Feat Astral Combat

Type: Regional

In the unique that is the Astral, combat takes on a new perspective. Attacks come from any of the three dimensions, weapons carry little mass, and blows are driven by the force of Intelligance rather than Strength. Those able to adapt to these conditions gain a considerable advantage over their foes.

Applies: Anyone who fights on the Astral plane, Githyanki.

Prereqs: Int 11+

Benefits: Much like the blind-fighting feat gives an edge in the darkness, astral combat lets you fight on the Astral without disability. You suffer no penalty for firing missile weapons and foes gain no benefit for higher position, but you can make a successful Intelligence check (DC 20) to gain such a position over your opponent just in time to strike him with a +1 circumstance bonus.

Normal: None.

Special Notes: None.

Feat Astral Combat

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