Session 10 - Ysgard - Mobilization and Assault

Safana, Varic, Arithel and Meich find themselves having a quiet lunch, discussing the plans for the upcoming conflict. Safana lays out a rough idea of where the most important buildings in Islas are. They decide that the most important thing is to discover a portal back to Islas. Meich gets sent to discover the portal using her contacts. They send her off to hire 400 men, including some specialist soldiers.
Arithel: “So I suppose we now just wait, and see what Meich is able to aquire.”
Arithel: “I’d also like to find a quiet place to rest and read. I wonder if this bar has rooms for rent.”
Kiergath (Safana): is this a different pub from the one we were in before?
Nick (Arithel): I dont recall. I think its the same one.
Kiergath (Safana): then we already had rooms here, at least for a night.
Safana: “At this point, we can’t really do much.. our next problems have to wait until we’re actually in motion.”
Arithel: “Ah, yes, we already have rooms here… my poor memory. I will be resting if you need anything.”
Arithel: going to scribe wall of fire and whispering wind.
Safana nods, “Sounds good, I’ll be .. here, probably.”
Indeed, a day has been spent waiting, and Meich comes back into the bar, all smiles. “Well, I got it done for you, at an outlay of less than I expected. A total force of five hundred, including a hundred specialists. A hundred and twenty gold per day.”
Safana: “Which means every day spent idling is a rather large sum burning its way out of our pockets. Our next difficulty will be getting to Islas.”

Safana: “We have, I believe, a portal that opens up in another port on Water?”
Safana looks around.
Arithel: Resetting Wizard Powers
Eachra is looking for her voice…
Kiergath (Safana): DM! Can I make a spellcraft check to determine why everyone has suddenly gone mute?!
Alex: Make the check!
Meich: “Indeed… I can get us there – it’s a day of walking, but we can do it.”
Safana: Skill [Spellcraft] [1d20+14 = 30]

Safana: “Which means we need transport for five hundred men, legal preferred but not mandatory.”
Arithel: “And this portal leads to a small dock on the Plane of Water yes? And Safana just took the words from my mouth.”
Safana: “It would be helpful, though, since we don’t have men to crew hijacked ships.”
Arithel: “Can we use the Stormtamer’s ship?”
Safana: “It would be difficult, seeing as even I don’t know where it may be at this time.”
Arithel: “I could send word to it and have it rendezvous with us. That is if you know who is currently in charge of it.”
Safana: “Probably take too long, and for all we know it could be sunk, or leagues away.”
Arithel: “What do you suggest then?”
Safana: “I suggest either hiring or siezing transport at this port Meich found a portal to.”
Safana: “We still have quite a bit of gold in pocket.”

Arithel nods, “That is a good idea, simple and efficient.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): Umm.. I should take the oportunity, while we wait, to umm.. count that “large sum” of money I aquired.
Kiergath (Safana): lulz
Sanjinn (Eachra): I will do that in my room, I think would be best
Kiergath (Safana): oh god, Eachra’s locking herself in her room again
Nick (Arithel): hehe
Sanjinn (Eachra): :P
Kiergath (Safana): :p
Safana: “Meich, how soon can those men of yours be gathered and ready to leave?”
Arithel: “We should assemble the mercs and head out soon then. Is there any further pre-planning or organization that anyone here needs to do aside from coin counting?”
Safana shakes her head, “No, although at the very least we should make sure the entire company is carrying rations for the next three or four days.”
Safana: “We have no idea what the supply situation will be.”

Meich: “The men are awaiting summons – I took the liberty of picking out some lieutenants to direct the men on smaller scale.”
Eachra: “Umm.. no idea how long the counting will take but I will be quick as I can be”
Safana: “Please do.”
Safana: “Meich, if its practical I think we should get moving by morning.”
Safana: “Sooner, if Eachra can count quickly and the men can be gathered.”
Eachra has been counting the sum for the majority of your planning session – she stole 20,000 from the Harbormaster’s office.
Arithel: ! what?
In gold, platinum, and gems.
Arithel: 20k?
Kiergath (Safana): I don’t know either one of you.
Eachra: “Ok I am done counting. We can go when ever your ready.”
Arithel: “How much are we looking at?”
Safana: “I don’t want to know.”
Safana: “Meich, gather the men as soon as can be done, we have a city to conquer.”
Meich scurries off.

Eachra: “Oh we have a pretty little penny. Let me just say our shush fund is very slushy”
Arithel: “That is good, is Bartholomew and the Hammerhead ready as well? Let us depart.”
Safana: “We can’t depart until we have five hundred men collected. Sit down and get a damn drink until Meich comes back.”
Arithel: “Safana… Have you discussed this with Bartholomew? Assuming we are successful is he willing to step forward as the new leader of Islas?”
Safana: “Haven’t a clue, but I expect if I present it to him with deed already done he won’t have much choice.”
Eachra preens her wings
Arithel nods.
Safana: “If you have any prayers to make, I advise you save them for the ship. They’ll be fresher in your mind and you won’t have much else to do on the journey anyway.”
Kiergath (Safana): DM, find the Hammerhead and Bart. Get them ready to roll.

You prepare to depart – Meich comes in with what appears to be a dragonborn in tow. “The men are ready to go – I formed them up by the south gate.”
Safana nods, looks at her follower somewhat expectantly.
Meich: “He’s one of the lieutenants – he’s pretty good with a blade. Put down a deserter and found a replacement for him. As far as I can make, he can’t speak, but people seem to understand what he wants.”
Safana: “Fair enough.”
Safana: “If everyone’s ready, I suggest we get going.”
Arithel: “Let us go.”
Eachra: “Sounds like a plan”

You mobilize to the south gate – there is a mass of men waiting for you. On your arrival, they cheer three times. Meich leads you off for an hour or two, before handing Arithel a hand mirror.
Safana: “Whats with the mirror?”
Meich: “You’re the only one of us who can open the portal. It can only be opened by a non-native.”
Safana: “What an inconvenient portal.”

Meich: “You’re telling me. I think they call it the Eloper’s portal.”
Eachra: “Thats a different name”
Safana: “And I’m sure it has a fascinating story, but at the moment I’m feeling a bit exposed standing around here.”
Arithel: “Is there a somatic or verbal requirement as well or only this mirror as the key?”
Eachra: "I supose it is better then “The portal that eats your soul” or something"
Safana: “Or the ‘Portal to the Bog of Eternal Stench’…”
Eachra nods at Safana
Arithel: “I didnt realize that you all were natives here.”
Safana: “No, that’s the thing. We’re pureblood primes. You’re a mixed blood.”
Meich: “None of the mercenary men are from off-plane.”
Eachra: My people from from a Prime world, but I was born on Aborea
Sanjinn (Eachra): are from*
Arithel: “Ive been told that. Though I have no memory of my past. I hope that your assessments of me are accurate.”
Safana cocks an eyebrow, “Oh? Interesting, then this portal has a very exacting set of requirements..”

Sanjinn (Eachra): and I fubbed Arborea
Safana: “So, Meich, how’s the key work?”
Meich: “At a guess? I’d say he has to pretend he’s eloping with some girl.”
Safana: “Now I really don’t like this portal.”
Arithel: “Perhaps Bartholomew should give a speech to the men as well, so that they know of our cause.”
Eachra: “Don’t look at me”
Safana: “No speeches.”

Safana: “The portal is here, on this spot?”
Meich: “Here, or close enough as makes no matter.”
Safana looks around, looking somewhat ruefully at the mercenaries, then at Arithel.
Arithel sighs.
Arithel looks at his reflection in the mirror studying it carefully for a few moments.

Arithel: “Meich was not being serious was she?”
Eachra: “I figure she was, yes.”
Safana seeing Arithel not making any move on his own, Safana throws herself dramatically into his arms, making sure both are as visible as possible in the mirror, heaving bosom pressed into his chest, “Oh, Arithel, my love, I never thought we would escape that horrid city!”
Kiergath (Safana): afk, brb, throwing up
Arithel: “Well then… er yes m-m-my love. Yes! Let us fly away together to consumate our-”
Eachra steps back with a bemused look on her face
The portal flares to life between a nearby rock outcropping, forming a shimmering blue heart.
Arithel: "our… “
”color:#000088;“>Arithel motions towards the portal and starts walking towards it.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>At Arithel’s hesitence, the portal begins flickering.
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “Our LOVE!”
The portals flare wildly, turning a deep shade of red, as though blushing.
Safana seeing the portal, Safana emits a very sincere squeal of glee and kisses Arithel. Thoroughly. While waving frantically at the mercs to get the fuck through.
The surrounding masses let up a large cheer, and begin chanting “Kiss her! Kiss her!”

Eachra makes her way through the portal trailing behind the troops
Arithel squirms with surprise. Eyes wide open in shock.
Kiergath (Safana): are people at least going through the damn gate?
Your army marches!
The last of the soldiers dissapears through the portal, leaving Meich and the three of you behind.
Safana: dart through, shooing Meich and Eachra ahead and dragging Arithel as necessary
Arithel is necessarily dragged.

You make it through the portal – the smell of salt spray enters your nose, reminding you immediately of where you are.
Safana: Hammerhead somewhere in the area?
You Hammerhead taking a drink of some ale he found somewhere.
slugs Arithel in the arm. “That was quite the show you put on back there!”
Meich slugs Arithel in the arm. “That was quite the show you put on back there!”

Eachra peers at Safana
Arithel: “W-what? Oh, yes. Q-quite the show..”
Arithel rubs his arm.
Kiergath (Safana): We are currently where?
Safana notices Eachra’s peering and looks at her, shrugging slightly.
You appear to be on a long shoreline, with a beach nearby.
Kiergath (Safana): Is this town I was promised visible? Ships?

‘Jay’ connected
Hammerhead: “From what Meich has told me, it’s a half day’s march – that portal will get us to a small port island.”
Safana: “Then what the piss are we waiting for? Lets get this lot moving.”
Kiergath (Safana): ‘lo, chief
Eachra: “Aye, lets get rolling”
You move out, and it’s a long, dry march. It’s hard walking on the sand, but it’s at least beautiful.
You eventually can see a small town through a massive stone archway. From this distance, the town looks deserted.
Varic Thorn: Heya Kiergath, everyone. Im a bit late. Im sorry.
Alex: No worries! You only missed hawt makeouts between Safana and Arithel.
Arithel: “Should we go forward first to investigate?”
Varic Thorn: hehe
Kiergath (Safana): never gonna live this one down..
Sanjinn (Eachra): Kinda like Hraf table dancing…
Kiergath (Safana): as a gnome*
Nick (Arithel): ya ya you can read about it in the adventure logs to your hearts content later. Back to the game.
Kiergath (Safana): LOL

As you’re marching closer to the town, you can hear Hammerhead grumbling underneath his breath: “Arithel and Saf… sitting in a tree…”
Safana: “Meich, you think your appointed officers can hold this bunch together outside town? Easier than letting them disperse.”
Safana: "Hammerhead, since you’ve got naught to do but compose gutter prose, perhaps I can interest you in productive work. By which I mean, ‘I have a job for you.’ “
”color:#660000;">Meich: “Consider it done.”
Hammerhead: “What you got for me, kissy-face?”
Eachra: “If were going to be ehre more then a day then we should Bivwack the men, we have supplies and tents, right?”
A nearby merc sniggers.
Safana: “We have five hundred men here that need transport, and you’re the best I can think of to figure out what that requires.”
Safana: “I need to know if there’re adequate ships in port, and I need to know which can be bought, which that can’t can be siezed, and how many of the latter we’ll need to make up for shortages in the former.”
Safana: “You should enjoy it, its an opportunity to think like a pirate again.”

Hammerhead: “…Aye, I can do that for you.”
Do any of you head into town with him?
Arithel: “Maybe we all should go just to get a feel for the layout of the town and how friendly the inhabitants are. Meich can stay here and camp with the troops. What do you think?”
Safana: “Fair enough.”
Varic Thorn: “I can go with him for muscle, should it come to that. But iill be little help with the rest of it since im not up to snuff on the sailing bit.
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “Ok let us go.”
Kiergath (Safana): brb, afk, </follow>
Arithel takes a deep breath and then heads towards the town.
Eachra follows Safana

You head into town – the rock outcropping looms overhead.
Questions are asked, and eventually, the Hammerhead is able to find some friendly dockmen who are willing to hire out a small fleet to carry your men for two-hundred fifty gold.
Varic Thorn: “ill pay it.”

Nick (Arithel): is the general population mostly human?
GM: The general population here seems to be sea-men, merfolk, some sea-elves, and even some sauhaugin.
GM: There are a few human/elven couples about though.
Arithel: I keep a wary eye on the surroundings as we are in town.
Varic, you hand over the gold? (2000 – 120 was handed back to you from Meich’s hiring.)

Each day you keep the mercenaries on, it will cost another 120 gold.
Varic Thorn: yes
“We’ll be ready to leave at first light.”
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Sanjinn’ disconnected
‘Nick’ disconnected
‘Jay’ disconnected
‘Sanjinn’ connected
Alex: Wb
Eachra: Thanks
‘Kiergath’ connected
‘Jay’ connected
Alex: WB!
Alex: Nick is all that is missing.
Varic Thorn: hehe so it wasnt me i take it?
Kiergath (Safana): neg.
‘Nick’ connected
Kiergath (Safana): wooo!
Nick (Arithel): hehe
Nick (Arithel): internet failure

Alex: Yeah
“We’ll be ready to leave at first light.”
Varic Thorn: Ok, yea i hand over the cash. How much does that leave me at again?
GM: Okay… if you gave up 2000 to Meich, she gave you 1880 back.
GM: 1880-250
Varic Thorn: got it, thanks.
/die [NdN+N] [message]
/vote [message]
/ooc [message]
/emote [message]
/mood [mood] [message]
/mood ([multiword mood]) [message]
Gamemaster only:
/story [message]
/identity [name]
/whisper [character] [message]
/export [module_filename] [description]
GM: 1550
GM: 1630
GM: srry, 1630.
Nick (Arithel): lol you ok man?
Nick (Arithel): your calculator brain is malfunctioning.
GM: I mistyped.
The villagers smile at you all, very calmly and serenely.
Arithel: What is the name of this port town?
You find out that the name is Vargarel.

Arithel jots the name down in his notes.
Arithel: “So will our fleet be ready to set sail soon, or shall we leave after we rest here this evening?”
Safana: “First light. We’ll be sleeping on shore tonight.”
Safana: “Either find an inn or kip with the men.”
Arithel: “I vote inn since we are already here, any objections?”
Eachra: “I am a bit worried about this place. What village/port do you know of that acts all calm when 500+ troops show up outside its gate.”
Arithel: “This is an alien land Eachra, it may be their culture not to ask questions, that they are pacifists, or even that armies pass thru here often.”
Safana: “Portal towns are often a bit circumspect, in my experience.”
Arithel: “I think we just got lucky as well.”
Safana: “Unaligned ports also tend to be a bit used to odd occurrences.. I wouldn’t worry too much.”
Eachra: “It does not add up, I will keep my eyes open and I sugest you all do the same”

Arithel: “Very well.”
Arithel: Find an inn, rest, enjoy the evening before battle.
Safana: But not too much.
Eachra: “I am fine with staying at an Inn if that is what you all want but who will stay withthe men to make sure they stick around and we leave with the same number we came with?”
Safana: “I for one find I trust Meich and her appointed officers in that regard.”
Arithel: “Meich is with them.”
Safana: “Mercenaries don’t get very far by betraying their employers.”
Eachra: “Meich is? Good. Where is this inn then?
”color:#000054;“>Safana: DM! Have we found an inn?
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Arithel): we find an inn Alex?
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>You find an inn! It’s a pleasant inn. It has clean water, crisp wine, and gentle beer.
”color:#000054;">Safana: sleep, rise early, head to the docks to make sure all’s in order, then head out to the camp.

Eachra does excatly what Safana does. Just like I was her Shadow
Safana: I’ve always wanted one of those.
Sanjinn (Eachra): Except for all the kissy, kissy stuff…
Alex: Safana kisses her shadow??
Kiergath (Safana): Sure, why not.
Sanjinn (Eachra): lol
You find yourselves awoken in the morning at around the same time by a hurried knock at your doors.
Safana: “What went wrong?”
Sanjinn (Eachra): DAMN! Its the man! After my precious!
Arithel: “That’s never a good sign.”
Arithel answers the door.
Kiergath (Safana): Answer: “Harmonium! Open up!”
Safana: Ditto, open the damn door and find out who’s doin’ all the banging.
Eachra opens her door a crack to see who is making so much noise so early

In front of your doors you see a covered plate, with delicious smells emenating from within – there is also a cup of whatever you were drinking last night.
Safana pokes her head out briefly, shrugs, and pulls the aforementioned plate and cup through the door before closing it again.
Eachra picks up her try of food and goes to Safana’s door and knocks. I hates to eat alone
Varic Thorn: “I wouldnt eat that
”color:#005500;“>Sanjinn (Eachra): Tray*
”color:#000054;“>Safana: Open the door.
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Why not?”
Eachra: “huh? why not?”
Varic Thorn: “Did you order it?”
Safana: “Look, if you’re so worried, bring it over here and I’ll check it for poison.”
Arithel: “No, unless it came with the room.”
Safana: “Arithel, you too.”
Varic Thorn: “check away.”
Eachra: “Yeah, check mine too.”
Arithel walks carefully to Safana’s room balancing the meal and drink.
Safana: Gather all the trays into a group – keeping a note on who’s is who’s. Casting. Spell sent over xfire.
Safana shrugs, “All done, enjoy.”

Varic Thorn: “I guess im giving our enemies to much credit. That was a perfect way to get us.”
Arithel: “Good, well this is quaint, eating together in a single room like this.”
Arithel takes a bite, “So far so good.”
Varic Thorn: “Im not hungry anyhow. Best to go into battle hungry. Who wants mine.”
Eachra: “I think I have lost my appeal for this food. I will just eat some jerky.”
Arithel: “Not I, more than enough here.”
Safana: Eat mine, then do as said above.
Arithel looks at the others quizzically, “Why turn down a meal when you are hungry, what of all the starving children across the multiverse?”
Safana: “They are not starving by my doing.”
GM: The ships are prepared, and the army is mobilizing.
Safana: “Meich! Officers call on the beach, twenty minutes! Last chance we’ll get.”
Eachra hands her try to Arithel “Here give them this when you next see them”
Sanjinn (Eachra): Tray*

Eachra follows Safana
Meich scurries off – in twenty minutes, there is a muster.
Safana takes a look at the group, and also waits a few minutes for stragglers / the party to catch up.
Arithel catches up eventually.
Meich: “Everyone present and accounted for.”

The four lieutenants she has gathered are a motley bunch – one silent dragonborn, one kobold missing half his snout, a half-orc with books lashed to his armor, and a human female with eyes that are pitch black.
Safana: “Right.. at this point, we’re nearing the objective. We have a group of ships hired to take us to our final destination, and they are waiting in the harbor. Our target is the city of Islas.”
Safana: “The entire city is a giant, floating island, largely made of wood. As such, I have to emphasize that fire is probably not a good thing to be flinging around.”
Arithel: Target Safana.
Arithel: Spell [Eagle’s Splendor] → Subject gains +4 to Cha for 1 min./level.
Kiergath (Safana): oh, thats scary.
Nick (Arithel): as she is speaking to the crowd.
Safana: “There are four important targets to be taken in the attack, and one of you four will be leading the group attacking each.”

Kiergath (Safana): Take out the map I sketched out in the bar in Himmenbjorg and lay it out on a convenient rock, piece of driftwood, or whatever else.
Varic Thorn: “I would like to not lead a group. I cant take up that responability. Ill join anothers group however.”
Safana: “You, Arithel, Eachra and I will be with the group attacking city hall. I suspect the leaders of our enemy will be found there.”
Varic Thorn: “oh very good. Im sorry i mis-understood.”
Safana: “Not your fault, I was rather vague, in hind-sight.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): AFK a min or so while the planning is going on. I will continue to follow Safana while AFK
Safana: “The first group will be responsible for the harbor front. I expect this to be the least active part of the attack, and if push comes to shove that group may need to support the others. It shouldn’t come to that, however.”
Safana: “The next two groups need to strike here, and here, at the armory and the city barracks. Once those fall, you should be able to extend out from those points to clean up any pockets of the local garrison in the area.”

Safana: “The last group will be responsible for the area around city hall; primarily establishing a blockade around it and securing the surrounds. We’ll be dealing with the inhabitants ourselves, if all goes well.”
Meich: “Who will lead each group? And where do you want me?”
Safana: “Meich, I’d prefer if you were with me.”
Safana: “As for the group leaders, I confess to not knowing any of your officers as well as I’d like, but this operation didn’t exactly give us time.”
Safana: “Suggestions from the crowd or, gods help us, volunteers would be appreciated at this juncture.”
The dragonborn steps forward, pointing one clawed finger at the armory.

Safana nods at him.
Sanjinn (Eachra): back
He points at the half-orc, then at the barracks. The woman, the docks, and the kobold, to city hall.
Safana: “Very well. Assuming no objections, that settles things.”
Safana: “I will not pretend to tell you how to do your jobs, because frankly I have no experience in such matters. I do however have a few final remarks to make before we board and see this all through.”
Safana: “One, there is to be no looting and no harassing of the civilian population. Non-combatants are to be left unmolested, shops to be untouched. Anyone caught looting is to be tried and dealt with. Anyone molesting noncombatants is to be summarily executed. I want this made clear to everyone; we are not here to sack Islas.”
Jay (Varic Thorn): Im sorry all, im going to have to leave at 7:40ish pst.

Alex: What time is that EST?
Kiergath (Safana): 10:40.
Jay (Varic Thorn): my wife is berating me and admonishing me to go get cat food and soy milk.
Nick (Arithel): you might miss the battle but oh well.
Nick (Arithel): you got married? gg
Alex: Ahhh
Nick (Arithel): thats it im playing evony now just to spite you.
Jay (Varic Thorn): your loss.
Alex: …evony?
Nick (Arithel): inside joke sorry
Alex: That tripe is terrible.
Nick (Arithel): please go on.
Half-Orc: “Define Molesting?”
Safana: “I want no-one attacking or raping civilians. I am not, however, suggesting men be executed for minor harrassment.”

Safana: “I will however acknowledge that there is a possibility of locals taking up arms simply out of reflex at an invasion, and that casualties in that case are inevitable.”
Safana: “Rape, murder, grievous injury, intent to do the same. Sufficient definition?”
Eachra: “The raping of women, children or men will be delt with very swiftly, painfully and fately. I would let you talk to the last piece of scum that that was going to sully a female but he was cut into many small pieces and fed to the fish.”
Safana: “This entire affair is liable to be messy enough without deliberately inflicting harm on a largely innocent population.”

Safana: “Finally, my last point; on closing of this operation, every mercenary will be entitled to a two gold bonus. If they need you to do the math for them, that’s well over what most of them would earn for their time spent.”
The half-orc grumbles assent.
Safana: “Further questions?”
The dragonborn looks at you, then setting his hand out, then drawing his finger across his throat, as though wondering if there were any renumeration for lost mercenaries during the course of the battle.

Safana: “While in transit, speak to the men under your commands, take record of to whom or where they would want their pay sent if they died in action.”
Safana: “We’ll see to it that their pay and bonus goes there.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): When I was counting my aquired booty, did I happen accross a gem worth say 500 or so gold?
Safana: “Full pay, for the record, as if they had survived the duration.”
Safana: “Satisfactory?”
He nods, crossing his arm.
Safana: “Anything else?”
I believe so, yes, doug.
Eachra reaches into her bag and pulls a rather nice gem. “The officer that keep more then 3/4th of their men alive will get this little bonus here”
Sanjinn (Eachra): Whats the lasses name thats Working the Mercs?

Meich was the one who got them all together, though she’s not leading any of the assaults.
Sanjinn (Eachra): Ok but she hired them for us so he is kinda of a handler, yeah?
Eachra Hands the gem to Meich
Alex: She hired them on your behalf – she doesn’t do much handling beyond that.
The dragonborn holds his hand out expectantly, as though to say that he fully expects for the gem to be handed to him.
Eachra: “Make sure the officer with the smallest losses after 3/4th of his troops are accounted for get this gem /loloking at Meich
”color:#005500;“>Sanjinn (Eachra): Looking*
”color:#000088;">Eachra looks at the Dragon born and says in Draconic, “It is yours if you earn it”

Meich: “…well then…I guess… I can do that…”
Meich stares at the gem, suddenly thinking she should have renegotiated her salary.
Safana pats Meich on the shoulder, “It’ll be fine. No other questions? Lets be off, then.”
Arithel: ‘
Nick (Arithel): is appraise a trained only skill?
The dragonborn grins, his teeth sharp and gleaming. You get an unsettling feeling in your stomach as he whirls off to muster his men.
Nick (Arithel): nm
Alex: you can make an appraise check
Alex: untrained
Safana: To the harbor to oversee boarding and make sure everything goes smoothly…
Nick (Arithel): I know I just read it, I would have had to see the gem up close tho.
Nick (Arithel): correct? or was I close enough to get a look at it.
Kiergath (Safana): sigh, you’re just going to get a 5 and be convinced its actually glass anyway, just roll
Kiergath (Safana): :p
Alex: You could make the check.
Eachra says in hindsight “Anyone caught attacking another merc unit, or seen just watching them die will be assumed to have lost the same amount of men.”

Arithel: Skill [Appraise] [1d20+4 = 13]
GM: [1d10 = 9]
You wager that the gem is worth around 800gp.
Eachra: " Dont forget we are a unit just so you can win a small bauble.
Meich: “…small bauble? This thing is worth more than a two month contract!”
Meich: “Most of these men would never have seen something like this…”
Arithel: “I had no idea you possessed such wealth Eachra.”
Most of the crew is loading up onto the ships at this point.
Eachra: “Yes well this is all a mute point if we don’t get going and accomplish our damn mission.”
Eachra: “A girl has to have her secrets, I learned that from my friend Eryn.”
Eachra sighs
Arithel: “Indeed?”
Arithel boards the vessel.
Eachra: em/ mumbles a bit “Damn it Eryn, why did you have to leave…
”color:#005500;">Sanjinn (Eachra): sigh

Eachra boards the damn boat
You get onto the boat!
The boats shove off into the ocean – you catch a glimpse of a shimmering portal, and then you find yourselves on Islas once more.
Eachra: “I remember this damn place… We were being shot at…”
Safana: “This is not going to go well.. and its not the garrison I’m worried about.”
Off in the distance, across the water, Islas sits in all of it’s splendor.
Meich: “What are you worried about?”
Eachra: “What are you seeing Safana?”
Meich still hasn’t taken her eyes off the gem.
Safana: “You’re looking at it, ’luv.”

Eachra: “You think were going to encounter that ass with the other boat? I owe him for shooting a cannon ball at me.”
Safana: “Of course we will, probably ashore.”
Safana: “But our own troops are not going to play nicely, you can bet on that.”
Arithel: “I wonder if this heaven and hell, will be there as well.”
Arithel: “Or if they have already moved on.”
Safana: “You offered those men more gold in one little bauble than any of them have likely seen before. Even if they gave their men a cut.”
Eachra: “I know he has prolly pissed you off many times so I wont call dibs on him but will you at least let me stab him in the eye with my pointy stick here?
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>From on deck, you see one of the ships veer off towards the harbor to drop off their payload, while two of them head off towards the armory and barracks.
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “I was hoping to maybe save the majority of their lives.
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “I come from a sect of people that were almost made extinct. Huge losses of life are something I don’t handle well.”

Arithel: “Over the sea, lets go men.”
Arithel: “Were shoving right off again.”
Kiergath (Safana): brb, afk.
Arithel: “Odd, I dont know where Ive heard that tune before.”
Eachra: “When my goddess intervined for my people we had less then 25 families left alive.”
Arithel: “What misfortune did your people suffer that caused their numbers to dwindle such? War, famine, plague?”
Eachra: “and like most Elven families, they were very small with 1 child and at the most 2”
Eachra: “Extermination by the Chromatic Dragons”
Eachra: “Not war, not famine or diease. EXTERMINATION!”
Arithel: “What did your people do to offend them? By my count dragons mostly stay to themselves.”

Eachra: “We are a beutiful race, blessed with flight. No one knows why they sought to destroy us when we had lived in peace for thousands of years. Sadly when we reached out to the Metalic dragons for aid, to few responded…”
Eachra sighs
Arithel: “That is sad and tragic, it is also senseless. You have my pity.”
Safana only half paying attention, muses to herself, “And so it is written; the children of the godlings brought genocide and hatred to the multiverse.”
Safana: “This waiting grows tiresome.”

Arithel: “Can you sing us a song Safana? To pass the time perhaps?”
Safana: “For this? My song is best saved for the battle, not the wait.”
Eachra: “I don’t need your pity, pity is for the week. We have since flourished under the guidance of my goddess, re built our population and now seek out others of our race. Save your pitty for those not blessed with wings of pure beauty and graceful flight! Never pity me.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): Weak*
Arithel shrugs, “As you wish.”
Your ship draws near to the City Hall – you see the beautiful stone structure covered in all sorts of sigils – there appear to be a fair number of guards about outisde.
Safana: “For is it not said among the people, ‘do not count what you have lost; count only what you still have?’ So says the wisdom of the desert. I would not give you my pity if you wanted it; you struggled and grew stronger for it, or you would have died out.”

Eachra smiles at Safana and nods
Eachra: “Seems we are expected…”
Safana: “Of course. Even as careful as we attempted to be, it was bound to happen.”
Your ship pulls up to a small dock, where the crew begins to anchor it in place.
Safana: Spring over the side onto the pier
Arithel follows Safana but walks down the loading dock instead.
Eachra Fly over the side and land near Safana
Arithel: “Showtime.”
The small army at your back begins unloading onto the pier – a few of the guards point in your direction.
Eachra: “Remember try not to burn the place down, we want to give tamer more then a pile of ash.”
Arithel: “Are we offering terms?”
Safana: “Gentlemen! I offer you this last friendly opportunity to surrender! We do not want a slaughter, but I assure you, we are more than equipped to deliver in the event you choose to fight.”

Safana: “And, to be fair, I think some of the chaps behind me would rather you fought to the last man.”
Kiergath (Safana): I’d offer an intimidate check, but really, I’m about as intimidating as a butterfly. I can do diplomacy, though!
Alex: Diplomacy works for me.
Safana: Skill [Diplomacy] [1d20+12 = 26]
The ten guards nearest you drop their weapons and lower themselves to the ground.
Nick (Arithel): quick count, how many are between us and the city hall building?
Nick (Arithel): that are still holding their ground.
Safana: “Good, sensible men. No-one else? You must surely be aware that three other companies have already landed throughout the city. Your battle is already lost. Why hold firm?”
Five men at the gate.
GM: Another diplo?
Safana: Skill [Diplomacy] [1d20+12 = 23]

As the army unloads onto the pier, the remaining five guards drop their weapons and run.
Arithel: Target self.
Arithel: Spell [Shield] → Invisible disc gives +4 to AC, blocks magic missiles.
Kobold: “..well, there goes the opposition. What do we do, hold the outside of the hall now?”
Sanjinn (Eachra): LOL
Sanjinn (Eachra): Love it
Safana: “Hold the area, there may be more incoming, if there’s really anyone of value in here.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): and hate it all in one lil bundle :P
Nick (Arithel): we can start by collecting those weapons they dropped.
GM: You go about collecting the weapons, Nick?
Safana: “I’m beginning to think you all persuaded me to over-hire.”
Eachra looks at the Kobold “Have some of your men collect those weapons
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Arithel): what eachra said, not me.
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Have the prisoners do it. Its a bit demeaning for combat troops.”
Kobold: “Yes boss… of course, boss..”
Sanjinn (Eachra): I thought they booked it?
Kiergath (Safana): Five did, ten didn’t.
The Kobold directs the ten prisoners to collect the weapons. His crew begins building barricades to prevent intrusion into the hall.
Safana: “Righto.. lets get this over with, I’m beginning to think we’re at the wrong party.”
You hear sounds of fighting in the distance, and a few muffled explosions.
Safana: “What in the hells?”
Kiergath (Safana): DM: Gunfire? Or powder explosions?

Kiergath (Safana): I’d probably be familiar with both.
Powder explosions.
Safana: Sound like its from the armory?
Safana: or that direction, anyway?
Safana: Right, unfortunate but expected.
Safana: Head for the city hall entrance.
Arithel follows.
Eachra follow
Arithel: Spell [Detect Magic] → Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Arithel: Im looking for magic wards.
You head inwards, and as you do, you hear sounds of clashing metal from behind you.
Safana: Whirl.
Safana: Whats going on behind us that can be seen?
Arithel glances behind us as well.
Eachra turns around at the sounds
You see a wall of what looks like conscripts throwing themselves against the Kobold’s defenses.
Safana: “A foolish gesture. But it tells us there was something of value here to be fought for.”
GM: You detect no magical warding going into the hall, Arithel.
Jay (Varic Thorn): sorry all, im back.
Kiergath (Safana): WB
Alex: no worries!
Sanjinn (Eachra): WB

Nick (Arithel): just in time.
Arithel: “Caution the way is warded.”
Kiergath (Safana): you detect NO
Nick (Arithel): ah
Nick (Arithel): such a simple word
Nick (Arithel): no
GM: lol
Nick (Arithel): carry on.
Safana unwraps her sling from her arm and secures a lead bullet in the pocket, letting it hang loose from her hand as the group continues on.
Arithel: “The way seems clear!”
Sanjinn (Eachra): it is a small word too ;)
Arithel follow closely.
Varic Thorn: “Seeing as im in the most armor it may be wise for me to be at the front.”
Eachra removes two javlins and ready them
Meich hefts her shield, taking a position slightly ahead of Safana, her sword drawn. She seems to glance down occasionally at her belt.
Sanjinn (Eachra): Damn
Arithel: “As you wish Varic, though I do feel safer having you guard our rear flank from hidden enemies.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): I dont have the Library
Safana: “Rear’s fine. We have an entire army behind us, nominally on our side.”
You hear some skittering footsteps from further inside the hall.
Sanjinn (Eachra): Can you unlock those for me Alex?

Alex: You’d have to have installed the d20_JPG folder, I think
Varic Thorn starts humming to himself “Over the sea, lets go men….”
Alex: I can’t unlock them remotely
Sanjinn (Eachra): damn… OK
GM: What order do you find yourselves in?
Jay (Varic Thorn): im first i think.
Safana: third, which means Meich 2nd.
Eachra: I am behind Safana
Alex: Okay…
Alex: And Arithel is last.
Nick (Arithel): aye
Kiergath (Safana): woo! mage in the back!
Sanjinn (Eachra): Unless he wants me to bring up the rear
Arithel dances
Varic Thorn
Alex: Sry
Jay (Varic Thorn): i blast something.
Sanjinn (Eachra): I figured this way I could heal both of them easier ;)
Sanjinn (Eachra): Or try and Drown Morgan again
Kiergath (Safana): don’t bother, I can swim.
Sanjinn (Eachra): spoil sport!
Sanjinn (Eachra): :P
You see, coming down the hallway, some sort of steel creatures skittering towards you – two of them, on eight independantly articulated legs with the body of a man.
Kiergath (Safana): is the body of the man organic, or also mechanical?

It’s all metal.
Safana: my god, MODRON DRIDERS
Arithel: good time to roll init?
Varic Thorn: Initiative [1d20+7 = 11]
Safana: Initiative [1d20+4 = 13]
GM: Good time as any
Safana: any time is a good time for init!
GM: [1d20 = 17]
Eachra: Initiative [1d20+4 = 15]
GM: Arithel?
Nick (Arithel): sorry
GM: [1d20 = 17]
Arithel: Initiative [1d20+3 = 7]
Safana: woo!
You see the two creatures skitter closer to you, their metal limbs scraping against the marble flooring – as they do, Meich sets her shield, waiting until they draw closer.

Safana: Casting. Target: self. Next.
Varic Thorn
Varic Thorn: Ill charge the lead one and swing
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Blow (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Attack 1) [1d20+16 = 32]
GM: That hits
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Blow (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Damage) [5d10+5 = 30]
The construct reels as one of it’s legs gets sliced off.
Arithel: Target myself, Safana, Eachra, Varic, and Meiche
Arithel: Spell [Haste] → One creature/level moves faster, +1 on attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves.
Jay (Varic Thorn): now do we get an extra attack and should i take mine this round even tho my turn is over?
Nick (Arithel): no its only on a full attack you get an extra
Kiergath (Safana): would normally start to apply on your next action.

Jay (Varic Thorn): ahh, alright. Ill remember that.
Nick (Arithel): that too
Kiergath (Safana): ROUND HOLD
GM: [1d20 = 15]
GM: [1d20 = 8]
GM: eh?
Kiergath (Safana): look at your combat tracker
Kiergath (Safana): Eachra didn’t get put back on it, you skipped her
Kiergath (Safana): She should’ve been first
Alex: Oh, gotcha. Sorry about that.
Alex: Eachra?
Alex: Action from first round?
Eachra: Casting: Summon Monster IV
Sanjinn (Eachra): From the level 4 table
Sanjinn (Eachra): So just one creature
Alex: Okay – roll it
Kiergath (Safana): 3.5, no rolls, pick. ezmode.
Sanjinn (Eachra): We dont get to anymore
Kiergath (Safana): eh?
Sanjinn (Eachra): Roll
Alex: Well what are you summoning?
Eachra: Celestial Lion
Nick (Arithel): nice
GM: right
Sanjinn (Eachra): I had the stats for the damn thing but it is onthe dead desktop :(
Alex: Eachra – NOW it’s your second turn :)
Alex: …I have the stats for them too
Alex: no worries

Sanjinn (Eachra): Good just tryign to make your life easier :)
Sanjinn (Eachra): Range?
GM: [5d8 = 17]
Nick (Arithel): not that im complaining but the spiders didnt do anything on round 1?
Kiergath (Safana): They closed in.
Alex: They were advancing.
Kiergath (Safana): they weren’t in range – Varic closed to attack.
Nick (Arithel): haha nice
Kiergath (Safana): or.. something.
Sanjinn (Eachra): what is there range now?
Alex: 15 feet?
Sanjinn (Eachra): OK
Sanjinn (Eachra): Sending in the lion is a free thing, yes?
Kiergath (Safana): afaik.
Eachra: Send the lion at the one not attacked and then launch 2 javlins at the one Varic is hitting
Eachra: Javelins MC (Attack 1) [1d20+6 = 18]
Eachra: Javelins MC (Attack 2) [1d20+1 = 9]
Alex: One hit.
Eachra: Javelins MC (Damage) [2d6+1 = 7]

GM: [2d20 = 20]
You hear the sound of claws on metal, and the lion tears several rents in the metal.
The thing the lion attacked lashes out with one of it’s tentacled legs, catching Meich by the shield, tearing it away from her. She lunges in to take a few cuts at it, scoring the metal.
GM: [1d20 = 12]
The second thing lashes out at Varic but misses wildly.
Safana: hmm
Safana: fuggit. Sing. Inspire Courage, +2 morale on saves against Charm / Fear, attack rolls, damage rolls.
Varic Thorn
Safana: ^ thats everybody. Don’t forget.

Alex: Indeed.
Varic Thorn summons a black whip and attacks the other bad guy.
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Whip (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 21]
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Whip (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Attack 2) [1d20+7 = 8]
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Whip (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Attack 2) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Whip (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Attack 1) [1d20+12 = 26]
Varic Thorn: plus 2 to hit on all of those
You lash out with your shadow whip! It strikes the body of the second target twice!
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Whip (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Damage) [4d6 = 9]
Varic Thorn: Beshadowed Whip (save vs fort or blinded 1 round) (Damage) [4d6 = 13]

One of the creatures disintigrates into shards of metal.
Arithel: Target the one on Meich.
Arithel: Magic Missile (Damage) [4d4+4 = 11]
Arithel: Spell [Magic Missile] → 1d4+1 damage; +1 missile per two levels above 1st (max 5).
The missiles rocket into the creature, knocking it back on two limbs.
Eachra: k, sec
Eachra: Casting: Searing Light
Eachra: [4d8 = 21]

The spell rocks into the final creature, the metal turning molten hot as it slips to the floor.
Arithel: “Mechanical Sentries? It doesnt surprise me.”
Safana: “Completely loyal, powerful.. don’t need paid..”
Eachra: “What the hell were those things?”
Safana: “Large mechanical spiders, apparently!”
Eachra: “You called them something else”
Kiergath (Safana): no I didn’t, that was just me being goofy.
Kiergath (Safana): no quotes.
Sanjinn (Eachra): Ah
Varic Thorn: “They are dead now. We should move on.”
Safana: “Agreed, time is precious here.”
Arithel: “Yes.”
Eachra retrives her Javlins
GM: You head further in – up a wide metal staircase. Beyond the next set of doors, there are four guards standing watch over a large, ornate doorway
Sanjinn (Eachra): How many round was that fight?
Sanjinn (Eachra): rounds*

Safana: uh, 3?
Alex: Yeah, thereabout.
Sanjinn (Eachra): OK the lion has 5 more rounds
Kiergath (Safana): ditto bonus from music.
Safana: when lion goes poof, so does +2 bonuses.
Nick (Arithel): and haste
Eachra thanks the lion for it’s assistance
GM: Actions?
Nick (Arithel): distance to guards?

GM: Around 30 feet
Jay (Varic Thorn): high five!
Alex: hahaha
Sanjinn (Eachra): Thought you were smacking Nick for asking a question :P
Nick (Arithel): lol
Jay (Varic Thorn): that to.
Arithel: “Offer them surrender Safana?”
Safana: “Lets face it, they’re guarding this far in, BEHIND the mechanical sentries? I doubt they’d listen.”
Varic Thorn: ’Times up……"

Eachra: teases yeah saunter your pretty self out there and distract them.“
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;">Varic Thorn: “Ok lets do this…”
Varic Thorn charges the guards
Meich: “I never thought of Varic as pretty…”
Safana: “Me neither, really.”
Alex: sry
Eachra: Send in the cat to assist him
Alex: cant clear init
Jay (Varic Thorn): my charisma is 20
Arithel yells at the guards, “Surrender at once and your lives will be spared!”
Jay (Varic Thorn): i have man mojo
Safana: Initiative [1d20+4 = 18]
Arithel: Initiative [1d20+3 = 8]
Sanjinn (Eachra): Human or some sort of humanoid?
Varic Thorn: Initiative [1d20+7 = 23]
Eachra: Initiative [1d20+4 = 19]
Jay (Varic Thorn): i assimar
Mid-charge, Varic sees the guards throw down their weapons – there are two bariaur and two black abishai.
Sanjinn (Eachra): No the guards ;)
Kiergath (Safana): …I think you just got your answer
Kiergath (Safana): two bariaur, and two black abishai
Sanjinn (Eachra): Ayup
Kiergath (Safana): :P
Jay (Varic Thorn): oh, meat i guess
Varic Thorn: I hold my blow
Varic Thorn: “Someone tie them up
”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Collect their weapons, carefully not touching them directly.

”color:#000054;">Safana: “I don’t think its worth the trouble, they could break any ropes we’ve got.”

Eachra: “Umm.. I am not good with ropes… Looks at Safana”
Varic Thorn: “What to do with them then.”
Safana: “I’m not that kind of girl. Usually.”

Safana: (to the guards) “Gentlemen, if you would be so kind, they’re collecting prisoners outside.”
Eachra: “You don’t said on the boats? I figured you for a sailor. winks at Safana
Arithel: “Let them go then.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): Sail*
Safana: “Not my job.”
Eachra: “Well then… We have a door now…”
The four creatures troop outside.
Varic Thorn: “It pains me to let these….fiends….live.”
Varic Thorn: “I hope it isnt a mistake.”
Safana: “Fiends have the same rights to life as any other creature on the planes, until they prove otherwise.”
Varic Thorn: “If you insist. I still dont like it and never will. Fiends are evil, they do evil things to good people.”
Arithel: “Do you have expertise on that subject Mr. Thorn?”
Jay (Varic Thorn): am i right alex? Are fiends/demons pure evil in this setting?
Eachra: “Umm.. about this door.. anyone gonoign to open it?”
Safana: “My people say thus; when strangers meet great allowances must be made for differences of custom and training. I fear we shall have to agree to disagree for the moment.”
Varic Thorn: “Yes I do.”
Alex: There are fiends that are evil
Arithel raises an eyebrow.
Alex: There are angels that are evil
Alex: There are fiends that are good (RARE)
Varic Thorn: “Im a warlock. There is only one way you can become one.”

Alex: But evil and being a nice person are not inexclusive.
Jay (Varic Thorn): my char has a natural dislike of fiends, due to char background. Bu its good i know that now.
Eachra: “Ok, debate the good vs evil thing AFTER we have taken this damn city.”
Safana: “Morality is a touchy subject. Lets open this door, shall we?”
Varic Thorn: “Very well.”
Arithel: Skill [Search] [1d20+4 = 23]
Arithel: for traps on the door.
Eachra mumbles a bit "Why Eryn, why did you abandon me? “
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Are we done confirming it is indeed a door? Can we move on now?”

GM: You see no traps on the door.
Arithel moves to the back of the line.
Eachra continues the muttering “I am taking part in overthrowing a city, and it is all your fault!”

Safana: “….”
Kiergath (Safana): open the damn door.
Eachra: “So umm.. Varic…
”color:#005500;">Kiergath (Safana): as in, “I open the door”
Eachra: “Would you like to open that there door?”
Eachra points at the door
Varic Thorn: “Not really. Anything could be behind it.”
Kiergath (Safana): yo! DM! I open the door!
You crack open the door – it’s not locked. Within, an exceedingly lavish room contains lush couches and a very expensive looking desk. Everything in the room looks priceless. The cieling is easily fifty feet high. At the central desk, there is a figure with large shimmering wings.
Eachra smiles at Varic then chuckles
He doesn’t seem to be sitting, but rather stands a cool seven feet tall, though he is hunched over the desk, looking at some paperwork.
Safana: “Oh dear.. I wonder if he pays better than Bart..”
Arithel: Spell [Detect Secret Doors] → Reveals hidden doors within 60 ft.
Varic Thorn Varic strides into the room at the front of the group, sword drawn.
Arithel: scan the room.
Eachra: Oh… my… What pretty wings…
Eachra: “Oh… my… What pretty wings…”
Safana: “I wonder what they’d look like on fire.”
Varic Thorn: “Ill give you thrity seconds to flee.”
Varic Thorn: “starting…….now.”
Safana: “Who, him? Or us?”
Varic Thorn starts tapping his right foot.
Eachra: “No, no that would ruin them, they are so pretty, almost as pretty as mine.”
Varic Thorn: “Him of course.”
The creature draws itself up, and suddenly you are aware that it is quite female – long blonde hair tumbles past her shoulders. Her eyes, also pure gold, look over the five of you quizzically.
Safana: “Okay, now I’m paying attention.”
Varic Thorn: “or her”

Sanjinn (Eachra): Do I know what race this creature is?
Kiergath (Safana): at a guess? daeva of some kind…
Varic Thorn: “Ok lady, time to start packing.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): Yeah what I am thinking
Eachra: Skill [Knowledge (Nature)] [1d20+13 = 15]
Eachra: Skill [Knowledge Religion] [1d20+9 = 25]
Safana: Skill [Knowledge (The Planes)] [1d20+9 = 21]
Kiergath (Safana): figured we might as well cover all the bases :p
Sanjinn (Eachra): Hehe
Kiergath (Safana): oh, right, forgot
Safana: Skill [Knowledge (Arcana)] [1d20+10 = 27]
Eachra, you’ve heard legends of creatures of exquisite beauty and danger at the base of most religions.
Safana, you reckon it may be a magical daeva hybrid of some sort.
Varic Thorn: “we have this place surrounded, its useless to fight. Surrender.”
Varic Thorn: Skill [Bluff] [1d20+16 = 33]
GM: [1d20 = 7]
Safana: “Or at least negotiate. My people’s code of honor doesn’t preclude changing sides for a better deal.”
Meich looks at Safana somewhat oddly.
Safana: “Kidding.”
“….what are you ding here?”
“….what are you doing here?”
Safana: “Well, technically, invading.”
Safana: “You see, all that racket outside would be a rather large and, last we looked, lopsided battle.”
Varic Thorn: “I just told you. We dont want to fight but will if you dont abbandon your post.”
Safana: “I don’t think she has a post, so much as a public office.”
Arithel: Target self.
Arithel: Spell [True Strike] → +20 on your next attack roll.

“I had wondered what the commotion was outside… that is you? You are the ones disrupting the peace of this city?”
Safana: “Call it payback for the unprovoked attack on our persons by the Wind Break, supplied and supported by the government of this city.”
Safana: “As well as continued attacks on the persons of ourselves and the Stormtamer.”
“…which government are you referring to?”
Safana sighs, “Look you bleeding tart, I get it, you’re going to try and talk your way out of it, but we’re really past that point. The city is under attack, we intend to take it. You may either stand down, or add to the already regrettably vicious slaughter taking place.”
Arithel: “Not to mention the bounty placed upon all of our heads by the now deceased Night harbormaster and those he was in league with!”
She blinks, seeming genuinely confused. “I cannot allow this to continue, you realize.”
Safana: “I’m afraid I do.”

She leans back over the table, drawing a quill out and signing a few documents, which she then proceeds to fold – they dissapear as she does so.
“I’m sorry that you feel you must take the city. It is quite regrettable – I see that nothing will sway you from that course.”
Safana: “Unfortunately correct, at this point. May I have the honor of at least knowing who we face?”
Arithel: “We do so for the good of its people and to finally bring about justice to the corruption!”
“I was once known as Nuoi. I hope that I am remembered as such. Come, bring about your justice, if you must.”
Varic Thorn: “And……FOR LOVE!”
Safana: “Its not too late to surrender, you know.”
You faintly hear the Daeva whisper, beneath her breath. “…for love.”
Jay (Varic Thorn): lol
Eachra: "Look we dont have to fight, please lets not do anything we will all regret. Your wings are so pretty, lets sit and talk about flying.

“Your justice would hardly be served if I lived, would it – you seek to rid this place of it’s government, of it’s corruption. You believe yourselves to be the panacaea – then come, cure this land.”
Eachra: “Would you rather not have a cup of tea and talk about how wonderful the wind is in your face?”
Safana: “Justice? I’m a pirate. They speak of justice; I speak of ending the threat to myself and my captain. As far as I can tell, you are not part of that threat.”
Arithel: “It is true that she must stand trial for the crimes committed by her subjects under her command.”
Eachra: “We don’t need to fight, we can end this peacfully. Have some tea with me, lets talk about those pretty wings of yours.”
Arithel: “If you will not resist, then you will be taken into custody upon which we will see to a list of charges to be brought against you by the new government of this City.”
“So you will try me, then? Who will be my judge?” She stares at Varic. “Your blade and war-magick?” She stares at Eachra. “You and your people’s faltering history?” She stares at Safana. “You and your codes?” She stares at Meich. “You and your shield?” She stares at Arithel. “And you, who would judge me with know knowledge of your own past crimes?”
Arithel: “The people will decide you impudent harlot!”

Arithel: “You sit here as dictator over this city while those under you commit crimes and rob the people of their freedoms, someone must stand trial for that!”
Safana: “Oh, for the love of Bast, just stick the bitch. This is going nowhere.”
Safana throws up her hands in disgust.
Safana: “She clearly wants to die.”
Arithel gathers himself, “you are right, forgive me.”
Eachra: “I have always been one to punnish those that comit the act. Just because one brother murders someone does not mean we should go punnish his father, or mother.”
Varic Thorn: “No more speachs my half sister. Will you yield?”
Eachra: “also no one even botherred to ask her what her posistion is”
Eachra: “We ASSUME that she is the one in charge, while we have been here accusing her of untold crimes how do we know she is the one to hold accountable?”
Eachra: "So if we “just stick the bitch” then are we not as guilty as what we accuse her of?“
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “I know Eachra, I was flustered at her comments and I did pre-judge. But the fact remains she is somone of import working with the city and should be taken captive until we learn more.”
Safana: “No, because we’ll have won.”
Safana: “But I acknowledge you have a minor point.”

Eachra: “What say you pretty wings?”
Arithel: “What is your answer? Will you yield as our prisoner?”
“I once was the mayor of this place – before now, it seems. Now, I am nothing – not worth even interrogating. Very well – if you must have my office, take it, and I will leave this place. If you must take my blood, do so, but it will not come easily.”
Varic Thorn: “Leave then, i will not stop you.”
Eachra steps aside
Varic Thorn sheaths his sword
The daeva makes to walk through the doors.
Safana: move aside.
Safana: with a sigh of relief.
Arithel: “It appears my comrades have decided to let you go. But this is only a temporary freedom if we find you were responsible for any of the crimes committed here!”
Safana: “Give it a rest, you’ll never see her again if she doesn’t want to be seen.”
“I applaud your wisdom.” She puts her hand on Safana’s shoulder briefly, then turns and walks out of the door, taking her answers with her.
Safana turns as she goes, watching in silence, confusion visible on her face.
Eachra sighs
Arithel Alex I want to study her as she leaves to see if she is disguised somehow as something else… look for a flaw in an illusion if there is one. I know it will be a high DC but can I get a roll?
Nick (Arithel): that was ooc ^
Jay (Varic Thorn): Im gonna have to run guys. Great game! Looking forward to the next one.
Kiergath (Safana): night man.

Jay (Varic Thorn): night
Sanjinn (Eachra): Later bud
‘Jay’ disconnected
Alex: Get a roll.
Arithel: Wisdom check [1d20+1 = 7]
Nick (Arithel): nm
You see her shimmer briefly before dissapearing.
Eachra: Just for fun
Sanjinn (Eachra): just for fun
Eachra: Wisdom check [1d20+6 = 18]
Safana is too perplexed to even try.
Safana: “This all seems rather hollow, suddenly.”
Eachra: “Umm.. lets look for traps and then gather up what docusments we can find.”
Sanjinn (Eachra): Documents*
Arithel: I walk over to the desk and shuffle through all the papers looking for any information she didnt have time to hide.
Safana: “Why? The hall is ours, leave them to be sorted more thoroughly once the battle is over.”
Arithel: Right, traps first.
Safana: Search for doors
Eachra: “Good point Safana.:
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>You search for doors – you find one hidden behind a tapestry.

”color:#000054;“>Safana: open it.

”color:#540000;">Eachra: “I will do the same” Look for hidden doors.
You find only a bell tied underneath the desk.
You note that all of the documents that she was reviewing were public works projects, aimed at improving the quality of life of the citizens of Islas.

Arithel: “This cant be…”
Safana: “Yes, it can. And it is.”
Safana: “We were being hounded by underlings without the knowledge of the people at the top.”
Safana: “Wonderful revelation, isn’t it?”
Eachra: “That was what I was trying to say.” Just because a child does wrong you can’t just punnish the parents.“
”color:#000054;">Safana: “We have already punished the parents.”
Safana: “And now we have to live with the results.”
Eachra: “Or better yet, when you get to large the head does not always klnow what the hands are doing”
Arithel: “Yes, I agree completely, I only meant that if they did know. But they didnt?”
Arithel rifles through more papers.
Safana: “I don’t believe they did. We have made a mistake.”
Safana: keep trying to open teh door behind the tapestry.
Safana: the*
Eachra: “Well I see only one course of action. We must eliminate the bad”
Eachra helps look for the release catch
Eachra: Skill [Spot] [1d20+6 = 15]
Eachra: Skill [Search] [1d20+2 = 13]
Safana: “The bad? Goddess, for all I know when you lot killed the night harbormaster, you DID eliminate the bad!”
You get the door open – within, there is amassive room with walls that shimmer with the same color as the Daeva’s wings. There is a pedestal ringed with what looks like a banister in the center of the room.
Safana: “That is the whole problem here!”
Arithel: “That and this heaven and hell who put bounties on us.”
Eachra: “We have to hunt down that bastard with the boat and rid the town of him.”

Safana: “Yes.. and they were only such a threat because of the actions of the man you killed.”
Arithel: “So this was all… for naught.”
Eachra: “Well soemone is still trying to collect that bounty”
Safana: “We won’t find piss-all in here, and I refuse to poke around and desecrate whatever this room may be.”
Arithel slumps down in the desk chair face in his hands.
Safana: storm out of the room, and unless there’s another door we missed, head outside
Eachra look into the room and discern what the room may be
Eachra: Skill [Knowledge Religion] [1d20+9 = 21]
You think that it might contain some sort of divine energies that are channelled through the banister.
Nick (Arithel): good stopping point?
Kiergath (Safana): schmuck.
Alex: Seems like it, unless you want to poke around that room.
Eachra follows Safana
Nick (Arithel): I was going to.
Kiergath (Safana): So poke.
Eachra: “I will pray about the room and seek guiadance first.”
Kiergath (Safana): POKE, good sir!

Meich: In quotes or out of quotes, doug?
GM: Do you do anything to the room, Nick?
Nick (Arithel): Ya I was going to investigate it.
Sanjinn (Eachra): That was in quotes
GM: Investigate how?
Arithel: Spell [Detect Magic] > Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Arithel: Spell [Protection From Evil] → +2 to AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders.
Sanjinn (Eachra): and I thought I added "" to it
Arithel: Spell [Lesser Globe Of Invulnerability] → Stops 1st through 3rd-level spell effects.
Arithel: All those on me before I do investigate that room.
Safana: …if Arithel starts flinging that kind of juju around, I’m gonna stay and watch
The room IS magic.
Eachra stops and kneels down and starts to pray
GM: [1d20 = 19]
Eachra – your deity doesn’t have much to say about the room – it’s almost as if she doesn’t even see it.
Eachra: “This is odd… Aerdrie does not see the room in question…
”color:#4f4366;“>Arithel: Are there objects inside?

”color:#540000;">Eachra: “
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Not really all that surprising, really.”

Eachra: “She should be able to see the room and deduce the power from it be it arcane or divine.”
Safana: “I don’t really understand your reasoning.”
Safana: “Why would this ‘Aerdrie’ person be able to see such a place?”
Eachra: “Unless a greater diety is obscuring it in some way”
Just the pedestal with the banister running around the exterior of the room.
Eachra: “Do you know so little about the gods?” this is said with all the respect she can muster and not condinsending in the least
Arithel: “What makes you think it is divine?”
Arithel: “It could just be a magical extra-dimension.”
Arithel: Spell [Mage Hand] → 5-pound telekinesis.
Safana: “I know a great deal about the Gods. I have still never heard of this being of whom you speak, prior to meeting you.”
Arithel: I will take a piece of paper from the desk and move it into the room.
Arithel: And see if anything bad happens to the paper.
Nothing bad appears to happen to the paper.
Arithel: Hold my breath and then enter the room.
You enter into the room, and remain alive.
Kiergath (Safana): does he change colors?

Nick (Arithel): in case of poison gas or something.
Eachra: “There are a great many gods, and mine is one of the Elven gods from the Elven Pantheon.”
Safana: “Ah. Yes. Of course. One of those.”
Arithel: Take a small breath and if its safe breathe normally. Then investigate the banister and pedestal.
Arithel: Skill [Search] [1d20+4 = 18]
No color change, although he is illuminated by the walls, the same as the golden banister that circles the room.
Safana says a word in a different language, “is what my people call them. I don’t know how it translates in common. Perhaps ‘godling’?”
Arithel – the pedestal seems to be constructed around a strange device in the shape of an eye – it does not appear to be removable.
Eachra: No, she is not a Demi god. I know she has a high rank in our pantheon 2nd or 3rd to Corellon Larethian
Arithel: Touch the bannister.

Safana thinks for a moment"No, no. Not demigod. I know this word." She stops and says another word in the same language, “That is different.” She repeats the first word, then the second. “Godling, demigod. Not the same word.”
Arithel: “Some kind of strange device, looks like an eye, I cant tell what it is made out of.”
Eachra: “hmm.. Interesting Safana. We will have to presue this topic later.”
Safana: “That would be most interesting.”
Safana pauses, looks at Arithel, “I’m sorry, I got distracted.. what was that you were saying?”
Safana: “An eye, you say?”
Arithel: “I dont know if you can hear me…”
Arithel: “Im in some sort of scrying device.”
Safana: “We hear you just fine.”
Arithel: “Its taken me outside of the tower.”
Eachra run through my memory and see if I can come up with any gods that have just an eye for a symbol"
Safana: “Wait.. what?”
Arithel: “I can see alot of fighting going on inside the city.”
Eachra: Skill [Knowledge Religion] [1d20+9 = 16]
Arithel: “Alot more than expected.”
Eachra – nothing rings any bells.
Safana: DM, look into the room, fully expecting to see Arithel laynig on the ground, stoned.
Safana: laying*

Safana – you see Arithel standing at the edge of the room, gripping onto the bannister.
Safana: “Arithel, you’re still standing right there.”
Eachra: Well what are you seeing? Can you see the city?
Arithel: “Ok good. because from my perspective…”
Safana: “Release your hands.”
Eachra: “Well what are you seeing? Can you see the city?”
Arithel: “The city has erupted into a battlezone, this is not looking good.”
Safana: “Are the mercenaries fighting each other?”
Arithel releases his hands.
Arithel shakes his head, “It was impossible to tell.”
Arithel stumbles towards the door.
Safana: “That is not a good sign.”
Arithel: “Dizzy.”
Arithel: “The armory was in ruins.”
Safana: “I expected as much.”
Arithel: “It looked as if there were troops of mercenaries but I couldnt tell who they were fighting.”
Arithel: “Possibly each other, possibly resistance from militia.”
Safana: “Hellsteeth. This is all going wrong.”
Safana: “Thrice damned, unreliable, cheap muscle. Never rely on cheap hired muscle.”
Arithel: “Weve gotta get down there and call off the mercs. Release them from service and send them back.
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Expensive hired muscle or trusted companions, or better yet, people who are both.”

Safana: “But cheap muscle is the bane of all operations.”
Arithel: “Otherwise there wont be an Islas left to occupy.”
Meich: “…I’m hoping that you’re meaning me with that comment…”
Safana: “And that damned gem I will wager is to blame.”
Safana: “You are not cheap hired muscle, you are expensive, trusted hired muscle.”
Meich seems pleased.
Safana: “And if those mercenaries are up to what I think they’re up to, you can keep that damned gem because you’re the only one I think is reliable in the lot of them.”
Safana: Take off at a run out of the building
Arithel follows
Eachra: “Yes I agree, if they have done what she thinks it is yers.”
Eachra follows
Nick (Arithel): hey I forgot tommorrow is a holiday
Nick (Arithel): no wonder we are playing late :P
Alex: Hahahaha – I can call it quits if you want.
Safana: NO
Kiergath (Safana): <cries>
Kiergath (Safana): but no, whatever the majority wants.
Nick (Arithel): well I do have to work tommorrow.
Nick (Arithel): so Im thinking its a good time for me.
Kiergath (Safana): ah k.
Sanjinn (Eachra): I am good to stay or go, which ever.
Sanjinn (Eachra): sucks ya got to work turkey day nick
Alex: Alright – I’ll call it for tonight.
Alex: We got a lot done.
Nick (Arithel): its ok, its only till 3pm
Alex: And the next bit is going to be interesting.

Kiergath (Safana): coming up next; Safana goes crazy!
Meich: RECAP
Arithel, Eachra, Safana, Varic and Meich wrap up their planning session, with Meich arriving with news of 500 new hires. They prepare to launch their invasion. Meich returns with a dragonborn lieutenant, and leads them to the Eloper’s Portal. Arithel, singled out as the only one capable of opening it, stammers and delays before Safana throws herself at him, sealing the opening of the portal with a kiss. They make their way to a small port on a Prime world that goes by the name of Vargarel. Varic hires enough ships for their entire crew – they set camp for the night before taking off through the ocean portal to make their way to Islas. Safana lays out the plan of attack: The dragonborn will take the armory, the half-orc will take the barracks, the woman will take the docks, and the kobold will assist in the assault on city hall. Eachra offers up a 500gp bounty to the mercenary who keeps the most of his men alive. On the trip, Eachra and Arithel discuss the history of Eachra’s people’s extermination. Safana opens up with a salvo of diplomacy, and scores full marks. They make their way past some automated constructs to confront a stunning daeva, Nuoi, and get her to peacefully leave her office. They find a room filled with a strange divine energy. Arithel discovers it to be some sort of scrying device. He discovers massive fighting in the streets, between the populace and the occupying militia.

Alex: Gotta run – ciao!

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