Dagger of the God Slayer

The Dagger of the Godslayer
The Undoing, the End of Gods

Damage: 1d4+1
Critical Range: 19-20
Range Increment: Melee
Weight: 2 pounds

Wrathful Healing - This enchantment can only be placed on a melee weapon, creating positive energy that flows to its wielder. When the weapons deals damage to a creature, the wielder heals a number of hit points equal to half the damage dealt. If the wielder already has full hit points, there is no effect. Because the weapon channels positive energy, it damages an undead wielder instead.

Constitution Drain - The victim of any strike by this dagger finds himself weakened, taking 1d4 points of Constitution damage when struck (fortitude save, DC 16 negates).


Originally discovered by Factol Terrence of the Athar, shortly before he joined the Athar, this Dagger has existed in fable for as long as Time can remember. Terrence cast it aside when he learned of it’s intentions, and instead, joined the Athar, climbing their ranks swiftly to become Factol. The Dagger had been lost to time until one of the Mysterious “Athar” cult found it, and it found it’s way into Shenvallei D’ansille’s hands.

It is rumored to be the Blade that pierced Achilles’ heel (A blatent lie, as anyone who was there can attest to. This Blade looks nothing like an arrow – Ed),
and that it was forged from the sister metal that the chains that tied Prometheus down for his eternal torment were made from. (An unlikely, but flavorful tale. – Ed)

Regardless of the true history of the Blade, this much is known to be true by any who have held it: It thirsts for blood, and for vengeance. It wriggles fitfully whenever it is parched, trying to bite at the nearest source – be it passerby or wielder. When suitably starved, it is capable of drawing up it’s power and attempting to overwhelm it’s host in an attempt to feed.

When sated, it is capable of manifesting the Spirit of Vengeance temporarily, a being wholly bent on the destruction of believers, with the ultimate aim of destroying the Powers themselves.

Dagger of the God Slayer

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