Faction Hierarchy

Not every faction has an official hierarchy, but residents of Sigil recognize four basic categories that apply to most groups. From the highest rank to the lowest, these categories are as follows:

Factol (Leader of the faction): Most factols were factors before ascending to the top of the pyramid, but occasionally a popular factotum can seize control. Factols wield great power; the sod who crosses one might end up in the dead-hook. These leaders have the resources of their factions at their fingertips; besides commanding devoted followers, they can supplement their personal equipment with faction assets whenever the need or desire strikes them.

Factors (High-ups of the faction): They govern strongholds and oversee operations spawned by the factol’s policy. Factor councils often control most of a given faction’s affairs, especially day-to-day business. Few members attain this rank. Furthermore, some factors pretend to have a lower stature when such a subterfuge suits the faction’s (or factol’s) cause.

Factotums (Full-time factioneers): They regard official faction business as their primary employment. The most visible factotums act as guides and messengers in Sigil, but many more serve their factol as soldiers and scholars, diplomats or enforcers, or even spies and knights of the post. Unlike namers (almost expected to balk at life-threatening missions), factotums can handle ’most any order from a high-up. Usually, the factotum receives the necessary tools to complete the job, too: Factions look after their devoted members.

Namers wear the colors of their faction while avoiding much involvement in the shifting plots devised by the factol and other high-ups. Most PCs fit this description. Also called “the file,” namers might give the faction’s bloods a place to flop for a night, keep eyes and ears open, and pass the chant along. They won’t tolerate an insult to their badge (brawling is a popular past time in Sigil’s taverns), but neither will they risk life and limb in a simple dispute. A namer can usually say no even to high-up’s request, but it’s not likely he’ll be asked again, nor rise beyond the rank of namer.

Faction Hierarchy

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