Tag: Session Nine


  • Session Nine One

    Kiergath (enter): 17:20
    Shenvallei (enter): 17:20
    Arothir: Allo then, Ladies.
    ** Kiergath makes a check-mark in a notebook **
    Arothir: Sup?
    Kiergath: Not much at all
    Shenvallei: Hail …

  • Session Nine Two

    Kiergath: Lizard: C'mon, guv.. thats not in the rulebook. You don't take parole and then steal from people.
    Kiergath: Lizard: But I've got an idea. If you can beat me in single combat, me an' the boys'll surrender. We'll be, ahem, …

  • Session Nine Three

    Kiergath: He does so
    Shenvallei: "Hands behind your back!" Tie him up if he complies. Then gag him.
    Kiergath: you do so
    Van: "Can't we finish the bastard off anyway? He wrecked my brand new shirt!"