Tag: Session Eight


  • Session Eight One

    Arothir: You had regrouped...I think...in the entrance of the dungeon
    Arothir: LOL
    Arothir: ...oo
    Kiergath: err, explosive*
    Arothir: ...muahahaha
    Kiergath: but yes

  • Session Eight Two

    Alusair: I've got a question!
    Alusair: Does the gnome detect... evil???
    Arothir: The gnome...does not detect.
    Alusair: "Right."
    Alusair: walk up to the gnome and kick it in the shin

  • Session Eight Three

    Shenvallei: "So much to carry!"
    Alusair: ..*blink*
    Alusair: Watch Van
    Alusair: this sounds fascinating
    Arothir: ...err
    Arothir: Broadsword
    Arothir: Sorry

  • Session Eight Four

    Shenvallei: "I will."
    Shenvallei: "We splitting up then?"
    Alusair: "I need to go take a look at that bag the mephit left behind.. I've got a hunch about it."
    Alusair: 'Err.. if thats all-right, Van? Your …