Feat Stop In The Name Of The Law

Type: Special

The Harmonium, also known as the Hardheads, believe there should be universal peace and harmony, and the only way to achieve it is the Harmonium way. Their goal is to get rid of all the troublemakers and make the multiverse safe for law-abiding people.

Applies: Harmonium members.

Prereqs: Hardheads must be of lawful alignment.

Benefits: A Hardhead can use command as a spell-like ability once per day. The caster level is equal to the Hardhead’s character level, and the save DC is adjusted by the Hardhead’s Charisma modifier. Also, Hardheads gain proficiency in the mancatcher.

Normal: None.

Special Notes: A Hardhead cannot disobey any legal order from her superiors. If she does, she loses her faction abilities until she atones (by a faction cleric casting atonement.)

Feat Stop In The Name Of The Law

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