Feat Tie to the Prime

Type: General

Primes have unfair advantages when it comes to Planewalking. They aren’t subject to a lot of spells that effect planars, and if they wind up in the dead book, their friends can just pop over to the closest temple and get them raised. This feat helps planars even the playing field a bit by teaching them to tap into the energies of the prime material plane.

Applies: Anyone with planar heritage.

Prereqs: You must be an outsider or elemental and you must spend one full month on the prime material plane.

Benefits: IF you are of planar origin, when you take this feat, you are considered native to the prime when determining spell immunities and vulnerabilities. You can now be resurrected and is no longer immune to spells such as charm person (unless you would be immune to the spell even without outsider status, such as a half-fiend fire giant being immune to charm person with or without this feat).

Normal: Without this feat, outsiders such as tieflings and half-celestial creatures may not be resurrected and are subject to magic that effects planar creatures.

Special Notes: Only creatures with some form of prime heritage or a similar prime counterpart may take this feat. While it is possible for a tiefling (human prime heritage) or half-fiend fire giant (prime counterpart) to take this feat, a solar, pit fiend or modron may not.

Feat Tie to the Prime

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