Feat Go For the Eyes

Type: [General]

You’ve added a blinding attack to your arsenal of dirty combat tricks.

Faction: Doomguard.

Prerequisite: Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (any light weapon), BAB +4, sneak attack +3d6

Benefit: When you make a melee sneak attack, you can exchange 2d6 points of bonus damage for a chance to make a blinding attack. The opponent is allowed a Reflex save to negate this attack (DC equal to your total attack roll), but if he fails, he suffers severe eye damage which permanently blinds him. Theoretically, this attack can affect any corporeal creature, even those normally immune to critical hits (and sneak attack damage), but the GM may rule that some creatures are immune to this attack, such as those with no eyes (skeletons, grimlocks), with many eyes (beholders), or creatures whose visual organs are beyond your melee reach (most dragons).

Feat Go For the Eyes

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