Jan's Notes - Trial of Shenvallei

Trial Commences.

M. D’ansille has already made a fine impression on the Judge and court by refusing to stand.

List of charges rather imposing. Harmonium typically overbearing and engaging in the usual invention of charges.

Judge presents list of official charges. M. D’ansille pleads innocent on all counts.

M. D’ansille retracts previous statement, requests permission to address each claim individually. Request is granted:

Pleaded Guilty – Murder on multiple counts, theft multiple counts, resisting arrest multiple counts

Plead NOT Guilty – Rest.

Explanation – Theft : The true owners of any items taken is already dead. This is troubling logic. So if you murder someone and steal their belongings, it is no longer theft?

I wonder if the court recorder would care to accompany me to dinner this evening – she really is a rather charming woman.

Explanation – Charges of Resisting Arrest : False attempts to arrest. “Did not fight, but fled” Since when is that an excuse.

Hans Langregger – Athar – was less than amused by charges that the Athar were involved. I suspect their Factol sent him as an observor.

Situation looking increasingly grim. Perhaps can plead insanity. Worth a shot. Is there a Bleaknik in the house? I don’t recognize any….....

This foolish Prime could be the end of my career. There may still be time to join the Free League and flee to the Outlands before they come to lock me up for representing such scum. They might take me…

M. D’ansille’s witness has spoken. She has a commanding presence, and though she lacks the signs of trained oration, she is inspiring none the less. I wonder if she’s free after the trial.. We could work on her. . . dictation.

M. D’ansille’s witness is as daft as he is. She’s just confessed to being an accomplice, to arranging a prison break, kidnapping a Harmonium officer… Am I the last sane one in this defense? Perhaps I should plead my insanity, rather than pleading theirs. I may get off light.

Doomed by an elf.
Sweeping, dusting, rot on a shelf.
Loomed o’er by Bleakers
Keeping, rusting, sodded by squeakers.

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Jan's Notes - Trial of Shenvallei

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