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  • Session Two

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  • Session Two One

    Kiergath (enter): 00:35
    Arothir: Fucking hell
    Arothir: lost all my notes
    Kiergath: so..
    Kiergath: wheres nick?
    Shenvallei (enter): 00:38
    Shenvallei: testing 123
    Arothir …

  • Session Two Two

    Shenvallei: With a perplexed and then friendly smile - "Oh yes I forgot to introduce myself, I am Shen and this is Al.... did you say Glabreezu?"
    Shenvallei: Have I heard of Glabreezu?
    Arothir: Nossir.

  • Session Two Three

    [[:28908 | Alusair]]: Smite evil! ...should I bother adding the bonuses in, or just write it off for today with no effect?
    Arothir: Try it
    Arothir: Lets see
    Arothir: :P
    [[:28908 | Alusair]]: * …