Tag: session seven


  • Session Seven One

    Shenvallei (enter): 21:14
    Arothir: Hey there Nick
    Shenvallei: heya
    Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Shenvallei
    Kiergath (enter): 21:15
    Kiergath: HAIL TO THEE

  • Session Seven Two

    Arothir: Its starting to feel like home
    Shenvallei: rest/meditate/memorize
    Arothir: Which creeps yo out
    Arothir: :P
    Arothir: YOU REST

    • Alusair tosses her cloak on the ground and

  • Session Seven Three

    Arothir: He just realized that you were there. He apparently had subconciously leaped off the collapsing platform towards you and saved you without realizing it.
    Arothir: It drops
    Arothir: and drops
    Arothir: and drops