Feat Planar Magic Prodigy

Type: General

Your are adept at casting spells or manifesting psionic powers on a particular plane of existence.

Applies: Spellcasters and psionic characters.

Prereqs: Int 13+, Wis 13+, any metamagic or metapsionic feat.

Benefits: Select one of the Outer or Inner Planes. On this plane, your magic spells (or psionic powers) are more potent. When on that plane, your magic spells (or psionic powers) become more difficult to resist (+2 to the save DC). Also, you are more resistant to magic (or psionics) while on your chosen plane, adding a +2 to your saving throws against magical and psionic effects.

Normal: You would cast magic spells (or manifest psionic powers) normally on the plane while being subjected to the plane’s changes on spells or psionics.

Special Notes: This feat does stack with Psionic Focus and Spell Focus (as well as their greater counterparts) granting up to a +6 bonus to DC to resist spells on their chosen plane of existence.

You can select this feat multiple times. It’s effects does not stack. Each time you select this feat, it applies to a new plane. You cannot select a plane which have an opposing alignment (for instance, a chaotic character selecting a lawful plane).

Feat Planar Magic Prodigy

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