Nick (Arithel): probably silver
Eachra: “I have to do someting to save that Elf.”
Eachra: “Look at her Arithel”
Arithel: “I understand, if you need coin, you only need ask.”
Eachra Walks back in the bar
Eachra: “8,000 Dinars”
Saltana: “I have a bid for 8,000 Dinars, do I hear 9?”
Auctioneer: “8,500!”
Eachra glares at the room
Campaign saved.
Eachra: “9,000”
Saltana: “I have 9,000, can I get 10?”
Saltana: “I have a three wives to take care of, people!”
Auctioneer: “9,100!”
Eachra: “9,300
”color:#000088;“>Saltana realizing he’s not going to get much more, slams the gavel down.

”color:#660000;">Saltana: “Sold, to the winged-angel in the back. Lifetimes of sexual prowess to you and all of your ancestors!”

Saltana: “Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our informal auction today. Please, if you would, settle your payment and collect your slaves now.”
A line quickly forms, and quickly dissapates, leaving Eachra all alone with a debt to pay.
Eachra go pay for the elf
Saltana: “That will be 9,300 dinars, plus a 100 dinar auction entry fee.”
Saltana: “9,400 dinars total.”
Safana: (aside) “I wish I had that kind of coin to spend on a harlot…”
Safana: “At least for that kind of coin you get to keep her.”
Meich: “I wonder what the return on investment is versus a rental arrangement?”
Campaign saved.
Eachra: “Whats the conversion?”
Safana: “Depends on if she’s as good as he claimed.”
Saltana: “Conversion, effendi?”
Eachra Looks to Safana
Safana calls over to Eachra, “Gold coins, love. The yellow ones.”
Safana: “If he wanted silver, he’d be calling for dirhams.”
Safana: “Any lower and it wouldn’t be worth selling them – he’d just bring them in bulk to a ship bound for the mines on Earth.”
Eachra plops down her box of coins
Saltana: “…do I need to count it?”
Eachra: “No, there is 9,400 there.”
Saltana: “Pleasure doing business with you, effendi. Her control word is ‘maginar’, which will compel her to follow your every whim.”
Saltana picks up the box and waddles off, whistling.
Eachra walk over to the elf and hold out my hand to her. “Come along, your safe now.”
Safana looks at Meich, “This should be interesting.”
Meich: “Wow… I didn’t know that Eachra was into slavery.. or anything… THAT kinky.”
GM: Eachra, STR check.
Eachra Glares at Meich
Safana: “Nothing of the sort.. I think she thinks she’s going to free her new friend.”
Eachra: Strength check [1d20+2 = 19]
Campaign saved.
Meich: “Free her from her clothing, more likely.”
Meich: [1d20 = 12]
Eachra, you’re just barely able to support your own weight as the girl rushes into you, pressing her lips to yours and tearing at your clothing.
Safana: “Who’s freeing who?”
Meich: “Well, I suppose Eachra’s being freed, it looks like. I need a drink.”
Safana: “Me,too.”
Eachra: “Woah! little one, woah!. I hate to have to do this, but Maginar.”
Safana: “Fortunately, in my home, we learn to drink and watch at the same time. Some of us can walk as well.”
Arithel: “Quite a bit of coin you made off with there Saltana. Im sure you and your wives will enjoy it…”
Eachra, the girl stops, looking at you. Her look speaks volumes, much like a trashy romance novel.
Saltana: “Wives? What wives? I’m a happy bachelor! You folks enjoy your purchase!”
Saltana dissapears behind the curtain in the back.
Safana: “That there was a true merchant. Observe and remember everything he taught you.”
Arithel wanders back into the bar in somewhat of a daze.
Campaign saved.
Eachra: “Come sit down, little one. We have much to discuss and many habits to break you of. Goddess willing I will be able to free soon.”
Meich: “… I hope I never have to merchantize anything.”
Doug (Eachra): free you soon*
Safana: “Its a terrible burden on the conscience my dear, but without commerce we are little better than cattle – no?”
Slave She follows your commands, looking at you expectantly with very expressive eyes.
Meich: “…I don’t know… I’d rather be a cow than a pig.”
Safana: “I suppose there are worse things than going through life with the sole purpose of giving birth and having your tits groped, but its not high on my list.”
Eachra: “What is your name little one? Not the one they called you, but your true name.”
Meich spit-takes beer all over the bartender. Mortified, she runs out towards where the outhouses are in tears, possibly of laughter.
Campaign saved.
Slave: “I was known as Leei-kratten-iemmi, but I grew up with everyone calling me Likmi.”
Doug (Eachra): Phone
Doug (Eachra): Semi afk
Meich stumbles back to the bar, wiping tears from her eyes, glaring at Safana.
Eachra Coughs
Eachra: “how about we Leei, thats a pretty name.”
Leei: “Whatever you say, Master.”
Safana looks at Meich, “It may be pretty, but I don’t know if I can pronounce whatever she just said.”
Doug (Eachra): Her height is?
Meich: “…sounded an awful lot like Lick-me to me.”
GM: About 5 foot nothing.
Safana: “That was her original name, not the one Eachra just gave her.”
Campaign saved.
Meich: “…give me a few more beers and I’ll give it a shot.”
Safana: Bartender still here?
GM: Yes.
Safana waves for more drinks.
More drinks arrive, including one for the DM!
Eachra: “I hand her a set of my spare clothes then I stand up and unfurl my wings and wrap them around her and I. Go ahead and put these clothes on, little one.”
Safana: “So, think she’ll actually sleep with her, or do you think I’m going to get first shot?”
Meich: “…my money is on you.”
Leei: “…is that a command, Master?”
Safana: “Mistress is the proper form of address for her, dear.”
Safana: “Masters have external plumbing.”
Eachra: “It is a request, little one.”
Campaign saved.
Leei: “I don’t do requests.”
Arithel: “We are going to have to find a place to stow her while we continue on our task here.”
Arithel: “Unless you plan on using her as the ‘daughter of Bartholomew’ in which she might somehow prove useful to us.”
Meich: “That’s quite clever, Arithel!”
Eachra: “Then yes, lil one I will have to make it a command” /em sighs
Arithel: “It may be possible that this A and D have no idea exactly who Bartholomew’s daughter is. Im at loathe to put her life in danger and we certainly could not give her to them.”
When commanded to do so, Leei dresses, reluctantly.
Campaign saved.
Meich: “…technically, her life is bought and paid for. It’d just be as if we gave them a few thousand gold to go away.”
Arithel: “But by the way she is acting, I cannot tell if she is ensorcelled, insane, or just a creature of pure sexual nature.”
Safana: “I’m going with the latter.”
Arithel: “The logical step is to find these things out and come up with a plan based on our knowledge.
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “She is NOT an item.”

Meich: “…says the one who bought her like a piece of candy at a carnival.”
Arithel: “That way we can find out if she can be of use in exposing A and D.”
Safana: “No, she’s a slave.. which probably is also the only thing she can be and get enough of what she seems to want.”
Eachra: “I am going to speak to my goddess tonight and see if we can’t find out what they have done to her.”
Arithel: “Lets not jump to ANY conclusions about this one, the fact she has a command word suggests there may be sorcery at work here. Research must be done. This mission is going to take longer than I had thought.”
Meich: “…I don’t think there’s time enough for that. This is the second day, isn’t it?”
Safana: “Yes, it is. We need to find out who ent that note and get negotiating – or at worst decide we can’t reach terms and leave.”
Arithel: “Curses you are right. Oh I hate doing things half blind. Look what happened the last time we did that.”
Meich: “I’ve already been on one sinking ship today.”
Meich: “…what happened the last time you were half blind?”
Safana: “We conquered a town.”
Safana: “I really don’t see why we’re complaining.”
Meich: “…that sounds like a pretty favorable outcome.”
Safana: “My father would be proud. Mother just wouldn’t believe it.”
Arithel: “We did. But you are rationalizing the fact that the daeva in the tower didnt deserve to rule.”
Campaign saved.
Meich: “Who are we to judge who deserves what? It’s a bit late for that now, isn’t it”
Safana: “She didn’t deserve to rule by several factors: one, she failed to keep her position. Two, she was unable to prepare Islas to defend itself. She and her government was too weak to succeed.”
Arithel: “If you are adopting the , we are better because we were stronger, that is a sign of evil. I cannot adhere to such.”
Safana: “Far worse than we could have taken Islas.”
Arithel: “Look, Im not saying things didnt turn out for the best.”
Arithel: “Islas is better for what we did in the long run.”
Meich: “Then what’s the problem?”
During the conversation, Eachra is being cuddled by her purchase.
Arithel: “Im just saying that I feel we got lucky, things could have turned out worse due to our full lack of knowledge of the situation.”
Safana: “I don’t disagree, but I also have to point out we have no choice. We can either move – now – or seek passage out of the city.”
Arithel: “And now I am simply lamenting that we havent the time to do anything but once again go on our best guess.”
Arithel: “It troubles me is all Im saying. I know we must do it… and quickly.”
Safana looks at Eachra and Leei, “Such a waste.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “She really is a pretty little thing, for an elf.”
Arithel: “Her spirit could be screaming from within unable to resist something that compells her to do this.”
Doug (Eachra): almost back
Arithel: “Or it could just be her nature…. ah whats the point of speculating.”
Arithel: “As you have said, we have no time to find out.”
Safana casts a spell and studies Leei.
Safana: “There’s magic.. but its not doing anything but holding her to the command word.”
Safana: “She really is just that obsessed.”
Arithel: “A true dilema we have then.”
Campaign saved.
Meich: “…is it?”
Safana: “Not really. She’s trying to do what she wants to do, and a status as a slave is probably the only way its acceptable for her to do it.”
Arithel: “Yes, what to do with her.”
Safana: “If we set her free, she’d probably be taken by far, far worse.”
Arithel: “Agreed.
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “

”color:#000054;">Safana: “But if its any consolation, when we return to Islas, I’ll talk to Bart and see what can be done.”

Arithel: “Especially in this place.”
Arithel: “So then will we use her as Bartholomew’s daughter?”
Safana: “It would be wrong to place a slave of her nature in the line of danger. Such a task is for mamlukes and ghulams, not harem girls.”
Safana: “Certainly not without her consent.”
Arithel: “It may be enough just to mention that we have an elf girl with us. Especially if A and D’s cronies see her traveling with us.”
Meich: “…I can get her consent, if you want. Wouldn’t be that hard.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Behave, dear. It wouldn’t be proper to play with someone else’s property.”
Arithel: “Thats not in your contract Meich.”
Safana: “Oh. It’s not? Did you write it?”
Eachra sighs “I will give this some great thought, but I agree it would her worse harm to set her free in her current state to only be taken by someone who would hurt her again.”
Arithel: “I jest of course.”
Safana puts an arm protectively around Meich and looks at Arithel.
Arithel takes a mental snapshot of the two.
Safana: “Unfortunately, the safest place she can be – as ridiculous as that is – is with us.”
Safana: “A slave wandering alone or even in hiding alone here would be in great danger.”
Meich: “I’m just figuring, she’s essentially a mercenary, right? One that someone paid a LOT for. (There is a slight, harmless glare at Safana) So really, what’s the harm in her fulfilling her duty?”
Eachra Glares at Meich “You will not be getting anything from the little one, do you understand me?”
Safana: “Unfortunately Eachra, if your ‘little one’ doesn’t get it from some-one, she’ll probably go insane.”
Arithel: “I hate to agree with them Eachra, but according to Safana’s magic, it is her nature that is driving her towards this, not some ensorcellment.”
Safana: “In any case, whatever becomes of her, its clear we can’t leave her behind even temporarily in this city.”
Eachra: “I will take care of her, it is my duty to care for her and all of my goddess creatures.”
Safana: “We need to find out where these A and D people are.”
Meich: “…all I was going to do is get her consent to help us with our mission. That’s it.”
Meich sulks in her beer.
Eachra: “It is also my penance for my transgresions in the removeal of the lawful leader of the town, even though we placed a better one in her place.”
Campaign saved.
Eachra: “Let us go away from this bar, Arithel needed the market and we need rooms for the night.”
Arithel looks away upset by that statement, “yeah.”
Safana looks at the bartender, “Do you have rooms here?”
The bartender shakes her head. “Just drinks. No food.”
Safana: “Very well.”
Arithel: “Reccomend a place for us, that is clean and fair priced?”
Arithel slides the bartender a gold piece.
GM: The Bartender bites the coin thoughtfully. “Center of town, next to the big auction block. Ask for Sharif.”
The Bartender bites the coin thoughtfully. “Center of town, next to the big auction block. Ask for Sharif.”
Arithel nods, “lets be off then.”
Safana: (to the bartender) “I’m going to leave this sack of coins here when we leave, ma’am. It would be a terrible shame if some people in the city were to know that a lieutenant of Bart Stormtamer were here with the captain’s own daughter, responding to a letter. I assume any tavern this close to port is rather well connected to the rumor mill.”
Campaign saved.
Safana drops a bag to the countertop with a jingling thump.
She eyes the coins thoughtfully, then smiles, a great big toothless grin.
Safana: “We don’t exactly blend in. Shouldn’t be hard for whoever it was who sent the letter to find us, eh?”
Safana: “Its been a pleasure.”
Kiergath (Safana): Leave and follow Arithel or whoever leads to the bazaar.
How Bazaar? How Bazaar!
Nick (Arithel): hah
Doug (Eachra): LOL
Arithel: “I am just here to buy a new robe, this one is tattered and with the acid from the ship, no doubt covered in holes.”
Meich starts getting into an argument with a merchant when she starts haggling for a shield.
Arithel: Going to try to find a nice good quality light yellow robe.
Safana: “You just need to learn how to make acid-burnt holes look good.”
Campaign saved.
You find one, offered for 10 Dinars.
Arithel: Examine it, if its good, offer 5 dinars, see if I get lucky haggling.
Masud Looks around the Bazaar “I see anything interesting?”
Arithel: Skill [Diplomacy] [1d20+4 = 13]
GM: What are you looking for, Doug?
You get him down to 7 Dinars.
Arithel: sold.
Masud: Skill [Appraise] [1d20+14 = 31]
Masud walks over to where Arithel is and looks at his robe he is buying.
Arithel: “What do you think?”
Arithel tries on his new apparel.
Doug (Masud): Oh intersting little bits that may be magical or valuble that I can buy them cheap and sell later for a good profit
Kiergath (Safana): its called slaves, in this port… its probably what pays for everything else, which I suspect is rather over-priced and has to be imported..
Doug (Masud): :P
Alex: That’s more or less correct.
Doug (Masud): What was the value of Nicks robe?
Kiergath (Safana): He paid 7 gold for a non-magical article of clothing. That’s piracy :P
Kiergath (Safana): it’d better be fit for a minor noble.
Doug (Masud): I agree
Doug (Masud): unless it was very good cloth!
Campaign saved.
Doug (Masud): or a rare wool
Doug (Masud): maybe has hidden pockets!
GM: It’s a standard robe, yellow.
Kiergath (Safana): are we really talking this much about a robe that was only bought in the first place because of insane hardcore RP?
GM: lol
Doug (Masud): :)
Safana goes to help Meich.
GM: The value of Nicks robe, in actuality, is maybe 1 dirham
Safana approaches Meich just as she’s about to break the vendor’s nose.
Safana: “Stop, stop, calm, both of you, what is going on here?”
Masud sighs and pats Arithel on the shoulder. “It is a nice looking robe”
Meich: “Saf, he’s refusing to sell me a shield because he says that I should be in a tent making children! He wont drop the price below 10,000 dinars!”
Masud: “Next time let me look at it first before you buy whatever it is, OK Arithel?”
Arithel: “As you wish.”
GM: Is anyone looking for anything else?
Doug (Masud): I wonder if you can sleight of hand a kite shield…
Arithel: Not I, headed to find a room.
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Ten thousand dinars for this? I wouldn’t cook off it, much less fight with it. Your fence was taking you for a fool if you paid a quarter of that; the metal is barely worth the name.”
Alex: No.
Doug (Masud): Hehe
Merchant: “How dare you! This is the finest steel, crafted by dwarves enslaved by the Drow in the Nevernever! It is worth 5,000 dinars and your mother’s camel!”
Masud walks over and stands near the armor merchant and watches the show.“
”color:#000054;">Safana: “My mother was too proud to ride anything but the finest horses, and even they would have the wisdom not to take a rider who would pay a fraction of that cost for such trash. More likely it was made by halflings in your stepmother’s garden!”

Alex: You all notice that the inn you were pointed at is very nearby.
Merchant: “Halflings! HAH! The finest gnome engineers were hired out to make this very piece, and I cannot let it go for less than 1,000 dinars, or else your mother will go hungry on our date tonight!”
Campaign saved.
Safana: "The “finest” gnome engineers also build steam powered tea services that scald their owners out of spite! One can only imagine the danger inherant in using a shield of their design! You should be grateful anyone would even consider buying such a hazard and remove it from your shop!“
”color:#660000;">Merchant: “Fine! Take it! She-devils! Begone from my store!”

He flings the shield at you both in disgust and closes his stall.
Safana: “A merchant should never be so frail of spirit. He could have still made a sale and a profit, had he kept going.”
Campaign saved.
Meich: “…I had honestly thought he’d just make me leave!”
Safana: “Or called the garrison, if you’d actually broken his nose.”
Safana: “Come, I expect Arithel has already started settling in at the inn.”
Masud claps his hands and beams a smile at Safana. “Well played, well played!”
Masud follows the ladies to the inn
Eachra: “come along little one, lets go get us our room.”
You settle into the inn, where you are provided rooms overlooking the great marble auction block. The rooms are palacial in size, with several rooms accompanying each suite, and you get them for 1 dinar a week.
Safana: “Lovely.”
Safana: “If the city’s still here for a week…”
Arithel: “good price. Do we each have our own room then?”
Safana: “Seems a bit of a waste.. they’re so large.”
Campaign saved.
Eachra: “I will be indisposed for a bit, I need to… talk to the little one and my goddess and see how I should go about rehabilitating her or if I can. This may take a bit of time…”
Arithel: “I am not adamant on staying alone. And of course Eachra.”
Arithel: “Just whatever is most efficient.”
Safana: “At a gold a week, its not like its expensive.”
Masud: “Nice place this is, it will be a shame for this place to burn down.”
Safana: “In any case, if there’s any way for our enemies to know we are here,they will. And they will know exactly where.”
Arithel: “Ture but we are in a foreign town and here under less than welcome circumstances I think. It may be wise not to be seperated while we sleep.”
Safana: “As you say.”
Arithel takes a deep breath, “it does feel good to finally have some respite though.”
Arithel takes a comfortable chair and sits down reading in Safana’s room.“
”color:#660066;“>Campaign saved.

”color:#000054;“>Safana: Stay in the bar-area, assuming there is one, with a view of the entrance.

”color:#000054;“>Safana: read, drink in moderation.

”color:#000088;“>Arithel will rest 8 hours to replenish spell pool.

”color:#660000;“>Meich: OK… this is a fair enough place to stop, I think.

”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): si.

”color:#005500;“>Nick (Arithel): perfect

”color:#005500;“>Alex: It is 2, and a natural break spot.

”color:#005500;“>Alex: OK? OK

”color:#005500;“>Kiergath (Safana): quite so

”color:#005500;“>Alex: Good, glad we agree.



”color:#005500;“>Doug (Masud): coolies

”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>SESSION 13 – THE DELIVERANCE OF FARPORT

”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>The group of adventurers are summoned to see Bartholomew, who reveals to them an impossible demand – that those known as A+D, theoretically the names of Heaven and Hell, want the Stormtamer’s daughter in exchange for the Farport, a fleshtrader’s city. Faced with an impossible demand, they set off as quick as they can to Farport, taking a blind ratman’s ship, along with a new companion, Masud. On the way, they are accosted by two strange looking dolphins that wail a melancholy tune, but they slowly dissapear when Safana begins to sing back to them. They are set upon by two giant squid creatures, which they dispatch easily, with no small assistance from Arithel. Their captain, K’zinn, falls prey to the squid’s acid, leaving them stranded a few hundred feet away from the port. They go drinking and attend a slave auction after teleporting ashore. Eachra ends up buying a Faerunian harlot for a considerable sum of gold. Safana pays off the bartender to spread the rumor that they are in town and ‘not looking’ to be found. They hole up in a cheap palatial inn outside the central auction block, waiting for their prey to find them.

”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>END RECAP

”color:#660066;“>’Kiergath’ disconnected

”color:#660066;">’Nick’ disconnected

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Session 13 - Farport - The Deliverance of Farport

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