Feat Censure Outsider

Type: Special

Through your greater attunement with the one of the great underlying planar philosophies and concepts, you can drive planar creatures opposite to your alignment back to their home realms.

Applies: Clerics, Paladins.

Prereqs: Turning Undead ability, Character level 6th+, Iron Will.

Benefits: You can censure Outsiders of an alignment opposite to yours. You must decide the part of your alignment that will be the basis to determine which creatures you may censure. For instance, if you are Lawful Good, you must chose if you can censure Chaotic or Evil Outsiders. In the first case, you will be able to censure any chaotic outsider (good, evil or neutral); in the second case, any evil one (lawful, neutral or chaotic). If you are neutral, you must chose an alignment; from that point on, you will be able to censure outsider of that alignment.

Censured Outsiders are considered stunned and may not take actions, while opponents gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. If the character censuring the Outsider try to melee attack it, the censuring effects automatically disappear, and the Outsider may act normally. Ranged attacks are allowed, however.

To censure an Outsider, you must make a Charisma check, just like a turning undead attempt. If you are successful, you censure a 2d6 plus your Charisma modifier and your character level HD of Outsiders. If your censuring roll is high enough to censure a Outsider with HD equal to twice your character level, you drive it back to its home plane instead.

You may try censuring Outsiders a number of times equal to 3 plus your Charisma modifier per day.

Normal: Clerics and Paladins cannot affect Outsiders with their Turning abilities.

Special Notes: You cannot censure an Outsider while on its home plane. For instance, if you try to censure a Chaotic Evil Outsider on the Abyss, your attempt automatically fails.

You may take the Extra Turning feat for your Censure Outsider ability. In this case, you gain 4 more attempts per day to censure Outsiders.

Feat Censure Outsider

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