Feat Sift

Type: Faction

You can divine information from entropy, gaining an impression of what destroyed a given object or killed a creature.

Faction: Doomguard.

Prerequisite: Wis 13+.

Benefit: By taking a full-round action and making physical contact with a destroyed object or dead body, you can automatically tell what caused the object to break apart, down to the type of damage and what sort of implement or spell was used to inflict it, though not what specific object or person inflicted the damage. For example, you may be able to identify that a “greatsword” or “teeth” killed the target, but not the specific greatsword or the type of teeth. If the destruction was magical in nature, a Spellcraft check is required to identify the spell as if the Sinker was witnessing the spell being cast. This is a supernatural ability.

Feat Sift

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