Celestial Fire

Celestial Fire
The Fallen Angel’s Wrath

Damage: 3d6+2
Critical Range: 20
Range Increment: Melee
Weight: 5 pounds

+2 AC - This blade dances in your hands, finding a myriad of ways to come between it’s owner and those who would strike him.

Holy Flames - Any evil creature that comes near this blade causes it to erupt with holy wrath, causing an additional 2d6 when striking down evil creatures.


This sword once belonged to a fallen deva, and was kept as a memento of the Upper Planes, a place he was forbidden to ever go again. The heavy blade is warm to the touch and bears flames etches across it’s surface. The intricacy of the carvings is breathtaking; they are done with such skill that the sword seems to be burning with metallic flames… someone must have spent several centuries rendering them. The metal of the blade is unfamiliar… it is heavy, but it shines like silver.

The sword looks several millennia old. A faint hum can be felt within it, and the vibration increases in magnitude when it is held in the hand of one who is of sufficient strength and purity of heart.

Celestial Fire

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