Feat Fated Philosophy

Type: Faction

You have a philosophy of the Fated: “Everybody’s got the potential to be great, but that don’t mean it’s going to happen. It takes work and sweat for things to come true, not just a lot of hoping. Those that work hard get what they deserve. Nothing’s free – not in this life or any other.”

Applies: The Fated

Prereqs: None.

Benefits: The Heartless are a self-sufficient bunch, and an independent, too. They don’t pass out magical items or spells to every namer in the faction; each berk’s got to earn his way. However, as stated in A Player’s Guide to the Planes in the Planescape Campaign Setting, all Takers starts off with twice the number of skill points and max ranks as typical characters. Furthermore, all skills are available to all character classes as class skills.

A body who spends his life looking out for himself tens to pick up other tricks, as well. Any member of the Fated looking to make a purchase can haggle to get the price reduced by 5% (for cheaper items) or even as much as 10% (for higher-priced goods).

Rogues in the Fated also get a boost to their pick pocket skill: A rogue of 1st through 5th level receives a +1 bonus to pick pocket skill checks; a rogue of 6th through 10th level receives a +2 bonus to pick pocket skill checks; a rogue of 11th level or higher receives a +3 bonus to pick pocket skill checks. Takers who aren’t rogues get a +2 bonus to pick pocket skill checks, perhaps due to rubbing shoulders with thieves. The Fated realize that a body’s got to know the dark of his environment if he wants to stay out of the deadbook. To that end, every Taker factotum of 3rd level of higher can select a knowledge skills unique to the faction.

Normal: None.

Special Notes: None.

Feat Fated Philosophy

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