Cast of Characters


Herein shall be a list of the Players, and those who follow them. Later in the page will be those with grievances towards any of the particular characters. These lists will tend to swell as time goes on, and the characters develop a much greater reputation.

The Archives

The First Campaign Cast, in which lay the only records of the last ill-fated party’s struggle against truth, justice, The Sigil Courts, True Love, and Oengam.

Those That Yet Continue to Make Headlines

Arithel – Arithel’s Status

Eachra Branogeni – Eachra’s Status -

Relaeryn Cystana Relaeryn’s Reputation

Safana Arun – Safana’s Status

Varic Thorn – Varic’s Status

Prestige Points Earned

Arithel 2
Eachra 2
Safana 3
Varic 2

Cast of Characters

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