Feat Entropic Precision

Type: Faction

Nothing escapes the touch of Entropy, and to a trained Doomguard not even the tiniest weakness or crack goes unnoticed. Even the best-built wall, if struck with sufficient force in the right place, will crumble.

Faction: Doomguard

Requirements: Entropy Everywhere, Search 5 ranks

Benefit: As a full round action, you can attempt a Search check on a creature or object. If used on a creature, the DC is 10 + 1/2 their HD + 1/2 their natural armor bonus (if any). On an object, the DC is 20.

If the Search check succeeds, you find a crucial weakness. This can be a tiny crack, a weak point in the wood, or a bone that was once broken and never fully healed. If you make your next melee attack within one round of the Search check, you can either add +2 to your critical threat range or ignore half of the object’s hardness (your choice).

This benefit stacks with all other forms of threat range enhancements or hardness penetration.

Feat Entropic Precision

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