Chaos Ward


Level: Cleric 2
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Touch
Effect / Target: 1 Creature
Duration: 2 rounds / level
Saving Throw: N/a
Spell Resistance: N/a

By using this spell, the priest creates a shimmering aura of whirling light that surrounds the chosen creature. This protective aura makes the spell recipient more difficult to hit in hand-to-hand combat by providing a +1 Deflection bonus to armor class. Against missile attacks or ranged spells directly targeted at the recipient, the spell provides a +2 Deflection bonus to armor class and a +2 bonus to saving throws. In addition, there is a chance that missile attacks or directed spells may be deflected or reflected by the chaotic energy of the shield, as shown below;

d% + caster level Effect
01-85 No unusual effect; subject gains normal benefits of Chaos Ward
86-95 Spell or attack automatically defeated
96-99 Spell or attack ricochets, affecting a random creature within 30 feet – normal attack roll or save needs to be rolled for the new target
100+ Spell or attack reflected back at originator, normal attack roll or save applies

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Chaos Ward

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